The Secret To Loving Exercise – Gday Gorgeous Podcast Episode 4 With Amanda Jane Clarkson

The Secret To Loving Exercise – Gday Gorgeous Podcast Episode 4 With Amanda Jane Clarkson

(energetic upbeat music) – G Day Gorgeous. My name is Amanda Jane Clarkson and welcome to episode number four of the G Day Gorgeous podcast
that empowers women for life. The title of this week’s podcast is, The Secret to Loving Exercise. So if you’re a woman and you struggle with the idea of exercise every day and you do not love, getting out of bed, pulling on your gym clothes,
pounding the pavement or going to the gym, I
completely understand. As a personal trainer for many years, I have heard every story under the sun, of why women don’t love to exercise. Now before we get into the juice. This podcast is for women who dare to live their dreams
and I hope that is you. For the woman who craves
more from her life, than conformity and what society expects. And for the woman who want more certainty, more clarity and more confidence. The podcast is raw, it’s
real, and it is relatable for every woman because on this podcast, we cover the good, the bad, and the downright bloody ugly stories and life lessons that take us from feeling frustrated
in any area of our life, to feeling fabulous and
becoming successful. So who am I, so who am I should say, Well, I’m Amanda Jane as I said,
I am a best selling author. I have recently just
released a brand new book that I wrote for women,
from my heart to yours, it is called “From Frustrated to Fabulous: “An Inspirational Guide for Women Who Dare to Live Their Dreams” I’m an inspirational speaker,
a speaker around the world. And I am now a wealth
and a lifestyle coach to my women inside our community. But what I love doing the
most is helping women go from feeling frustrated to fabulous and becoming successful in
all seven areas of their life, which are love, health, relationships, money, vocation, which is
a job career or a business, happiness, and personal growth,
following my very powerful and potent leave now freedom
formula, which I cover throughout the different
podcast as we go along. So this week we’re talking about
the power of visualization, and visualizing the dreams or the outcomes that you wanna create in
each of the seven areas of your life following
the live now formula. However, today we are going to talk about the secret to
loving exercise instead of thinking about
exercise and feeling sick or hiding the idea of it. So to share a little bit of a story. As I said, I was a personal
trainer for many years, I studied to become a
personal trainer in 1998 for a couple of years
and in the year 2000, I opened my own personal training studio. I was so proud and I absolutely loved being a personal trainer. My studio was called
Royal Personal Training. So why did I call my studio
Royal Personal Training? For one reason only, I wanted my clients to feel important,
worthwhile and valuable. I wanted them to feel special
every time they turned out to have a personal training
session with myself. And that was about the
only thing in my life that I hadn’t failed at
right up until that business, I was literally a failure at everything, I failed everything at school,
I’d had 33 different jobs. And that business was my third business, I won’t get into the other two businesses because I’m gonna leave
that for another podcast. Because if you’ve listened
to my previous podcast, you will know that I have
started 14 different businesses from scratch 10 miserable failures, and four successful businesses. And those successful
businesses were businesses that I truly loved with my heart and soul, and businesses that served
and helped other people get what they wanted in life. And so my real personal training business was one of those businesses. And so we would attract people, usually from the age of
30, to the age of 65. And my main clients were women, I’d say in their 40s to their 60s, and they’d come to me with
all the reasons under the sun, why they hated exercise, all
the excuses under the sun, why their body was folding to paces why they are in bad shape, or their health was heading south or their bump was heading south
or their boobs were drooping or their arms were floppy like it was, we used to laugh and laugh our heads off at all the excuses and the
reasons why they hated exercise. In fact, I used to say, I’m going to write another book called Execuseitis. I tell you what, there is
nothing I haven’t heard in the form of excuses
when it comes to exercise. And so I made it my
business, to think of ways that I could really get
women to fall in love, first of all with who they were. But second of all, with the idea of physical exercise
and strength training. And I would wreck my brain thinking how am I gonna get these
women to wanna come and see me week after week after week. So those are a couple
of things that we did. That was smashing hits,
and it really worked. I want you to make sure
you’ve got your journal in your hand and your nice cup of tea. I’ve always got a nice cup of
tea when I do these podcasts. And I have my journal
with me at all times. Because as you know, I always leave you with an empowering life success lesson throughout the podcast, and
