The YouTube Algorithm Unlocked – YouTube Topics! [FREE TOOL]

The YouTube Algorithm Unlocked – YouTube Topics! [FREE TOOL]

– So you’ve crafted the perfect title, description, and tags, and metadata is on point. But what does YouTube
really think of your video? Well, it just so happens
we got a brand new, free tool to tell you just that. (ding) ♪ Vid IQ ♪ ♪ Vid IQ ♪ ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) – Hello, folks. I am Rob, welcome back to VidIQ, educating you on your YouTube journey. If you do want to take advantage of a tool I’m about to show, then make sure to download VidIQ, as it will help you research YouTube, analyze any video on the platform, which is what we’re about to do, audit your own channel, and suggest actual steps that will help grow your
own YouTube channel. It is free to download and there is a link in
the video description. All right, just before
we jump into this tool, I need to explain a little bit of jargon, and that is freebase topics. To keep this as simple as possible, freebase topics is a way
of assigning a common topic to places, people, songs, and so on. What’s important about all of this, is that YouTube automatically
tries to do this with your video and every
single video on the platform. And that data is made available
through the YouTube API. As an example, if we take the
most watched video on YouTube, with it’s 6.3 billion views, these are the tags that
were fed into YouTube, but these are the topics
YouTube automatically decided were associated with the video. And a question you might
be asking at this point is, “Does a video need a lot of views “to be assigned into a YouTube topic?” Put simply, the answer is no. This video was published very recently, has less than 100 views,
and different tags, and yet, the video still
has these same topics. So, this is all to do
with metadata, right? If I include certain
keywords in the title, description, and the tag, YouTube’s gonna be able to put
my video in the right topic and serve it to the right audience. Well, PewDiePie is notorious for not caring too much about metadata. This video only mentions Minecraft once in the title, description, and tags, and yet, YouTube still
classifies the video within the video game culture topic. On the other hand, when PewDiePie mentions
Minecraft in the title, along with an action verb, “raiding”, YouTube seems to have more
information to work with and adds two more topics, action
game and role-playing game. Now, that all seems
relatively straight forward. But what happens when the video content gets a little blurred? Say we have a video
creator such as MrBeast. Well, this video titled
“World’s Largest Bowl Of Cereal” has YouTube clutching
at straws a little bit, suggesting the topics of
lifestyle and technology. If MrBeast buys a homeless
man a Lamborghini, then swap out technology
for vehicle, as a topic. But if MrBeast challenges
people to stay in a Tesla, that’s purely for entertainment
value and nothing else, according to YouTube’s topics. Can you directly control
these YouTube topics? Clearly not. Can you influence these YouTube topics? Yes, with metadata, but is more going besides? Although there is no hard
data on this at the moment, YouTube is likely looking at captions, if you’ve included them, maybe even comments on your video, and watching the video in an artificial intelligence type of way. But ultimately, what does
this all mean for you, the individual video creator? That’s where we need to
do some big data research. We handed over our numbers on video topics to data expert and CEO
of Little Monster Media, Matt Gielen, to come up with some answers. Matt was able to define the super topics and how competitive they are, as well as identifying
topics with few videos, but high average views, presenting possible
windows of opportunity. I don’t want to steal
Matt’s thunder on this one, as his videos are always
a fascinating insight into the inner working of YouTube. So, do check it out over here. And if you want to find out more about what VidIQ can do for you, check out the full beginner’s
tutorial over here. Enjoy the rest of your video making day, we’ll see you again soon.

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  1. I really wanna make awesome videos, but it can be a little hard because of my niche and where I live. I don't have many parkour spots I can go to, and I get afraid my audience will get bored of me just going to the same place everyday.

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  4. The YouTube Algorithm unlocked. Nice info. Nice tutorial. 👍

    Please visit my house now. Don't forget to drink the red strawberry juice in my house. Thank you…! 😀🙏

  5. This could be really powerful for a new channel trying to grow. Thanks for the awesome addition to an already awesome tool!

  6. I added ''Battlefield V is an action game and not a motorsport or baseball game'' to the bottom of the description and see if anything gets added to the existing ''Video game culture /Action game'' tags

    Lets see what it does, Maybe it helps beating the 5K views it has now, hm

  7. This is interesting, thanks for making these great videos, also making it short and to the point, so it's not insanely long!! Are there any other small YouTubers here who would like to exchange support and grow together? We could exchange watch time, likes, and subs, whichever interested!! My videos are on school, jobs, and lifestyle

  8. I thought YouTube uses Google Brain, which analyzes each frame of the video. You can test what this AI can do on images for for free, it's really interesting and might be a good idea to test out your thumbnails. Give it a go: 🙂

  9. so half of my videos are under education instead of gaming…..great. I have also always set the category to gaming and then Fortnite but whaaatteeeverrr

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    I inspired by your channel. Love your Videos. I created my own YouTube channel and successfully monetized as well.
    Thanks for helping me to grow #VDWorkshop

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    Very interesting feature, VidIQ. Thank you.

  14. Just doing some cursory research, it looks like the "Lifestyle (sociology)" topic is a catchall. The label is going on a lot of established education channels (Smarter Every Day, Veritasium, etc), even though I wouldn't describe any of those videos in that way.

  15. VIDIQ IS THE BEST! I love taking VIDIQs advice and now I'm on target with my brand I've been developing! I've created a youtube channel to follow my progress in sobriety. I've already dropped 16 videos! I would love support/ feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out! Peace.

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