THE POINTLESS PODCAST #3: Eating Bugs, Cool Hats, and The End of the Universe

hi there welcome back to the pointless
podcast with Carter and Ethan so this is gonna be a little bit of a different episode
not necessarily well it’ll be different but I think this is how we want to go
from now on what we did the other day was if you follow us on Instagram we
asked you guys to or we ask anyone who’s following us to send us questions and
topics and things so we’re going to be talking about those and answering those
but before we get into that I wrote two things down in our document just because
they were kind of like interesting things to talk about the first one is
kind of like not necessarily like funny things kind of interesting thing the
second one is an absolutely terrifying thing and so absolutely yeah anyways so
first thing on here is insect protein stuff I have it article Alton I was
reading a thing you have a whole article loaded up here yeah I’ve been open since
I’m yesterday so I remember reading like last year about how it’s probably for
like an English exam or something there are some articles about it but like how
they’re trying to like implement insects as like something that more people eat
because there’s so much there’s so much higher in protein and like I’ve talked
to so many people about it and everyone’s always like grossed out it
wouldn’t have to eat like a billion insects
well no but well yes and no because the thing is is here else you can find it
but they see like crickets and stuff or here like a hundred gallons of water
creates six grams of beef protein 18 grams of chicken protein and 238 grams
of cricket protein flour they’re super like the concentration of
protein in them but you have so much like a handful of cricket is that a
problem yeah I think I’ve eaten insects before
I’m no I didn’t like mealworms if I’m not mistaken I’m eating crickets for
like candied curly chocolate yeah it’s from like eye candy so that’s all they
can make them like they’re not gonna taste like they’re also making like
cricket flour to make like protein bars and stuff oh yeah so like it’s like
making it into like normal things it’s just using insects
instead of like cows but would you rather eat insects then like well I
would be down because the thing is is a third of the world’s land is already
used for like animals like farming it alone so it’s speaking of farming and
stuff in China I was reading this thing they have they’re making a pork farm
that is gonna produce pork it’s such a rate that in China and soon if it’s add
a fill over the world it’ll be cheaper than soy sauce really yeah like it like
like bacon will be just like random like you could just find patient anywhere
like oh wow that’s crazy you’ll be able to find bacon at like a
7-eleven because I’m so cheap like real wake and not like fake shit hmm that’s
interesting yeah that’s cool but yeah so like I’m thinking like I’m
very down with and it’s sort of like a taboo thing like now but there’s so
already late I think I think I was reading this article I think it says
like here 80% of the world’s population already eats bugs it says more
Westerners that are like so like weird about it but it’s like slowly becoming
more of a cool of like a not so taboo thing but heroes saying a family of four
eating food made with crickets forge it just once a week for a year would save
650,000 liters of water so I’m down to eat some crickets and stuff instead of
like other animals because it’s so much easier to farm insects than it is to
like I say a third of the world’s land is used for livestock yeah so like I
don’t know I’m just saying I don’t know about you guys lots of
people are saying it’s gross and they wouldn’t eat insects I’m down for it
so I was just I just want agree that because it’s kind of interesting that
like that’s something that could become more normal in the future okay so that’s
that I think that’s kind of all I want to touch on just an interesting little
fun thing secondly before we get into the questions and topics that people
suggested to us on Instagram recently in the last few days a trailer for the
music Katz was released I’m sure most of you
seen it by now it’s kind of made its way around the internet basically the
musical Cats which is as from what I know which I don’t know much I think
it’s that kind of a very like well-known it’s one of the most popular yeah it’s
like a very popular musical right so like people are like people love it
however they’ve made a movie that’s coming out I don’t know when but the
trailer just came out and the CGI is absolutely terrifying
oh it’s nightmare fuel I haven’t actually seen the trailer but Carter
showed me just like who’s in it and stuff and there’s some big Nate got
they’ve got Gandalf and Taylor Swift Peter salba Jason Derulo it was like I I
don’t know it’s odd very weird like I think it’s gonna I
think like the talent in it is awesome there’s so many big names in it right
but the way that they chose to portray it with the CGI there so the cats
they’re like it’s it’s like a live-action movie but they made the cat
eye kinda looks like the live-action sonic they all kind of look now it kind
of look like terrifying yeah I provide prefer the live-action the first version
of Sonic do you think the sonic movie is gonna be successful no only oh wow now
it will be because of all the the means people go see it for the means so yes
