The Truth About Birdie Ball – Is This Golf Ball Training Aid Really Worth It?

The Truth About Birdie Ball – Is This Golf Ball Training Aid Really Worth It?

we use the Mazel driver a lot of windows
alright should go up and come down we should be good okay bright and early in the morning
we’ve got have you seen that you seen those commercials on all the golf videos
a birdie ball meet birdie ball meet birdie ball well guess what
I’m gonna meet birdie ball today I get sick of those dang ads so I went I
bought them myself no one sent these to me bought the
birdie ball we’re gonna test them out see if they’re really what they say they
are and I’m gonna go over my house for this testing I also got skytrak set up
so that we can see how accurate they are I don’t even know if that thing will
pick it up we’re gonna find out meat birdie ball okay I’ve never hit this
before it says it feels like a real Buffalo says hit this once and you’ll
swear you’re hitting a pro v1 that’s what it says okay best new product PGA
merchandising show I never hits for didn’t I say that looks the ring sounds
and looks like a real ball at impact the ring sounds and looks like a real ball
at impact you need to work on the sentence structure a little bit a
mini-me pro-v you can even shape shots a mini-me what if they’re doing any
copyright infringement or whatever call it just like anyways ah leave all the
legal stuff to the experts anyways finally a practice golf ball that
actually draws in faith I’ve hit wiffle balls they draw on fate but the wind
does take them I’ve hit them here and the wind takes those wiffle balls all
over the planet my neighbor especially doesn’t appreciate it too bad now he’s
gonna get a dang birdie ball in the backyard all right uh
put this up opening faces up there’s two openings and man
one of them goes up you hit going over the house it says only flies about 40
yards got the sky track we’re gonna see that picked it up have some fun with
this let’s go okay here we go we got sky track set up oh right a rock
I’m going to use the mizuno jpx 8-iron I’m gonna start with and uh man I’ve
been around break a window guilty all right dirty ball meet birdie ball we’re
going just to the right just to the right of the tree here straight straight
shot straight away let’s big that big pine tree in the back to my my treat so
I’m gonna write it back to the right edge of it holy God okay if it does not sound like
a pro v1 it’s that boom it’s not a pro v1 but it knows little fade shot let’s
see what the thing says all right skytrak did not pick it up at all I mean
okay it’s pretty cool it does go about 40 yards it does not sound anything like
a real golf ball at all and every one of those shots was exactly the same I’m
gonna try to play a draw now and see what happened oh that drew that was a
nice little draw we’ll go 6-iron slowly work our way down okay the six irons are going the same
height as the eight irons were going let’s then move down on another iron I’m
risking a window here we’re going for iron same exact ball flight exactly do
one more of these the same thing it’s all the same I’m gonna grab a wedge now
see see if it goes higher try pitching wind okay same as the eight iron they’re
all going the same height and they all get the same distance they do drawn fade that’s cause he we can find him good
news most of them are in my pool one two
three four five six seven eight nine I got them all ten yeah they’re all here
they don’t want about the same distance so they’re they’re just writing pool
distance that was like 40 yards so they do fly 40 yards
they all went the same height they do drawn fade they well we’re gonna do a
pro v1 sound test right now see if they do sound like a probe you want I’ll let
you be the judge you can hear the noise at least at impact
you have to take my word for it on flight kind of goes it per view doesn’t
make that noise let’s go so according to Golf Magazine an avid
golf or magazines they say hit it and you’ll swear you’re whacking a pro-v
okay ah birdie ball doesn’t appear to make that claim think woozy that’s from
some independent reviewers so I’ve got my professional microphone set up I’ve
got my zoom h6 pro recorder right here we’re gonna record in stereo plus we’re
gonna record on the mic two separate recordings birdie ball versus pro v1 and
we’ll see we’ll let you see and hear especially what that sounds like
and you can make the determination I’ll tell you I don’t know if you’ll hear the
flight a bit but it goes pro-v does not do that you know so I
know if you’ll hear that part but you’ll hear impact so this is this mic that’s
this guy that’s we’re recording here so you can hear that and then down here is
this and you’re gonna hear a birdie ball right here and there go this is this mic
here we go we’ll do mid irons seven will be mid iron seven iron there is no way
in the world I’m hitting my driver I’m with a birdie ball and this is not gonna
happen so I got an old 3-wood I’ll test out but as far as I’m willing to go when
I think but um hit a few shots then we’ll do probe’s
you be the judge Robi probably one like they say if you
threes that one was a sounded close or to a
real golf ball hi what do you think what do you think
does it sound like a real pro v1 it’s closer with the three or the woods
metals whatever then then the irons in my opinion for sure what do you think
birdy ball meat birdy ball meat birdy ball that doesn’t get annoying at all
anyways okay so it is better than the wiffle balls that’s for sure a little
bit a little bit better than the wiffle balls however they’re considerably more
expensive than the wiffle balls so there’s a 40 bucks for 12 balls for 40
dollars I can get I don’t know 100 or self wiffle balls so and wiffle balls do
in my opinion fly accurately they just get more affected by the wind
all right and they’re too light those wiffle things you swing the club right
through it doesn’t feel very good so I don’t particularly like swinging those I
like a little resistance at impact this is no where close to a golf ball
resistance and impact I’m close so you do feel like you’re not really hitting
anything what I like I do like the field with the woods and the sound with when
you’re hitting you know these guys woods your metals I do like that it sounds
closer to real golf ball irons 9 it close and the flight you get that
whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo sound not a fan of that
and I wasn’t a fan of the fact that every club basically went the same
height and same distance I want a different trajectory and I didn’t see
that with Bertie ball I don’t really see I do see that more with the wiffle balls
and those plastic ones and the sponge balls then I did with Bertie ball that
these performance part went about the same height there wasn’t much difference
I couldn’t detect it really that much between a 4-iron and an 8-iron and you
should be able to see that I also do not like looking at a hole in the top of my
golf ball it’s very disconcerning and I feel like I’m not swinging at anything
so it took a little bit to get used to and I felt like I was in swing and Miss
cuz it’s you know there’s just nothing there you don’t ever do that there’s a
whole ball that you see so didn’t like that I don’t know I mean and if I lost
one kind of expensive maybe I guess if you’re in the Parker so I’m you’re cool
but if you’re not you’re in your yard it could go to the fence if you lose them
they’re more expensive than what I would personally stay with the wiffle ball
let’s go cheap here if you’re hitting not a real ball and you let me know
comment below if you think this sounds like a real golf ball hope you liked the
video hope it helps cuz I know you’re seeing these ads all over the place
every golf video you watch so I wanted to get them and let you know what I
think of em anyways love you guys hope it hope this video helps you next time
okay you talked me into it I’m gonna hit one driver but you got I like either got
to get there specifically are you gonna concoct some type of a deal to hold it
on there we use the nasal driver a lot of windows went over the house it went
the same height as the 8-iron it is fun though I’ll give it I’ll give them
credit for that it’s fun it’s just not accurate

