100 thoughts on “The whole of Edexcel Biology Paper 1 in only 84 minutes!! Revision for 9-1 GCSE Bio Combined Science

  1. Everyone is coming a day before me included, I used this video to help prepare mocks and I got pretty good results so I'm here again to prepare just before the real thing!

  2. I missed the warning about the last part being being for triple only then I saw the brain and I was like “hoLLUp a miNuTe”

  3. Anyone here watching it on the day of the gcse, this is my second time watching this vidso omg so nervous

  4. I’m so nervous about this exam because I failed the mock and I’m so convinced I’m going to fail this as well

  5. I personally think, it would be a good idea if you can place ads instead of the breaks with the picture of those kittens since if we watch an ad it can be counted as our break.

  6. I have my GCSE Biology exam at 1 pm and its currently 11:30 am, your video just refreshed all the info in my brain. Thanks!

  7. Hey, just wanted to thank you so so much honestly I would have failed that gcse without this video. I litrally cannot thank you enough I found the exam kind of easy by the way

  8. Thank you so much for the video, I used had my Biology p1 exam, this was so useful thank you!!!! It really made the exam so much easier, couldn’t have done it without you! Hope everyone found that exam okay as long as you did your best that’s all you can do! Next Chemistry p1 in 2 days time, I’ll definitely using your videos again

  9. I did that exam today and completely ran out of time didn’t get chance to answer the last few questions 😤😤

  10. Thank you so much for this video. I watched it this morning, and did alot of Seneca last night. I can’t say I’m one that’s talented in the sciences, but for the first time I really felt like I aced it. Thank you

  11. Edexcel Bio 9-1 really pulled out the joke card this time. "Discuss, discuss, DISCUSS!" "Validate, conclude, comment." This isn't even bio man come onnnnn!??!?!!?

  12. Cells (differentiation, specialised) 0:00 – 4:03, see below for stem cells

    Microscopes 4:04 – 4:44

    Units of measurement( mm, cm, m etc) 4:45 – 6:08

    Enzymes (+ specific cases , rate of reaction, denaturing etc ) 6:09 – 10:13

    Diffusion ( concentration gradients etc) 10:14 – 11:35

    Osmosis 11:35 – 12:07

    Active transport 12:08– 12:39

    BREAK 12:40 – 12:53 COMMENT 🤓🤓 if you still here

    Cancer ( types of tumours , factors etc) 12:54 – 15:00 <I didn't even know it was on the specification!!!!!>

    Stem cells ( uses , how to make , controversy) 15:01 – 16:12

    Nervous system. (Cns, reflexes, nerve cell etc) 16:13 – 18:09

    Sexual vs Asexual reproduction 18:10 – 19:40

    Mitosis 19:41 – 20:17

    Meiosis 20:18 – 20:49

    Miosis vs meiosis (uses etc) 20:50 – 22:00

    Female vs Male reproduction (gametes plants and animals etc) 22:01 – 22:37

    DNA extraction 22:38 – 23:54

    DNA structure 23:55 – 24:52

    Break down of genetics ( genes, genome ,chrosomes, nucleus etc) 24:53 – 27:51

    Punnet squares/ genetic cross diagram 27:52 – 30:38

    Chromosomes ( sex ,blood type etc) 30:39 – 32:48

    Genotype/ phenotype 32:48 – 33:52

    Human genome project ( specialised medicine etc) 33:53 – 34:45

    BREAK 34:46 – 35:08

    COMMENT 😜😜 if you still here

    Mutations ( charels darwin, evoultion, fossoils, antibiotics etc) 35:08 – 40:22

    Taxonomy(genus species domains) 40:23 – 41:33 <what's that !?!!?my teacher did not tell me this!!!!!!>

    Selective breeding(disadvantages, advantages etc) <poor dogs 🙁 > 41:34 – 44:05

    Genetically modified things 44:07 – 46:22

    Health 46:23 – (Taken by @Ebunoluwa Taiwo. The comment is pretty far down and I need something quick enough to be able to go to other subjects since I've already done AQA which I wasnt supposed to do but meh. This has other subjects and I do EdExcel soo they are really important for me.. Plus I take no ownership of this comment. It was done by @Ebunoluwa Taiwo first.)

  13. who else is here that doesnt like Einstein (Remember when he ate the apple off that tree, what a nonce)

  14. Ok, I'm seeing all the "2 hrs before exam" comments so I'll be watching this every week for 8 months now XD
    Thanks, very helpful!

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