This is The XFL Podcast | Ep. 6: Expansion

This is The XFL Podcast | Ep. 6: Expansion

This is the XFL Podcast Presented by With your host Tron Hawkins Holy crap. I got a new opening for Christmas take you in a fella to hang calm for that. Wonderful Introduced now It’s Christmas Day So Merry Christmas to everybody and go check out NFL 2k calm where I am the podcast on there One of the many podcasts on there there’s a few of us But I am now own NFL 2k calm. I am also on YouTube you can find That owning a Phil two K’s YouTube page. I’m also on Apple Google all the place you can get podcast at Thank you everybody for the support I’m over 230 listens combined through the five episodes I know that sounds like a lot but it means a lot to me since I’m just a guy on a phone cord and podcast So it’s a big deal for me. Thank you, very very for support. Thanks for the views I’ve been getting on Twitter on I’m the app on the podcast apps and on Facebook and everything It means a lot to me. Thank you for the follows. Thank little box. It means lots to me Merry Christmas So y’all have got a great holiday season no matter what holiday you celebrate or even if you didn’t celebrate one Just just Happy Holidays to everybody So today I didn’t come about what I would do doing an expansion Like where would I put teens what stadium should I put him in? I? Had one main criteria and I liked what XFL did when they picked these stadiums. I Picked mos stadiums because I feel like if they want to get that $20,000 20,000 people range. Excuse me I feel like you know that states place to go because most of them can hold in the You know later teens like seventeen eighteen thousand on it to you know, twenty to twenty three thousand So that’s the main thing I was looking for I believe or not was you know that stadiums I wanted to pick out new MLS stadiums That I would think Would be a good spot for the excess fail I’m gonna put two teams in the West two teams in the East give us 12 teams you play division twice Let’s go games. I know ten games and then Division once so that beats a 16-game season, it’s what I’m What it would be It’s a metallic NFL season, but you can still do more and for that’s why I would do steel So the first place I picked is Jim will please okay Providence, I’m sorry not Providence Portland at Providence Park. Epona’s Park is important in Oregon It is a old stadium believe or not it It’s been around since the late 18-hundreds. It was a complete Stadium though in 1926 is home of the Portland Timberlands and was important over here though, is that Portland State Vikings of a college football team uses the stadium during football season so it can be transformed into A football stadium. So that’s that’s a big deal to me. And that’s what kind of sold me on it And plus football not football, you know Western United States officially out that way like Seattle and stuff Is getting kind of bigger and Plus Seattle Portland can be a feud. It could be a robbery in the XFL the new XFL I Think it’s a good stadium holds. Let me see here So I’ve been doing some research on this for last week or so Christmas kind of threw me off and everything it will hold 25,000 capacity they hailed We’ve had MLS all-star game they’re In the stating capacity we expanded to 4,000 new seats over the next of within the next year’s So, I mean it could hold that’s 25 thousands going to be when that’s done It’s held minor league all-star games MLS all-star games. I’ve been used for baseball football and soccer. So that’s it You know, it’s a big deal I think it’d be a good study. I think if we get stadium for the exit fail again, I want to look at smaller stadiums But we know they can cut it into football Like I said, they’ve held Many many of the Portland State games there so we know it can be done And I think it’s a good idea. I think I think Oregon the only theme organ has is the Ducks And that’s not really you know, it’s College, Oregon Oregon State but organ gets more love so I select the main team up there they don’t have any proteins other than basketball With the TRO break Blazers, so I think it’d be nothing can be a good thing to have XFL team there Again at some point they like to expand into markets that don’t have a team That’s going to be the only way that they can really expand that already have NFL team Like they come did st. Louis, you know in San Diego I want to put San Diego on there I do but as long as they s there Express gonna go in there So I think that for now they need to go into these smaller stadiums and in some cities that don’t have football when they expand granted like I said on Twitter, I have two cities that do have a interval team into that don’t so the next one in the West will be a team that has a pro team and It is the city is home to one the loudest stadiums in Ana fail If not the loudest I don’t see how the other team. That’s what you’re thinking. It’s, Kansas, Kansas City You know, the Chiefs is big. They’re there you love their Chiefs they’re Obviously, especially this year they have a great team with Pat mahomes passion for homes. Thank you for winning me defense championship I was think my girlfriend as well, but get me a sign patching my home Jersey for Christmas. Probably the best gifts I’ve ever had They have a they have a must else MLS team in Kansas City This is actually in Kansas City Kansas though. It’s not Kansas City, Missouri But it’s close enough why I think cheese France would travel The soccer team you must team player has stayed in begin with and then now they’re here They hosted a noticed hosting the MLS all-star game They also hosted the men’s do not state soccer team and they malesko So three of the