“THESE” 2 Words Attract ALL Women | “I.W.” Technique Revealed (2019)

“THESE” 2 Words Attract ALL Women | “I.W.” Technique Revealed (2019)

my name is Marnie and from here on out
I’m going to be your very own personal wing girl it’s my job to give you the no
BS honest truth about women what versus what they say they want I put up new
videos every Monday so please keep an eye out for my videos and watch them and
share them so last week I posted a video on how to get a 10 when you’re a 5 and
date beyond your league by reframing if you didn’t see this video I’ll include
the link in the description box below reframing how you think is the first
step to becoming a badass with women in this week’s video I’m going to tell you
a quick and easy way to get everything you want with women and when I say
everything I mean everything now heads up some of your moms might get angry at
me for teaching you what I’m about to teach you I’m going to teach you how to
unapologetically ask for what you want with women now at some point along the
way you misinterpreted the message given to you by your parents or your teachers
or other adults in your life that said always be polite to mean that you must
never ask for what you want and if you do oh my god you’re a jerk or just a
downright awful person when the truth is the exact opposite if you’re not clearly
stating what you want but rather skirting around it you’re actually being
more impolite plus you’re screwing yourself in the process
and when screwing yourself it means that you’re not screwing women in the good
way obviously so that’s not a win-win for you but we’re about to change that
because I’m going to show you how to rewire your current programming that
says to be polite keep your mouth shut and don’t ask a woman for anything by
teaching you how to tell women what you want with an exercise called I want I
tried to keep it simple so don’t harp on me for my exercise names if you’ve been
watching my videos for a while what is the number one key thing I stress you
need to do in order to attract women you need to be able to lead leaders tell you
what they want they don’t hide it they don’t cover it up and pretend they want
something else so that you’re gonna feel comfortable leaders and men that succeed
with women Helen straight they ask for what they
want and if that woman doesn’t want it they move on and as I said in the last
video I want you to wipe away what you learned as a child it is 100% okay to
ask for what you want don’t worry about people thinking you’re rude or harsh or
arrogant or big a-hole if you’re watching this video thing you
and I already know that you’re not one of those things what you may be it’s a
passive nice guy who seems to always get passed over by others who you think are
less deserving and I’m sorry for being so blunt but it’s true
women love decision makers they love leaders and they want to be it with a
man who knows what he wants and goes after it a man that can challenge them
and has his own opinion not a man that they can push over one little note this
does not mean refusing to hear what women want and blowing past their wants
the only way to get what you want from a woman is by being direct and asking for
what you want for example I want your number simple I want to take you out
next week really easy I do not want to be friends I want to be more and
obviously you’re gonna finesse these statements but at the base this should
always be what you are expressing you were once if you’ve never been one to do
this the I want exercising tool is going to be your new best friend this will
help with women but will also help in all other areas of your life so here’s
how to do it here’s the I want exercise so I want you to get comfortable with
saying what do you want but first you have to get comfortable with using the
words I want for many people this phrase can be tough at first I want you to use
the words I want five times per day tell co-workers what you want people at
stores your friends everyone and if you don’t know what you want or don’t even
have a want take a breath and think about it and then say it out loud say
something out loud I know that right now this doesn’t seem like anything magical
but it is in just a few short days of doing this you will notice something
shift both in you and and how others view you especially women no longer will
you tell a woman it’s totally fine that you’ve canceled on me for the fourth
time and asked to reschedule I know your dog hates to be alone instead
you’ll let her know that she’s missing out on an amazing guy who has countless
other options and there’s an expiration date on how long his attention is
directed at you you won’t say this directly but the way you’ll carry
yourself will let her know that without it being said as soon as you can ask for
what you want and not be afraid of it doors that seem closed before are slowly
going to open your chest is gonna puff up women will take notice of you and you
will be a man that can ask for what he wants without apologizing for it if
you’re interested in discovering the next step to becoming the man with women
then check out my top-rated system how to become a man women want by clicking
the link below in the description box are going to wing girl method calm /
become the man now not only will you get the benefit of my years of experience
helping hundreds of thousands of men create epic transformations and their
results with women you’re also going to discover what women secretly want the
kind of thing only a fellow woman could ever know fair warning though once your
guy friends see the way women respond to you once you discover all of this they
may not let you anywhere near their girlfriends or their wives for more tips
on how to become the man women want simply click the link below for all the
details or go to winggirlmethod.com/becomethemannow

