The Vex are NOT the enemy! Destiny 2 Shadowkeep lore | Myelin Games

The Vex are NOT the enemy! Destiny 2 Shadowkeep lore | Myelin Games

This game fascinates kings. This game occupies the very emperors of thought. Though it has only four rules, and the board
is a flat featureless grid, in it you will find changeless blocks, stoic as iron, and
beacons and whirling pulsars, as well as gliders that soar out to inifnity, and patterns that
lay eggs and spawn other patterns, and living cells that replicate themselves wholly. In it, you may construct a universal computer
with the power to simulate whole realities, including nested copies of the flower game
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lore episode. [INTRO]
Before we start, I want to acknowledge the destiny lore reddit posts by QuantumVexation
and isighuh who put me onto this theory. The new lore book, Unveiling, in my opinion
reveals the pattern of the Vex, the true purpose of the Vex. We are only going to cover the first three
entries of the lore book, because they are only released weekly. As more entries become available we will cover
them. The first lore entry the Unveiling is from
the Darkness itself, and is very similar to the philosophy of the symmetry; you cannot
have light with dark and you cannot have darkness without light. They co-exist. You need both. The lore entry Please to Meet You, reads,
But imagine the abomination of a world where nothing can end and no choice can be preferred
to any other. Imagine the things that would suffer and never
die. Imagine the lies that would flourish without
context or corrective. Imagine a world without me. The darkness basically says that if there
is life, there must be death. The second entry in the Unveiling lore book
further reinforces the idea of symmetry between light and darkness. This lore entry seems to describe the beginning
of the universe, with light described as the Gardener, and Darkness described as the Winnower,
and these two forces lived in symmetry within the Garden. The lore entry Gardener and Winnower reads,
Once upon a time,* a gardener and a winnower lived** together in a garden.***
* It was once before a time, because time had not yet begun. ** We did not live. We existed as principles of ontological dynamics
that emerged from mathematical structures, as bodiless and inevitable as the primes. *** It was the field of possibility that prefigured
existence. They existed, because they had to exist. They had no antecedent and no constituents,
and there is no instrument of causality by which they could be portioned into components
and assigned to some schematic of their origin. If you followed the umbilical of history in
search of some ultimate atavistic embryo that became them, you would end your journey marooned
here in this garden. In the morning, the gardener pushed seeds
down into the wet loam of the garden to see what they would become. In the evening, the winnower reaped the day’s
crop and separated what would flourish from what had failed. So we have these two forces living in symmetry,
the Gardener sowing life, and the winnower reaping the crops and removing what had failed. You will notice that at first, it says, there
were no constituents, meaning, the light and the dark, did not have any followers, however,
as the lore entry progresses, it talks about life developing, and you will notice that
this life picks a side, the worms are in the roots, and the insects buzz between the flowers,
I believe this is a metaphor, for species choosing a side, choosing the light or choosing
the darkness. Have a listen to the lore entry, it reads,
The day was longer than all of time, and the night was swifter than a glint of light on
a falling sugar crystal. Insects buzzed between the flowers, and worms
slithered between the roots, feeding on what was and what might be, the first gradient
in existence, the first dynamo of life. Rain fell from no sky. Voices spoke without mouth or meaning. A tree of silver wings bloomed yielded fruit
shed feathers bloomed again. In the day between the morning and the evening,
the gardener and the winnower played a game of possibilities. Now, this is where it gets really interesting,
the new lore entry in the Unveiling lore book describes the game the gardener and the winnower
are playing, it is called the Flower Game, and has four sets of rules. Have a listen,
These are the rules of a game. Let it be played upon an infinite two-dimensional
grid of flowers. Rule One. A living flower with less than two living
neighbours is cut off. It dies. Rule Two. A living flower with two or three living neighbors
is connected. It lives. Rule Three. A living flower with more than three living
neighbors is starved and overcrowded. It dies. Rule Four. A dead flower with exactly three living neighbors
is reborn it springs back to life. At first glance, this doesn’t seem to make
any sense, however, this is in-fact a play on words, it mimics a real life concept, a
cellular automaton known as Conway’s game of life. This game of life is represented by a two-dimensional
grid of squares, or cells, and each cell can have two possible states, Dead or alive, every
cell interacts with it’s eight neighbours, i.e. horizontally, vertically, diagonally,
and they follow these rules. Any live cell with fewer than two live neighbours
dies, as if by underpopulation. Any live cell with two or three live neighbours
lives on to the next generation. Any live cell with more than three live neighbours
dies, as if by overpopulation. Any dead cell with exactly three live neighbours
becomes a live cell, as if by reproduction As you can see, these rules, are the exact
same as the rules the gardener and the winnower are playing. So what is the significance of this; well