it’ll be a boxer I saw the I saw the other night I don’t know if it’ll be it
well exactly so don’t be like that now I could be wrong it could be critically
acclaimed movie mastery but it could win an Oscar I feel like Jim Carrey it’s
gonna win an Oscar for the sonic movie actually I like Jim Carrey I like I
don’t carry anyways no I got that that movie scares and that’s not Jane
Carrie that’s um who’s a Michael Myers it’s I was thinking the Grinch is Jim
Carrey oh yeah speaking of cats because the cats and go watch the trailer if you
haven’t seen it already they look very like the their noses or
human noses because it’s just like cats like
it’s like if you took a picture of a cat in a picture of a human and like
superimposed things like a face yeah it’s just terrifying so if you haven’t
seen it go look at it I think the I think the movie without the cat CGI
would be good because just like it just stick some cat face paint on it like
they do in the musical only be fine Carter what are your thoughts on musical
do you like musicals did you actually know I haven’t I haven’t watched alone I
honestly haven’t watched any me I went through a giant musical phase last year
and like that’s all I listen to for a song in like a month there’s some people
that like stand by some musicals and also when I was on musically yeah I know
but also musically that’s all people would like talk about like yeah cartoons
and musicals yeah all my friends like you okay I know I need to walk for
musicals people get what ever talks about all these musicals I mean don’t
watch any I honestly don’t watch a lot of theater in general like I’m more of a
film guy yeah I don’t do I do like I cuz I don’t do a lot of theater I
only really started enjoying feder when I did Peter Pan kinda which was the play
that I did I think we talked about a little bit in the first episode but it
was the like comedy Peter Pan that we did for our grade 12 production this
past year so that’s when I really started enjoying theater is when we did
that play and I kind of like found like a new new love for theater but other
than that I’m more of a I’m definitely more of a film guy yeah I haven’t really
even seen it I saw a couple of musicals when they come like I see musicals when
they roll through here and actually I am sometimes I wish some of these musicals
that I see will get way more recognition because some of them are so good but
they’re like just these small productions and but no one will ever
hear them but they’re so good even compared to like Broadway shows they’re
young good like they feel like off Broadway or Broadway shows rank so I
mean all shows take so much work I did when I did Peter Pan
I didn’t Peter Pan play and six when I did that it was like two
months of work just for it and we did like I’m like 90 shows this is something
insane like that yeah cuz we had like double extension there so yeah so but it
was really fun because I got to work with fred penner sounds great is 300
fried better oh okay wait we’re gonna take a two-second break before we start
the first are the questions so we’ll be right back welcome back it actually
wasn’t a break for you was a break for us but it’ll be a seamless transition
for you anyways now we’re gonna get into the questions cuz if I will into pre
talk king things I don’t know what I just said okay so I asked questions on
Instagram I asked for questions and/or topics topics to talk about talk about
kazoos not gonna happen minecraft is so trash I beg to differ I
was about to divert my hope is becoming increasingly more popular once again
minecraft has gotten so much better my car was my whole childhood I do like
text from my friend he’s like I miss the good old days of playing like factions
all day and I’m like it’s true I don’t know minecraft just like defines our
generation bases root it does I don’t know how a block can can define our
generation but it does I don’t yeah so you’re lying when you say minecraft is
so trash what made you want to start a podcast this was touched on as like
first ever thing that we talked about in the first episode of the podcast but
we’ll touch on it again in case you missed it I think what we had said was
that everything is podcast now and also when me and car talk it kind of sounds
like like when we have conversation it like we were like if we recorded this
like this would be kind of a good podcast yeah we would talk about like
just random stuff we’re like hey it’s like kind of podcast II so we should
like do that we like joked about it and then literally like less than 24 hours
later I was at his house in his studio yeah like we made a joke about him
really haha what if we lead a podcast and they were like wait like should we
I’m like I have all the equipment just like you’re like maybe it’s not a joke
anymore so then like literally the next day I was over his house in his studio
here and we film the first episode um most embarrassing moments oh I should
have thought of this beforehand because I don’t know if I might have to come
back to it yeah I know if I can think of okay I’ll think of something else and
then you can think um here’s what that’s not really embarrassing but whenever
someone asks me that you just say this one this one isn’t really embarrassing
but just a funny story is it was preschool every day after preschool we
used to play soccer all right and I remember one day mind you I was really
good to soccer at one point just not here we were playing soccer and then
