The True Geordie Eddie Hall Podcast but it’s actually good

The True Geordie Eddie Hall Podcast but it’s actually good

Today on the True Geordie Podcast … … we have the strongest man on the fucking planet Wow Alright? Yeah Fucking bob on Can you start asking questions? Ehm *Attempting to count his fingers* *Balloon pop* I’ve- I’ve got a son now Fucking hate life, basically I’ll come and suck your balls I’ve heard of WaterWorld ’cause that was the one place everyone wanted to go when you went on a school trip Uhm Just- can I just ask Do you give a fuck? No, I don’t give a fuck Mate, you’ve been an absolute legend Thank you Appreciate it Thank you very much Uhm Like, have you ever seen anything where lads have passed away? Who gives a shit? I just to walk around with me focking bollocks swinging like I was King Kong Fucking hell, that looks painful that, like Crack on, fuck off But … Y’know, and I nearly lost my wife several times over it But There’s nothing better than a piece of raw steak Fuck’s sake First one: ‘Has he ever shat himself while lifting?’ Yeah, ehm Yeah, I mean How did that- that must have felt pretty fucking shit at the time Fuck you AAAH, I’M THE BEAST The fuck is that, you fucking idiot? And then, I think it was 10 days before Europe’s Strongest Man I overdosed on … A piece of raw steak One last question for you, mate How would you like to be remembered? Ehm I would like to be remembered as … Some sort of … … unique autism Thanks, but the Vikings are here now *Autistism* ♪ Odjbox – Birmingham ♪ I was expelled from high school Ehm Can you remember what you did? Uhm Loads of things, mainly involving my dick You know what kids are like y’know, flopping your dick out everywhere you can

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  1. Yo can you do a video on true geordies kick off show and just have it all of the sitting watching tv, eating snacks and thinks itโ€™s โ€œentertaining showโ€

  2. Walking round with me fucking bollcoks swinging like I was King Kong true Geordie โ€œahhh bet that was painfulโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚

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