One of the things that I do daily as an entrepreneur and blogger is checking your DMS on Instagram and sometimes I find that the questions are really really basic but I also understand that in some questions I’m a real pro So I get it when you ask me them But I recently realized that the skills that you should learn in 2018 that can definitely change your life it’s googling. When you google something and when you ask yourself first, you can get a lot more information. “Google it.” And yes, I normally understand that sometimes a person can help you better, but it’s also about saving other person’s time Like I’m this blogger who is still getting back to you on DMs. I don’t really answer comments on YouTube because that’s too much but I always read them. So I know some bloggers wouldn’t do that I reach out to some famous people asking them a question. They would never reply They’re always looking for something that people can offer them instead of like giving back I still try to give back to my community and answer those questions What my CTO have recently told me when I kept asking him stupid questions He was like Marina buy yourself this golden Roberta put it on your desk And whenever you have a question, please ask the duck first Maybe it has an answer because you know why there are some questions that you don’t have to ask, the answer is in your head In other situations, you can just google because sometimes people ask me like Marina. How do I learn English? But I also understand there are some specific questions like Marina How do I get financial aid for my bachelor’s and I think it’s really important to answer them So I’m starting my own podcast where I will answer your questions So the link will be below subscribe! When you google, when you watch other Professionals speak about the topic you’re interested in you become the best in whatever you do And I’m especially talking about professions like marketing SMM Social media like you can do so many things yourself without having the proper education I recently talked to a chief marketing officer of a company Everybody knows like it’s a huge company and she was talking about Really stupid things. I was like I couldn’t really understand how she can be a CMO without understanding the basic. Current education, It’s good. But I also think that self education rocks this world like on your own with Google with YouTube You can learn a lot in this world. And another thing that I just found out there are some professions like doctors Okay, you have to have 12 years of education But in some topics like for example hair health or whatever trichology I visited a couple of doctors in Russia and they’re like they were so tired of their jobs They were like, yes, they got their doctor education whatever but they just didn’t care about the customer But when I reached out to a blogger who has no education being a doctor But she has hair that is that long and she’s interested in the health of hair She gave me so much advice and I’m like wow If you google if you’re really interested in the topic, you can become top specialist That’s why guys skill to learn in 2018 Googling, watching YouTube videos, and self-education. Subscribe to my podcast and I’ll see you soon

100 thoughts on “THE ULTIMATE SKILL TO LEARN IN 2018

  1. Согласна на 100%! Но для здоровой и объективной информации полезно не только гуглить, но и читать реальные исследования на pubmed. Особенно обо всём, что касается медицины. Pubmed и только Pubmed! Это – проверенные источники информации из топовых научных журналов, где для того, чтобы опубликовать исследование, нужно обойти тысячи конкурентов, и пройти жесточайший отбор по критериям качества методологии. Жесткий отсев проводится мировыми экспертами в каждой конкретной области! Понимают ли бьютиблогеры из ютуба иерархию доказательной базы исследований? Умеют ли интерпретировать метаанализы? Да и простые randomized clinical trials (RCT)? Не уверена, что они вообще проверяют услышанную/прочитанную информацию по критериям RCT…хотя надежда есть…

  2. Thanks for the video, Marina (I like it better without the intro)😊 It’s sooo true! People keep asking me how I found my Master’s program and the answer is also the same “Well, I googled it😅”.

  3. I use Google atleast 5 times a day lol. I remember using the AOL search and spending 45 mins to connect while listening to the dial up just to have your mother's friend call the house and kick you off haha. Great video can't wait to check out the podcast!

  4. Great that you find time to give back to community. Lots of people forget those that gave them their ‘start’. Looking forward to the podcast – the link 404s.

  5. 100% agree!!!! I never went to University, but I spent my 4 years working in retail educating myself on business, digital marketing and Website Development in my spare time. Now at 23 I live on my own and run my own Media Company. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WITH GOOGLE!!!

  6. I do agree with and I’m cuurently thinking of quitting school and become a self taugh person,
    What do o think ?

  7. iam german, watching your different YouTube channels right now. Its almost strange getting used to your english content and then switcthing to content with russian language 🙂 I like it 🙂

  8. In software engineering, a lot of people think they can become god if they "Google", but that's totally not the case… There is so much more to it than just write code, you really need a proper education for that if you want to become good…

  9. Google is by far my favorite search engine. That being said, being able to reference for yourself may be the root of what you're saying. If you have an ability to be resourceful, many great results will come to you. Thank you for taking time to help others educate themselves, and participating in breaking the chains of educational myths!

