THIS IS IT CHIEF. HyperX Quadcast Microphone Review

THIS IS IT CHIEF. HyperX Quadcast Microphone Review

this video is sponsored and approved by back police more on them in a minute what’s up guys I’m random Frank P and today we’re gonna be reviewing the HyperX quad caster microphone this thing is absolutely outstanding and anybody out there looking to get into streaming podcasting or just need a game microphone for voice overs on Twitch this thing is gonna blow you away we’re to go over it all for you guys I talked about the features do a very extensive mic test for you guys who could hear it firsthand all that good stuff you’re gonna want to know if you’re interested in picking up the HyperX quad caster this video is brought to you by back bully’s a great option for unlimited online backup storage so you never have to worry about losing files again no matter what it is you’re working on whether it’s you know movies music photos videos school projects it all gets backed up online this is for both Mac and PC users Backblaze is trusted with over 750 petabytes of backed up storage and Counting that’s over 35 billion files being restored you can recover your data from the web there’s also a mobile app for access on the go you can also get your data restored by mail with a flash drive or a hard drive being delivered right to your front door and it’s really at no extra cost to you you buy a hard drive from them and restore it you send back the drive within 30 days you’ll get a full refund so never worry about losing important files or projects ever again head over to Backblaze comm slash random Frank P to find out more so HyperX obviously known for a lot of gaming peripherals PC hardware ah so you’re very familiar with them I’ve always been a huge fan of their gaming headsets and they always had pretty good mics so when I saw they were putting out an actual standalone microphone I was pretty pumped I knew I had to check it out and spoiler this has not disappointed so you first get out of the box you’re gonna be met with its black and red appearance which is obviously right on par with their branding black and red and for microphones don’t think about it is just very sleek I can’t quite put my finger on it but I think it looks pretty nice although when it comes to your microphone its appearance isn’t a big deal at all also inside the box they include a nine-foot braided micro USB cable so odds I won’t have any issues connecting this to your PC as well as a little adapter for taking this off the stand that the mic is currently on if you want to attach to something like a boom arm that you might already have we got this for you inside the box in talking physical features there’s actually a pretty good amount of things going on here first it does come pre attached to a mic stand so you elevates around a few inches off your desk but also lets you adjust the angle depending on how far you’re sitting away from it it’s only maybe like a thirty degree level of adjustment here but it’s better than nothing the mic also has a pre-attached shock mount so if you have this on your desktop it’s really gonna eliminate any sort of like you know micro vibrations that would otherwise be picked up so so help eliminate any frequencies may be coming from like if you bang your desk slightly if there is like vibrations from your harddrive in your PC shock mounts always a good thing for a mic then on the bottom underneath the HyperX logo the bottom of the mic is actually a volume dial here this is how you control the gain and you can see it has these five little dots that’s gonna be kind of an indicator for the level of adjustment and which direction it goes in to either increase or decrease the volume and this dial is very very silky smooth moving on over to the back of the mic you have your dial to switch between the four pick up patterns you have a stereo omnidirectional cardioid and bi-directional pick up pattern you can easily switch between all four there’s actually three condenser capsules inside this one mic moving on down in the back you have a headphone jacks you can plug in your headphones and actually monitor what you’re hearing on the mic as well as getting your PC audio right through the microphone then the top of them like is actually a mic mute button it’s touch sensitive all you have to do is just touch it and it’ll quickly mute your mic when it’s powered on you’ll see the mic is illuminating in this really nice vibrant red color then all I have to do is just touch the top of the mic and the light will turn off letting you know that it is muted then embedded into the grille of the mic is a pop filter which will help illuminate plosives and that’ll make your sound a lot less harsh which is always a good thing one thing I often get criticized for when I’m doing voiceovers so that’s good now next up for this portion of the review make sure you have headphones on this is gonna be the bulk of the reviews we’re gonna go over the mic test very extensive part so sit tight you’re gonna want to hear this alright now for this mic test there is gonna be a lot to go over here we’re to do a comparison between the different pickup patterns the gain levels we’re gonna do a raw unedited versus a edited mic test as well as a comparison between a different microphone the most popular condoms come titian out there the at2020 so you can hear the differences so like I said just make sure you have headphones on because there is a lot to go over here first up I want to point out that I had this on the first level of adjustment for the game so pretty much level one and this is right now on the cardioid pickup pattern cuz I think it’s what pretty much sounds the best and what I would use if I was streaming or doing a voiceover but real quick to start this off I’m gonna do a gain difference you can hear one thing that’s pretty interesting is this is like to be most right on the bottom so this is like level zero if you will now it weighs over this is level one so the first little little dial there of gain level to is from what I’ve heard a pretty you know maybe 20 percent increase I think level 3 is where it starts to get kind of you know too loud but again this it’s only around 6 to 8 inches away from my mouth and it’s just on the stand so if you had it on like a boom arm might be different for you level 4 also I think too loud as well as level 5 and then this is all the way to the left side which is I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a hundred or whatever but this is the loudest this mic gets so now I’m gonna turn it back to level one which is again where I think it sounds the best on cardioid but now we’re gonna go through the four different pickup patterns and the first one is stereo okay so now for stereo this is gonna be more so picking up the left and right channels that’s what stereo is so for you know ASMR stuff yes complete left and right you’re probably hearing the difference now in your headphones or your earbuds so the left side and the right side not really a big thing for your streaming and doing voiceovers obviously next is gonna be on the directional now what this does is it pretty much just