The Only Thing Stopping You Are Your Own Excuses | Malaysia 2019 Keynote

The Only Thing Stopping You Are Your Own Excuses | Malaysia 2019 Keynote

(logo whooshes) – I think we have to change the
conversation in our society. Not in southeast Asia, not
in Malaysia, not in America, seven billion people need
to change the conversation of what success looks like. It is not to make a billion dollars, it is to actually wake up in the morning and be in a good mood. (hip hop music) You got your perspective. (audience cheers) I just wanna be happy,
don’t you wanna be happy? What up, Malaysia? (audience cheers) What up, baby? Happy to be here, thank you for having me. – [Man] Gary Vee! – Yes sir. (audience cheering) I love you back, I love
you back, love you back. Hello, hello, sit, sit, sit, sit. I’m trying to see where the mics are. I’m very excited about today. We’re working backstage and we’re gonna do a bunch of Q and A, first I’m gonna give a
little bit of a keynote, but we’re gonna be setting
up mics at some point, so please get ready for your questions. So where do I wanna go? So look, there’s a lot of
things that are on my mind, and when I think about why you would come to this conference, what is always a big
pressure and focus of mine is how do I bring value for
you to coming to this event? You’re not here for kicks and giggles, there’s something you’re trying to get. And when I think about what
somebody’s trying to get, the reality is it’s either the strategy, the information of the
strategy, or it’s the tactics. There’s two ways to go about
this, strategy and tactics. And so for me I always
skew towards tactics, because it’s practical. Like get happy or this
and that or mindset, it’s super important, but
it feels like it could lack the tangible notion to
actually get you there. So that was my framework for a decade. Over the last couple of years, a lot of the things that I try to say, and when I look at people
consuming my content, and then why they’re not
doing something about it, I started realizing over time that it wasn’t just the tactics, it was important for me
to create the framework, the blueprint, the strategy, the why, so it allowed you to get there. So many people in this
audience have a very good sense of what to do, but the
reason they’re not doing it is ’cause they fear the judgment of others when they actually do it. Look, it’s very simple. If you follow anything I’m
or a lot of other people are saying, it’s very
clear that this device has changed the framework of our society. And whether you’re in Southeast
Asia or America or Europe or South America, it’s universal. This has changed everything
from a practicality standpoint. But if you’re fearful to go in because it’s not what your parents want or because you’re not willing to pay the sacrifice of time
and eat shit for five years to get what you want, it doesn’t matter that
you’re knowledgeable, that YouTube and podcasting
and Instagram and Facebook and Twitter or LinkedIn
work on this platform, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if I sit
here for the next 45 minutes and tell you that in Malaysia,
in Indonesia, in Singapore, in the collective southeast
Asia, besides mainland China, that Instagram story
ads are so under priced that if you spend $1,000 on them and actually put good content in there, whatever you’re trying to
accomplish will happen, it doesn’t matter if I tell you that. How many people here consume my content? Raise your hands. (audience cheering) Thank you. The reality is and you probably know this, there’s not many things that I believe in. There’s only seven to
10 things I believe in. I say them over and over
every day in different ways, but if you consume my
content, it’s very unlikely I’m gonna say something in this 30 minutes that’s so different than
what you’ve heard from me. It’s kind of the way I think
about getting into shape. You’ve heard for 20 years that it’s exercising and eating right. You just wish it was a pill. And that’s how I think about business. It’s not very complicated. You have to have a good product and then you have to communicate
that product and service and then you have to do that over and over and over again and then
something good will happen. Yet everybody wants to know how to get from zero to a million dollars or from zero to a million followers fast. Fast as fundamentally the
scariest word for me in business. Everything that has happened
that’s been good to me is slow. How many people here
are under 31 years old? Raise your hands. Keep ’em up. When I was 31 years old, me, keep ’em up. Don’t be lazy. (audience laughing) When I was 31 years old I was making less than $100,000 a year
working in a liquor store, building a business for my dad,
and was going to be leaving three years later owning nothing. Keep it up. Under 31, I worked in a liquor store, ringing people up at the register. You can put it down. Everybody wants to get to a place, very few were willing to
sacrifice to get there. Everybody wants something and very few people are
executing to go there. The amount of people whose
actions match to the ambition coming out of their mouth is very low. There is no shortcuts, there is no secret. There’s no system or model. There’s the very basic nature of this. No matter what you do in this room, the customer that you’re trying to reach is either very difficult to
get to or very easy to get to on your ability to understand
what’s happening in the world. What I mean by that is there’s
only marketing and sales. There’s marketing and branding
and then there’s sales. Understanding how they’re different and why they’re different is important and then understanding how
to do marketing and branding so that you’re not at the mercy of sales is an incredibly important thing to do for long-term success. So for me I spend all my
time trying to figure out for my businesses and for the
businesses I’m an investor in how do you build a
brand so that you’re not at the mercy of sales or other platforms? How do I get you to want to do business, period, regardless of any other variable? The only way to do that
is to bring more value to the consumer than you’re
asking for in yourself. The main reason that people struggle with social media content
being successful for them is because when they post