I want you to take notes, you might get little snippets of ideas where I might drop a golden gem. And you might think, thanks, Amanda, I could really implement
that into my life. And that would help me go
from feeling frustrated with my health and well being to feeling confident and
fabulous and successful because that is the
outcome of this podcast. So back to the story,
I would think of ways to help women want to turn up for their exercise session
with me every week. So what we used to do
is I had a little studio and I absolutely loved it. So we painted the walls, really
bright and beautiful colors. I think there was a green one, a pink one and a blue one and an orange one, so that every time somebody walked in, first of all, this studio felt
bright, and it felt friendly. And we’d always have music playing. And there was only women that worked in my personal training
studio with me at the time, there was only one other
lady, her name was Lisa. And we would wear a uniform, so that when our ladies
walked in the door, they didn’t feel threatened by what we look like or who we were. And we didn’t wanna come
across as all buffed up and in perfect shape and health, which we probably weren’t at the time. But we wanted to really make
the client feel special, important, valuable and worthwhile. It wasn’t about us. So we wore a particular uniform
that was non threatening. So when they walk through the door, the place was all lovely and colorful. The music was uplifting
well back then it was, you know, in the 90s so it
had the 80s music playing. Cast your mind back ladies, that was such great music
in the 80s, wasn’t it? And all of a sudden
that’d be feeling relaxed and would have a nice cup
of tea waiting for them or a glass of water, neat sat on the desk and would make sure we
were always uplifting and had some fun. Now, our personal training sessions were only 30 minutes in length of time and so straight away they
weren’t coming in thinking, Oh my god, I’ve got to be with
Amanda now for the next hour. She’s gonna be poking and
prodding and pinching me and telling me I’m this that
and you know, feeling unworthy about themselves, no 30
minutes was all they had. And I was one of those personal trainers that was always on time, I
greeted everyone with a smile and a cuddle because
I wanted them to relax and not feel threatened,
not be looking for the exit before that haven started, the exercise. And so what we used to do
from there is that every week, we would have a plan on
what we were gonna do with the training session
already pre written for them. We’d have all the exercises written out that we wanted to work through
and there weren’t that many. So we used to keep it short and sharp. But the main thing is this, this is how we became super successful
in that particular business. And I loved it. When the ladies came in, we
would take them into a room and we just sit down and chat with them. And we used to literally say, where in your life are you
feeling most frustrated? Where in your health and well being do you feel that you’ve let yourself down? Or do you feel that it’s not
where you hoped it would be? Or what would you love
to improve in your life? What would you love your
health and fitness to be like? What would you love it to feel like? and instead of getting
the snippets out to say, well, let’s measure how much fat you have. Let’s get on the scales
and see how heavy you are. We never did any of that,
we would have a conversation with these women, to just get to know them to get them to open up and share with us how they were feeling about
their health and well being, how they were feeling about
their current fitness. Then one day I came up with the idea. And then of course after that would go into our training routine. But instead of poking and
prodding them, like I just said, measuring how much fat
their head on their body or saying you really need to lose weight or you really should be thinking about this or thinking about that. Here’s what we used to do,
I would say to the ladies, share with me a certain outfit, whether it be a dress, or a pair of jeans, or a bikini or a pair of bases
or swimming outfit that is or just something that you
would love to fit back into. Not something that you
wore when you’re a child but something in the past 12 to 18 months that you have slightly
grown out of you know, it might be a special dress
or something like that, that you would love to fit back into. If you came to see me once
a week for 30 minutes, and we got serious I helped
you with the strength training. I helped you with your nutrition. I helped you with your
huffy puffy exercise, what would that look like? What would be the one item of clothing that you would love to fit back into. And that would make you feel amazing, that would make you feel special. It would make you feel sexy,
it would make you feel vibrant, it would make you feel more youthful. It would make you feel
like the old you again, what would that one item be? And without a doubt, every time I asked that question to a woman, or a young lady, I would see the eyes light up and her mind go back to a moment in time when she did feel good
about her body image. She did feel sexy, she did feel trim, she did feel taut and terrific. And now I’m gonna ask you
to cast your mind back if you’re one of these
women who feel the same way as the women did that