100 thoughts on ““THESE” 2 Words Attract ALL Women | “I.W.” Technique Revealed (2019)

  1. I started watching your videos about two months ago. I started with OSA. It's really changed the way I relate with other people. Love you and keep up the good work.❤

  2. I want to have my life back.
    Women have stolen it…
    They wanted to have my children, and then they wanted my money. Lastly they wanted me out of their lives.
    Fuck what women want !

  3. Ok pooh bear marni, i want you in my arms now pooh bears, love the real J2DAL music muah….aka she wanna hate but why u mad tho

  4. All these comments and almost all of them, from women and men are about selfishness.
    Wa! WA! WA! I want this or I want that. I want everyone else to be/say what I want. I want sex my way but they just don't cooperate. They don't care about me, just want cheap easy sex.
    Hay! You can't fix anyone but yourself. Work on yourself and make yourself the kind of person you should be. There is a great person for everyone out there, who is really the kind of person they should be. And, don't settle just to have/be with someone.
    If you continue being the selfish self centered jerk you currently are, male or female, you will grow old and more miserable until you die old , sad and lonely. Or, you will end up settling for a less than good relationship and being unhappy/miserable anyway.
    And, don't make sex the center of/reason for the relationship. Make it the end result of a wonderful respectful relationship, after you find out what and who the other person really is, preferably after a total honest commitment…

  5. I am unable to accurately and fully convey how much I needed your help. Thank God for your existence on YouTube 🤣😅😭🥳


  7. She's already married. Pass – she's obviously gonna reject me. Don't wanna waste my time looking at beautiful woman I'll never get. I'll just watch a music vid

  8. want and getting it are two different thing Every time I say I want I don't get anything the Way I look at these statements is Men are from Mars & Woman are from Venus read that book and try your luck but most woman doesn't even care as long as they can get what they want , If your lucky youmay get some but in the end you SOL

  9. That's a lot of shit to have to do. I work hard. I am independent and I lead myself. I want people to realize it takes effort on both sides. I want a little bit if consideration for the overcomplicated stress we gotta go through just to find love.

  10. Your guidance is very good. I asked a woman for a date in a direct and simple method, “I want…” Many thanks for your wisdom.

  11. I won my wife over 35 years ago! She is the hottest and sexist woman on earth! And I've always made sure she knows that!!

  12. How does one deal with the zombie apocalypse dating scene in Vancouver Canada?

    You fucking move. Preferably to another country cuz Western women are lost.

  13. Lol, videos like these make me laugh. All you need to know is being semi-cocky and funny. Semi-cocky is confident and not a jerk, and being funny makes them comfortable. Good luck, quit watching videos.


  15. Ok, so I have new target. Gonna hit her with. I want you to come to my place, and I want your number right now. Probable odds of success. Im not at all shy. I approached yesterday while she was talking to some guys and gave her a moist kiss on cheek. She smiled in nervous way. Later, before she left, she kissed me.

  16. The easiest way to make a girl wet is to go on a walk when its going to rain and take away her umbrella

  17. So the girl I have a crush on, one day texted me that she wanted to talk to someone. I clearly told her, well, I don’t want to be just someone. Maybe this what asking what you want means.

  18. Well the two words I said to my last date was "Bye Bitch".

    Let's just say she had more than a few partners at the end of her leash.

  19. I want you to know its very interesting and refreshing hearing a woman's perspective on these things. Apart from that you are very pretty. Well done Wing Girl.

  20. I love Artie Johnson from the 1960's Laugh-In episodes…He would walk up to Ruth Buzzi and ask "Do you believe in the hereafter"? which she replies "YES"…then, he would say "then you know what I'm here after"….very funny that they showed this on TV.