young Ethan decided to he’s just playing soccer and then he got the ball for the
first time was my first time playing soccer and I just jumped on the ball and
like wrapped around it and then just sat there and like almost cried because a
kid almost kicked me and that was like this is like not even embarrassing I
just find this very confusing to me because I’m like I think back and I’m
like what like how do you think to do that because I watching them play soccer
too I did that in a hockey game you jumped on the puck I put my laid on the
ground for my arms around the puck no one could get a stop no one could get it
I was like so little I can’t think on embarrassment it’s
gonna come to me but I mean it was pretty embarrassing when I brought my
wrist in flag football practice yeah because I was it was like the first
practices of the season I think was the second or first practice of the season
and my friend through me like a long gone and I’m sprinting like full speed
and then I kind of went over a hill and then there was a dip right away and I
didn’t notice so then I fall and I’m just I fell like we can’t see on the if
you listening on audio but I felt like with my hand kind of like palm out yeah
they kind of stopped my ball which you’re not supposed to do because you
break your wrist and then I broke my wrist because I stumped and I was like
but I even noticed I was like I think it’s just sprained so I kind of sat out
the first couple minutes of practice and then my mom comes to looks and she’s
like that’s not spray because you’d like to see you like yeah
like a big asset yeah that was like when I got hit by the truck I’m like I’m a
friend and he’s like you talk about it every time well you brought up the wrist
thing everything when I look my friends wrist I was like dude that is so broken
oh I’m moving on that season for foe was terrible everyone get injured a kid
broke his thumb yeah we threw a long long time and just crack back and then I
hooked my wrist and then a kid came with a broken arm to the start of the season
huh and someone hurt their like ankle so
they were out for a bit and then someone else broke a finger I think or sprained
a finger yeah it was awful it was an awful season man okay I’m still blanking
on an embarrassing moments is we’re gonna come back to it
talk about friends you’ve made over social media or acting I don’t know
lol I’ve actually made quite a few friends over tik-tok
so shout out to Bria if you’re listening the podcast from Australia you actually
one of her she responded to this she said what am I
when am I gonna be on the podcast so Bria the answer that question is not
this episode but maybe next episode or sometime in the future you should
definitely help anyone we’re gonna be on the podcast just hit us up yeah because
what we want to do is like get like people on the pot like we can’t
necessarily get you in physically but we definitely could do like like we can
video call you on Instagram which is something like yes that’s what we want
to do so basically yeah anyone I’m thinking about getting some of my like
fellow new tik-tok friends and other people who want to come and chat for a
little bit on the podcast definitely open to it we wanted to start the few
first first few episodes without guests and then just to kind of get into it and
then start inviting guests on you know I’ve actually made a bunch of friends
well again phone either musically but really they um it’s like it’s it’s a
different feeling when you make friends over the internet because I don’t know
it’s almost it’s really nice because it’s it’s almost like distance from your
there they’re not involved in your real life drama which is nice you know I
agree I mean Mull I mean I’ve made I have friends that I still talk to you to
this day for musically so I’ve been friends with someone them for like two
three years right exactly and it’s insane cuz I still talk to them and
even if we don’t talk as much like I you know they’re still nice
um house mean about difference from minecraft hoodie yeah III still talk to
me but I used to be on the server which was like a roleplay sir it wasn’t like a
role like the cringy roleplay server it’s like it it was told Lords minecraft
so it was just like a like a medieval service it wasn’t really like a roleplay
roleplay but it was cool and I used to like sit in like teamspeak with a bunch
of people free discards gone I just our teamspeak you just cry did to you speak
oh my god yeah pretty remember that and and then we kind of moved into D&D ice
to play D&D with those guys I fed budget I played D&D was a bunch of Irish kids I
basically like I remember I basically like faked an Irish accent
not really but like I like started to develop like an Irish accent not
particularly an accent but I started using all their lingo cuz I talked to
them constantly yeah and I also ruined my sleep schedule because he’d be like
they’d have D&D campaigns at their time so we like more like six hours ahead of
us yeah I mean lots I mean I just mean like yeah I talk to people all the time
from Tech Talk so it’s pretty great like you just I don’t know it’s weird I also
have friends not from tik-tok but they live down in the States because we’re
from Canada so they’re way down there showed it to my Florida friends the rest
of the United States is just they don’t people except for me appleís and Fargo
I’ve been to those two place and I can cry can everybody get out