biggest things in you not stay sucker They hail it and they held in the same year. So, you know, it’s it’s a good Stadium. Again. It’s Children’s Mercy Park In Kansas City, Kansas right on the border of Kansas City, Missouri, of course It can hold up to 25,000 people for concerts and stuff so you look at about 21,000 probably for Football, yeah, it’s never had a football game there Look glow what part can do it? I think I think Stearns Mercy Park can Again football is big in Kansas City, obviously The record for attendance there was 21,000 175 for the MLS all-star game in 2013 So again 21,000 set range I think if exit fail could staying at $20,000 range or 20,000 people attending I think it’d be successful The reason why I picked him in the soccer stadium for this though is because it’s gonna look better on TV That’s why I mentioned in the venue’s podcast that I feel like if You know, how do you feel which to me his number was number one and Even global I Park even less baseball stadium and Stuff up Center that’s gonna look better on TV because they all hold about 25,000 or less where MetLife and Since really feels gonna look weird only having about 20,000 people in a 80,000 seat Stadium So that’s why I kind of wanted to go after Soccer stadiums because I feel like it would look better on TV, you know And it’s hope I better gonna wear a tie sold out or you know Stadium then hey We got 27 people here in New York at MetLife and that’s not even a third of the way full at MetLife so I feel like if they can just stick to soccer stadiums later on an expansion or Even smaller college football stadiums. It will look better on TV and make you feel like a bigger thing When it’s jam-packed and the in the stadium’s Rocking so my two west teams that would join Seattle st Louis he I’m sorry, Seattle la Houston and Dallas would be Kansas City and Portland I Can see Kansas City disputing, you know, I mean, whatever I guess everybody in the West there But yet Portland in Seattle would be a good little neighbor robbery I Think that’s the two cities they should expand to but like I said because they have smaller stadiums and football hungry continues football home because they love the Chiefs Portland’s football hungry because, Oregon Really don’t have a team So let’s go to the east side and you know already in these you have st Louis Tampa Bay DC in New York So you already got some building robberies there which I will be talking about come in two episodes talking about the 2020 week one What I would do to schedule it, like what would be the schedule I put out for week one till the the the the non football City in the East That what I would do and I send a lot of people on Twitter going. Hey, we want to except fail team here You know and even when I mention this even when I mention his podcast so like hey We we won’t like set foot team here and I agreed and it is Columbus, Ohio They have a big football culture there thinks Ohio State a lot of state to me if you notice the hot stage more popular in Ohio then the Browns and Bengals Something every would argue that they hadn’t had a pro team Cincinnati since you know the night when the Bengals good So I Think Columbus Ohio will be perfect to get those college kids coming. That’s what I talk about my Venu Venu Episode as well. You got these kids from Houston the college come earlier. You’re like a student not get him rowdy get him drunk In thier of age and get them get him in the stadium getting rowdy get them ready to go and Say hey, you know dollar dollar student out or something We have sit-down D get them in there, you know Rocking I think anything could happen here In Columbus, it’s at I’m afraid Stadium. It spelled mapa far e which is weird It’s it’s the first it was the first soccer-specific stadium built by major by major league soccer team But I don’t think that means anything because so was step-up Center and now it’s hosting the charger so it was already now It’s hosting XFL This stadium is right right in Columbus downtown It can hold capacity For concerts 25 to 30 thousand and so for football probably around that twenty to twenty one thousand reigns Which is what I’m looking for, like I said when I was looking at how I would do it this expansion I’ll look for soccer stadiums that can fill it up Hit that mark that Oliver Luck was talking about mini podcast talking about Hey, we want to hit 20,000 20,000 is our it’s our what we want our actors to be said some will be more obviously But 20,000 is the spot if they can just stick to stadiums that they know they can feel 20,000 with then. I think they can go. Okay. Well so doubt we hit our mark here that could city how many we have Let’s see here They’ve held they’ve only held soccer and rugby there but they don’t mean anything Actually take that back levena year is also a regular shot for Ohio State School Athletic Association state shimcha tournaments in both football and American football in soccer So and in the local Columbus area It is a site for the annual Westerville football classic so it can be changing the football It’s it’s a nice Stadium. It’s Anna nice football hungry town If you can get kids there like I said If you get get the people from outside you come and just people and you know that just love football. What’s, Ohio? It’s a pretty good for Boston Ohio State Cincinnati. Cleveland. Cincinnati is actually on my list Maybe for expensing team by at Columbus. There’s always been rumblings that people from Columbus want a protein layer The Pensione XFL there’s even pages called XFL Columbus. So bring it’s at XFL to Columbus I think it’s a perfect match. It would probably be it should be the first city. It should