picks up everything there’s no exclusions here everything at a 360-degree circle is fair game for what this picks ups here hearing things over here you’re hearing things over here nothing’s really being excluded next up is cardioid and again this is what I think sounds the best what you heard in the beginning and most podcasting mic Schumi mics are a cardioid pickup pattern because that’s the most popular if you’re familiar with it it’s kind of like you know a heart kind of so it’s picking up everything here and like here so everything to that side is gonna be excluded for my testing conditions right now it’s kind of difficult because I’m just in front of two monitors so you’re probably hearing a lot of reverb and stuff but again this is cardioid the next is gonna be bi-directional so pretty much the opposite of stereo which is you know left and right the bi-directional pattern is picking up everything here and here so in the front and back of it kind of a little bit anything to the left and right side but at the same time again for me it doesn’t sound too different from stereo I don’t think but again you’re hearing us a lot of reverb bouncing off my monitors which are just a foot in front of me so not the best really conditions but not the biggest fan of it but again I think cardioid at the first kind of volume tick there’s what’s gonna sound the best and now we’re gonna be doing a my comparison like I said in the beginning of raw unedited audio versus you know compressed edited audio so for example if you’re live streaming on Twitch you might not have they know the resources to edit it what you’re gonna be you know talking into is how they’re gonna hear it versus say you’re doing a voiceover for your YouTube channel or maybe like a podcast you’re recording to upload a different time you have that time then to go through and edit audio to make it sound the best and just the the raw input here completely unedited I think it sounds really good it’s definitely very full I think which a lot of you know mics kind of suffer from they might sound a little it may be too tinny or there’s lacking to some aspect I think altogether the raw mic sounds very very good just for what it is so I’m bouncing back and forth hopefully you can hear the difference and the main thing that I did for the you know the edited version was just add a little bit of bass and a tiniest a bit of treble and kind of bottomed out that like you know the floor of audio so just the ambient room noise I took out so you’re hearing just my mic nothing else in the room and I think it sounds pretty good then the sauna last part for this is gonna be going through and doing a comparison with this mic versus like I said before the at2020 I’ve been using that mic for around four years now and I think that’s gonna be you know a viable competition here because that’s one of the most popular podcasting consuming mics on the market it’s been so for a while so you can hear the difference between the two and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pull up you know a verse go through some some popular things here and just read it off so you can hear the difference so after oh yeah Sun is down freezing cold that’s how we already know winters here my dog would probably do it for Louie belt that’s all he know that’s all he know he don’t know nothing else I tried to show him yeah I tried to show him yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah going on you with the pick and roll young the flame he in sickle mode going on you with the pick and roll down the flame he in sickle mode so again this is the at2020 retailed for believe 170 when it first came out and this isn’t the 80/20 20-plus so does not have any volume adjustment any gain adjustment there’s no input for you know monitoring your audio at2020 what I’ve been using for the past three four years now so now going back after a few days with this I do understand that this isn’t more so like a level of adjustment more so like a volume Direction indicator but it would have made more sense if there were like maybe more spread out equally doubts on the bottom not just this little cluster here but I would still more so just use these little five dots as like a volume indicator because this is where the majority of your gain is gonna be noticed because there isn’t much really beyond that first and last dot here so just a little you know thing that I wanted to point out for you guys but I was really surprised at how full the mic sound and just really how little edited editing needed to be done to make it sound you noticed a little bit better I was really really impressed with the mic test I think as you guys heard you’ve also probably found that impressive compared to my old 8020 20 which still sounds good but when it retailed was a hundred and seventy dollars and it has absolutely no game control there are no inputs for anything so very very limited in terms of features this sounds amazing and has what five times the features as a 50 20 20 does so very very good and that’s gonna wrap that’s gonna bring us into the price here this comes in at a hundred and thirty nine dollars which at first might seem you know kind of expensive but like I said the eighty twenty twenty was one seventy the eighteen twenty twenty plus with the features was a little bit more money those those prices have since dropped since they’re older mics you look at the road NT podcaster mic but that’s also I believe I want to say you 150 or 160 as well you’re looking at pretty expensive mics out there so the fact that you have a really good sounding mic that has some great features for people who are gonna need these on-the-fly adjustments for streaming podcasting voiceovers anything like that what the floor pick up patterns I think is a pretty good price like one forty four this quality all those features you really can’t complain given the competition now wrapping up my review of the HyperX quad caster mic there’s really no glaring issues or cons that I had with this only think I mentioned before which was very very minor was I wish the little dots here in the bottom were spread more equally across the full range of volume adjustment here but I just keep it on that first little uh first little dot on the cardioid pickup pattern and then I just think it sounds best at that so you factory in the shock mount the pop filter the auto mic mute button you have the volume adjustment on the bottom monitoring your audio with the headphone jack and the for pick up patterns to choose from you have a great great mic for a hundred and forty dollars if you need a mic for gaming podcasting streaming anything this is a fantastic option and it looks pretty cool as well and guys I’ll wrap up my review of the HyperX quad caster hope you enjoyed again if you want to check it out I’ll put a link for you in the description down below and thank you again to back please respond in this video if you like this review give a thumbs up to show your support feel free to follow me on Twitter at random Frank P and last if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button mom random Frank P hope you enjoyed have a good day

