This week in Overpass – A Minute of Overpass : UK Android Developers

Hi, this is Eric from Overpass and this is
A Minute of Overpass where I spend one minute each week talking a bit about Overpass, our apps, the app industry and that kind of stuff. So I’ll start my one minute timer right now. And this week I’m kind of just a bit unfocused. It has been so busy this week with Overpass and I just want to talk about other things that we’re working on. Last week I talked about the Typhoon
taking some of our developers. It has taken away their electricity and two
of them still don’t have electricity. So it has been a bit tight but we brought on another designer. A designer I’ve work with before. His name is Gesonrey. He’s incredibly talented and this week he just been churning out
some awesome work. So we’ve released Deep Sea Typing which is a typing app
onto iTunes that we’re releasing onto Google Play soon. As soon as it’s approved on iTunes. We’re completely revamping Mandarin Bubble Bath and giving it the love that it deserves. We’re doing a lot of client work and
that’s keeping things busy especially with a skeleton crew. And the big news and another big news
this week, a few weeks ago I was interviewed on the App Business
Podcast. I was talking about Android
monetization and that was just a lot of fun. We spoke for like an hour. It was nearly an
hour. I’ll put the link down in the notes
for this for this video and on the on the blog page. Hopefully you get to listen to it. It was a lot of fun to do and if you
are an app developer, you should definitely listen to this podcast and subscribe.
That’s it. I’m out of time. Sometimes that’s how it is. It’s a bit rambly but my name’s Eric. I make apps. This is Overpass and it has been nice talking to you. I’ll talk to you next week.

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