I reckon oh how about you have you ever been you all about and seen them so do
you know they’re actually from Alabama well that’s true movies I can vouch that
people live in Fargo and Minneapolis I can’t vote for anything else and you
said but you haven’t even seen them there so I wouldn’t know I think Fargo
and Minneapolis are the only places people can see actually everything else
is just wilderness we wouldn’t I spear see theory waffle I have a whole lot of
things you’re saying talk about conspiracy theories I just made a new
one I went to Fargo a while ago and it’s so dead like it’s such a it was a
Coruscant the Canadian dollar went down it’s so
dead yeah I bet a lot of those touristy towns are kind of dead no yeah I agree
money or knowledge knowledge because I could use that or in my garage knowledge
because hear me out I could use my knowledge to get money yeah yeah but
like you like that’s what you don’t necessarily learn it like you could be
really terrible at school yeah no I like if I pick knowledge you’re like
guaranteed like instant knowledge I feel like that’s what it’s like a genie
giving you instant knowledge I would use the knowledge and then get super smart
invent something and make a crapload of money off of it that’s my answer
Diana says feature me oMG Diana we will get you on like we said earlier we’ll
get you in the podcast best hat you’ve ever worn best hat you’ve ever worn the
hat that I wear in every like almost all of my tech talks before l squared I used
to wear a mic in grade like 340 s to wear fedoras oh I love the doors I have
a good I’m a lady I have I could talk about in the last episode when I was in
my like vacation dad outfits in Greece when I went to Europe I have a Italian
fedora it’s like made out of straw I got it off this island off the coast of
Italy it’s pretty cool but also that hat and then my crappy it’s actually not a
baseball cap it looks like a baseball cap because it’s a flat cap that I bent
and I’d that’s not half that I wear all the time
I always bend my flat caps cuz I don’t like to like flat curves oh yeah they
were like a they’re like it’s looks stupid now they look stupid baseball cap
fit basically it kind of shit off your forehead because because when we were
when we were like like you know like 13 everyone had the flat cap and if you
were a baseball cap you were like a loser
yeah but now it’s flipped baseball caps are the cool ones that everywhere
and I actually prefer the bent the trucker hat gonna look yeah um okay so I
had someone catch some weird questions okay I had someone ask us where can you
see yourselves in five to ten years that’s a that’s a big fun lesson
that’s a gastrin and it’s giving me a panic attacks I’m going in University
and that’s a very relevant question for me right now
oh yeah um where do I see myself in five ten years uh if all goes well in
University I would have some sort of research job as doing some science well
I mean not only a year after your degree though if I do the full thing while I am
but I’d be doing a little bit work in between so like somewhere either
finishing University with like a master’s or something something like
that takes up so much school takes up so much of your life it’s true it really
does say it’s crazy otherwise if that doesn’t happen my
other ideal career would be acting or some sort of filmmaking or video making
internet content making one like I know if I’m working in film where we’re doing
internet stuff for any kind of acting or filming and anything along in that kind
of I mean I mean for me in a perfect world I’d be doing music cuz that’s what
I love but you know stuff like that’s like such a gamble I guess not even I
know it’s not even talent based at some points like yeah in pieces I mean is all
talent based but really don’t look like it’s just like getting something getting
something on the for you page to get twenty thousand likes
yeah like it’s it’s just all luck and I don’t know I really I don’t work out I
want to go into like politics oh you want to do like political science in
school okay yeah probably so maybe you’ll be doing that yeah thing like
I’ve got like two ideas which are very different I’ve got a very like logical
like side where I want to go do this and then I also have my like creative artsy
side I want to go do film and acting and content creating and good writing good
music stuff and I’m like you can do that on the side cuz it’s not
well for sure that’s what I’m gonna do like I’m gonna I mean obviously I have
to put so much time into doing Sciences because it’s so like demanding so it’s
gonna be my main thing and I’m gonna have to do my arts as a side thing but
it’s still something I definitely want to do my drama teacher hates me for
going into Sciences and lots of people are very surprised that I’m going into
Sciences lots of be like all my like you know parents from know they talk too
much they’re like oh yeah he’s going into university for sciences they’re
like oh really I totally thought he would be like I remember my aunt we told
her that I was like last year we’re like yeah I’m gonna university for sciences
and she was like oh I totally thought you’re gonna be like a producer of all
things a producer like I’d rather be acting or you know filming or something
anyways I’m very surprised my drama teacher hates me for not going into like
film school but I keep reassuring her I’m doing it as a side thing and it’s