they’re selfish, not selfless. The number one reason if
you’ve been trying to grow your audience on these platforms
and it is not successful, normally 90% of the time
it’s because when you post your posting for yourself,
not for your audience. You want it for you, not for them. Period. And for me that has been
the foundational reason where a lot of my stuff has worked and so for me my number one challenge, Malaysia, is can you go two months with putting out content
that only brings people value and creates nothing for you in return? You have to understand that intent, intent is the most important
part of the process. If you’re putting out a piece of content just so it goes into your funnel, so that you can make money on
that person, you’re fucked. Let me say it one more time
for the kids in the back. (audience laughing) If the second you post a video
or a picture or written words in your heart the reason
you’re writing it, the reason you’re recording it, the reason you’re posting it, is to get them into you
so you can sell them, you’re in trouble. Because you may be good
enough in the short term to get some money upfront,
but you will never build something long-term and meaningful. And until you understand that, you will continue to look
for shortcuts, quick fixes, systems and all sorts of other horseshit to let you make some
money in the short term and that is the macro vulnerability. The end. Actually I can leave now. (audience laughing) – [Woman] No. – I’ll stay. (audience laughing) Because I think I’m
contractually obligated, but the reality is, is
that I genuinely feel that to be true so look,
here’s what’s happening. We’ve never lived in a time where the attention of our
consumer is easier to get to. The cost to do content on
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, these platforms is super
low, it’s super low. It’s hard, it takes time. You need to make a lot of
it, but the cost is low. The ads are low and even more importantly the organic reach on some of
these platforms is very high. I’ll give you one very tactical thing. If you are not producing
content on LinkedIn every day, you’re making a huge mistake. Let me explain why. LinkedIn today and
remember it’s not up here, but my last book Crushing
It, I see it right, I didn’t even write about
LinkedIn in that book. I wrote that 18 months ago and LinkedIn is not even in that book. It was that not important. I put every other
platform, but 18 months ago if I was here I wouldn’t
even said the word LinkedIn. Today, today, it is easily in my opinion one of the most ridiculous places for you to put content to drive your business because the organic reach. You could have no followers on LinkedIn. You could sign up for a
LinkedIn account today, write an article or make a video, about whatever the hell
you do for a living, post it and get more people to see it, then if you have 5,000
followers on Instagram, because the organic reach
is reaching new people. The problem is, back to the first point I made on the other side of the stage, if what you’re saying or writing isn’t bringing value to the audience, it’s selfish for you to get
their money, you’re gonna lose. Whoever holds their
breath the longest wins. Whoever holds their
breath the longest wins. The quicker you go for the sale,
the less leverage you have. The more you try to disguise your sale, the more full of shit you are. This is the foundation and the framework that has forever worked for me. How many people here are entrepreneurs? Raise your hand. How many people here work for somebody? Raise your hand, I just
want to get a sense. Who did not raise their hand
in the last two questions? Raise your hand. (audience laughing) Just wanna make sure. My friends, what’s amazing about this world and if you’re not following
along in the first 15 minutes let me say it one more time, I believe that every
business, every person, has to produce pictures,
videos, and audio sounds for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Obviously if you’re in Japan
you have to do it for Line. Obviously if you’re in mainland China you have to do for Wechat or Weibo. If it was five years ago in Indonesia, you had to do it for Path. I don’t care the name you put it. It’s the social networks
where people interact, that’s where you need to be. The luxury of this market
is a couple things. When I look at the costs
associated with the advertising on Facebook and Instagram, on YouTube, it’s ridiculously low in this market. Even lower than it is in the
US and as you know every day I yell about how under priced it is. So imagine how good of
a deal I think you have. To me the concern I have and
why I’ve started this talk the way I have is because I’m concerned about what you’re gonna say. A lot of people don’t know what to say. They’re insecure, why would
somebody listen to me? And so what they start to do is fake it. They start to pretend they’re an expert. They start to wear clothes that makes it look like
they’re successful. They fake it, it will never work. it will never work. What you’re much better off doing is documenting your journey. You don’t need to be an expert. You need to be honest. If you notice, you know
sometimes, I said it earlier. I talk about the same stuff and once in a while somebody
will leave a comment or even here and will be like Gary, you talk about the same
shit and I look at them like do you want me to lie and make up shit? Like of course they
talk about the same shit because I’ve been running
businesses for 20-plus years and it works and when I look
at other businesses that work they’re doing the same thing I’m doing and then when I look at other things I see businesses sometimes
that worked for a year and then collapse ’cause it’s
what I’ve been talking to you about for the first 15 minutes, which is if you’re gonna be built
on shit, you’re gonna sink. You like that one? It was good one, I like it too. Like a shit, you know it’s soft, I get it. (audience laughing) Judgment is very interesting to me. I’ve come to realize
in the last three years that it is judgment that is
stopping 90% of this audience. Especially when you go
into different subcultures it is scary to me how many
of you are not doing things because you’re worried about
what your parents would think. You’re worried about
