Hey YouTube and welcome back to my channel today, we have my top Italian music playlist I have a super wide variety of like favorite genres favorite music favorite artists I have a really musical background. A lot of you don’t know it, but like I grew up playing two instruments I was heavily involved in my community theatre. I was really really really into performance art It’s pretty much my entire life before coming to Italy so this really affects my music taste. I’ve had a lot of different phases I’ve had phases where I only listened to like Diana Ross and The Supremes Phases where I would only listen to film scores on my iTunes play music playlist you can find everything from like Beethoven Ennio Morricone to Avenged Sevenfold and Kearney V I’m really all over the place with my music taste whether it has Really deep lyrics that makes you think whether it’s social satire or whether it’s just something That’s fun or whether it’s something that shows the culture of a place. I really Appreciate all different types of music so this playlist is really gonna be all over the place. Let’s start with some oldies… “What do you are? What do you are?” “I wouldn’t like to talk” “What do you are?” “But you’re the love sentence which has started…” “Words, words, words…” “Listen to me!” “Words, words, words…” “I beg you!” “Let me drink, my love… Let me drink… A little bit of you!” “I will hug you… I swear I’ll hurt you “To… To whom? … … Will I smile, if not to you? It’s over It’s over!” And here we go here we go beat drop “Oh my soul, come back home the bed is still there as you left it” But we can’t forget the king if you guys don’t know this song if you’re a foreigner Living in Italy and you don’t know this song You need to go look up this song and learn all the words and annoy all the Italians around you with this song “Happiness is a glass of wine with a sandwich… Happiness is leaving you a note within a drawer… Happiness Listen, our love song is still in the air and it goes A warmer sunbeam which goes…” Oh my God I love this… I love this song so much! I told you guys already, I’m really crazy about music music makes me act crazy so I Hope you guys aren’t judging me because you asked for this video Okay, so I think that’s enough of the oldies, but goldies. There are so many more like “da-da-da-da-da It must be ’cause I love you!” There’s so many more, but you know there is a limited time Let’s move on to some of my favorite power ballads “Loneliness between us This silence inside me The fear of living my life without you I beg you please wait me because I can’t stay without you” Another favorite another classic also discovered while watching an Italian film you know that one “Manuale d’amore” We’re in that scene where Riccardo Scamarcio was in the wheelchair and Monica Bellucci was making out with him “One step away from what is possible … Of everything I don’t know…” Since we’re in contemporary ballads of course I’ve got to show you guys one of my favourite Il Volo songs and no It’s not “Grande Amore” and just a little point on “Grande Amore”: Il Volo is the true winner of the 2015 EuroVision I don’t I don’t care what anybody else has to say They deserved that trophy. They were the only ones in the top three that sang in their own language I mean it might be my personal opinion But I say if you don’t sing in your own language at Eurovision representing your country, then you shouldn’t win Boys, these are Il Volo Remember you guys this is a boy band now compare this to all the other boy bands You’ve ever heard in your life and know that these guys are not appreciated in Italy Listen to this imagine if the young people listen this today gonna skip to my favorite part “Don’t make me wait! This sea is deep and I can’t swim… Come and save me!” Not to mention Il Volo does awesome remixes of classical Italian songs like “O Sole Mio” or “Volare” I have little day dreams and even dreams at night That I’m gonna get surprised at my wedding because somebody is gonna somehow pull some strings know somebody and get ill Volo to perform at My wedding, and I’m just gonna be there crying because that is a real dream of mine “Flyyyyyyying! Oh Oh… Singing… Oh Oh Oh Oh In the blue… Painted blue Happy to be up there!” If you don’t like Il Volo we can’t be friends I’m a fan girl And I’m crazy like that Il Volo, Il Volo for life! Another group of the time songs that I love are the songs that kind of like poke fun at Italian Society and you know satire they have a lot of those They have more serious ones and then they have more fun ones one of my more favorite Fun ones a guilty pleasure that I’m not so guilty about is Il Pagante represented from Milan They’re hilarious and super catchy “The whole tomorrow… … The whole tomorrow… Yo bro, I stay up all night!” You’d think that they would pay this in the clubs here in Milan, but they don’t! Too busy playing American songs I don’t get it “You know when you run on the treadmill…” More serious satirical artist that’s always poking fun at like culture is Caparezza… Did I said it right? or I said “caprese”? For the first two years or maybe even until now I really thought the artist’s name was pronounced the same as the salad but They’re different, but for some reason I can never differentiate them. Let’s listen to a song by Caparezza Uh ironically if everybody thinks that this song is about Italy when I was moving to America I thought it applied pretty well to America We’re all getting tired of America and more people than ever before are leaving America more Americans than ever before are leaving “People are lonely, they drink and then suffocate like John Bonham. The town council is deaf, more then Beethoven when he writes the Symphony No. 9” Ok more guilty pleasures, let’s move on to Italian rap this shows like how this trap culture is coming to Italy, I mean, It’s already here actually And they love to dab oh Yeah, you know I like this song just ’cause it says “Milan” Before you guys ask: No, I don’t really like Dark Polo Gang. I really tried They’re like the biggest rap music group in Italy right now. I really tried, but their lyrics don’t mean anything I’ve read it by multiple Italians in addition to their there It’s not meeting anything their flows never go with the beat for some reason So it’s even impossible to dance to if you have lyrics that mean nothing And a beat that I can’t even dance to what is the point of your song? no offense to Dark Polo Nation or whatever But I just wasn’t feeling it as you Italians say, It’s just not my genre another fave “This jacket isn’t mine, like Don Pietro. Your son is at the Church with the priest behind him…” I can’t sing along to this I don’t know what they’re saying “The sky will fulfill its duties, don’t worry, everything will be all right Like a river, let words flow and you’ll be superior The sky will fulfill its duties, don’t worry, everything will be all right” I only know two words! “Today I feel blessed. It’s light outside despite it’s night and it will snow. I will be gone fast without…” Okay, so those are my favorite like Italian songs. Now we’re going into the Neapolitan songs a lot of these songs I heard them while watching Gomorra. Gomorra has the most awesome Neapolitan music playlist Soundtrack oh my God. This isn’t Italian. This is Neapolitan Looks similar when you read it, but it sounds super different tell me this isn’t like the best thing you’ve ever heard We attach something Called you and you didn’t respond You’re accusing me of doing something suspicious “You can’t stand his jealousy… … Possessive almost fool… … And call him! This time I dial the number ’cause you already know he’ll come and look for you, he loves you” Can you believe it this music does not sell in Italy like it’s only popular in the south But this isn’t like country music. This is poppin. I think it’s hot it’s could totally export this music Oh my god. It’s so good So this is another one neomelodic Neapolitan music um the only thing is I’m pretty sure this one is in Italian I can sing along to it a lot better because I’m Pretty sure it’s in Italian it not so much Neapolitan, but you guys tell me in the comment “And in the silence of the night you want to die… … You need more air, you can’t breathe… … As you want me… … And in the silence of the night you want to die You need more air, you can’t breathe…” I cannot understand the haters. How do you deny how good that is? I don’t get it. Haters, I also gotta show you guys a little bit about Neapolitan rap. One of my favorite Neapolitan rappers Is actually Luke (Luche?) I don’t really know how you pronounce it, have only seen it written, but here’s one of his songs “Hey… The first love hurt me more… Hey… That’s Neapolitan. I don’t know what he’s saying, but it sounds good! Guys so that’s it. Hope you guys like this video. I hope you guys find it interesting funny You learned something discovered a new Italian artist um Share this video because I think this video is shareable So that more people can know about underrated Italian artists comment below with one of your favorite Italian songs that you think I don’t know like and subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in my next one