gonna always be something that I want to do yeah anyways what else we have here
there’s a good one you point Oh future of human civilization slash solar system
colonization what this is a big topic and I’m gonna I’m gonna condense it into
a couple sentences this stuff is interesting to me where are we gonna go
because first of all the earth and optimisations the earth is dying you
guys it’s I mean we can I think we can save it I think that’s a it’s possible
if we I mean do it but watch one area you can make fake bees the thing is is
like I feel like at one point or another we might have to leave the planet or
even if we don’t have to we still may spread out and like some people you know
you have colonies that stay on earth and colony said move to other like Mars and
those kind of things I definitely think it’s Susan interestingly and habitable
the ones and close enough to us that well even then isn’t like Mars gets
super cold at night and there’s no oxygen yeah what would you have to live
there in like a different way I mean by habitable though like to the point well
yes yeah we could potentially live there in a different way but I’m definitely
interested in like just the concept of like what’s out there like if there’s
definitely aliens I can almost say where is everyone me Marian fit area51 oh god
people are telling you to talk about area 51 as well
people uh you know you might die but if that’s what you’re into
please storm area 51 I want to know what happens yeah it’s just an air base like
it’s not yeah isn’t it just like a training ground something like that well
we have things we like to think that’s how they tell us anyways there’s a good
video this is the area 51 but this is about the future of this light sea
universe it’s called a time-lapse in the future go check it out if you have a
half hour to spare it’s a long video it’s half an hour long but it basically
is like all theoretical because obviously we don’t know but it’s all
kind of astrophysics and like what astrophysicists theorized will happen to
like the end of time and yes that is a thing where it starts from 2019 and the
the it progressively gets faster and faster and faster till you’re in like
the trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillionth a year in
the future to where the end of time is which is basically when nothing nothing
else is left and there’s just emptiness so time is irrelevant so we do reach
like the end of time but the cool thing about that that really kind of scared me
was that the point where they really where the point in the universe where
life actually exists in the entire of my phone down for sec if you’re watching on
youtube if this is the entire timeline from the Big Bang when the universe
starts to the time when time is irrelevant life exists for this much
like a Friday it’s like a it’s like 0.000 and you have like a hundred or
like a million zeros like zero zero one that fraction of the entire like
lifespan of the universe is when life is actually able to exist other than that
it’s like there’s no like there’s no stars so places can’t be warm enough for
life so it’s such a tiny fraction that’s so scary that like think about like how
lucky we are to like exist right when we do in the entire it’s crazy anyways I’m
gonna I mean it gets so crazy go watch that video it’s super cool it’s called
time-lapse in the future I got really into science for a while because I did I
remember last year I got like a hundred percent on my like final exams we have
exams lost you every night for summer we had like it was like two exams in two
final projects because for some reason at our school they did it so that we the
unsymmetric raid 900 students a little weird nose awful but but I did a project
because you had to pick your topic so I didn’t mind a dark matter and dark
energy yeah and my teacher I made a 15 minute video and dark matter and organic
you might teach it and get it so he’s just like um you look like you know what
you’re talking about nice job to give me like say something
but that’s Dustin saying cuz it’s like it was talking like the forever
expansion of the universe I know the universe everyday expands actually
faster yes it’s continuing exponentially yeah the science around boy I was good I
I’m actually kind of liking this absurd uh it’s going well we’ve got a little
bit time I don’t know like six this one’s just kind of a funny one
we’ll get away from this very like saddening exhibit an existential crisis
like thoughts of the end of the universe and how we exist in such a small pocket
of time let’s move on to birthday cake shout out to my boy trooper we had this
conversation before and he brought it up here so I’m going to talk about in the
podcast I have a very firm standing on this and my birthday cake birthday cake
flavored things how do they exist if there’s multiple different like birthday
cakes my simple response was that sure you can have any cake you want as your
birthday cake but if you like the og birthday cake is vanilla yeah it’s just
of it it’s vanilla with sprinkles that’s how birthday cake flavor is a
thing it’s just vanilla that’s all it is it’s two minutes our fire I don’t like
sorta kicked and you’re wrong you know what’s good the limited time ones that
they had for one with double-double Timbits it he’s like coffee
that’s very cool I’d double double pin this and Tim Hortons Oh Canada no one
