Things 3: Best 10 Features on iOS/Mac

Things 3: Best 10 Features on iOS/Mac

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video it is Francesco here So in this video today, we are chatting things I loved about Things 3 now I didn’t want to actually include it as that title so it might be slightly different but I’m gonna chat through some of the things that I loved about things 3 stop saying that so in today’s video I’m gonna run over the features that I particularly loved as well as sort of the micro experiences inside of things 3 They really did draw me in as well as what kept me there to some extent And things that I sort of compared in my head against to do it So I’ll be showing you my screen in second and we’ll be running through to some of those features so Of course
If you guys don’t know I’ve been using what I used pins 3 for the last Three months and I’m backward to do this now Which I did for video 1 but as you can imagine I definitely moved there for something. I wanted a good project experience So I definitely saw things free as a way to fix that with the deadline function as well as the completion function I was almost there because it had those functions No, like I ever mentioned in the comment on the to do is to bank it backward to do this video He said you were out to do this because of the timing experience and he’s a hundred percent, right? that is a reason I’m back and that’s the thing at the biggest flaw that I think things so he didn’t have for me so Let’s start out with some of the features and experiences inside of things 3 So Mac and iOS, obviously I don’t recommend that you’d go for specifically one platform because if you get an Android device You’re not gonna be there but the Mac and iOS experience on things story was fantastic Although I didn’t recommend it as I said it is something that I was very happy with because I have a Mac and An iOS device so it tend to work great now the design was some of the one of the things that I adored inside of things free the sort of clear design as well as to focus on like just removing anything unnecessary Was really attractive to me and I found the experience super easy to use now That’s something that I don’t think a lot of the bigger applications like to do or OmniFocus sort of And Omni and things three actually delivers on that a really beautiful design Making it easy to use which is fantastic now the one thing I particularly enjoyed in the iOS experience is once the Mac one to some extent is the Gestures and being able to quickly add some into your inbox just by dragging your thumb over Or even being able to add it to your timeline not timeline. Sorry your task list Just made it. So gorgeous views. It was one of the best experience and best experiences I’ve used in terms of gestures now when I actually got back on todoist I started like dragging myself over in the attempt to dry that And of course a no prevail because they don’t have the jesters experience and some of the things that I wish to do is would bring in because it would make That iOS application so much easier to experience and use on a daily basis One of the final notes on the gestures is when you are able to multi select stuff You just sort of tap tap tap tap tap and bring it along and multi select it and make a multiple action on it what I particularly like about the iOS experience is it almost at some point was like using a desktop experience because they condense the experience in a way that did make an intrusive but made it really easy to use now moving on to another feature this Evening tab was a brilliant function I find myself for example during the day getting all my workday stuff done And then I have a few things for the evening whether there’s social stuff or actual work stuff There wasn’t really a way that I could separate that into doers and of course then through delivered that would someone called this evening it Separates it from today but gives you this different section to plan up stuff there So for example if me and Becca had some work stuff to do or even look at how space staff or something like that We could easily add back to this evening area and be able to have more context or even like when I’m going shopping on the way home to hand back in this evening makes it just and separates it from The work you don’t want to see like what especially for me like a use personal professional together Like five really awesome work tasks and then one shopping list and I’m like, what? Why are you there? So we’re moving on to calendar calendar events You have the ability inside of things for you to add calendar vents to the top of today as well as upcoming This was one of the features not really did it enjoy what I started, but I loved by the end of it It’s a really intuitive feature, especially if you’re looking to remind yourself of meetings, and you don’t necessarily want to add them to your calendar Sorry – your task list now Of course that can be too intrusive like maybe some people don’t want a fix tab at the top To ruin that sort of things through experience and that’s probably what my first go-to was But I really enjoyed the calendar function and I wish something to do his tab is a fixed option But in is an optional option – so the next thing is the windows experience, and this is not platform Windows Windows So in things free, you can create multiple tabs or windows Now this was great particularly when it came to planning so for example I’ve dumped loads of stuff for my inbox and then dragged it over to my upcoming – plot in items and then I would do the same with today and I can reshuffle my week fairly fast Now we do this on a Thursday like Thursday is my day where I pretty much cordon a my week ahead and it just gives me a bit of time to sort of get ready for that week ahead in advance and what I’ve tend to do in what I did with things free is plot that all out using the upcoming tab and having the inbox happen today to have open so I had like Multiple things and great thing is you can drag them across to those things It doesn’t damage the experience and that’s available on Mac and I highly recommend That inside of the experience now projects was sort of a County climax I used projects for a while, but then I felt after a couple of days that I actually didn’t need projects