The Undercurrent For Your Earholes

The Undercurrent For Your Earholes

Welcome to an unusually informal episode of
The Undercurrent It’ll be very brief but we just want to introduce something new that we’re trying You may notice next to me at the desk, long overdue I finally have next to me the other half of The Undercurrent Jen Dainer Hi Dan I hope you die in a fire She doesn’t like being on camera Jen and I started making these episodes around about a year ago Maybe a little bit more I actually had the idea for The Undercurrent maybe 4 to 5 years before that Let’s take a quick look at the show before Jen got on board So you know it was good But when Jen came
on board it just gave it that little extra [the five percent, isn’t it?] layer of polish
we really needed So amongst many other things what Jen brings to the table is some exceptional
research where she goes all the way back to primary source whenever possible But due to
the nature of what we do, which is shareable social media videos where you’re not allowed
to have a duration longer than five minutes apparently [where there’s a mandatory human centipede reference in every video] and preferably a cat something or other most of Jen’s amazing work ends up on the cutting room floor so we thought a good way to get some more of that out was Hey Jen let’s do a podcast! No Jen you won’t have to appear on camera. It’ll be fine. No it’ll just be your voice It’s totally fine! It’s going to be good. Recently we were approached by our national broadcaster who will remain nameless who asked us to create a pilot for a podcast
that was based around the upcoming Australian Election unfortunately they weren’t really
in to it in the end. Although we thought it was pretty good we put a bit of work into
it so we thought why not just release it as a bit of a starting point, see if people are
into it and then maybe from there we can develop it into something where we follow up each of our feature episodes with a bit of an informal chat, being able to delve deeper into some of the facts. And also some of those things where people have been commending on the Facebook
page to say you didn’t cover this, or how about this, I’m confused about that or, you
guys didn’t consider this, or you’re a bunch of, what were we called that time you’re a
bunch of smug pricks in beards. [That sounds about right] I mean, I don’t have a badger beard, clearly, but I do have hair that looks like The Paddle Pop Lion’s been attacked by a group of possums so, you know… I think we’re about even on that point. More diplomatically I would have said you help balance the gender situation on The Undercurrent. [‘Gender Equality!’] where normally we have to watch some badger bearded dude and now we’re representing both sides of the equation. So that’s a win. Tick. Tick. So this will be the beginning of The
Undercurrent for your Earholes and if you enjoy it let us know and we’ll certainly look at creating some episodes that have more international flavour and really follow up on what we do
in the feature episodes. [Sounds great] Excellent. So how do we end this thing? I normally drink
some ranch dressing or bite into an onion or something. [I dunno, just walk away man, just walk away] But then they see my shorts.

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  1. Keen as for podcasts. You guys put out the best topical content in Aus. I don't know why your channel hasn't blown up, but I hope you keep putting out quality content and reach a far wider audience. I really appreciate your work.

  2. A link to the podcast:
    I love your stuff. What was the ABC thinking?

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