9 thoughts on “The Timing of the First Verse I Found with Yehovah – NehemiasWall.com

  1. The problem with your theory is that you are relying upon the same people who hid The Name in the first place. That seems to be a bit of a gamble to me.

  2. Nehemia, when you found this mistake of the vowels did you report this to the person /professor / teacher who gave you this task of proofreading the Bible Codex and when you told them of What you found did they believe you what did they say? And now you have found more proof thats this mistake is the true now pronunciation = YeHoVah, do those teachers you had accept your findings what do they say now years later

  3. Thank you Nehemia for all the great teachings over the years. Nay sayers still want us to not know his name, they fill the comments with bs as they use the name or names that keep it that way. You are a true blessing to us that want the truth and light of Elohim.

  4. The 7 letter Name with sheva, cholam and kamatz is the true Name. There are 4 vowels and 3 consonants. I will never accept a 6 letter Name. In the King James, the Name occurs 7 times. Four times in caps (corresponding to consonants) and 3 items as a compound Name (eg. Jehovah-jireh) corresponding to the vowels. Praise be to the glorious Name… YEHOVAH Tseba’oth.

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