  1. non so se é il lipsink di tia ma sto video mi fa morire dal ridere e mi sta facendo sentire canzoni bellissime che fanno parte della nostra storia italiana. Video preferito del canale. Wow!!!

  2. Also, some of the music you find classically Italian is linked to music styles from American music from before you were born; the "Ma Mia?" song puts me in mind of old Spinners. Girl you got a style of your own. You're the girl down the hall who listens to Sergio Mendes and Basia.. You Rock!

  3. oddio sei passata dalla musica che ascoltano i miei genitori a quella che ascolta mia sorella di 11 anni in soli dieci minuti AHAHHA ho riso un sacco guardando questo video, ti amo

  4. Tia try all these,you won't be deceived:Pino Daniele,Gigi D'Alessio,Noemi,Neffa,Michele Zarrillo,Lucio Battisti,Marracash,Marco Mengoni

  5. I can relate so much to you
    Your style, the music you love(and I love il volo too, you are the first person I know that appreciates them as much as I do)
    Keep doing you. You are wonderful❤

  6. Se ti piacciono le canzoni neomelodiche della canzone napoletana dovresti ascoltare: AMORE AMARO di Gigi Finizio, INDIFFERENTEMENTE di Valentina Stella, PASSIONE ETERNA di Valentina Stella, CU'MME di Mia Martini e le canzoni di Pino Daniele.

