Thrift Store Blackjack (GAME) Ft. Emma Chamberlain

Thrift Store Blackjack (GAME) Ft. Emma Chamberlain

– Today we gamble with some fashion risks. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning. – Today we are joined by
YouTuber, force of nature, and not podcaster Emma Chamberlain. – Hey.
– Woo! – Welcome to the show Emma! – Thanks guys. – Now I know that you are into thrifting. – Yes.
– And that’s great, because today we gon’ play a
game all about putting together outfits on the cheap,
$21 cheap to be exact. – Oh, it’s time for ♪ We’re gonna pop some tags ♪ ♪ Only got $21 in our pockets ♪ ♪ We-we-we’re hunting ♪ ♪ Looking for a come up ♪ ♪ This is thrift store blackjack ♪ – Welcome to our Good
Mythical thrift store and as you can see, we
are currently in neutral, normal outfits otherwise
known as high fashion Yeezy. – Oh really?
– Yes. (chuckling) But that’s gonna change
because we’re going to assemble some outfits that are worth
as close to $21 as we can get without going over, you
know, like blackjack. – Mm-hmm and then in each
round we will alternate turns as the dealer and if the dealer
busts, i.e. goes over $21 with his or her outfit,
the player gets 100 points, actually both players do. If a player busts or
doesn’t beat the dealer, the dealer gets 100 points and the winner gets a
signed Mackelmore headshot that we got off eBay for $21. – What? – Is it real?
– Oh it is. – Okay.
– I’m going to deal first and pick some items for you. (funky music) Okay as the dealer, I
have selected two items for each of you and two items for myself. And what we’re going to do
is Link, we’re going to start with you revealing the
price of both of your items. Now remember, we’re playing
to see who can get closest to 21 and beat me without going over. – Okay, first of all thank
you for this nice house coat. – Yeah I picked these items
based on your personalities. – And this looks like a flotation device but it’s not.
– It would sink. It would sink as it filled up with water. – I don’t know.
– It’s a bean bag of sorts. – It’s shaped like a donut! How much did it cost?
– That has pills on it. – [Link] Let’s find out. Ooh, $8, that’s a steal. – You think? (laughs) – All right let’s see how
much my house coat, also $8. – Whoa 16, that is not bad. That is not a bad starting hand, Link. Okay Emma reveal the price
of, how ’bout your pants? – Okay pants. $7. How are these, whatever,
none of my business. – It’s a thrift store.
– $7 and how much is this? – Nine.
– Oh you’re both starting out at 16.
– $9. – Okay wait, scared. Okay.
– Now as you can see, I picked out these boots but I didn’t know they wouldn’t fit. So they made it–
– So they’re broken at the ankle. – They made it about halfway up. I’m going to reveal the
price of just my boots. Whoa, $9. $9, I’m gonna stick that right there. – That’s a big bargain.
– So now– – So you’re not gonna show–
– I’m not gonna reveal the price of my golf club, you
don’t know what this is worth but it’s nice. It’s a right-hander, okay so Link, now you have the option to stay at 16 or to get hit with another item. – Let’s see so I want something worth $5. That shiny quail is tempting. – Shiny quails are always tempting. – You know what, I’m gonna
go for the dalmatian mom with her baby, I think that’s like a good porcelain four, five bucks. – I’m gonna retrieve that for you but my, ugh, it’s really hurting at this point. – All right.
(crew laughs) I’m glad you got a golf club chain. – (laughs) Yeah I thought of everything. Okay. – [Link] Let me see the price. $4. – Ooh hoo hoo.
(Emma gasps) Wow that puts you at 20. – Yeah, I am going to stay! – That’s really–
– Stay dog! – That’s a good hand, okay Emma. – [Link] Look at that right there. – Let’s really think here. – [Link] I mean there’s a Twilight book. What else do you see? – You know what, I’ll
do the Twilight book. Even though I’ve never read it. – Don’t let me talk you into it. – No but it just feels right. That’s what my gut says.
– Okay. – Here’s the Twilight book.
– Oh no I’m scared. Wait this is a thick book,
it’s probably more than $5. – I’ll hold your lamp–
– Thank you. – I don’t think that’s
how they price books. – Really?
– No. – Okay good. – $1?
(Rhett laughs) Wait are you kidding? – I assume you wanna keep going. – Yes I’m gonna keep going, okay, I feel like a hat could be a
good happy little cheap medium. – Okay. (Emma laughs) Just trying to get a head start. – Which hat are you talking
about, birthday hat? – [Emma] Okay I kinda like
the weird looking fedora. – Okay.
– Even though I feel like that could be a solid 12. – [Rhett] It’s got a
feather on it, you want it? – Oh no, no no the feather
puts it up like $5. Okay let’s do birthday hat. If that’s what that even says. – It’s says it’s my birthday. – Is it your birthday?