100 thoughts on “The Truth About Birdie Ball – Is This Golf Ball Training Aid Really Worth It?

  1. It definitely is closer to the three wood. For them to all go the same height and distance, that is pretty frustrating.

  2. Uh, no. You’re right, with the woods did sound like a ball but not the irons. And you’re right, too much $$ compared to other options. Thanks Matt.

  3. I’ve been using the birdie balls for a while now and like using them and no they do not sound anything like a real golf ball. One reason I prefer them over whiffle balls is the weight of them becgreause the wind doesn’t effect them as much and unlike you the driver and three wood goes farther than the irons overall I think it’s a decent product but like you said they’re a little expensive they do last quite a while but over time they do crack great review

  4. I have these. They DO NOT sound like any golf ball I've ever hit.

    I typically hit them when I have the itch to swing and make contact but do not have the room to hit real balls. I hit them at my house on golf days to see what my tendency (fade/draw) is before I get to the course because I usually do not have time to hit the range.

  5. Have a few. I use them once in a while to do exactly what your doing, going over the house. I like them, work better in the wind then foam rubber balls.

  6. Matt,
    You should have me swing by and help you out with your backyard and practice net setup. I'll trade lessons for yard work?

  7. At impact they sound just about the same. I use these just for the ability to have full swings and to see ball flight

  8. As far as I can tell they do what they are designed to do. You get to fully swing a club without having to retrieve them at golf ball distances.

  9. Never heard of them over here in UK. Even if they are over here already, I won't be wasting my money on them. Great vid as always. Cheers 👍

  10. I like my birdi balls

    There a lot of fun when sharping your swing in your yard

    Whiffle balls are a joke compared to birdie balls

    The take off sound of the birdie balls is different and keeps you wanting to hit it again

    It’s just for practices in combined spaces

    Have some fun with them 👍

  11. Too expensive for what it is. You either hit them into a net (then you'd rather hit a real ball) or use a foam ball around the house.

  12. Certainly (to my ears) doesn’t sound like any Golf ball I ever hit. I think it’s better then whiffle balls, but that’s only my opinion.

  13. As usual, big fan of your content. I recently purchased a Birdie Ball putting mat (you should review that one too), and 3 birdie balls, have not received the items yet.. Do you think you can use them for short chipping around the house from carpet to putting mat?

  14. Appreciate how real you are! At first in front of the house there was a noticeable sound difference over a normal ball. In the backyard it was too hard to tell honestly.

  15. The nice thing about the BB is they are very easy to hit, unlike a golf ball. They are fun, but they don't replicate how a golf ball reacts to the club face. The best thing to do is build a cage and hit real balls.

