The Power Learning Podcast – 3 – Reduce Your Accent With 1 Sound – Learn Advanced English Podcast

The Power Learning Podcast – 3 – Reduce Your Accent With 1 Sound – Learn Advanced English Podcast

hello and welcome to the third episode
of the English anyone . com power learning podcast I’m really happy to be
making this episode today because i know we still are working on things with the
new website and there’s always new things to learn and new challenges and I
hate not being able to put new videos up on the website so I’m happy to make this
podcast and at least we can have this up on YouTube while we were still working
on things on the website but everything is going really well all of our members
are back in the premium section of English anyone . com with their master
English conversation lessons and with this first podcast after we just chose
the winners for the master English conversation scholarship competition a
fantastic contest where we had a whole bunch of students from all over the
world have selected for students that are going to be studying with me
personally and they will get tips for me every month and they’ll be able to send
emails and talk with me about things about the successes they’re having in
the challenges they’re having and every month i will produce a new power
learning podcast episode that i can give tips to them but that I can also share
with everyone else that’s learning out there initially i created or I kind of
design the scholarship for just one student but i really wanted to give a
good idea for everyone learning out there about what it’s like the different
challenges that people have depending on if you’re a man or a woman if you’re
very young or not so young or whatever the different kind of challenges you
have depending on where you live in the world so i ended up choosing for great
students that are all from different parts of the world different ages and it
should be a really interesting experience for everyone over this next
year so you can see what people no matter where they’re coming from there
are certain principles about language learning and we’ll be going over those
but if you follow those prints the Bulls if you follow these certain
things about how to learn a language you’ll really be able to find success
quickly because there are so many bad things you can do about learning and so
many things that waste your time so i really want to give a lot of great tips
and you’ll be able to feel motivated and inspired by the people that are on this
competition so really it’s a it’s a chance for everyone to improve but
especially all of these free master English conversation lessons that these
four great lucky winners have received they’re going to get into master English
conversation we’ve got over a year of lessons for them to practice with so even though they will only have to
complete one special mission homework assignment for each month they’ll be
able to use all of the previous ones and go back and we’ve got hundreds probably
thousands now words phrases grammar points lots of different things that
they can practice so hopefully it’s not too much information but i’m excited to
have them get into the program and then be able to tell everyone else what it’s
like to learn with master English conversation so in this episode of the
power learning podcast it won’t be too long but first i’m going to have each of
our four winners from the master English conversation scholarship contest
introduce themselves to tell you their name tell you their age tell you a
little bit about themselves and then also a message a little bit for you so
you can feel inspired to get out and keep practicing yourself remember all
four of these people are not living in an english-speaking country so we’ve got
one from Vietnam one from a Czech Republic we’ve got india and then we’ve
got a solid water i love to say that i love that Spanish pronunciation and
Salvador i love that anyway so we’ve got students nobody is living in the United
States or Canada or England or any other country that would have english as a
kind of regularly spoken language even if a lot of them may be studying it in
school so i want you to see that you don’t need to live in an
english-speaking country in order to practice they will be learning all of
the secrets that we teach-in master English conversation and
then you will also be able to get to learn a lot of fantastic things about
how to improve and ways to go out and meet more people so you can really be
practicing with native speakers so i’ll let them introduce themselves first and
then I will come back after that and i will tell you and the four winners what
they’re going to be practicing this month so enjoy hello my name is in and 17 years old i
have been to England plastic yes but it seemed step my master of learning
English didn’t bring good results so this time with innocent i hope i
can become more fluent English speaker hi-de-hi maska i’m from india i’m an
employee and working in an outsourcing company i’m 31 now english is one of my subjects in high
school and in college and I started this as a subject i’m speaking never included
in my English story actually my sincere English practice has been growing them
from one year when they completed my studies my conversation skills are
almost zero once i showed my career I realized the importance of fluency in
English to improve my career opportunities but for some reason even
though I understood the importance of English I didn’t take any step to
improve my English and a couple of years script a bit without doing anything to
improve my English skills but I think in march twenty trouble one fine morning I
took a decision to improve my English and since that time with the help of
internet i started my English practice and now I came to this level invited my
practice is going on one day drew announcer the scholarship contest i
participated image and after completion of two rounds through selected me as
enough for winners when they received the main from drew
about this news i felt very happy and i can say how much I was happy at the time
and I envisioned how my English would be in 2014 and in the division what I see is I’m talking I’m speaking
English as my bed along with and my writing skills are also like my
mother tongue yes this is what i’m going to eat you by
the end of this course there is no doubt about it if the guidance of Drew and
with the help of his awesome lessons my dream will come true you guys are all going to see this fact
and more importantly I never forget who’s helping my life and his wonderful
support thank you hello my name is joe swash Cody hola i am from czech republic i am a woman i
am 42 years all I was studying English for six years
then I had been going to school before 27 years I studied on only from books
English was very boring lesson in school I didn’t go to student at english i
didn’t use English event ears I again boss studying English before baniar then
i will be English through and play I give help other people order 40 i give
help order the main that is possible to study English and working and caring
about children and husband and household you could be English fluently door and
change your life hi everyone my name is careless i’m 25
years old I’ve been learning English for two years and a half i want to say to
you something about learning is I know there’s very difficult it’s very tough
and i know that you know that as well and for that reason i want to invite you
to follow us in this great journey because we will be fluent and you will
see them you will see then i invite you to keep on learning because it’s very
important is for your life is one of the most important things that you’re going
to learn in your life so tone don’t be party is going to be amazing even if you don’t speak it very well I