– It’s not, no. But my birthday’s on May 22nd,
wish me a happy birthday. I’m turning 18, I’m a woman. (laughs) Okay are we ready, I’m so nervous. $3.
– Whoa, wow! Now you are at $20 as well.
– We’re tied. Okay I’m stopping now. – You going for another $1? – Oh heck no I’m scared. – All right.
– I’m staying. – Okay you guys are both staying at 20 and I’m gonna reveal my golf club price which is $6 which puts me at 15. So woo, I gotta get creative here. What is $6? – What’s that record down there? – That one looks pretty.
– This one? – I wanna frame it.
– I would guess that this record is a dollar, but
you know what let’s find out. I’ll take it.
– What’s it say? – This is the romantic
sound of Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians. (laughs) – [Link] Woo! – [Rhett] Apparently
she is a Pennsylvanian. – Yeah she is.
– Hoo, okay, I’m gonna say that is, I think it said $1. – What? – $3, whoa! – Oh man, you gotta get three
more dollars to beat us. – Well you know what, if one record’s $3, the other record’s $3.
– No. – Roamin’ in the Gloamin’.
– Roamin’ in the Gloamin’ with Kenneth McKellar. Okay, oh gosh. $3, woo, 21, suckers!
– No! – Eat that!
– No freakin’ way. – This is not fair! He cheated.
– I just won 100 points. – From each of us.
– From each of you, yes. – That’s 200 total.
– Yeah, man. – Dang it. (funky music) – Okay these are the outfits I chose. Well not even outfits,
just the items I chose. – These heels are way too small but they’re super comfortable, thank you. – Yeah I bet.
– Okay, let’s start with revealing my prices over here. I have a $3 shirt. (chuckles) And a $6 skirt. – Bringing you to a total of– – [Rhett and Link] $9. – All right my Wonder Woman top. This thing could be a collector’s item. – Oh absolutely. – But how much did the thrift
store sell it to us for? Two bucks? That’s almost sad, I feel sorry.
– I feel kinda bad. – All right and then, oh gosh. – Oh no.
– Oh. That’s not a very lady-like way to– – I don’t think you have
to worry about that. – Excuse me.
(Rhett laughs) – That’s what the blurring is for. – $9 for these.
– Wait what? Oh, makes sense, they’re furry. – All right and you reveal one of your two to give us a hint. – Oh going for the little hat. – Okay $3 for this.
– Oh okay wow. – That is a big steal.
– You got a lot to work with. – There’s not a lot to go on. No item is over, $11
is our maximum item so I’m gonna go with the bike helmet. Well that’s not a bike helmet,
that’s a motorcycle helmet. – Motor bike helmet.
– ‘Cause I’m thinking that’s an $11 item. I’m sure it doesn’t fit. – Oh my God, why is it so heavy? I feel like when things are
heavy, they are more expensive. So this could be a good sign for you. – All right.
– Okay. Now I might be able to get it
on but I doubt I’ll be able to get it off, so, nice knowing ya. – Oh you are gonna try.
– Ow, ooh. – [Rhett] Hope you got a bandsaw. – [Link] You can bring that up. – [Rhett] Hey! – [Link] And this right
here is your price tag. I would–
– I got it I got it I got it. And it is $11! – What?
– Woo! – No way.
– Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. I’m not done yet. (chuckles) – You’re at 20.
– I know but I ain’t at 21. (chuckles)
– Okay. I think you should keep going, push it. – [Rhett] I am going to
go for that little mug with the blue hair right there. I’m guessing that’s a $1 item. – Oh I hope so. – That’s like a Strawberry
Shortcake character. – That is very nice.
– It’s kinda scary. – [Rhett] Let’s see, let’s
see, let’s see, let’s see. $3!
– He busts! (glass shatters) – That was the coolest
thing I’ve ever seen. – And you just threw a tantrum. – [Rhett] That sucks! – All right I’m at 11. I’m going for that 21, y’all, chalice. I think that’s gonna– – [Rhett] You think it’s
worth the right thing ’cause it says 21 y’all on it? – I think this is just gonna
give me a little bit of– – [Rhett] Yeah watch your step by the way. Sorry.
(Emma laughs) That’s a $2. – $2.
– That thing is way better than what I just destroyed. – I could put my whole face in it. But I gotta keep going. You know what, I’d love
to get out of these heels and into those tennis shoes,
I think they’re $8, Emma. – [Rhett] Oh, and they’re nice. – [Emma] Wait kinda smart. Okay.
– Wow, you could do some power walking in those, Link. – Yeah I could, now $7. – [Rhett] Oh, nice, that puts you at 20. – Yeah so I’m gonna stay! – Okay Emma.
– I’m nervous. I feel like this is really expensive. (gasps) $11.
– Oh okay, that puts at you at 14 so
you’ve got to keep going. – I need that phone. I just know I need it. – Well if that’s not
$7, you didn’t beat me. – Dang it, I think it’s 10, hold on. My jeans are way tight. 11 again? – [Rhett] What? – She bust! – I don’t wanna break it
’cause it’s kinda cute. – All right so that means I get 100 points and you guys get nada.
