The Nature of Thoughts, Telepathic Gifts & Healing Anxieties JRF Podcast #217

The Nature of Thoughts, Telepathic Gifts & Healing Anxieties JRF Podcast #217

Hello everybody and welcome to today’s podcast. My name is Jill Renee Feeler. I’m so glad that you’re here today and checking this out. I always intend for something that we offer to be new and fresh, or maybe reassuring. Or maybe it’s confirmation of something that you thought about before. But either way, I’m intending for this to make the world a better place. That’s a big task, right? But I can, but we can try. Right? I’m idealistic enough to think we can make a difference. Anyway, before we get started here, let’s just do a brief connecting exercise. Let’s take some nice deep breaths and I’ll encourage you to feel yourself beyond your brain. Okay, so let’s just relax your shoulders, wiggle your fingers a little bit, wiggle your toes a little bit as you take some nice deep breaths here. Just feel your body get heavy. Notice your mind and notice your thoughts and recognize that there’s more going on within you, you have more grasp than just what you’re thinking. Okay, good job. Samson. Please don’t lick, good boy. Okay. All right. Okay, and I would like you to imagine that there is if your eyes are closed, a source of light behind your eyes, so a nice deep breath, and then just imagining that with your eyes closed, that there’s a light within you. Notice I said imagine, so if you can’t see many light with your eyes closed, that’s okay. We’re imagining that the light is there because there is much more going on beyond your five human senses, okay, good job. Okay. Nice, okay. We’d also like you to imagine that within your belly, there is a sort of like a ball of energy. It’s not a ball that creates tension or disease of any kind. It’s just to feel the consciousness. And it relates to your gut instinct, and curiosities that you have and things that you that you know, and things that you think you know, and we’re just giving that ball of gut instinct, more openness and more space, to consider new truths, to consider new ideas and fresh perspectives, to potentially help you be an even more amazing, productive, successful, joyful, happy or even just effective version of yourself in this reality. Okay? Alright. Alright, again wiggle those fingers wiggle those toes. Good job. I’m going to get a sip of water here because my throat is still tickly. Okay, so for those that are new here, what do we do? I always like to kind of play with how I describe it. We are going beyond the five human senses of humanity and I learned about 10 years ago that I’m really good at this and I didn’t know that I was good at this. So what I’ll be sharing with you today is nothing I’ve rehearsed. It’s nothing I’ve researched, I’m not, you know, parroting back information that I have notes on in front of me, I have no notes. I have no script and I have an idea of a topic and that’s it. This is my way of sort of allowing my brain to recognize that it’s not we’re not going to teach something that we have, you know, received from this world. We’re going into an unexplored state of consciousness that I have access to and I’ll be offering what I get from that connection and so far so good. This process seems to work well and people seem to like it. I love what comes through and anyway, so here we go. Alrighty. Okay. We’re totally going to do that. Okay. So we’re going to talk today about the nature and the, let’s say structure of thoughts and we may delve into the realm of meditation, as it relates to attuning the human body and your human experience to be more friendly, let’s say more complimentary to the human brain and the thought experiencing process, okay and I’m, I feel like I’m being put on notice as Jill, that there will be things that we talk about today that may surprise me and I like to be surprised. So I’m kind of excited too. Okay. So the nature of thoughts. Yes, my team just said start with your context of How it all came about for you, okay? Because many of them have not heard it. So I am. I’m a very thinky type of person. And prior to my knowing myself in this way as Jill, I was, I would probably describe myself as completely in my head. I wasn’t unhappy. I wasn’t miserable. I had a great life and I liked my Jill. But I would definitely get unnecessarily anxious and stressed out, and I would overthink things and I still have a bit of the overthinking part, but it may be it’s one of my strengths. Who knows. But I remember the moment when I was starting to be aware of, of the esoteric nature of thoughts and energy and in our reality here and things like that. So I was more open to sort of this supernatural, I guess, in a way and I was sitting in our house at the time my daughter, my youngest daughter, Georgia was she would have been, let’s say she’s 14 now she would have been four, three or four at the time, probably three, and she was sitting on my lap, and I was, she was eating her cereal. No one else was home. Or maybe my other daughter was asleep. Anyway, the house was quiet. No news was on I was not on my phone. I was just sitting there thinking and she’s sitting on my lap and she said, she kind of leaned back into me because she was on my lap and she said, Are you on your phone? and I said, I go, No, I’m not on my phone and she kind of looked back at me and she said, Well, why did you say Obama? and at that time, if I have the dates correct, Obama