projects How are what pretty amazing side of things through you have the deadlines abilities as well as a whole host of date functions due date Functions and it looked great on that left hand side, especially for the wedding like we were plotting out tasks inside of there Particularly just because it had that deadline function as well as headers like you could create headers inside there That’s nothing. It can’t do it inside it to do it So it was sort of fucking anticlimax in the end I came there for projects and didn’t really find much value and subtasks was particularly something I really enjoyed of course notes I was talking about there’s a bit of a sort of confusion about notes, but some task was great I really do applaud that experience. It was a lot less Clunkier than todoist and it just was so much easier to input them as well so if you want a Visual overview as well or something to take away of all of these features. I loved I did a medium post So I’ll put that one description below and it has all of those nine or eight Features that are enjoyed about things through zoom talking about the non features a sort of experience sort of the inbox That was one of the features that really bugged me. So for example when I want to add a new task to the Bottom of my inbox because that’s tend to be where I process So I start from the top and finish in the bottom and slowly work through Because the top indicates the dates and you rounded the furthest away and the newest date should be at the bottom But it was the opposite whenever I did something to my inbox or a note it would go to the top and I’d be like I won this at the bottom because I’m gonna slowly process it down because that’s Chronologically how I did it again? I have all the chronological functions inside of things three that I didn’t particularly like So it’s something that I was aware of from the beginning The other thing as well is the anytime tab, I really didn’t use this that much of course I used some day maybe or some day folder a little bit But the only time I really couldn’t get my head around of course I could have googled it and learnt it but I really didn’t see any need and I wish there was an ability to hide it If there was let me know in the comments below, but I pretty sure I can find it So in things 3.4, which was released during my experience, they added something called areas and not areas They actually had that before that the ability to pull your projects into areas in a neat format And this was a game changer because projects were really messy along that left-hand side And that was one of the biggest requests from users to make it so much neater and make did and it looked a lot better The only other sort of pain point that I had during my experience Was that when I was doing planning and that Windows layouts sort of bring in the windows there I had occasional question and I think that’s because having lots of the experience Multiplied or duplicated across the screen can be very testing on the application, especially when it’s having to communicate with all of those windows so again I don’t Comment’ having more than two windows open in the things for experience and I definitely hone that in by the end of the month So some of the stuff I under utilize the natural language input Of course, I learn this inside of to do this not really learning it. It’s like tomorrow at 2:00 p.m Or Tom at 2:00 p.m And it comes up but this was available in things really something I totally didn’t bother taking the time out to learn again I would say to some extent Thus it the same with the anytime tab and also some day because I could have learned that and could have made mine smoke so much better because I could have formatted and utilized those Extra folders some of the small things that I really enjoyed is the progress pie bars when you’re working on a project These pie bars come up and you basically hadn’t seen indicating how fun you’ve got with your project or whether it’s being completed now It’s a really nice addition and I would say iconography was well above todoist in this experience I noticed I’m working on iconography right now it probably will change but the experience was so good in terms of making it easy to use and just beautiful so it’s like come back to it gestures will real gamechanger experience again a very small thing but Everything just sort of shown in the iOS application particularly and
also whenever you enter the new date and things through I’ve really liked the way that it said you have new you have three new to Do’s in a yellow sort of box and it just made it beautiful So as you can imagine things free was good learn learning lessons for me I’m good in my next video will be about to do a set up so you’ll see my sort of changes in terms of making things minimal to some extent and also I Don’t not endorse things right? I actually endorse it. I would say it’s a really strong application, especially if you’re looking for a Personal sort of advanced application that helps you to Organize your tasks and you stick to some only being up to share with yourself As I said, I never used to do this ready to share tasks So this was why I wanted to use things through because I knew that didn’t have that function and it actually excels without that function So the only other thing I want to mention is if you’re looking at the things through experience It is expensive if you’re looking at iOS and Mac, I think it’s like $65 collective include the pricing below But it’s quite an expensive Outlet, like if you want to set yourself up on it for a day or and you want to trial it it’s quite expensive So I would recommend reading as much as you can around it read the reviews I’ll include my reviews as well that other people’s reviews below and we’re looking to do a review on key productive YouTube channel Sorry, the key productive calm web type that allows you to go into further detail on things any of you guys Hopefully you enjoyed this video Let me know in the comments below how you’re using things to read or to do list. If it’s great to hear I Will be back with a to the setup video. So feel free to comment below or leave any remarks for me Yeah, any other guys? Thank you so much for stopping by today Make sure have a great week key productive and see you guys very very soon You