the first is, there are fundamental rules to our universe, to the origins of the universe,
these two cosmic forces, the light and the dark are playing by the rules, and secondly
thing that is significant about this metaphor, is that when you play by the rules a pattern
emerges. The best way that I can explain this pattern
is using another Cellular automaton known as Langton’s Ant. Similar to Conway’s game of life, there
are rules, and there are two states of the cell. Using a grid of squares we place an ant of
the grid, the ant follows the below rules, At a white square, turn 90° right, flip the
color of the square, move forward one unit At a black square, turn 90° left, flip the
color of the square, move forward one unit This is what it would look like. Using these simple rules, complex behavior
emerges in three distinct stages. Stage 1. Simplicity. During the first few hundred moves it creates
very simple patterns which are often symmetric. Stage 2. Chaos. After a few hundred moves, a large, irregular
pattern of black and white squares appears. The ant traces a pseudo-random path until
around 10,000 steps. Stage 3. Emergent order. Finally the ant starts building a recurrent
“highway” pattern of 104 steps that repeats indefinitely. The final stage is a pattern that repeats
indefinitely. Relating this to Destiny, in my opinion, this
is the final state of the universe. This is literally how the Vex are described,
have a listen to how Praedyth describes the Vex whilst he is in the Vault of Glass,
I had a friend back at the Tower. She used to say, “Praedyth, there’s always
room in the mind for hope. It’s the crack that lets the Light in.” The Vex have no hope. No imagination, no drive, no fear. All they have is the pattern. Everything must fit. If it can be made to fit, good. If it can’t, it gets cut away. So, if this is correct, the Vex are not evil,
they are maintaining the pattern of life, they are trying to fulfill and maintain the
original game that the Gardener (i.e. the light) and the Winnower (the darkness) were
playing in the garden. So the question becomes, what disrupted this
symmetry, why do the Vex need to restore the pattern, restore balance. Well, in my opinion, there are two answer
to this question. The first is, the Gardener stopped playing
the game, the Gardener, the light, became frustrated with the rules. We get a hint at this in the last line of
the Flower Game lore entry it reads, “And in time the Gardener became vexed.” This has a double meaning, the word vexed
means difficult, debated, problematic, meaning the gardener has become frustrated with the
game and wants change, but secondly, it is a sneaky reference to the Vex, the Gardener
became vexed, almost as if because of the Lights decision, the vex were born to maintain
the pattern, to restore symmetry. The second reason for the vex to have to restore
the pattern, is because beings like Oryx, and Mara Sov are trying to disrupt the game,
disrupt the pattern, they are trying to master the game. And the way that they do that, is by building
subgames within the master game. It is little bit like the movie the matrix,
in order to try and control the simulation, they build games within the simulation to
control it. Have a listen to what mara says in the lore
entry Tyrannocide III from the Awoken of the Reef lore book, it reads,
“A sword can be part of a bomb if the swordstrike is the detonation mechanism,” Mara says. “It’s impossible for a cellular automata game
to change its own rules, but it is possible to create subgames with their own rules, and
for those subgames to yield advantage in the master game.” So we have these beings like Mara Sov, who
are trying to gain control over the system, over the master game, they are building throne
worlds, cheating death, they are not conforming to the pattern, the game of life, they are
not following the rules, and it very much seems like the Vex are the enforces of the
universal pattern. Lastly, once again, thanks to Audible for
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Destiny 2 lore episode. If you would like to support the channel and
cannot think of a comment, you can leave the phrase, Cellular Automata to symbolize the
game of life that started within the Garden. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is
myelin games. Peace

13 thoughts on “The Vex are NOT the enemy! Destiny 2 Shadowkeep lore | Myelin Games

  1. Do you think this is the moment we walk through the portal and give Saint 14 that shot gun! That would be dope AF!

  2. Ah so basically the reapers from mass effect, we just need a meme of xhibit, also it now makes sense why ikora say vex are the answer to the question of the black garden, they got vexed.

  3. So the vex are trying to turn everything into machine because machines would always follow the program without cheating
    In this case the roles are life and death
    But in COS they were trying to get rid of both light and darkness

  4. You can bet the second I step over the line and the Vex act irrationally, as if emotionally provoked, and they lash out violently, I'll be there to say "so much for the tolerant Vex".

  5. Would that mean that the reason Guardian's are hunted by the Vex is because through our ghosts, we cheated death when first being reborn into the Light, and as time passes on we are continuously being brought back.

  6. It’s philosophical and many parallels can be drawn between this lore and the real world. If the vex are the answer to the divergence from this pattern, why do they worship the black heart? Isn’t the black heart evil in nature?

  7. Im back at that crossroad again…
    Back in D1 : I feel bad for the Vex, all we do is raid all their stuff.
    after a bit : Yeah they evil…
    Now : WHICH IS IT!?

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