  21. I want to find a beautiful woman who is a doctor and owns a home, preferably under 30 years old. Then I want her to become preoccupied with stroking my ego. It’s the new men’s movement.

  22. Women know what I want without saying a word. Women are not worth trying to convince of anything or chasing them at all. Men are the drey horses. They are the protectors . They are care takers. Women are the child bearers and today that is the only positive thing they bring to a relationship. Women today are murdering their children at three and four years old and the law is allowing it. Women have for sometime now been able to have men arrested with themselves as the only witness no circumstancial evidence required . Women are super citizens above the law. They know what they deserve and that is why they vote for pro Islamic politicians.

  23. Not knocking your video,but how about making Video's to woman also about what We need and What we Want,just to bring a little more fair balance to these issues..you're pretty sharp so bring us a little more for balance sake.just saying Sexy,just a thought.

  24. Actually the bitch makes sense,women dont like canyasses except to drain em.Iv actually talked to my girlfriend harshly and she will pretty much respond to my dominance,thats not normally my nature but if i get in that ass hard and be mean and nasty it actually works.women are submissive by nature, generally speaking they want a man to take charge and actually act like he has a dick.dont buy the "women want a caring sensitive man in touch with his feminine side shit",ull be jerkin off while ur bitch is fucking a real man.

  25. I know what i want. I am not afraid.
    I want you to put down a lil bit your camera so that I have a better view your bust. Chest up! that's all I want on this video.

  26. However Some Women&HOTTIEZ🌷, are hell full of attention& with Handsome_Rock body_CREEP…..WHICH' mainly a white guy/man…..& I HATE' THAT' SHIT!!! SLAP' THAT' HOE'…..

  27. I LOVE' BUSTIN' NUTT' TO WOMEN _LADIES….I may see or seen throughout THA' day… Or week…..Mature curvy….HOTTIEZ&COLLEGE GIRLS -2'!!!🌷😁

  28. My experience is not being so extreme _Over THA' TOP…..& OR' THAT' WOMAN_LADY…..SO A CASUAL HI, or a joke….In other words…. KNOTT' straight FREAK'NASTY………THEN AGAIN, THAT WORKS…..JUST some women….UP' TIGHT…ETC…..SIMPLE__BASIC…..& MOST TIMES….ME, MEN, WE GONE' GET' THAT' #TEXT📲📲:)…….WOMEN ARE HOTT' & N' CONTROL….#SOME…..& THEY, LADIES, LOVE, FLATTERY, COMPLIMENTS, and acknowledging her, their, presence…….#WOMEN'LADIES ROCK'& GODDESSES'😁😎🕊️🕊️🕊️🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷:)*

  29. don't listen tot this its completely wrong, instead show what you want with your actions and your wallet, the way you kiss her the way you sleep with her, body language a smile a warm kiss a surprise gift , let her figure it out never say bro demostrated, women are smart they can figure it out

  30. Not too sure if I agree with this direct 'I want' approach…I think it's like a refrerence to displaying confidence & being outspoken that matters & in many cases, makes / leaves a great impression….just speaking from postive, personal experiences here guys, btw

  31. Well fuck… this hit me pretty hard. I’ve been told I could have anyone I want, but I don’t feel like I could ever ask that… now I feel kinda stupid

  32. So your method is only 5 time a day right? I already want sex 20 time a day 😂😂😂 21 with this video and you already in the bed ! 😂😂

  33. Women want a big Penis on a Guy with no money or the Guy with the small penis and a Porsche .I am confused. 🤔😁😀😀🍆👀🚘💰💵

  34. There all bitches and whores, I am 63 years old. I have never met any of these bitches that wouldn't go through you're zipper, to get into you're wallet.

  35. I went to an adult baby sitter's house after my girl friend said she thought we should start seeing other people to pick up her 2 year old son's wagon. The baby sitter was good looking. I got the wagon and told her thank you. Looked down at her toes and asked her if anyone had ever sucked those cute little toes for her? She said come back after midnight and you can suck whatever you want. Anitta, where did you go.

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