‘The Trail’ podcast: Andrew Yang addresses impeachment inquiry after ‘Candidate Cafe’ event

so I remember the first time I
interviewed you we were both kind of wandering around downtown Concord you
had places to go I was trying to find you and I’m not gonna say you were just
a guy because you clearly knew what you were talking about but you’ve made it a
long way from that point what’s the what’s the biggest change that you’ve
seen since you were essentially wandering the streets of Concord to now
being Andrew yang presidential candidate who’s on those big debate stages people
who knowing who I am that’s totally my recollection as well Adam where you know
when I came to New Hampshire with the first time most people were completely
unfamiliar with me my platform and now the crowds are bigger the Energy’s
higher the enthusiasm is electric and it’s very touching it’s very heartening
you know as a human being when you see people actually so happy to see you I
mean it’s very heartwarming and their big rating do you think universal basic
income is I mean obviously people like you that’s you know your supporters do
but is that helped open the door a little bit the fact that hey there’s the
guy who wants to give me $1,000 a month as a starting point not bad right well
it’s likely the first thing someone’s heard about me in the campaign and then
many people initially I think see it as too good to be true or a gimmick or
somehow not possible and then when you dig into our history you find that
there’s a deeply American idea and we can make it a reality if enough let’s
come together particularly in New Hampshire now people in New Hampshire
come together then the freedom dividend will become reality in 2021
so ubi gets you in the door do you feel like you have to raise your game do
something different to break through that next level to get up there with
Elizabeth Warren Joe Biden Bernie Sanders now in many ways Adam I thinking
you’ve seen the progression it’s harder to go from totally anonymous to a fourth
bit there six on the polls which I am now by most every measurement to go from
fourth to 36 and the polls to first so we’re one of the very few campaigns in
the field that has been growing consistently and that
just continues to accelerate so if we keep on this track we are going to
contend for the whole thing and one of the things that’s most exciting is that
I’m one of only two candidates in the field that 10% or more of Donald Trump
voters say they will support so when I am the Democratic nominee we win the
whole thing and Democrats have one primary criteria for the nominee and
that’s beating Donald Trump when they realize that I’m as sure a bet to beat
Donald Trump as anyone else in the field you’ll see my numbers just grow and grow
when we first started talking you weren’t a big fan of impeachment when it
was back in just the Russia investigation what do you think now that
we’ve seen more come out in particular regards to this whistleblower complaint
yes I concluded earlier this week that impeachment was the right way to go
because of just the egregious pattern of behavior and that if you have the
president literally leaning on a foreign leader to try a kneecap a political
rival and then suppress the investigation at some point in Congress
had to act and so I believe that it’s right to proceed with impeachment
hearings I will say though that every moment we’re talking about Donald Trump
is a victory for Donald Trump and that the challenge that Democrats need to
meet is to have our own vision for the country that people will be excited
about the vision cannot be we’re not Donald Trump we have to solve the
problems that actually got Donald Trump into office in 2016 before we wrap up
here I’ve got a question there’s a very strong culture around your campaign you
know you’ve got the Gang Gang crowd surfing you see a lot of you online
social media there’s a real splash there but this thing that happened with this
guy from SNL who got hired and then fired over his racial slurs you were
saying you know I think canceled culture has gone a little too far
talk a little bit about that and explain you know if he didn’t cross a line for
you then what is the line I guess those were pretty offensive statements yes and
he used racial epithets for me specifically as an individual which
obviously you know when I first heard of I was like what like who is this person
what did he say what just happened and so I sat down with my wife to watch
some of his work is coming trying to figure out whether he was malignant and
racist or whether he was something else and upon sitting out and watching his
work I thought he was a still warming comedian from central Pennsylvania who
told some offensive jokes and to me that’s not the sort of thing you should
lose your job over particularly if you were in that line of work and as the
person who was personally insulted I thought well if I think that he should
not lose his job then I should certainly say something about that because if
anyone should be taking offense it’s me but that was after some deliberation and
investigation to figure out what I thought of him individually and I think
that’s where we should be as a country instead of instead of being unduly
punitive and vindictive we should be a little bit more forgiving and
understanding and try and humanize behaviors that in the abstract
we’d find problematic very rational response there sometimes people want a
president who will react though get punched in the face they might punch
back oh if you punch me in the face I’ll punch back I’m not gonna test that but but
as you suggested I do think that canceled culture has gone a bit too far
and one thing someone said that stuck with me is that if you have a group of
people calling for someone to be fired that group of people then moves on a
week later but then the person still fired
so you know you’re in some cases are relatively changing someone’s life or
career and that lasts for years whereas that satisfaction that you get by
calling for it fades away very quickly all right Andrew yang thanks for
spending time with us thanks I’m good to see you again we appreciate

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