disappointing your parents. You’re worried about the
leverage your parents have and that is unbelievably
true in every culture, but obviously quite true in this culture. Judgment is the number one thing that I need to break you out of for you to even begin to make
content on social networks. You don’t need to be perfect,
you don’t need to be right, you need to stay in your lane. You need to talk about what you know, you need to talk about
what your passionate about, you got to talk about either
what you like or what you know, but you can’t worry about the comments. Are you really gonna live your life based on somebody anonymous saying that you’re ugly or not smart? Yet almost everybody does. The amount of people that refuse
to post or stopped posting because of a negative
comment is remarkable. Or because of a snarky
comment by their brother or best friend or girlfriend. It’s remarkable to me how
grateful I am, how thankful I am, that I was parented in a
way that builds self-esteem, confidence, and I’m grateful and also sad by how many aren’t and the
only way I know how to break it is to push positivity and optimism and practical positivity
into the ecosystem. If you’re sitting in this audience today and you’re not happy and I mean this, like really ask yourself are you happy. It’s really been interesting to me to find something that works,
which is you have to change who you’re listening to. If you’re sitting in this audience today and you’re not happy, you have to change who you’re listening to. It’s scary to me that 85% of
the people that are here today are here for one reason,
they’re looking for something because most likely a parent
put them in a position that hasn’t allowed them
to feel fully comfortable. And so what has gotten me
more motivated than ever around this subject matter is this and I’m gonna keep going back to it. I would not be giving
this keynote 20 years ago because living a life
around putting out content on a platform that could reach
so many people wasn’t real. When the Internet wasn’t here, it was harder to do what you love. It was harder to be practical. You couldn’t work your day job and then start a whole
‘nother big career after because it was late at night
and the Internet didn’t exist so there was no scale. You know what, were you gonna open a store that was only open from
9:00 p.m. to midnight? It wasn’t practical, it is now. This is like I wish
everybody here understood, including me, how lucky we
are to be living in a world where the Internet is now a thing. Our grandparents didn’t
have these options. We must take advantage of this. And everybody thinks there’s a right way. There is no right way. There’s only your way. Some people are great at
writing, others are not. Some people are comfortable in front of a camera, others are not. Some people are good at
talking, others are not. The fact that you have
the ability to control how you put out information based on what you’re good at is remarkable. I don’t want you to have a video blog if you’re not comfortable
in front of a camera. It’s the reason I don’t write. All my written content
is Raghav on my team taking the transcription of my audio. I can’t write. I’ve written five New York
Times bestselling books and I can’t write. (audience laughing) I’m serious. This is important. I have a top 100 podcast and I don’t sit down and do a podcast. I stripped the audio out of my vlog. Can we hear it for D Rock,
he’s sitting on the ground. (audience cheering and applauding) I deploy self awareness and self esteem to reverse engineer myself to put myself in a position to succeed. It is my great hope that
I can inspire people to do the same, but it starts with being self-aware and having self esteem. I will give you the tactics one more time. I think you should post
on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, like it’s the same shit. It works for everybody who does it. The problem is you’re not doing it. And if you’re doing it, you’re so selfish that nobody wants to hear it. You understand? In a world where everybody
can put out content, it means you have to be good, bless you. It means that you have to be good. The way to be good is to
actually provide value. The way to provide value is actually care what they think, not what you think. It’s like this keynote. This keynote is a 100% gonna be content that brings you value, nothing else. That feels different than
if it was something else and that’s what an audience understands and so I want to put real
pressure on the framework, on the concept, on what’s
actually happening here, which is we are living
through a transitional transformative technology
known as the Internet. It is now finally 25 years old and mature, everybody has it, everybody
has it all the time, and the whole world is
getting flipped upside down and you have an opportunity
to take a piece of it. The problem is everybody
wants to take the whole piece. Everybody’s like Gary, I’m gonna build the next Twitter or Uber or Facebook. Everybody’s gonna build
a billion dollar company. News alert, you’re not building
a billion dollar company. How about just building
a company that you like and makes you happy? How about just doing
something you like every day? Everybody’s gotta, right? (audience applauding) Like how about that? How about people in here
realizing that they have a job that might pay them a little
bit more than something else, but they hate it but
they’re not willing to live in a more humble home or
drive a more humble car and so they have a miserable
job just to pay for shit that they have to impress other people that they don’t even like. How about that fucking conversation? (audience applauding) It has never been easier. And I don’t like using the word
easy, but I’m gonna say it. It has never been easier to make a $100,000 a year because of this. The problem is everybody thinks
you have to make a billion and the problem is nobody has humility to live a $100,000 lifestyle. I think we have to change the
conversation in our society. Not in Southeast Asia, not
in Malaysia, not in America, seven billion people need to change the conversation of
what success looks like. It is not to make a billion dollars. It is to actually wake up in the morning and be in a good mood. (audience applauding) And whether that is me, who loves the game of
