100 thoughts on “Tinder Pickup Lines With A Shocking Twist

  1. I'm not Vegan but I have eaten at 2 Vegan restaurants in NYC and I have to say Seitan is actually pretty good, I prefer it over tofu it has a more meaty texture.

  2. I like how Link doesn’t remember the homecooking vegan restaurant but I do. I was like “yes Link, you’ve been and you loved it”

  3. The top of the GMM comments section is so hard to break into. Why you gotta post everything at around 4AM PST?

  4. As someone who works with highschool students, I found this hilarious and sadly accurate. Today my class was learning about countries that fight over ocean trading ports and one student said "why do people fight over the ocean?? There is plenty of fish in the sea." And a boy in the back responded "everyone keeps telling me that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but I sure can't seem to find one."

  5. I watched the main show this morning and thought the cartoon on Link's shirt was mooning us. The line is the guys shirt, not a butt crack. Glad I watch More at night when I'm more awake…

  6. No Vegan, plants make you fart more because of the fiber. Plus you body needs sea food like Crustaceans because plants don’t have the nutrients that crustaceans and your body will start shutting down after look it up.

  7. I dont like Matt now. Lmao. Eat some fuvking vegan food you puss. It's actually delicious. You dont like potatoes? Beans? Boo

  8. Link that was the best response you could have said! “I’m married, none of these are working”! Well done my friend!

  9. just heard abt Sri Lanka in this show 😁 (I'm from SL btw). Thank you Ornate Narrow-Mouthed Frog.. 😂

  10. Link “I’m married none of these are working for me.” …where do I find a man like that lol 😻

  11. Link: you should watch Taken. The first movie, anyway; the sequels aren't worth the time. But the first one is QUITE entertaining.

  12. I feel that, girls don’t really call girls hot. Guys are more straight forward when it comes to initial pick up lines compared to girls stereotypically

  13. If you’re ever in Niagara, Canada visit Beechwood Donuts. Completely Vegan and completely addictive.

  14. It's a side of Rhett and Link you don't see in the food tasting videos. They look young, but they ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooold

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