had holes if you’re not from here I guess because that’s what they call them
right if you’re American or anywhere else letting in this doughnut holes but
it’s ten bits of to Mortenson oh I won this was a big debate we’ve had water
wet let me tell you a little story water is not wet
okay we need to I could go on we can actually this this could take us to the
end of the podcast but let’s try to keep it in like a minute to it let’s just go
bit over I want to keep Kate let’s just finish it okay let’s just go over uh
water is not wet what is your stance on that just your one your one sentence is
it yes or no dude this is like when was this a thing this was like last year
yeah like last like school year um yeah it no waters not wet because hear me out
the definition of wet is when something is saturated with or has water on it so
it doesn’t water in water I’m good you can’t know water is just water like when
you you if I if water is is on like sleeve spill water on the table and you
pour water would you just yeah water what would you just water it’s just
water if you have water spilt on the table and you pour water on it is the
water more wet now like have you made the water any more wet than it
previously was um I mean I don’t think so no you’ve made the table more wet you
can’t physically like if you can give me a scenario that like logically and I can
comprehend that you’ve made the water more wet which I don’t even think you
could like how I just don’t know how you would do that if you could do that then
I might believe the water is what hurt this is how actually funny story my
friend Dee endo is probably listening but he he um when we did this debate it
switched to him I know I got there I wasn’t there for it but my friends told
me they had a debate where he thought he claimed the earth is alive exactly how
we felt and he tried to baiting us that the earth is alive no I feel like this
is on the same train of thought is this water yeah seem random oh you think
about it it is the same it is the same concept because like the earth itself
isn’t a lie it has living things on it which is actually it’s the same argument
that I have for why water is not wet water itself isn’t wet but it makes
things wet right like you put water on if I pour a bucket
water on you like I’ve made like your cool your clothes are now wet right but
you don’t make water wet so that’s why I think like the definition for wet is
that it has water on it so like I don’t think you can make water wet
that’s my someone asked me how you overcome the lack of motivation when
writing music umm I don’t actually when I write music I don’t overcome the lack
of motivation because I always have the motivation to but sometimes I just can’t
like it’s really hard sometimes like the past like couple of them like house like
a month or so I just can’t I’ve tried like I’ll sit down I have a
corporation I’ll go it’s can’t think about anything cuz you need to have like
Alstom like a thing in your mind like you have to have like a time like I find
when I’m super overly happy like it’s summer I’m like good cuz it’s like
nothing going on and then like I’m always like happy and chill and then I
can’t think about it because I don’t know right like a song that’s like
chilling with my homies yeah ok so we have like two questions left before we
ended cuz when our cameras gonna die so we gotta actually move on one here was
how has your tik-tok fame influenced you simple answer it hasn’t because I’m not
famous I’m semi popular on tik-tok it I mean it’s just it’s fun to do I don’t
know if it’s nice for like it’s I don’t know how to answer that question and
then super hasn’t really influenced me anyways
last thing this is just one word please hold
that’s referring to the movie that Ethan and I wrote and you can find it on
YouTube add my other on my other channel Carter Hines cinematography but I kind
of do more like movie stuff like this channel is for like stupid videos and
podcast other channels for like like serious like short films and stuff so go
check it out it’s called please hold it’s a mockumentary it’s sort of like
the office we did it with our acting studio it was written by me and Ethan
and then we basically created it for all of our me and Ethan and our friends in
our acting class we kind of created characters for each of us and then made
like I’m not really an office parody but it’s the same sort of idea as the office
like a mockumentary camera falling around a group of
people you know in office so it’s like the office if you like the office or
Parks and Rec Modern Family those kind of like which kind of shows you might
enjoy this one please hold on my channel Carter Hines cinematography and I think
that just about wraps up there’s a lot of people ask my conspiracy theories
next episode I’m gonna do some research about conspiracy theories and we’ll do a
conspiracy theory heavy episode ago it’ll be a special okay well thanks a
lot for listening guys thank you yeah I think this is a really good episode and
my favorite episode so far we had a lot of stuff to talk about
anyways thanks for listening check out Ethan’s channel link will be in the
description check us out on tik-tok because that’s where we also do lots of
content carter ketchup and Ethan lyric and then yeah check us out on those
places and we will see you guys in the next podcast thanks guys
see you later bye

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