18 thoughts on “Tim Ferriss: “How to Cage the Monkey Mind” | Talks at Google

  1. Tim highlights principles that if practiced regularly, have the possibility of evolving our natural capacities. In my own work with high performers, I often speak on the power of practice and say that "…when under pressure, we default to the level of our training (Tim speaks to this same principle toward the beginning of the video (min. 3:20) and also mentions practicing what we fear most (min. 4:00). Powerful, thanks, Tim!

  2. Rising intonation, overt gesturing, nervous laughter, looks for affirmation, etc. in the first few minutes…

  3. Great interview! Thank you both. Consider G. Edward Griffin on his great book "World Without Cancer." Would be great and in my opinion, he does not talk about this book enough.

  4. The older I get the more I realize how subjective this stuff is. For example if I read before bed I'm not going to fall asleep. I also think it's good to be a little naughty, even in business. Microdosing, keto, meditation are overrated imo. "Gratitude, empathy" and the other popular catch words these days are embellishments that don't really serve the new entrepreneur/business owner, etc. That last example alone is one of the biggest realizations I've had this year. A lot of these ultra wealthy and successful people make empathy and gratitude seem like they are keys to being successful but they forget that when THEY were clawing their way to the top they were more focused on other things, such as WINNING and dominating markets. When you're wealthy you can afford to "give back", but a lot of young people these days seem to do the opposite, they think that they first have to "Give back" and then find success. Doesn't really work that way.

    Business is a cutthroat industry. You can fail tomorrow and be crushed by assholes who are bolder and more abrasive than you. I'm not saying one has to be a jerk to be successful (though that seems to be the case in many examples, at least in th begging of the journey) but all of the kumbaya positivity kindness nonsense I hear from these motivational bros makes more sense at a later stage in the game, not in the beginning where you need to be ballsier and a little ruthless. I think the reason Tim, Gary, Patrick Bet David, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez and the rest of the lot push these themes is because they know that the average person can relate to them. But when you read their backstories and really listen to their struggles early on you realize that gratitude was the last thing on their minds. The first thing on their minds was usually something much darker; something that really pushed them to work harder than other people. Jealousy, having a chip on their shoulder, proving others wrong, anger, frustration, desperation, THOSE are the REAL qualities of early success in my opinion for one simple reason – when you have your back pinned to the wall and those walls start closing in, that's when the REAL motivation hits you. When you are at your worst, lowest moment. When you have nothing to lose. When you're the least comfortable and the most desperate to succeed. Why else would you live uncomfortably and take so many risks? When life is good you tend to relax, show gratitude, empathy, kindness. When life sucks you are willing to do just about anything to change that reality.

  5. I like your vids, I plan to watch many of them .. and, of course, I find them useful, lecturing … but the concept of the monkey mind is a pretty old Buddhist concept concerning meditation

  6. Note to everyone who enjoyed Tim's tips on this video, Read more about Islam and Islamic Pillars, it has all these life hacks people were practicing more than 1400 years ago and continued till nowadays, these range from Fasting (whole month AND intermittent), Meditation, Observation, Practicing gratitude, Humility, etc. You'll get detailed practical guidelines to follow in both Explained Quran and Hadith. Much love everyone!

  7. Interviewer is asking shortcut questions and it matches Tim's style. Also he has quite an intense looks, which makes Tim look away while talking 😂

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