entrepreneurship so much that he goes so hard every day ’cause he just loves what he does or if it’s somebody who only
wants to work 25 hours a week because all their other passions
are so interesting to them and that’s what is good for them, we have to allow for everything. We have to allow for everything, because everything is true
and everything is real and you need to figure out, my biggest fear of my
popularity is that you think you have to do it like me. The only hope I have when
you look at me is that you try to figure out your version of you that makes you as happy as
my version of me makes me. I want to remind everybody
here I’m 43 years old, which means when I loved
entrepreneurship in America, nobody else did, it was not popular. Only school. So I loved this thing
before it was this thing. And guess what? When the economies collapse, everybody’s gonna go
off of entrepreneurship and go back to a job and I’m
gonna still love this thing. When it’s not as cool as it is today. When there isn’t sneakers and fans, I’m gonna still like it because it’s mine. I’ve always done it and I always will. You need to figure out that for you. Not what your parents
think, not what I think, not what the comments think, you. (audience cheering and applauding) Yeah. How are we doing Q and A? Can, I want, I’d like, oh there
are the mics, I see it now. Okay, real quick ’cause I’m
gonna do a couple more minutes, but I’m gonna do another five, 10 minutes, but if you’ve got questions there’s mics all the way over there and all the way over there, so you should start lining
up now if you have questions ’cause I’m not gonna be able
to get to them all anyway, so this is your, wow, you’re
fucking running, I love, don’t push her, be careful,
Jesus fucking Christ. (audience laughing) While we’re setting up for questions, let me talk about a couple other things and hopefully that will
lead to the questions. I’m going very
philosophical on you, right? I think how many people
here have followed me for more than five years? Just curious, probably not a lot. Okay, appreciate it. Some of you will know it’s interesting that I’m going higher up. It’s uncomfortable for me. I don’t want to be a motivational speaker. I don’t want to talk in theory, but I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you the reason I keep going higher is because it’s been so clear what to do. Like I guess maybe you all, I write the books like it’s there. I put it out every day, it’s there. What has transpired over
the last three years, I’m like why are people
still not doing it? Like I can tell you exactly what to do. Figure out how you talk best, pictures, videos, written word, audio. Post it on Facebook,
LinkedIn, it’s that basic. That’s what’s led me to all the shit that I start thinking about, which is why, judgment,
insecurity, lack of confidence, faking it which then doesn’t
feel good after awhile so you’re stuck because
you know you’re lying. Right, and so my biggest concern is that when people push you to wealth quickly inevitably you have to fake it. And the reality is that’s why I talk about documenting it, not creating it, right? Just film, talk, talk about
trying to figure it out. That’s real. Talk about the judgment
of others, that’s real. But then talk about your expertise, what you want to sell, what you have. To me a couple years ago,
maybe five, six years ago. I wrote a book called
Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. The reason I did that was to
give everybody a framework. Give, give, give, and then ask. When you give you need to give. When you ask you need to ask. I’m here to give, this is a keynote, I will not sell you here. This is a keynote, I’m gonna give, but I’m also very comfortable
when my new sneaker comes out to post it on Instagram and say buy it. The problem is most people when they give, they give with expectation that they’re gonna get
something in return. That is the non definition of giving. When I give, I give. And if it doesn’t mean that, when I wrote Jab, Jab,
Jab, Right Hook I said, “Give, give, give, and then ask.” The way everybody heard it
give, give, give, and then take. We have to slow down. If you actually thought about
your life in a 50 year window or a 80 year window you would slow down. Everybody wants to succeed so fast ’cause they want to prove
something to somebody else. That makes you vulnerable. That makes you vulnerable. When you’re producing for more likes, when you’re producing
for more subscribers, when you’re producing for more money, when you’re producing for more fame, it makes you vulnerable. Produce to bring value to the other party so much so that it guilts them
into doing business with you. I mean it. You want to really build
something meaningful? Think about producing content
in a way that is so valuable that it guilts people
to do business with you. That is how I see brands that win, win. (audience applauding) Thank you. In that vein because so many
of you consume my content and I could be repeating my
tried-and-true things over and over and that will
bring you less value, I’m gonna move to Q and A, because it will get me into
a place of saying new things and bring you the most value. So thank you so much Malaysia, thank you. (audience applauding) Let’s do it. What’s your name? – [Brent] Brent and I’m
originally from Orlando, Florida but now here in Kuala Lumpur. – Awesome, how are you Brent? – Good, my question actually
isn’t for me, it’s for my son. He’s 10, his name’s Giovanni. – [Gary] Giovanni. – He wants to be a Twitch streamer. – [Gary] Sounds right. – But he struggles with his confidence. So I’m wondering if you
can give him a few words of what can he can do, what type of action that he can take every day
to build his confidence? – Giovanni, I think the question, you know and I see we’re recording this. Look, when you’re 10 years old, confidence is a very funny thing. You’re still forming as a human, but the reality is if you’re Twitching and you’re over responding to
how many subscribers you have or what your friends in school are saying, you’re not going to be
able to be successful and so you’re lucky
Giovanni to be able to start this process now, not
when you’re 45 years old. The quicker you get comfortable