when I used to train them, you know, perhaps you can
think about a time in your life that you had an outfit that you
would love to get back into. And so what we used to do is, I would say to these
women bring the outfit with you every time you
come to see me each week bring the dress or bring
the pair of jeans with you. And we would literally hang the dress or the pair of jeans or
the outfit on the wall in the room that they were training in. Now my question is for you. What do you think happened? When they came in to see me they have the dress in their hand or the whatever they
wanted to fit back into? We’d hang it on the wall, do you think that they
dropped the excuses? You betcha. They would say to me,
Amanda, this is the dress that I wanna fit back into. I used to feel really good
when I had this dress. When I used to wear this dress,
it fitted me like a glove. And you know, my partner
would take me out on a date or I’d wear it somewhere special on Sunday or that always felt good when they wore that item of clothing. And then what we would do we’d go through our 30
minutes of training, whether it was cardio I call
that huffy puffy exercise, Cardiovascular training,
or strength training. And then the whole time we
would keep our eye on the prize. Now that’s what I call visualization and the power of seeing something and believing in the outcome
before you see the result. And that is the true message. That is the lesson that I
wanna share with you today The empowering life lesson is believing before you see the results. And that’s one thing I am really into. And I think I shared with, in my very first podcast
in the introduction that I am sitting in my home right now this is a studio that’s
been build in my home for this very purpose. And I’ve made dozens and dozens and dozens of educational videos
in the studio behind me. But I’m also sitting in my dream home. My dream home was a dream for 20 years that began in my mind
when I was dead broke. I had no money, no clue, no
idea of how it’s gonna create the dream that I had in my mind. And for 20 years I
carried around a scrapbook stuffed with images and pictures. The house is kind of
like an American style, Hamptons home and I love America. I spend a lot of time in America, we go there two to three times a year. And I love, love, love your
style of homes in America. If you’re in America,
and you’re from America, and you’re listening to this podcast, well, I love your style of homes. And so this is the home that
eventually my husband built for us after many, many years. But going back to the
story of visualization and the power of seeing something. And so just by
concentrating on this outfit that was hung on the wall, the
women would drop the excuses that would be inspired to turn up to the training session every week with me just for 30 minutes, we would talk about the outfit, we would talk about where
they’re gonna wear it, how the outfit would make them feel when they used to put it on. And then here’s my second little trick that you can write down in your journal. This works like magic. And in fact, I call it my magic outfit. And so here’s what happens. Here’s how I stay inspired to do exercise. Well, I exercise seven days a week and I’m not suggesting that you need to exercise every day of the week. But at least four to five days a week, even if it’s the 10 minutes, 15 minutes, you know some cardiovascular,
a brisk walk around the block, some hill climbing, an
elevated heart rate. If you need to check with
your doctor, that’s fine. Where you’re getting a lot little sweat up and you do some body weight exercises or some strength training
with a personal trainer, somebody who knows what they’re doing so that you don’t hurt yourself. But here’s the magic. Every single morning,
I get up and I put on what I call my magic outfit. What is the magic outfit
you might be thinking? That magic outfit is my workout clothes. So each night before I go
to sleep beside my bed, I put my shorts, my
singlet, my running clothes, my gym shoes, everything beside my bed. And just like magic, I wake up. And I don’t allow myself
to think about it. Even if I don’t feel
like it and if I’m tired, I might have had a big night out of it. I’d have few too many bubbles. I don’t mind a little glass
of champagne here and there, or a glass of red wine or
I just don’t feel like it. I’m a normal everyday woman just like you. And sometimes I just don’t feel like it. But I don’t allow my mind to go there. I have a great big glass of
water sitting on my nightstand. I drink that glass of water. And then I’ll pull my magic outfit on without thinking about it. Before I hit to the
bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready to go to the gym. I actually have a gym in my home. Thankfully, I have one built in so I don’t have to get in
the car and drive anywhere. But it wasn’t always like this. But here’s the beauty girls, here’s the little thing I wanna share. When you put that magic outfit on your physiology changes,
your mindset changes, and you instantly stop with the excuses. That magic outfit
represents something else, that magic outfit represents a
break in the sleeping pattern and something new, the
next segment of the day, I call it a little segment. And instantly, my mind
