~”This podcast is not usable!”~ FINAL ANIMATED 3Z PODCAST!! [CC]

Zakkai: How do you know that one minute ago wasn’t…………… (whispering) two minutes ago? Zeb: How am I gonna make this into any bit of content?
Zakkai: You’re not (laughing) it’s not usable! Zeb: I don’t think it works as well if we’re
all just talking over Skype I think the only way to make this podcast is if the
three of us are in a dark room in a boat underwater. [All laugh]
Zakkai: So we’ll buy a boat, we’ll put it underwater Zeb: We make an episode once every sort of seven or eight years when we happen to go on a boat and share a room Zakkai: Share a room that’s underwater
Zeb: I mean this would be great as an Zakkai: Just an animation
Zeb: Yeah. I’d have to learn how to animate though
Zephyr: Do you know any animators? Zeb: Uh… no. Zephyr: Are we actually gonna make like the 3z podcast?
Zeb: I think it would be great. Zakkai: 3Z?? Oh! Wai- (singing) because we’re 3…Z!
[All laugh] Zeb: Oh! Cut to the intro music guys!
Zakkai: 3Z like- Zeb: (mumble singing a mock theme tune) It’s the 3Zs! Our names are: [Zakkai interrupted] Zeb! Zakkai! Zephyr! Zakkai: No it’s just the commodores “easy like Sunday morning” but it’s 3Z! [All singing in the tune of Easy Like Sunday Morning]
#Cause we’re 3Z!!!! 3Z like sunday moooooorning!# [All laugh]

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