100 thoughts on “THIS IS IT CHIEF. HyperX Quadcast Microphone Review

  1. The best review I've seen in quite some time. Checked everything I wanted to know in a great presentation even with animations. Great job!

    Also great job to HyperX once more. Their headsets are spot on and now it looks like they added a mic to that roster.


  3. I want to know how it compares to the Blue Yeti Pro…
    Also, I kinda felt like your old mic sounded better, sounded softer/smoother.
    The HyperX seems like it includes a lot more extra stuff, more raw.

  4. I honestly prefer the Blue Yeti over this. Yes this one looks a bit sleeker however the Blue Yeti has a fuller sound even without editing.

  5. Dang, the HyperX sounds much deeper and fuller than the AT2020. I literally just ordered an AT2020 off Amazon, so I hope they accept my cancellation request. I'm going to go for the HyperX instead.

  6. Idk why but, my mic seems like there is something over it, which there isn’t. Like it seems like soemthing is covering the the mic idk why.

  7. No, that's not "it". There are a lot of mics in that price range as good or better. That mic also has an annoying pop when you put it with the fancy dancy touch sensor, who doesn't just looooove a nice pop when you mute or unmute.

  8. I'd say it looks cool, but why is this mic good compared too other USB mics? It cost more than most (Blue yeti nano, razer seiren, and even a Samson g) Im almost positive it doesn't sound better than all of them either. So again why is this the pick over the other many cheaper options.

  9. senin ben ananı sikeyim orsobu çocu senin ortama harcadğın para kadar ananı sikmişliğim var orosbu çocu seni senin babahnın düşmanlarını sikeyim orsobu çocu babanı kemiğini sikeyim

  10. if we're talking about features, why aren't you praising the g-track pro from samson? it mops the floor with this piece of shitty hardware. Also, the sound is way better on that one and the microphone itself is made way better than this one. I guess everyone has a price…

  11. 1:27 packaging
    2:50 functions
    4:50 gain control,
    6:00 four polar patterns
    7:45 edited audio
    9:22 vs. At2020
    10:14 review

  12. I just got mine yesterday and idk if i used a bad recorder but my OBS didn't record it as good as yours any tips?

  13. The at2020 is about 75 for me. Now the at2020 is an xlr mic, the hyperx one is usb. You could probably pic up an mb75 from Thomann for 30 bucks and have a sick mic

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