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  1. Do you know the country of Georgia? (not the Us sate)
    if not, look it up on Google … and love your vids <3

  2. Pointy s is actually a gang sign in my city in croatia. City's name is sibenik and s stands for it. Gang is actually very feared and some members sell drugs. Gang was founded in 1983

  3. If you don't end the chain with two rows, you'll get a braid. I used to put this braid on my notebooks left side to make it look nicer.

  4. dude this is some National Treasure shit right here next up we gonna find the pattern that leads us to a map to the treasure vault full of golden "S"

  5. I remember my elementary school using this symbol in their logo. My school is called Solhemsskolan in the town Solhem of the suburb Spånga of the city Stockholm in Sweden. That's a lot of Ss so I always thought it was related to that when i was little haha

  6. Just a pointer, the universal S might not have a single point origen, so just like religion, the drawing of the S evolved independently across mulitple cultures, perhaps….

  7. I think a lot of people actually draw this symbol without anyone teaching them, for me after i learnt how to write the thick alphabets when i was young i can just draw this on my own

  8. In Malaysia too we have this back when we still don't have those smartphone and the so-call Internet which many still don't know what it was. It was so widespread to the point every school and state people know this symbol and can be found on most desk and pretty much every teenager also know it.

  9. 오 한국인도 올린적 있구나
    저거 우리 교실에서도 그런데

    외계인이랑 대화할 수단이 늘었군요

  10. While he may have done so without mentioning it in the video I wonder why he didn't start out his research by looking into ancient alphabet?

  11. Hi, 19-year old from Spain here, I vividly recall drawing the "chain" 'S' and using the 3 vertical lines patern to draw a diamond-like shape as well, did this by drawing a square, two parallel lines to each face of the square, then chaining them as in the 'S', rince and repeat. I still do it sometimes when I'm bored and have some paper at hand. Nice vid!

  12. Even my super tiny private Christian school I went to until 7th grade had people doing this I’m pretty sure. Everyone did it as children for many generations and it’s crazy.

  13. Really interesting that the S you showed ag the end of the video was in the "railroad type" section of the graphics book. Assuming that these designs were actually used at some point for some sort of design at a railroad, that would tie it directly to the graffiti theory, as the American graffiti tradition started out on the railroad, mostly from famous "hobo tags", many of which could have been based off of designs from station signage.

  14. It's not a s it's an interpretation of the Moebius strip that challenges our conception of beggining and end, because the beggining is also the end, and it's evocative of the spiritualities from asia with the reincarnation cycle and…

    Scuse me, i could swear that bottle was full 10 minutes ago


  15. Probably just like Swastika people around the world draw it since ancient time, until a guy want to claim it for his Nazi symbol.

  16. My friends in 3rd grade (2010) called it the State S because it let us draw a block S to represent Michigan State University. We also drew one with two rows of four lines to make something closer to their true logo

  17. Great videos with fantastic production value, thank you!! I was wondering if you are aware of a channel called deeper. Many of us are mesmerized by it and wondering if you could hone your detective skills on it and give us some insight into this creepy channel, Thank you and please continue with the amazing work you are doing!!

  18. This is actually beautiful, you put so much work and detail in your videos, like imagine Gary Duder seeing this video and him seeing you have him credit for commenting about the S first

  19. My friends and I used to draw this symbol too, back in the mid to late 1980's. We always thought it was associated with one of our local surf shops, 17th Street Surf Shop (Virginia Beach, VA USA, even listed in the video!). How wrong we were!

  20. Great observation something which I used to draw and almost everyone and also was curious about the origin.
    Would like to see more videos like this on origin of something

  21. I'm from Latvia and yeah we drew that thing like hell in school.

    I'm only mentioning this because it was one of the rare countries that wasn't colored in on your map.

    I'd suggest you to make a bigger survey to get way more data!

  22. 11:07 I swear i always keep a tab open just to fight off swedish pigs trying to misspaint our glorious flag into its lesser version.

  23. I'm from Serbia and I have never seen or heard about this. I laughed so hard when I saw the "global" chart and so many countries were marked around us but not us, so I finally now that I'm not that disconnected from my surroundings. Thanks!

  24. And right when I think that I possess too much information, I find a comment saying that it is featured in "The Ambassadors" from the 1500s.

  25. I bet just some random ass kid drew it and spreader it around. Then after a while he died and now no one knows who made it

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