wasn’t a household word. He was still. Hillary Clinton at the time was still the strongest running mate to get the Democratic nomination for us presidency at that time. So Obama wasn’t like a household word like obviously it is now. So even her knowing the word Obama was kind of odd, but I was just, I was freaked out because I was thinking about Obama and I was thinking about the Democratic debate the night before, and the conversation I expected to have with some of my co workers when I was working at Memjet home and office a printing technology company, I did strategic planning and financial analysis and strategic analysis for that at the time and I was thinking about a conversation with some of my friends about Obama. So I’m thinking it, I’m not saying it I don’t think Georgia had ever heard the word Obama. So literally she’s reading my mind and I’m sitting there just going oh my God like, shit. Like she’s reading my and my mind was just all over the place at the recognition. So then I kind of as a curious person would do I wanted to sort of test it out. Is she really reading my mind? So amidst the panic of it of Oh my God, my daughter can read my mind and what does that mean? To lets, is this real? So I thought in my mind, Georgia, I love you so much and I didn’t say it. I just thought it just like I was thinking Obama and she leaned into me like a hug. As if to say I love you back. So she clearly in my I can’t prove it. But to me, she responded as if she was reading my mind and that was the validation I needed and then it was like, holy crap, you know Because then, you know, I’m sort of really with the idea that what else am I thinking? and do I want her or my other daughter to be able to know what I’m thinking Are my thoughts nice enough about everything? Am I messing them up by them being able to basically telepathically pick up on what I’m thinking? Because I’m a stressed out person. Am I going to make them stressed out? You know, anyway, it’s just like, geez, there’s, there’s obviously things you would say and you wouldn’t say to your three year old or we also had a six year old Olivia’s three years older at the time, there are obviously things you don’t say to your kids, for very good, loving, protective reasons. So imagine if it doesn’t matter whether you say it or not, they know what you’re thinking, the level of exposure, you’d feel right. So that to me was like, I gotta get my shit together. Because I had proof that she was reading my mind and I wanted that to be a pleasant experience for her for and my other daughter was showing some sort of connectedness and the openness to seeing it. That was very similar. So it was like, okay, so I wanted to learn to meditate. I did get some a meditation CD that sort of walked you through chakras and all the stuff was totally new to me at the time. But it was really frustrating and unsatisfying when I was beginning because I just felt like my mind just had full run, to just think everything and I felt like all I did was lie there quietly while I was creating more to do lists, and overthinking a lot of things and then at some point, I remember I had the guided meditation on and don’t worry, we are going to get to the nature of thoughts. It’s just this is the context I know a lot of you can relate to this. I had the sort of inner lead to turn off the guided meditation. So that’s what I did. It was on some stereo thing. So I got up, I turned off the meditation and then I just got quiet and I noticed a ringing in my ears and I, for some reason had the idea of going into the ringing in my ears and that was like, that was a thought I wouldn’t have normally thought, let’s go into, how do you go into, you don’t do physically right. How do you go into something, the ringing in your ears in your attention and your consciousness and your awareness? But I did. And there it, that was sort of a breakthrough for me that was it. That seemed like an original thought that I wouldn’t have had and no one would have told me to do and no one could have told me to do so that was kinda cool and then I remember another breakthrough for me in terms of being a very tangible, show it to me prove it to me, let me see it, touch it, smell it, you know, kind of person. I, my eyes were closed and I saw colors, like a psychedelic sort of experience and I was like, and I remember noticing part of my brain observing, how am I seeing colors when my eyes are closed? How am I seeing anything with my eyes closed? and obviously, I’m an imaginative, creative person. But that was sort of a Okay something else is happening here and it was exciting and it was sort of like, well, that’s kind of cool. At some point, there was this further dedication to meditation and I felt like I was getting really good at it. So I would spend 90 minutes, you know, in meditation and it just really Oh God, It just felt so good. I mean, sometimes even like orgasmically good. I mean, it was just like, wow, this is amazing. But yet I still obviously wanted to be part of the living world and I think that my, the physical world and my I think my daughters and my family played a good role in that I could have maybe gone too far into all of that had I not had those grounding mechanisms of needing to get the girls from school and, you know, make sure there’s food in the fridge, those sorts of things. So I had that, I liked the balance that I had and have in my life in those ways. But I remember