The Secret To Finding The PERFECT Hair Stylist or Barber

The Secret To Finding The PERFECT Hair Stylist or Barber

How To Find A Quality Barber When Traveling
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Antonio: Good morning, gentlemen. I’m in sunny San Diego, California. And, I’m on the road traveling, but I need
a shave, I need a haircut. How to get this done on the road? How to find a barber, a stylist that’s going
to give you the perfect cut? I found a barber shop, let’s go try them
out. [Music] Gentlemen, Antonio here and today,
I’ve got my good friend, Tyson. We’re talking about how to select the barber
when you are traveling, how to be able to find a stylist that’s going to be able to
give you the perfect haircut. Now, I know a lot of you guys who are on the
road and you need to get a haircut, but you’re a little bit worried about, okay, is this
guy going to mess up my hair, what is going to happen? What I love about what Tyson does here is
he pays attention to the details, he cares about, you know, just really making these
guys look great. So, the first thing I would say to you, guys,
when you’re out there looking for a stylist or a barber, don’t fall into your limited
belief system that I only – I’ve got an old school barber back home in Oklahoma, I’m
visiting California there’s no way I’ll ever try a stylist. No, flip that and say, you know what? This is the perfect opportunity for me to
try something new. What for you is the difference between a stylist
and barber, Tyson? Tyson: For me, I think the main thing is oftentimes
barbers just do clipper cuts. Antonio: Okay. Tyson: They sort of veer away from scissors. Hairstylists tend to veer away from clipper
cuts, they kind of scare them. The best thing about having someone who’s
a barber and a hairstylist, you get the best of both worlds. You get clippers, you get scissors, you get
the straight edge razor. Hairstylists are not allowed by law to use
the straight razor, so that’s the main thing. Antonio: Okay. What about these online reviews? So, if you see like a barber or a stylist
maybe has — in a small town and they’ve got two reviews; one is negative one is positive. Tyson: One probably I will veer away from. Antonio: Yeah. Tyson: I’d look for more for someone with
forty positive reviews and two negative reviews. You know but keep in mind, reviews generally
are complainers. People that had a great experience don’t
usually review. Antonio: Now, when I came in one thing I love
about Tyson is that you – we talked about his paying attention to the small details. But, you showed me your comb, you’re like
I go with a lighter colored comb for my hair type because he wants to be able to see the
contrast. Tyson: Other details I would look for because
I’ve seen germs and disease, not in my shop because I’m very careful, but you want to
look for a barber that’s very hygienic. Antonio: Okay. Tyson: So, the first level is disinfection. The second level is sanitization. The third level which isn’t required by
law… Antonio: Okay. Tyson: Sterilization. Antonio: And so… Tyson: I would want someone who sterile. Antonio: Now, whenever the barber takes and
he dips the tools in the barber… Tyson: That’s sanitizing. Antonio: Saniti… And that’s at least what you need to see,
right? Tyson: That’s the most the state requires,
but I like to do what hospitals do and sterilize. Antonio: Okay. Tyson: So, what I would like when I look for
a barber, I want it to be clean, I don’t want to see hair, I want to see minimalistic
shop. Antonio: Okay. Tyson: Here I believe that the client is the
artwork, so I try to keep it as stark as possible and everything that I could sterilize from
the counters to my chairs. Antonio: So, you see a guy not cleaning his
tools after, you know, going from haircut to haircut, you see also hair all over the
place different colors hair. It’s probably something that you may want
to avoid this place. Tyson: I would. Antonio: What are some other things we can
look at and kind of zero in on whether or not this guy is good or not? Tyson: You want a barber or a hairdresser
that’s going to ask questions. Antonio: Okay. Tyson: Consultation is the most important
part. Antonio: And we talk about that like that
was something you spent a lot of time before he even cut my hair. He was asking me, well, let’s talk about
this, what do you think about that. I mean, really these were great questions. You want to find a professional that’s going
to zero in and help you pinpoint truly what you want, so you can then get what you want. A lot of us, again, walk in with no idea and
then we’re surprised when we leave that like, oh, man, I don’t like it. Well, you never gave the guy, you know, much… Tyson: Bring pictures. Antonio: Pictures. Okay. Tyson: Pictures are great and they’re also
terrible. It’s the barber’s responsibility to say,
hey, you’re not David Beckham. Antonio: Yeah. Tyson: But, this is what I could do for you
and set reasonable expectations… Antonio: Now, what I… Tyson: For the client. Antonio: Now, what I’ve done personally