don’t speak very well as well and I know that that is not the reason how can I get through in the reason is i
don’t have confidence and that’s why i’m not fluent yet but i want to be I want
to be fluent and i encourage you to go on learning is gonna be great and i
invite you to join us in follow us and you will see that this is possible okay see you’re wrong bye alright I’m back again i hope you
enjoyed listening to our lovely for winners they’re really great people i really
enjoyed listening to their entries so each of them all of the people that I
that applied for the scholarship competition had descended in audio
recordings of themselves in every month they will continue to send audio
recordings so you can really look at the progress they’re making so we can kind
of call this a benchmark benchmark is a kind of base level where you begin to
check the progress of something so each month this is also for themselves but
for you listening out there where you get to check and see how their
pronunciation is improving or how their vocabulary is is building or their
confidence is building as well when they can even check back in a year from now
they can go back and listen to this and see wow just just how different their
english is just by doing a little bit of practice each day and being smart about
how they practice so this month what I really want the four winners but also
you out there everyone else that’s listening to this i’m going to we kind
of go into fluency even though you already understand most of what I’m
saying right now but when we talk about how to get fluent in a language i really
want to focus on one specific thing each month different part of fluency and that
way you don’t have to go out and worried about so many different things at the
same time because it can be confusing there are so many tips online so many
videos so many different teachers and other students that will tell you lots
of different information what you should be studying how you should be studying
many different things like that but in the same way when I was a young baseball
player i used to play in Little League this is just a kind of a level four
young children that are playing baseball but i would watch a lot of the parents
and they would always have something to say to their kid don’t do that or do
this or watch the ball or do these other things and the kids they would do the
best they can but the mind the human brain is can’t hold all of that information at
one time so I don’t want to give a thousand different tips about what you
can do they will have access to all of that information by using the lessons
and master English conversation but for the four winners and as well for you and
everyone else that’s listening out there teachers and students are really want
you to focus on this one specific thing this month we’re going to go into
fluency starting with the biggest possible thing and then getting more
specific as we go through the year so this first hip is all about the kind of
sound and speed and flow of the language and really this is just even listening
to my voice right now it has a certain melody to it it has a certain beat a
certain flow to it and each language has that and you can usually tell a
different language even if you don’t know exactly what the language is you
have a general idea of what the languages just by the melody of the
language so let’s say an example from vietnamese i don’t speak any Vietnamese
at all but the sound of Vietnamese is so different from English and the flow and
the beat and it’s more of a blog that they had a bad rap and I’m doing that
really badly because i don’t speak vietnamese but what I want you to think
about is how the sound of vietnamese or indian or thai or whatever your language
is is different from English and the way you can practice that is the same way
I’m speaking right now in the same speed I just take one sound like blah blah
blah blah and i can introduce myself blah blah blah blah blah blah blah again I’m not saying any specific words
because all i want to do is just get the flow of the sentence so whatever sound
you can make make that sound perfectly it don’t don’t try to pick a sound it’s
difficult for you to make but pick a sound that’s easy for you to make and
then listen to any kind of English you here in your day or a video or something you see on the news or a radio show
anything like that whatever you can find I want you to
repeat that same thing back even if you don’t know all of the words or what all
of the mean I just want you to repeat back using blah blah blah blah just one
sound could be DD or mom whatever the sound is whatever you can make a sound
from your own language so that way it will be much easier to practice find
some natural native English even if it’s fast and just listen to the flow and
then try to copy that so you could find a YouTube video or
watch a DVD and pick maybe even just 10 seconds or 20 seconds if you want to
challenge yourself you can go longer but what you’re really trying to do is get
the flow of the language the sound of how the words blend together the sound
and the way that a hot person makes a sentence so when they’re angry in
English they make a different kind of sound i remember when i was younger i used to
watch an old TV show in America called I Love Lucy and the husband of Lucille
Ball in the TV show his name is desi Arnez and he was from Cuba and he had a
very specific way of speaking and he would say lo see you got some splaining
to do and it was much different than English I I can’t really do it perfectly
right now but you can hear that it’s different from English or even Japanese
if I say let’s say I want to say something in Japanese like I want to see
a movie with Oklahoma Titus and it’s a different way of speaking local agency
Titus Boko imei Jessa and even though it’s not perfectly it’s not perfect
japanese it’s definitely different than what i’m saying in English I want to see
a movie I want to see a movie I want to see a movie blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
blah blah it’s different it depends on the actual language you’re doing but
really find something where you can get the the tone of the
language the speed of the language and don’t worry about the actual words or
the vocabulary so much i really want this month for the four winners and also
for everyone studying out there I really want you to sit back and just practice
those sound if you can do that then you will become much better at hearing when
people are making particular kind of sounds or if they mean a certain thing
by listening to the flow of the language so this month we’re starting with
probably the biggest thing you can start with in overall fluency at the kind of
intermediate 2 beginning of advanced level which is understanding the overall
flow when you listen if you go back and listen again to the four winners when
they’re introducing themselves then you’ll you’ll really get a good sense of
how even my name is even just saying that they have a specific way of doing
that that’s particular to their language so just like if I am living in America
and I meet someone from india i usually expect them to have a certain kind of
accent and the reason people have an accent is because they don’t really try
to practice the real way that people pronounce things they get the the words
correctly but they’re not speaking in the same way with the same flow so if
it’s your goal to actually speak like a native speaker and you want people to
think wow I’m actually talking with a native speaker not just someone who
understands the language or knows the vocabulary but they really understand
what it’s like to speak if you want to be that if you want to have that and
people be really impressed by how you’re able to speak then practice your flow
have an excellent day and we’ll see you next time bye bye

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