goes straight to the gym instead of moping around
in my dressing gown, you know not wanting to
take off your pajamas, not wanting to get ready for the day. And it’s just something magic about putting on a
certain type of clothes. I mean, think about this for a moment. If you’re getting around the house and you’ve got your track suit
on and your daggiest jumper and you feel a certain way
and then wouldn’t you agree that just say, you’re
going to see to a ball or to an opera for the
night and you needed to wear a special gown and
really get your hair done and your nails done in your makeup. Do you agree you feel different than when you’ve got your track suit on and your daggiest jumper and we all get around like that at
times, believe me I do. But then you’re getting
ready to go out at night. And you’ve got to put on
a beautiful long dress and your high heels and
you’ve got a special purse, you’ve had your hair and makeup done. You know how it goes girls. Do you agree that you
actually feel different, you stand different, you
get your shoulders back, you feel special, you
feel a little bit lovely, you know compared to when
your had your dags on? Well, the message I wanna share today is, I hope you’re taking notes. And I hope you feel inspired
to get your own magic outfit. I would love to know how you go with that. And you pop that beside your bed. And each morning, I wake up
have my big glass of water, I have other rituals and routines. But that’s in another podcast,
pop my magic outfit on. And even if it’s for 10 minutes, I go down to stairs to the gym I do a couple of stretches I might get on my running machine or I might do some weight
training, my elliptical. But that’s not the point. The point of this message
is change your clothes, change your state of mind, which helps you stop with the excuses. And overtime you will learn
to love the idea of exercise, love the idea of taking care of your body, it’s the only place
you’ve got to live ladies taking care of your health and well being. ‘Cause here’s the thing, if
you don’t take care of self, you know spend some time
taking care of your health, your energy, your vitality, you
will end up paying the price of having to take care of sickness and feeling sick and being sick. And that’s not what we want. So I hope you got something
out of this podcast, I hope you learned a little trick or two. And remember, it’s not
about how much you weigh it is about how you feel about yourself and what I can share with
you and I keep saying this podcast is about gaining clarity, feeling more confident,
and feeling really good about yourself and
certainty about who you are and where you’re going in life. And I can assure you and
I know from my own self, my own story from hundreds
and hundreds of women that I have been a personal trainer for for so many years, a mentor
for women in business and life success, wealth creation. I know the power of this magic outfit. And you know, being kind to yourself, learning to love yourself
a little bit more and not being so hard on ourselves, you know, beating ourselves
up for what we’re not. Instead looking in the mirror and going you know what girlfriend
you’re doing okay today. So that is my podcast for today. I truly hope you got something
out of it and you enjoyed it. And if you learn something,
you feel inspired, I would really really appreciate it if you could give me a five star review. But more importantly,
the butterfly effect. Share this podcast to
get a gorgeous podcast that empowers women for life
with somebody you care about. Another woman who is feeling frustrated with some area of her
life, it might be her love, in her health, her relationships,
her money situation, her vocation, job, career or business or in her happiness and
her personal growth. If you know that she
would love to hear some of these messages in
these life success lessons that I’m sharing with you that are real, they’re raw, they are relatable, because I am sure I have walked thousands of miles in
your shoes from one woman to another in some form or another. And, you know, help me
with this butterfly effect. This message is important. And together we can impact
millions of women globally. So I wanna say thank you for
joining me and listening in. I hope you got some notes and cannot wait to hear about your magic outfit. And to our next episode
next week, Gorgeous. As I always say, be bold, be courageous and be fabulous. Okay, that’s it for this week. I’m Amanda Jane Clarkson
and I look forward to sharing our next
podcast with you next week. Bye for now. (energetic upbeat music)

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  1. Absolutely loved this episode Amanda and being in your community you make us feel so important, special and worthy, thank you!! What a wonderful approach to bring along the outfit, that's so cool!!! xx

  2. This is a great idea. I probably have used all the excuses you have heard over the years. My outfit is out and in plain sight. I remembered how it felt to wear it. I want that feeling again and I will achieve it through your inspiring message.

  3. Loved this episode Amanda Jane. Yes I'm not into exercise all that much, and force myself each and every day to exercise, what a great idea just finding a favorite outfit!

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