that as I began to sort of successfully meditate by my definition, I never did a meditation retreat. I never asked someone to teach me how to meditate. For whatever reason, I wanted to sort of figure it out on my own and make my way into these other esoteric layers of energy. But I remember my thoughts getting more calm. I remember feeling more calm. I remember feeling less, just in general, just quieter in myself and that was heaven. It literally it was like heaven and I also have this, you know, initial motivator of Hey, I’m not thinking things I wouldn’t want my kids to know I’m thinking, right. So that was huge And that was important for me, I believe with my work and what I have just begun to sort of offer to my clients in either their private sessions or in like a Q&A with the course I’m offering or something like that is that your thoughts are kind of like, clouds in the sky. They’re like thought bubbles. So the clouds in the sky, they’re fluffy, they’re light. They’re not like hitting you over the head thoughts I think in their purest sense and Metatron is now like okay now let me help okay. Thoughts are not always from your own energy field. Thoughts can be part of the collective parts can be thoughts can be something that is inserted into this reality for benevolent and malevolent reasons. Thoughts can be thoughtless thoughts can be less seemingly what we would call less conscious without necessarily purpose and maybe even with some recklessness to them. Thoughts can be very conscious, very not well thought out but well positioned in the space time collective of wanting to make a difference and wanting to have a upgraded outcome offered to whomever receives the thought and chooses to think the thought. So when you understand, when you appreciate that nature of thoughts as sort of fluffy things that sort of float by then our hope would be that you have more authority over what thoughts you actually think what thoughts you actually grab on to as meaningful and relevant for you. Okay. So in our view, a healthy person has healthy thoughts, healthy thoughts about themselves healthy thoughts about others, healthy defined as promoting the well being of your humaneness and the humaneness of those around you that interact with you, not harmful to you nor harmful to another person. There are definitely instances Where we observe somebody’s nature of thinking as extremely toxic. And that can be undone. I mean, that’s probably one of the main reasons people seek out therapy, or spirituality or meditation or mindfulness or something like that is they’re trying to reorient their system of being which includes their thoughts. Now I’m going to step in here as Jill. I remember having thoughts related to being in danger. For example, if my husband was away traveling and I were home alone before we had kids and I’m thinking okay, yes, we have Riley or German Shepherd, but he’s not really a trained guard dog and I’d seen enough you know, scary movies to know to be able to easily imagine all these horrible scenarios that could come out of with me home alone, with an untrained German Shepherd, that could be taken out so easily with you know, poison dog food or whatever. I remember being that version of Jill Every time my husband traveled early in our marriage, I would not sleep well I’d be tired the next day at work and it was just it wasn’t a fun place to be in my Jill when Jeff was traveling because my imagination would go off in all these places and obviously none of them happened to me none of those bad things ended up coming to fruition but I was certainly dedicating a lot of time and energy as if I was preventing something from happening by thinking about it. Which, it doesn’t work that way. Right. So I just, I remember, I do have a very distinctive in that way alone before and after of the Jill when I had these you know, kind of sort of dark cloud thoughts that I grabbed on to like oh my God yes, that’s right, that could happen and now I noticed that even if I’m getting on a you know, something that seems more risky, even though driving my car through my little hometown is probably more risky than getting on a plane. I think more about oh my God, what if there’s an accident on the plane when I sit on the plane? Pretty much every time there’s a moment of what if, what if, what if this is the end, you know, but it feels so different now because now the way that I am as Jill that thought it doesn’t hit me over the head, the thought is sort of like more, maybe pragmatic. It’s like, yeah, that could happen. It’s very doubtful that it will happen. I don’t imagine it happening and so I don’t have the anxiety that maybe a former Jill would have had about something like that, right? Or maybe a lot of you have different associated fears or anxieties or panics about certain situations. So my trick with the airplane thing in a more expanded version of myself is I acknowledge that there is a risk. That’s true. Something bad could happen. Literally the statistics and I kind of nerded out in statistics, even in college. Even in graduate with my MBA, I love stats, even the calculation of statistics I was there, it’s just so fun expanded formulas that freak people out and like yes, I can do it. So the statistics of the chances the probabilities of me getting in an airplane accident crash are so low. So I have that moment and then I do this, can I imagine myself and everybody else on this plane, successfully