with judgment of others, the more likely you’ll
be successful long term. The way to get your confidence up is to start enjoying the push back, is to start enjoying
people say that you can’t, is to start enjoying
the judgment of others who don’t understand. If you’re not comfortable
in your own framework, you’ll never succeed. (audience applauding) – [Brent] Thanks Gary. – You got it bro. – [Bilal] Hello? – [Gary] It’s on. – Hi, Gary. – [Gary] How are you? – I’m great. Sorry, I’m a bit nervous. – [Gary] No worries. – Okay, so my question is a bit long so I hope you guys don’t mind. Yeah, so I’m 27 years old. I’m from Arizona, my name is Bilal. And I came to Malaysia
when I was 19 years old and there was trials that
I went through with me and my sister and my family. So at the end of the day I lost my mom, so I had to start working. So I started this business
and cut story short, the business is still running until now. I’m 27, I started when I
was a freshman in college. The business did earn a lot of money, which we are selling,
it’s a clothing brand, but the problem that I’m facing is first of all I don’t give
a shit what people think, I never did I, never will. I used to sell in the street, in every single street you
can imagine, I’ve been there. I’ve been in a lot of newspaper, newspaper from Dubai, they wrote about me. I’ve been on a lot of local
TV channels here, everywhere, but then the business, I
cannot structure it properly. I tried hiring, firing, hiring, firing, and no one just wants to
do the fucking job Gary. Like I don’t know like
people are just, is it me? – [Gary] Yes. – I’m not giving the job properly? (audience laughing) – It’s a 100% you. Even the way that you’re casting
judgment on your employees already makes me know that
you’re not a good leader. – [Bilal] Maybe. – Not maybe. (audience applauding) – [Bilal] For sure. – For sure. – [Bilal] I’m trying to be one, but– – I believe you, I believe you. – [Bilal] I’ve been hustling for– – Listen, lemme tell
you one thing about me and I know you consume me. I only give advice that I
know the person can handle. That wasn’t fun for me to
say, but I believe you. – [Bilal] And I respect that. – And I believe you, which I respect, but the answer is it’s you. (audience applauding) – [Bilal] Thank you. – And so the number one mistake
that people like you and I that come from the street and work hard is we expect our employees to work hard, but the problem is they
don’t own the business. You can’t ask an employee
to work as hard as you or you create a fake expectation versus how much you compensate them. That’s like asking
somebody to love your child as much as you love them. It’s not natural. You work for them, they
don’t work for you. D Rock’s my boss. I try to reverse engineer him and so the biggest mistake people make and why they can’t build
scalable businesses is they have selfish
expectations of their employees. (audience applauding) – [Bilal] Thank you, appreciate it man. – Makes sense? – Yeah, but I’m just you know, I’m mentally tired from
running this business it just– – [Gary] Sell it. – No, I’m not giving up. I’m not giving up. – When you start, listen
you need be careful and I don’t know every detail, but selling a business
doesn’t mean giving up. You might sell it to put yourself in a position to be way better. – [Bilal] I learn every day. – I get that, but like
listen, perspective matters. I’m listening very carefully to you. The first part was very easy I said, “You just by the way you said it.” If you believe selling a
business means giving up, you’re gonna be in a very big trap. If you’re burnt out from it
or kind of getting close to it even if you’re not fully there,
you need to be thoughtful. Selling a business or giving
up 20% of the business to somebody else who’s hungry, who might not be burnt out, that’s called being
strategic, not giving up. (audience applauding) – [Bilal] Appreciate it man. – [Max] Hi, Gary. – How are you? – [Max] Hi Gary, I’m Max. – Max. – So I took everything I learned from you and I found Just Story. So Just Story is a social media platform. On Just Story our users can
share anything they want, but the only view contents
that they care about and then we connect them
with other like-minded users who share similar interests with them. So currently none of the
other social media apps in the world is able to do that. So will you please download
and check out our app? I’m sure you’re gonna love it and we’d love to have you as
an investor for our startup. If it takes off potentially
billions of people around the world will know your name and you will secure your legacy forever. Can I please know what’s the best way for me to keep in touch with you? – You can email me and I’ll
take a look at the app. – [Max] Okay, great, thanks. – You’re welcome. (audience applauding) (chuckling) Yo. – [Surat] Hello, Gary. – How are you? – Hello everyone, I’m great. My name is Surat Ibrahim from Nigeria and I know it’s quite weird. I’m quite nervous, but I
don’t know where I’m gathering the courage to talk from. I’ve been watching you
for only god knows when, five years, six years, I’m not sure. – [Gary] Thank you. – And all my siblings and all. So I’m a photographer, by the way shout out to
D Rock, I look up to him. – [Gary] I get it. – So I come from Africa and in Nigeria everyone is just getting
introduced to things like the technology, don’t get me wrong, we have it, we have it,
but like the young world is just getting into business and everyone is just so excited. The new blood is getting in the field. So I try my best to
create content my own way to sell it to people. of course yeah, I have my
own issues as you said, if you do it for yourself then you’re not doing the right thing, yeah. Sometimes I do the content for myself. I post it for myself, because I like it. I don’t consider the client
first or the audience first. – And there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially because the next day you can post something for them, but it’s important when you you’re doing something for yourself that that means it may not be
bringing value to somebody else thus you can’t expect something from them. There’s nothing wrong with
doing everything selfish for yourself, just recognize that that’s not gonna make anybody love that. – Yeah, so the thing is
