The Scribes Never Wrote Yahweh –

The Scribes Never Wrote Yahweh –

let’s look at the statistics here in the aleppo codex the aleppo codex is not complete we’re missing about a third of the manuscript so in the two thirds that have survived the name appears with a missing vowel approximately four thousand times it’s actually closer to forty four hundred times I’m currently in the process of counting and in the future hopefully I’ll be able to give you that exact number but right now what I can say for sure is it’s over four thousand times that the column is missing and it’s written in a way that’s unpronounceable according to the rules of the Hebrew language and it’s quite clear to me that describe left out this vowel because he didn’t want people to pronounce it and more specifically he didn’t want people to pronounce it accidentally some people perhaps on purpose but also accidentally if you’d come across that name you wouldn’t accidentally pronounce it because one of the vowels is left out but then there’s seven times where it has the full vowels Yehovah it’s a consistent mistake and I believe Elohim Analia hadou God Elohim caused his hand to slip and put in these full vowels in the aleppo codex and you know what strikes me is that 750 manuscripts have this column Jehovah and as I mentioned before there somewhere it’s consistently OVA that’s the topic of a separate study but most of these manuscripts the name is rich and usually with one of the bottles missing and then every once in a while Elohim Analia dough caused his hand to slip and put in the full vowels and this consistent mistake what it reflects is that the scribes knew what the name was and when they slipped up they never put in yahuveh they never put in yeshiva they never put in Ahava they always vocalized it as Yehovah and the scholarly consensus is that the name is pronounced Yahweh I haven’t found any manuscripts where the scribe slipped up and put in the pronounciation Yahweh

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  1. After spending many years trying to learn the "correct" pronunciation I have come to realization that to pronounce is simply not important, what is important is what it means, "He who is, he who will be," and the name he said of Himself to Moshe. "I am, that I am." He is unlike any god throughout history, who has a form, often depicted in a statue, an event, such as an eclipse, thunder, etc. He does not go by titles such as baal, or lord, the GOD who manifested HIMSELF to Moshe, Jacob, the GOD Yeshua called Father is more than that, and the best our limited minds can capture is HIS movement across our lives. Which is in reality the essence of HIS most holy name.

    I really appreciate all the fine work Nehemia has done concerning the Hebrew of biblical times, and hope he does not spend too much time on the sound of a name no one has spoken since the children of Israel were under a sentence of death for using it.

  2. I don't think anyone will know with "certainty" how the Divine Name is accurately pronounced. I think this will only be 100% clear when Messiah comes. Every claim out there about the Divine Name has it's clever grammatical explanations and even historical evidences but at the end of the day you will still be scratching your heard wondering who is correct. There are numerous possibilities to adding various vowels to the Divine Name. It would seem YHWH wants the Name to remain unpronounced until Messiah comes. The only other way for this to be clear is if YHWH himself speaks to you and reveals the pronunciation to you, but even this will only be proof for you but others don't need to accept your personal private revelation. So for now, if anyone asks how the Divine Name is pronounced, just say "Messiah will reveal it" and just tell them what the name means. Nehemia may or may not be correct. By the way, I'm not a Muslim anymore.

  3. Can you show the text!? If this is true then a clear original text and origin verification will help. those who are truelly seeking His Name! Blessed be His Holy Name YAHUAH.

  4. yehovah is coming in the year 1500 AD. Yes it was done by a MONK. I found the information. Yeshua said his name and The arameans knew it very well. Go to Alan Horvatt in you tube.

  5. Is it YahoWah? Or YehoVah. I keep seeing the W and V used interchangeably for the Vav letter. Is it just a pronunciation thing? I keep hearing people pronounce it with the W sound and the V sound. Is one correct and one a mispronunciation?

  6. While the Name is sacred, I am comfortable using the titles, "Adonai" or "LORD", but I believe this study is important for another reason as well. That is with regard to the Vav pronunciation in all other Hebrew words as well. I highly favor the Vav sound rather than the Waw. Also, there is more to learn about the Vav and why it was dropped out of words with the addition of the Niqud Cholum.

  7. With all respect, I don't think it was a mistake, Scribes were too precise, I believe it was done intentionally preserving the correct way to pronounce it. After all who knows what could happen in society, if it was not preserved somehow. Who actually had the codex to read anyways? Not the common people I'm sure.

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