  10. Marina you are such a bright and talented young woman!! I was wondering how do you manage your romantic relationship while staying motivated and passionate? Because for me whenever I want to move to other place for bigger opportunities, my partner and I have a hard time being together!

  11. Cool) Totally agree) Simple but very useful advice. I started realizing how helpful googling is several years ago when I got a job in IT. It's all about googling)))) And you can find anything you want on the Internet) We no longer suffer lack of information. We can educate ourselves right here right now. I am so grateful to the Internet for the opportunities it gives us ))

  12. Nicely done! I'm a new sub. I make videos on finding gurus and wellness around the world for 2 years….Peru, Bolivia, Java, Bali, Thailand, and just got back from Nepal. YOLO! and love and luck, Scott

  13. Imagine a search tool that uses AI to find you the best education on the internet put together in a course for any goal of yours to achieve.. who'd love that?

  14. This advice is true but only to a certain extent. I understand that it is important to be proactive sometimes by using google but even googling has it's limitations. There are certain professions that require schooling. I'm sure you wouldn't want a self taught lawyer to represent you in court or a self taught surgeon to operate on your family member. There are some things in life that school cannot teach you but you cannot discredit a solid education completely. If this were the case why did you decide to pursue and obtain a degree?

  15. I just found your channels last week and watched many of your videos. Thank you for such an inspiration. Some of your videos push me and l want to grow my business more and more. Thank you ❤️

  16. Marina. Can you highlight a topic how to meet Ukrainians and Russians in silicone valley.
    Let's say I am planning to move to that area and I want to friends beforehand so people can help me to avoid most basic mistakes and maybe help with 1st employment in the area or living arrangements, since the area is expensive!
    I did google, found bunch of articles and dating sites, but I am just looking for connections….. are there online resources specific to that region, online groups or smth that I can't find?

  17. Hey, guys! Keep the right link to Marina's podcast
    Марина, дефис в ссылке на podcast лишний. Сабскрайберы жалуются внизу, что не могут перейти.

  18. Very useful reminder of how self learning is important in this world.. and how easy it is to do it in 2018 access to whole market on the internet. Great thought

  19. Wow… the person behind your camera is awesome… quietly following you around and making sure you're always the focus in your video.

  20. Yes! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I got a lot of flak before for telling people to google things instead of asking me “stupid” questions 🙈 But this is so true! Google is definitely your friend. It’s also about being conscientious of other’s people time. You could definitely bother someone for the answer, but it’s much easier (and less obnoxious) just to google things! 👌🏻

  21. Hi Marina
    I have been watching your videos for a while
    these are the best advice
    1,000,000% agree

    but I think people still needs guidance which topics are good also

  22. Marina, I totally agree with you. Researching the topic that interests you yourself is the best thing you can do: it deepens your knowledge, along the research you find lots of other interesting and useful info…etc

  23. Last night I was going to lose my hope and enthusiasm but thanks to you. I found your chanal and you really changed my mind and helped me alot. Thank you so much Marina

  24. Marina, thank you very much for everything you do for us) your videos are great! One question, can you give a link to that girl who is interested in health of hair? maby she has a channel on YouTube. Thanks😊

  25. I think you can learn a lot from Google and Youtube, i ve learned so much through them, but there are some information you will only get if you pay for it. Not talking about getting a degree, spending a lot of time and money on schools. I have noticed that some many successful people have a mentor, someone who inspires them and can teach them great lessons. I thing that is so important when you want to change your life!

  26. Hi dear I am a big fan of you give me some i can improve my communication skills like American people's

  27. I agree also, yes google could or could not be reliable or give you the full spectrum but it could be a start on the journey of where to go. as we live, learn and grow we all understand sooner or later that everything we learn could be built upon by furthering the subject. also on the other-side we find new information everyday maybe google is wrong maybe that piece of literature is wrong we wont know until we ask the rubber ducky (ourselves) the question as a start to move forward to figure it out

  28. Couldn’t agree more!! Take the initiative to look up things on your own & THEN seek help. Self responsibility is key! Great videos with value 👌🏽

  29. 80% of people's problems would be solved if they simply googled it. Most times people ask me questions that just needs Googling, it's kind of frustrating but we just have to keep enlightening them we were once like that.

  30. In my opinion, Googling has a problem: how a person can find out what he has been basically never knew. If you find out something, it means primarily, that you are able to recognize it. At the very least, you must have a background. Isn't it?

  31. Mrs.marina i am belong to india, i have completed M.A. in English. and i have to do something in english. if you don't mind, will you do one thing for me, i want to come to america it is my dream. please help me.

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