is after I’ve gotten a great haircut, I actually not only have taken a picture of
me with that haircut, I’ve actually had video taken… Tyson: Very good. Antonio: Going all the way around. Tyson: And that’s the best thing you could
show your barber. Antonio: This goes back I think to your earlier
point about… Tyson: Communication. Antonio: Communication. You want to make sure that you’re voicing
your opinion early on and that you’re going back and forth. Do you ever feel it’s okay for a guy to
say, stop, this is not going well. I’m going to leave. Tyson: I think that’s great. I think more people should say that. Antonio: Okay. Tyson: It’s okay to sit down and say, “You
know what? I don’t think this is going to work, Mr.
Barber.” Or, “Mr. Barber to say, you know what, client? You have unreasonable expectations; maybe
it’s not a match.” [0:05:03]
Antonio: What about the details? What are the other little details we could
look at when you’re walking into a barbershop and you know this place is good to go? Tyson: The details I find in a haircut that
a lot of people leave out, ear hair, nose hair, hairs along the nose. Antonio: Eyebrows. Tyson: Eyebrows. I do a lot of waxing. Antonio: Okay. So, if a guy – if you’re speaking with
a professional and he’s like, I don’t touch that stuff, maybe… Tyson: I wouldn’t go to that guy because
there’s nothing worse than seeing a fresh haircut, but there’s unruly hairs coming
out of your nose. Antonio: Now, let’s talk about the type
of shop. I know a lot of you guys like to go to an
old school barber, some of you guys want to go to a modern stylist. Now, some of you guys are hipsters and you’ve
really into that whole new hipster’s vibe. So, if you’re to walk into an old school
barber shop and the guy is let’s say he’s 65 years old and he’s been doing this, you
know, he’ll tell you I’ve been doing this for forty years. Is it something that you think someone if
they like a more stylistic type of… Tyson: That’s not who I would go to. Antonio: Exactly. Tyson: I would look at the barber how they’re
dressed, what they look like. You don’t want to walk in and see someone
dressed say in flip-flops and shorts — board shorts unless that’s something you want. Antonio: Yeah. I guess coming from ocean beach and you’re
in the beach. Tyson: Yeah. San Diego you might want a barber wearing
flip-flops. Antonio: But, you’re saying, hey, I like
the feeling that this guy is giving off based off of his own appearance. Now, price, this is actually where really
you can figure out the match and somebody that’s looking for an $8 haircut, they’re
not really going to probably get consultation. Tyson: Their expectations are probably lower. Antonio: Yeah. It’s just simply I need a regulation cut,
give me, boom, I’m out the door quick fast. We’re talking factory work. Now, if you’ve got a barber that’s charging
$50 a cut. You know this is something that you should
expect a higher level consultation. With the amount that you’re going to be
spending, it should also be something that they’re making the time for you. So, let’s talk about appointments. Tyson: Appointments. I think if you really want a good haircut
and you’re not going for the Camp Pendleton marine look, you have to be… Antonio: Which is not bad by the way. Tyson: Which is not bad. Antonio: Yeah. But, it just depends on where you’re at
in life what you’re looking for. Tyson: You might not want to pay $30 to $50… Antonio: Yeah. Tyson: For a simple fade. Antonio: Exactly, when you can get that for
$8 or $10 at the Px. When I looked at your shop online, I’m like,
okay, like he only works by appointments. Basically, you are screening people before
you allow them to come to your shop. Tyson: Absolutely. Antonio: And, it’s also something that you’re
giving yourself enough time to work with each person and you don’t have to worry about
a line or that the guy — you know one thing I hate is whenever there’s big line and
I’m getting my haircut because guess what I’m less likely to do? I’m less likely to communicate because I
feel the pressure like I don’t want to be… Tyson: You got a bunch of guys sitting there
waiting to get in. Antonio: Yeah. I don’t want to that guy that’s holding
things up… Tyson: And then, you end up leaving unhappy. Antonio: Yeah. Tyson: That’s why I think the sign of a
really good barber or technician is they’re booked, they busy. You kind of get what you pay for in a lot
of instances and this is one of them I believe. There’s a reason why that’s barber is
booked. Antonio: Well, guys, if you want to learn
more about Tyson, go check out his shop. I highly recommend it. Now, Tyson, your website is? Tyson: Antonio: Yeah. You should go check it out, guys. And if you’re in San Diego, drop in by appointment,
right? [Laughs]
Tyson: Call us, by appointment only. Antonio: Yeah. All right, guys. Take care. I will see you in the next video. [0:08:23] End of audio

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