  7. Se ti piace la musica napoletana, ti consiglio di ascoltare Pino Daniele, a mio avviso uno dei più grandi artisti italiani di sempre

  8. Lasciatemi cantare…
    Con la chitarra in mano
    Lasciatemi cantare una canzone piano piano
    Lasciatemi cantare
    Perché ne vado fiero

  9. This was great! You are so funny! I loved you going through these! The songs were all really good to me! And I never knew there was rap or trap music in Italian! This was a great all around list of songs! Thank you for doing this video! 🙂

  10. Non credevo di poter sentire Albano e Lazza nello stesso video, credo tu abbia realizzato un sogno che non sapevo di avere.

  11. lol…totally judging you…haha…but i agreed the music from naples you shared has a good vibe…every so often sicilian music will really surprise me with its infectious super catchiness but most of it is corny or a guilty pleasure…usually its really dirty/funny…

  12. Question from italy why the english love italian Opera style and dont know nothing about other italian styles music ?? il volo, boccelli, pavarotti but in italy they are not so famous like out of italy

  13. Alcune di queste canzoni "classiche" come Anima Mia e Felicità sono diventati italian meme e vedere una persona che le ascolta unironically mi fa morire ahhaha ti adoro ❤

  14. Questo è uno dei migliori complessi italiani. Lei secondo me ha la voce migliore di mina. –> https://youtu.be/ynC9v0w6TPE

  15. Tia ti consiglio anche questa –> https://youtu.be/2QVxo3RkVxg
    Questa -> https://youtu.be/kgNEXT_kq-Y
    Questa https://youtu.be/v0lUveFEfTE
    Poi questa https://youtu.be/v0lUveFEfTE

    E dimmi se non è meglio di mina la sua voce.

  16. Hi Tia, I really love your videos and your opinion about the lot of things that you're talking about, but let me give u an advice: u are not even close to the real essential of italian musics. Most of the bands that u put in this video are just commercial. If u want to know some really great artist, u have to forgot radio and tv and try to listen someone of this bands;) like i said before, is just an advice, my only opinion..
    Umberto Tozzi, Luca Carboni, Lucio Battisti if u want some love song; Fabrizio De André, Giorgio Gaber, Lucio Dalla and Francesco De Gregori if u're looking for good lyrics; Afterhours, Verdena, Marlene Kuntz (that are probably just the most popular) rock/melodic rock bands; Diaframma, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Fluxus, CCCP, Modena City Ramblers, 99 Posse between progressive rock and punk rock (punk rock in Italy is a very important style with so much impressive bands in it!!). I hope one day you're going to listen some of this. Last thing…sorry for my terrible english..I try to not use any translator…

    Comunque continua così:) e ancora complimenti per questi video ricchi di spunti e ottimi contenuti!!


  17. I was going to comment to go listen Luche but he started. okaaaaaaay🤣🤣 by the way it's pronounced "Lukè", but you're going to hear him say the opposite cause he's really ironical about himself lol love you to infinity I adore your videos 🖤🌟

  18. avrei una lista di autori e canzoni da suggerire ma… andando di fretta ne butto giu' 3….avendo sentito che hai messo una di mina e di leali ti suggerisco queste di mina… se telefonando,insieme ,amor mio e poi di mia martini… piccolo uomo,minuetto,donna sola,non finisce mica il cielo e poi pensando al timbro di voce di leali mi è venuto in mente battisti… ne ha scritte molte di gran qualità e si era pure formato sul rythm and blues made in Usa, prova a cercare qualche greatest hits sul tube,ma magari questa perla stranamente non si trova nei maggiori successi,io stesso l'ho scoperta su youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M6zG5Aranw Lucio Battisti – Vento nel vento; ad es nella prima compilation che ho trovato ci sono canzoni che non amo e mancano queste che preferisco, mah de gustibus….la mia canzone per maria https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGPweEa7uzM e nel sole nel vento nel sorriso nel pianto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrzI0LzJ5QI

  19. Respect…. you included Mina and some classics . Kudos . I am from Malta ( just 60 miles south of Sicily ) so we are very familiar with Italian culture. Noi siamo cresciuti con la musica Italiana.

  20. Posso consigliarti i Sangue Misto (old school Italian rap)?
    E di casereccio gli Agricantus e dato che ti piace il napoletano i 99Posse

  21. Ciaooo bella!!! I have JUST found you. HOW? perché….? Yes, I have gone waaaaay back to 2017. 5 hours later, we are here!! Greetings from Scotland, UK. Però, il mio cuore è a Roma

  22. I just started learning Italian a month ago and I am ADDICTED to the following songs:

    Dove e Quando by Benji & Fede
    Tutto Per Una Ragione by Benji & Fede
    Vivere a Colori by Alessandra Amoroso
    Comunque Andare by Alessandra Amoroso
    La Stessa by Alessandra Amoroso
    Camera Con Vista by Federica Abbate
    L’esercito Del Selfie by Takagi & Ketra

    Lol don’t judge 😂

    I also love Il Volo and am discovering others as well 😎

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