I have a few students, photography students that I teach. I held some workshops back home in Nigeria by popular demand, so
sometimes you see the audience would be so pumped to
sign up to some workshops and things, but when you put them out, no one would show up or
maybe sometimes your pricing or maybe my pricing would
be a bit expensive to them. While to me I’m kind of
under pricing my product. – But they’re right, you’re wrong. You have to understand why. If they’re not buying,
they’re not interested. That means you’re overpriced. It doesn’t matter what you think. – So how do you think
I can send a message, I really need to send a message– – [Gary] Lower the price. Lower it. – Okay. (audience laughing and applauding) – Okay, first of all, first of all, I’m not
being insistent here, but I use really high end– – They don’t care. (audience laughing) My friend the market is always right. Nobody gives a shit about your problems. Lower your price. – [Surat] That’s an important
message by the way– – It’s a very important message. When you’re trying to
sell something to somebody and they’re not buying,
it’s not their fault. But that’s what you’re trying to say, which makes you a bad salesman. – [Surat] Thank you sir. – It means you’re audacious and you lack the humility to
build a scalable business. – [Surat] That’s what I want to hear. – You got it. – [Surat] Thank you sir. – You’re welcome. – [Surat] I love you. (audience applauding) – [Nene] Hello, Gary. – [Gary] Hello. – My name is Nene Chang. – [Gary] It’s nice to meet you. – I am the co-founder of
a community organization called Mompreneur Asia. Therefore I think that
my question would benefit not only myself but other
mothers and parents out there. – [Gary] Amazing. – So I have a son who is super talented. He had his own TV show on
our Malaysia satellite TV at the age of eight years old. He can sing, he can talk, and
he loves the digital world. He wants to get into YouTube, so I think that mothers who
are in the digital economy needs to walk the talk, right? So I need to know how that I can support my son or my daughter so that he could get
into the digital world, social media, do YouTube
video, do social media posting. He’s 11, I have 11 year old
and a six year old by the way. They love, love social media, but how can me as a parent support them doing that effectively
and be safe about it? – By watching what they’re doing. (audience laughing) – [Nene] I mean techniques,
techniques or strategy. – Keeping them safe is watching them. I think what you’re asking me is not how to keep them safe,
how to help him grow. – Correct, how to keep them, I mean how to have them move forward. – By giving them the
framework and the freedom to put out the content without putting the pressure of it being successful. The number one mistake
that everybody’s making in social media is they want followers. You want to help them? Tell your son and then your
six-year-old daughter I guess, to not worry about how
many subscribers they have. – What about content? What kind of content? – Whatever the fuck they want to make. (audience laughing and applauding) It’s true, it’s true. I mean it, don’t overthink it. If you overthink the success, your kids are gonna have no shot. I mean it. – [Nene] Thank you. – You’re welcome. (audience applauding) – [Saut] All right, hey man. – Hey man. – My name is Saut. Okay, so first time I ever saw you online I was pissed off. I was just so fucking pissed off, I was like who the fuck is this asshole to tell me I’m doing all my shit wrong? And I was so triggered, but I
just kept watching your shit. (audience laughing) And like I know you’ve said a
lot of things over the years, but I think the biggest thing that hit me was the fact that you said
everyone has to be kind and it’s all about your intention. I just want to say thank you for that, because I feel like
our society these days, everyone’s lost the meaning
of the word kindness and you were the one who
started spreading that back into our society. – Thank you. (audience applauding) Thank you for saying that. And brother, you know
what’s really powerful about your story? I’m willing to be
unliked up front to help. The reason I triggered you is because I put pressure on your bullshit. (audience laughing) I mean it, I know you know and that’s why you were thoughtful. You had the strength inside
to know it subconsciously, which is why you stayed. The reason the people that
you know that don’t like me, don’t like me is because I’m not willing to let you bullshit, because
if I let you bullshit you’ll become entitled and you’ll lose. Kids love when I’m like tell your parents to go fuck themselves, right? They love that. (audience laughing) But kids don’t like when I say hey, if your parents want you to go to college and you want to start a business, you need to leave and you can’t require your parents to help you. Kids love when I say screw the parents, but they hate it when I say, but if you’re gonna go do your own thing you’ve got to do it. You’ve got to get a shitty
job and a shitty apartment and you got to eat shit. Kids want to do what they want, but they want their parents
to fund their dream. That’s when kids don’t like me as much. (audience laughing) So that’s the game. (audience applauding) – [Vis] Hi, Gary. – How are you? – I’m good. I’m Vis. No questions, I mean you post
so much valuable content, Gary Archives, all the interviews. I just wanted to say from the
bottom of my heart, thank you. – [Gary] Thank you brother. – Man, you’re amazing. – [Gary] Thank you so much. – I’m glad someone like
you exists in the world. – That means a lot to me. Thank you so much, thank you for coming. That was very kind. (audience applauding) – [Aisha] Hi Gary. – [Gary] How are you? – Good, thanks. My name’s Aisha. And I’m actually originally
from New Zealand, but I lived in Malaysia for 22 years and Malaysia is a fantastic place. – [Gary] I agree. (audience applauding) – Hopefully I’ll be here ’till the day I die, so that’s that. Firstly, I’d like to thank
you for giving us all a damn good talking to,
because I think what you say really hits people because
it’s the absolute truth and the lies that we all
live is absolutely true. So anyway– – Can I, I’m gonna add on this. I’ll tell you why. I’m more interested in