  16. Sounded the same to me. What is the game your supposed to play with them.? My guess is just to hit clubs and not go that far to pick them up? Also are they supposed to stand up like that or can they lay on the side? I mean how would you putt them lol;)

  17. I have 10 dozen or so. I hit these in my yard all the time. Real flight and go about 45 yards. Can go shorter or longer in wind. They feel better than any other short flight ball.

  18. When you were hitting them over the house you could tell the difference but in the backyard both the prov1 and the birdie ball sounded alike.

  19. Hi Matt, I’m in uk and never heard of them, but when you were hitting them over your house they sounded awful, but into your net with any club, I felt they sounded pretty much the same as the pro v1.

  20. I went from Wiffle balls to Birdie balls but I currently use Almost Golf balls. Birdie balls weight was closer to a real golf ball and felt better with full shots. I really only work on the short game so Almost Golf balls flight is better than a whiffle ball with a flight closer to the Birdie ball but with a better look.

  21. Okay, that was fun and interesting. Not sure I would buy them but it made for an entertaining video. To be fair, on the sound test, they did sound about the same as the golf ball on the initial hit.

  22. MSG! I been using the birdie balls for years, forget about the sound it makes (although it did sound similar to the Pro V1). Hitting those are way better because when you get it up in the air no matter how high you hit it, at least you know you got solid contact. If you top a lot of shots birdie balls will help you tremendously. Great video though!

  23. Forget the sound, how does it feel in your hands, up your arms and into your heart? Feel, not sound. Where are all your chickens? Are you building new coops? Always eat a few eggs per day. They are the top food protein for your body. A friend of mine her family used to have 65,000 chickens and would sell to Foster Farms. She taught me a lot..

  24. I love birdie balls. Helps with ball striking. Impact sounds good. That turbine sound helps me know I hit it properly. And I can get full swing practice just about anywhere

  25. It would put fun in the game for kids. I can't play with a real ball alone playing with a plastic tube, well I guess I'll go hit some dandelions. Good video.

  26. I kind of like them, actually really like them. I use them at our cabin in Ponderosa pines and other cabins with windows. When I hit a tree with a real golf ball, they go like a ball in an arcade game. I have notice different heights by club, but I'm not a good golfer. However when I top them, the all are about the same height. Thanks MSG, keep drinking that eXpresso!

  27. I have some birdie balls that were sent to me when I ordered a putting mat. I think the sound you picked up with mics was pretty close at impact, but from experience, the sound during flight, like you said is very different. Kinda fun sound. Because of the limited distance, I used to take them to my favorite parks and neighborhoods and imagine nine holes to play. Your channel is the most down to earth, fun, and addictive Golf video's to watch on YouTube. I've been giving my thumbs up for a couple years now.Great work. Keep it up.
    Cheers Matt.

  28. I hit Birdie Balls every single day for the last 2 + years. They are amazing and have definitely been part of my trending-lower handicap. Highly recommend.

  29. What I do like about them you could use them to practice looking at the lable to focus when lining up to a ball like your other video

  30. Impact sounds almost exactly the same. The flight pattern for sure not. I love hitting mine in the yard with the family. We make fun challenges with them.

  31. Well… They look like something I would really enjoy practicing with. I was actually getting kick out of that low Curly sound with the irons…nyuk nyuk nyuk.

  32. Not gonna lie I can’t tell the difference between the sounds on recording at least. Maybe they sound different in person?
    But I feel like the birdie balls would mess up any drivers, hybrids, woods, nice wedges and maybe irons. Not worth hitting something other than a golf ball to mark the faces

  33. Sound the same to me.
    I would think that them all going the same distance is good for practice… closer together to pick them up.

  34. I think it's insane….but at least you get to hit something that flies somewhere without hurting anything. I'll stick with the thick wiffle balls that fly far enough and give you feed back on strike. Fun video though, thanks Mr.

  35. Buy the ‘seconds’ all day. Add longevity to the list of pros. I’ve tried very hard to kill them. The best I could do was create an imperfect circle. As for the flights, the way the tube grabs the air when the revs are high balloon the shot shape and restrict flight. You’ll never be able to control flight unless you blade them. You’ll be able to aim for windows then.

  36. Try the Almost Golf, golf ball. Plays like a real ball with draw and fade, yet flies 1/3 rd the distance of a real ball. I built a nine hole golf course around this ball on seven acres and our family and friends had a blast.

  37. 2 things I liked about them. 1) I actually learned some basics of drawing and fading with them. 2) You can set up a pretty fun Birdy Ball backyard course with them

  38. I have used these for several years and they are great for yards with limited space. Allows me to practice a full swing. Also good for chipping practice toward a specific target 10-15 yards away. I think they are a good value and they don’t wear out.

  39. I received a box a few years ago for Christmas. I found that the best use for them is practicing correct contact with the ball. Great for anyone who needs practice hitting the ball and then taking a divot.

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