– Get zero! (funky music) – Okay Rhett, you’re in the lead. I can catch up but Emma,
there’s no way for you to win unless I will say if
you hit 21 on the nose and beat me, the dealer, this round, you can take home that
Mackelmore signed thingy which is authentic–
– Please Mackelmore, please. – Are you praying to
Mackelmore himself right now? – Yeah I don’t know where
he is but we’re both Geminis and I can feel your energy, Mackelmore. He loves me. – Oh that’s how it works.
– Yeah. – All right we’re gonna
go in reverse order to see if Emma can pull this off. I’m gonna reveal this
snazzy bath robe. (chuckles) All right so oh, $5. That’s a good deal. All right Rhett, reveal
both of your prices. Calvin Gloins. – The Golven Kloins.
– Golven Kloins. – Are worth $3, wow, whoa. And my nice Hawaiian style shirt, $9 for a total of 12. – All right Emma, what do you have? – Okay if this isn’t expensive. I look, this should be expensive outfit. – You look expensive.
– Right? I mean if you didn’t know any better. – But we do.
– $10. – Okay not bad.
– Okay good start, okay. Let’s see. Now I have hat head. $4 for this and it has a feather. – Okay Rhett, what you gonna do? Shiny quail still up for grabs. – I am tempted by the shiny
quail, I will not lie. – What to Expect When You’re Expecting. – Already read it. You put on a security jacket
and you can get anywhere in the hotel but I’m gonna put on my Andrew’s International
private security jacket. – It’s kinda cool.
– Wow. – You’re really–
– Actually kinda warm. – Security dude on the cruise ship. – And this awesome jacket is seven! For $19! Okay. – Now–
– Last time, I really got screwed with that mug. – Yeah you gotta work
on your self-control. – I wonder how that quail
shatters. (chuckles) – [Link] Okay. – No no I didn’t say I want the quail because that quail is nice.
– It’s shiny, man. It looks expensive. – Ugh.
– Oh. – You know what, I’m gonna take the Mickey and Minnie framed picture because– – You like glass stuff.
– I doubt that that is licensed officially. (Rhett exhales) $6? – You have busted again.
– Gosh! I’m not gonna break it
out of respect for Disney. (laughs) – Okay Emma. What you gon’ buy? – I need $7.
– There’s a snow globe here. Let’s see if it works. – No, snow globes are always cheap, even when you buy ’em new so I’m not messin’ with that thing. Oh maybe I get the quail. Is that what that is? – This is a shiny quail.
– Definitely. – [Link] This is Carrie Underwood. – Both of those match my outfit. I think we’re gonna go with the bird today because I feel like
that’s gonna be around $7. Oh my God.
– Going with the bird. – That is a nice bird.
– Wait this is a big deal. – Nice bird. That could be an $11 bird. – As long as you don’t
bust, you can go again. – Oh you’re right, okay. – She’s going for $7.
– $4. – $4, whoa, she’s at 18. Now you need a $3 item. $3.
– $3 item. I kinda want the Scooby tie. No, that might be like $1,
that’s gonna be like $1. – [Link] There’s a lot of Scoobies on that tie.
– Hawaiian shirt. – Hawaiian shirt.
– Whatever. – This one?
– We’ll see, yeah. – This one here?
– Yes. – That’s a nice shirt. – All right, so you’re gonna need to– – Yeah how is this gonna, should I just drape it over like this? – Yeah yeah that’s the
shirt you don’t wear. – Yeah no.
– That’s the shirt you just carry.
– Just for decoration, okay, this is a big moment. – Oh–
– No! – You busted, $6.
– It didn’t break though. – $6, Emma busted. All right since you bust busted, I’ve won the game and
the Mackelmore signature but let’s just find out
how much my hat costs. That is $5 and I’m gonna add my Carrie Underwood portrait to put up in my bathroom.
– (chuckles) In your bath. – Not gonna put it in
the bedroom because– – [Rhett] You might wanna check with your wife.
– I already have one in there. – About that first.
– $8, there it is, so I’ve really racked that– – Congratulations, Link, let’s bring in the Mackelmore headshot. Boy I really wanted that. – [Emma] Me too I’m so pissed. – So check out Emma’s
podcast Stupid Genius on Apple Podcasts or
wherever podcasts are found. – Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – Now you say you know what time it is. – You know what time it is. – Hi I’m Dawn. And this is Sim Rhett. – And I’m Danny and this is Sim Link. – We’re here from Belfast, Maine. – [Both] And it’s time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – What happens with those guys later? – Uh–
(laughing) I don’t wanna know. – Click the top link to watch us react to weird thrift store art
in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s
going to land, Emma. – Ha. – [Link] Keep your friends
close and your phone closer with the Mythical and GMM popsockets, available now at

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