being historically correct, so I have a proper legacy than to make money in the short term. (audience applauding) It’s better. – Anyway, I have a language center here. I own and operator language center. It’s very successful. We are moving to digital in
terms of online learning. Currently we have an app,
which is doing very well. We’re about to launch an
actual fully comprehensive online year sell on the system. And the question I have is that, that online system that we have now that we’re about to launch is really good, but it does require desktop learning. – [Gary] That’s a problem. – Yeah, they need to use a keyboard. So my question is we want to go mobile. – [Gary] You have to. Because you’re creating too much friction. I don’t remember the last
time I saw a real computer. (audience laughing) – [Aisha] So what do
you see as the future? – Not a desktop computer. (audience laughing) No, I love that you’re on it, right? Like you have to, I know it’s painful when your infrastructure
is built on something else, it’s money, it’s time
but nobody’s going back. So you have to make it mobile first. – So how do you see the mobile technology developing to be able to
encompass learning that involves– – [Gary] A keyboard? – Well, not a keyboard but– – But notice where you’re
about to go, it is a keyboard. – But what what do you see the future of the keyboard as then? – Similar to the future of the pager. (audience laughing) In a museum. (Aisha laughing) (audience applauding) See ya, thank you. – [Ashley] Hi, Gary. – How are you? – Hi, I’m Ashley Camellia. So first of all, if it’s not
because of two years back, November, one of your keynotes, I am literally not on any
social content at all. So right after that it’s only
the right moment of time, so within two years, right now I’m running a social media agency
that a team is in the US and I’m serving US client. – [Gary] Amazing, congratulations. – So I want to thank you for that and as two years goes through, like for me and my team, we’re discovering the
more niche in the market where we specialize in gifts marketing. So I did realize that
in last year, Christmas, you do a recap, they’re gonna
grow more on gifts marketing as well as hiring in
your team for you know, gifts animator and whatnot. For even this year we start
to in your newsletter, you start putting in
timestamp for all our gifts to incorporate into a smaller content. So like for this route like I’m totally with the same power with
you since last year. We start implementing
to all of our clients, like totally, we do it
like for personal branding. And what is like your future or vision or vision for being
like this type of niche. It’s very specific. And more too was leveraging into instead of creating shorties, this is much more
consumable like on replay, smaller content on all the community. – So are you asking me how viable is being very one-dimensional
around gifts marketing? – Incorporating gifts into
all other social platform and leveraging building up the committee for personal branding versus like in the traditional way gifts have– – Gifts for personal branding
is a very good tactic and a very tried-and-true thing
that will last for a while. Gift communication is now in our culture and has a very long tail to it. I just would tell you that
it’s always a vulnerability to be too one-dimensional. So I believe in it, you just
don’t want somebody like VaynerMedia to also do
that, but everything else and they don’t want to work with you because you’re just one-dimensional. So keep, but if you’re
the best at that dimension then you will always
have a seat at the table. So it’s a strategic decision
that you have to make. – And you’re visioning
like if this in the future, is this gonna be the next like, like the it thing for
another platform of leverage? Like before Givi and Sonar like
they’re growing from there. – I don’t think so I think it’s just part of the conversation. Gifts and emojis and slang, it’s just a form of communication. I don’t think it’s a platform in itself. It’s how we communicate in platforms. – We did incorporate into like
community group management and we see a huge increase of growth. and the engagement growth
using the thought leaders as the brand itself so we can see that we come in hand together with– – Don’t ever get too
romantic about one tactic, because then you become vulnerable. So use this as the foundation
to build on top of. Or become the best in
the world in just it. Those are your only two options. – So last question is– – [Gary] I’m gonna move
because I’m running out of time and I’m not gonna get to everybody. – Okay, got it, got it. (audience applauding) – [Woman] Hi, Gary. – Hi. – [Woman] I just want
to say I’m a huge fan. – Thank you. – And you changed my
life like in high school. I’m in my final year in high school (audience laughing) and I’ve had like a hard time
finding friends or you know. (audience laughing) But you’ve gotten me
through all of the hard days and you’ve inspired me, so my question is I’m an athlete and I’m into sports science and you always say like turn
your passion into a business ’cause you can monetize anything, right? – [Gary] Yes. – So I was thinking
okay, I’ll go to college, I’ll go to university, get
a sport science degree, and then open a gym or an institute. But then I realized like maybe I don’t have to go to college. Maybe I can just start a business and find a sports scientist
to partner up with me. – [Gary] You could. – Yeah, but I also think
I should go to college because it’s a good experience. I just feel really lost– – [Gary] Can I put you
in a very good mood? – [Woman] Yes, please. – Whichever one you choose, you’ll never know how the other
one would have played out. – [Woman] Yeah, that’s true. – No really, and I’m gonna
use this for everybody. Everybody’s so crippled by decisions, but you never know how the
other thing worked out. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you don’t go to college and you start this business
and you were a 100% right and it’s huge and you’re doing so great, but because you did that,
you had to fly to America for a big meeting and your
plane crashed and you died. (audience laughing) That would be a bad idea. Or you think you’re gonna go to college ’cause it’s a good experience