be left– first city that Gets expensive team I will rank these like what I think it’s most likely here in a minute But this stadium is nice the area’s nice You can get full house. Take fans there Then I think it me Rudy. It’d be a good spot And like I said it hits that 19,000 20,000 range. They’re kind of looking forward If I was like to fail I would put Columbus on on the list It’s a great, you know, great Football town and I think I think college towns to be the next thing they go after actor when they expand if they ever expand which if they make money they will Till they won’t takes I fell to be pretty big give more people chances we can think about how many you know Ohio State quarterbacks Go on and not really do anything and then I failed now imagine if that one of those quarterbacks come home to Columbus and Do good for XFL team? They can fill up that Stadium if they have Ohio State Quarterback in that quarterbacks, you know football as a quarterback game then get one of them Former, Ohio State quarterbacks that kind of lost their luster and it make it an NFL to come play there They would they would fill it up. No problem So the last team in my four team expansion It’s a Tina had exhales 4xf 15 before And I’m amazing it put one there again because they’ve gone to all these big cities. They had like eight Huge cities named and everybody’s like wow. I’m amazed. This place didn’t get one. They would in the expansion I guarantee you they would I would bet money that they would and that’s in Chicago They have a huge Stadium name is SeatGeek Stadium It used to be the toyota stadium, but now this seat or the park at SeatGeek stadium. It is right outside of Chicago About 12 miles southwest of downtown Chicago go. It’s in Bridgeview, Illinois The stadium, like I said, it’s each stadium torn apart to see each stadium It capacity for suckers 20,000 for concerts is 28. So I think for football you probably looked about 20 21 thousand which again is right in that range I was looking for It has held, you know major US soccer games and that’s really about it and rugby They in it holds college soccer matches they’ve had concerts tear like Dave Matthews Kelly Clarkson corn. Give me buff it So they never have football there But like I said before they can get football in the StubHub Center they can get football At already field. I think they get football here. Itzchak. Ah go Vince love Chicago LA in, New York It’s the one the only ones a little bit three That didn’t get one so you can bet your ass if they expand that Vince is gonna go To Chicago, there’s there’s no bail about it. Chicago is just a place for him that he loves. That’s why Chicago LA New York all just the big rest of events, you know, you know, you know he’s went there before Soldier Field its own stadium You know huge it kind of suffered what I said that meant last one to suffer from it was just too big that they failed In it said to me people But Chicago was a football the Bears So if you get 20,000 people in that stadium, it’s gonna be rockin and ready to go for some XFL now the rank You know the possible expense and the rank war I think would happen like most likely it would be Chicago 110 city – Mm struggle, Kent City Columbus important Portland, you know, it’s a small not small city Don’t get me wrong, but it’s a smaller probably the other with four shared more than Kansas City and Chicago Columbus and Portland’s a foot, you know could it’s a coin flip. Well, hello. I think Ohio State will fans would support, Ohio XFL team if it was in Columbus Be kind of iffy since they never had a pro football team there I think people would come out there just for to yosity factor, but it’s the smallest not the smallest market of the four but least football hundred the four So again, I’d put the two NFL seasons at the top But I don’t mean that they should be left out the other two, you know, st. Louis technically no football city anymore But you know they had been too long since I lost a team so they’re gonna expand they need to go to two cities that the AAF ain’t at and that they you know didn’t hear that last time and I think Columbus and I think Portland would be the two ways to go so Thank you. Merry Christmas. I know this is kind of a shorter episode It was a different some to try something different something hypothetical sided said might have you know history almost XFL 2001 like st Louis like the rules and everything There’s a hard web said I’m sorry. It’s been a long long day with my in-laws so let me think that tariff says gonna be about The next episodes me about Tim Tebow Since he’s a rumba quarterback someone’s your net to fail and if he is not I would get into why I think you’d be perfect for the exit failing why Vince would kind of gravitate towards him and Get him to do that except that one and then the next episode. I’m gonna be going over what I think XFL 2020s may look like as in week one. What games do I schedule week one? Hypothetically, so there’s another one of the hypothetical episodes kind of like this one was the expansion Hopefully seems gonna January coaches will get hired And I’ll be talking about that then we talk about team names Talk about the team names then maybe episode ranking them and ranking the uniforms and everything. So we some good content coming out Except like when they give me a lot to work with right now So I’m kind of doing videos like, you know, I’m sorry podcast like this and the st. Louis ones again Thank you for support merry Christmas to you and your family. I love each and every one of y’all and Have a good night, and we’re getting one one day closer. The 2020

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