31 thoughts on “Things 3: Best 10 Features on iOS/Mac

  1. Today I wanted to share my Things 3 experience.
    If you have any experiences with Things 3 feel free to add them below, I'd love here!
    PS. Add me on IGTV for the Things 3 iOS review coming soon:

  2. Been using Things 3 ever since it came out, and never regretted buying it. It perfectly fits my needs, and with version 3.6 in only about half a year now, the developers are really putting some effort into handing in handy updates! Couldn't be happier with it and fully recommend everyone trying the app. There is a free trial for the Mac App, just go ahead and check out 😊

  3. This is my to-do app of choice. My only gripe with it is that it doesn’t support Dynamic Fonts. @Francesco if you’re in contact with anyone from Cultured Code please suggest it as a feature. I prefer smaller fonts but the font on the app is in your face.

  4. By far your best video ever. The content of your vid was well structured, with tons of insides, and well explain. And not just that, the production value shown on this vid is just amazing. Congrats Francesco!! Keep the good work coming!!

  5. I think you’ve missed one of the greatest features of things 3: adding things. No, not adding tasks, I really mean: adding THINGS! 😉

    In my workflow, Things 3 is the control center to Evernote, to my email, to websites I want to read later, to movies I want to watch, to files on my computer… just by hitting control+option+spacebar (you need the plugin first from the Cultered Code website).

    Wherever you are, hitting control+option+spacebar adds a task to Things 3 with a link to the stuff you’ve openend or selected. I can open an email in Apple Mail on my Mac, hit those buttons and voila, the email subject is a task in Things, and a link to that email is added as well, so later when I hit that link in Things 3 on my iPhone, that email opens on my iPhone. Same with, for example, Evernote notes (adding It on my Mac with control+option+spacebar, opening it on my iPhone). Same with any website I’m scrolling through.

    So, I see lots of complaints about Things 3 not having any file adding future, but – depending on your workflow – the way Things 3 handles this with linking, is maybe even better. For me, ‘adding things to things’ is really the killer feature!

  6. Ciao ma perché se creo un task su un giorno nel calendario di things3 non lo ritrovo poi su nessun calendario ne iOS ne Google?

  7. Beem umming and erring for so long with this because of the large up-front costs across platforms, but have finally decided to purchase it (Family sharing makes it feel more affordable) . Thanks for all the content.

  8. I just bought Things 3 across the board but ran into a major issue with an otherwise killer app. Specifically. I cannot (mark) complete a recurring task ahead of the due date when the due date is set to recur on a specific day as opposed to changing relative to the completion date. For example, I set a task (for specific day) for all my recurring bills. I normally pay my bills ahead of time. When I pay a bill ahead of time, I cannot mark the task complete. This is a significant issue for me that will likely cause me to migrate back to 2do which is comparatively cluttered.

  9. I love Things3. have been using it since Things 1 came out. Love it. I also use Todoist for work stuff. Would love a web interface for Things…

  10. I love Microsoft ToDo but it is a show stopper when you cannot email to task. Can I survive on Things 3 (Iphone X only) since I use Windows? I need to have SIRI and Email to Task

  11. It would be nice if Things 3 adopted the flexible customisability features of GeeTeeDee. Some features I'd want in Things 3:
    – Ability to hide Anytime and Someday.
    – Ability to drag the Inbox, Today, Upcoming, Anytime and Someday up or down depending on where you want it.
    – Ability to add custom sections next to the Today/Upcoming/Anytime/Someday area with custom favicons.
    For example, I want to have the section for 'Later' and 'Tomorrow'.
    – Ability to show number of tasks in Someday as well as in Projects so I know how much tasks I've got left without having to click on it.

    I do understand that Things 3 was designed with GTD in mind. But some people like me prefer to have their own workflow to suit their needs. So I find a great value in having the ability to customise.

  12. Love your videos! You convinced me to switch a few months ago to Things 3 from Wunderlist and I'm very happy with the change. Keep up the good work

  13. Strike #1: Mac and iOS only wouldn’t be a problem if they had a web interface.
    Strike #2: The iPhone and iPad versions are separate purchases? $20 for the iPad version even if I’ve already paid $10 for the iPhone version? Call the cops, because I want to report a highway robbery.
    Strike #3: No subscription model. I’m out.

  14. as i drive alot and have phone calls on the way to jobs is there an app that will allow me to verbally talk into my phone to make a list on a certain day without reminders…times…etc just a really basic to-do list

  15. Francesco, 25K views for this video about 📥THINGS. Please, give us more about 📥THINGS users. 👏 Thank You!!

  16. I have been having trouble understanding how to connect my calendar to the app. Is this possible? I have classes every day but I want to use this app to fins free time throughout the day to get random tasks done – like lunch with a friend. Is google calendar downloadable??

  17. Just in case no one's mentioned it, the screencast goes to a white screen at the 5m12s point; you can still hear you talking, but we can't see what you're doing.

  18. Thank a lot for this video! Is that true that Things 3 haven't availability for attach file or photo for tasks?

  19. Thank you — thought out explanation, what helped me a lot was seeing how you broke out the projects by your activities (eg. personal, youtube)

  20. You mentioned you didn't really like "projects" but did give much detail into why you don't like them? Can you explain why/ Doesn't it make ite asier to organize your projects?

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