and you’ll meet people, you could meet people in a business. You’re not gonna know. As some of you guys know I
famously passed on Uber twice, which means currently I missed
out on 600 million dollars. You could think that’s a mistake or if I would have invested an Uber maybe I’d be somewhere else right now and picking up a disease that
would kill me a year later. Maybe. I think people overthink decisions. You’ll never know what the
alternative would have been. So just pick one and do it. – So you’re saying that
if I don’t go to college, I won’t out on anything? (audience laughing) Like are you… – No, I understand what you’re asking and everybody here thought it. – Because it’s nice to
have a safety, right? – Yeah, I just don’t think your degree is as safe as you think. (audience applauding) – Yeah, that’s true. – I mean that and and
by the way, by the way, like it’s an important conversation. Parents grew up in an era
where a degree was safe, but companies, guys watch the world, the biggest companies
in the world every day are stopping requiring college degrees. It’s just not as valuable. But it might be, but for you, forget about a general concept, for you maybe that degree
would have been good. What I’m saying is you’re not gonna know, so choose, live, and then
if it works out, great, and if it doesn’t adjust. Everybody thinks they can
have the perfect decision, there is no perfect decision. There’s just life. So pick and be happy with it. (audience applauding) – [Woman] Thank you so
much Gary, I love you. – [Gary] I love you back. – [Man] Hi, Gary. – How are you? – I’m good, how are you? – [Gary] Tremendous. – Okay, just a quick story. I actually applied for VaynerMedia. I followed your content
for five years already and it’s been amazing so far. Yeah so I applied for
VaynerMedia like four years so one year into watching your content. Tried for two years, didn’t get any reply. I tried for internship. I even tried for work for free, but I didn’t get any replies but all good, but my question is actually how would you actually identify what are you actually doing right now is the right thing for you? – [Gary] As a human? – As a human, as in a career. – [Gary] Completely the same answer I just gave that young woman. You have no idea. – When would you know? – [Gary] When you die. (audience laughing) – Cool, cool, thanks. – You’re welcome. (audience applauding) Guys and I know it’s
like fun and everything, but it’s the truth. You don’t know. Like there is no, there’s no time machine. There’s no future machine. We’re all over analyzing everything. Like how do you know, you don’t. This is why I keep trying to push people, the only thing that I know seems
practical is are you happy? Are you happy today? Feels like it’s the right thing. This is important. it’s you you can’t analyze, like I didn’t know that
starting a YouTube show for my wine business
was gonna be the reason that I was gonna have a
huge investing career. I couldn’t see that. There’s a million things I’ve done wrong. It’s ’cause I didn’t do something that would have set me somewhere else, but I have no idea, you
don’t know, you don’t. – Hi, Gary. – [Gary] Hi. – First of all, I just want to say that even though I didn’t
follow you like anybody other else there but I
just fucking love you. You are the one and only
that I’ve ever paid for a seminar or like a conference like this. – [Gary] Thank you so much. – And second of all, I’m actually, I would say that I run two business. One is RSEC and one is Lumo PLT. I would like to see advice from you that, what would be your advice
for someone like me? I’m kind of like a jack of all trade. – [Gary] Me too. – And I like a lot of stuff but– – [Gary] Don’t let don’t let
other people tell you to focus. – Really? – [Gary] Of course
’cause that’s your focus. – But don’t you feel like you never really achieve something– – [Gary] Nope. That just means that you’re
creative and entrepreneurial. I need to do a hundred things and I don’t mind if 20 of them fail, because for me to just focus on one thing doesn’t work for me. So when people say to you, “Hey, you should focus on one thing” That’s people who don’t fucking know what the fuck they’re talking about. (audience applauding) What they’re saying,
what they’re saying is for me, for me I would do well
with focusing on one thing. This is why I give general
advice and then when I do Q and A I give specific advice, right? No, you’re like a lot
of people, me included, which is you enjoy doing multiple things. It keeps you fresh and creative. Your lack of focus is your focus. Just like it is for me. – [Woman] I also want to
say you’re just as handsome as from the YouTube. – Thank you. (laughing) – [Woman] Thank you so much. (audience applauding) – [Man] Hi, Gary. – How are you gonna follow that up bro? – Wow, man. (audience laughing) So like I follow a lot
of fitness YouTubers and they are like you,
having someone filming them. And I want to do a kind of fitness channel and traveling style channel, but I’m always by myself. so should I hire someone or
should I just look for someone who wants to do the same thing? – Can you put your mic closer, I want to make sure I understood. You follow a bunch of YouTube
influencers for fitness and they do what? – [Man] They have like a D Rock. – A D Rock, got it and you’re asking? – And I want to do a kind
of fitness traveling channel so I’m asking if I should hire someone– – [Gary] Or do it like Casey? – I’ll do like a Casey– – [Gary] Yeah, well
what do you want to do? – So man. (audience laughing) – [Gary] Listen the this
is the theme of the whole, of all the Q and A, there’s no right way, there’s right for you. So can you afford to pay someone? – [Man] Yeah, I could. – Do you like the idea of having company? – [Man] Kind of. – No, but by the way, I appreciate you. The answer is actually no, right? – [Man] Yeah. – And that’s fine, that’s amazing. – Yeah, it’s like I have someone they’re not going to do
like what I’m thinking so— – [Gary] So then the
answer to your question is you should not hire someone. – Yeah okay, thank you. – You’re welcome. (audience applauding) Guys, my time is up. Thank you so much KL. (audience cheering) Thank you.

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