walking off the plane at our destination, and getting to where we need to go? and every single time for me, I’m able to grasp that scenario and go, yep, I can see that happening and it’s almost like I insert another thought that can be alongside the fear based thought and then I’m good. I’m really good. So I’ve never had it put to the test where I’m in terrible turbulence, or in the air crash or anything like that. So that would be something else to talk about and see. See how that goes. I would love to tell about it right? But there’s this sort of self soothing, self calming mechanism that I have related to my thoughts now that I can manage it and now, and I don’t know when this happened, but at some point, I just decided, oh, it was when we had kids, I bet at some point as I was responsible for my kids related to something bad happening, if my husband was traveling or whatever, I just realized this, I need my sleep, number one, and I need to address this issue. So I need to overcome these thoughts. Because they’re not helping me. They’re making things worse And if something bad happens, I’ll just have to face it and do the best I can. And, you know, let it be it is going to be what it is going to be and I’ll do what I can and there we go and I think that sort of put me back in the driver’s seat of my thoughts in that way, this was even pre activation. So Now I don’t even have those thoughts when my husband is traveling and he travels all the time. I don’t even, I don’t lay awake wondering, you know, how could somebody get in the house? But I used to so we do have a lot of authority over our thoughts and our system of thoughts and what we sort of put our name on. And I sense that there’s a lot of confusion about thoughts that you have, like if you have a bad thought about someone or bad thought about yourself that you’re responsible for the thought. I mean, it’s not great to have unproductive or unhealthy thoughts about yourself or another person, but you don’t have to necessarily assign too much meaning to them. If you’re not actually acting on them. They can just be random. Okay, for those of you that have random, unhealthy or just unhelpful thoughts, I do like the idea that you feel more authority and empowerment within yourself of it’s, So what? You had a thought didn’t mean you have to do anything with it. It’s great when you do have a system where you don’t have to constantly manage your thoughts because the system is flowing more freely and this will bring me into the next part of this conversation in a second. But one of the ways that you get there is deciding which thoughts you will act upon, and which thoughts you do feel sort of ownership for, you have the option and I think this is definitely what I did, even though I didn’t know I was doing it, where I sort of became a curator of a system of Jill that allowed for a series of thoughts and topics that I like and that make me or assist me in being a version of Jill that I like best and that I feel works best in this world by my own standards. It’s great to be able to sit for an hour with no one, just yourself and feel at home, in yourself, with your thoughts being conducive to liking your time alone and liking silence, right that there is silence, not this constant chattering and that sort of thing. So there’s a whole bunch of kind of components to that. One is that when I’m sitting in silence, I’m not trying to do a job of meditating anymore. I’m enjoying the process of me being Jill and I feel like ownership for what I am as Jill, right? So I’m not in silence to try to get a message. I’m not in silence to try to, you know, hear from my team. And I think that sometimes that approach actually leads to a level of spiritual anxiety that is really unnecessary. If you recognized how sovereign you are And that what we sometimes call our spiritual support teams or our guides, or our eternal self, or what I’m starting to now think of as our infinite self, they’re not barking orders at you. This isn’t a game show, where they’re trying to get you to do something. There’s a serenity to it, that they’re honoring you in your life and the, the wide range of decisions and choices you make on an everyday basis and I definitely believe and then I’m very passionate about this, the notion of free will, because to me, it ties so directly to our concept of being sovereign. Not that you can control your life and not that you can control what happens to you in this life, but that you have some degree of control over who and what you are and how the world responds to you. You can’t control But you can control how you respond to how this world responds to you Okay, Okay, I’m getting a bit Dr. Seuss-ish there. So for anyone here that is intrigued by this idea that you have more authority over your thoughts, than maybe you thought you did, which of your thoughts and thinking time is possibly used to your detriment? Maybe it is anxieties. Maybe it is a panic disorder even about a certain thing. What if those thoughts are just thoughts? What if they don’t need to take you over? Like they may have been, right? So similar to my example of the sitting on the plane and recognizing that, that there could be a plane crash and there would probably be nothing I could do about it right? To some people, that’s the beginning of a downward spiral of a panic anxiety, or a panic attack, but in another version of you that you’d create, right? It could be that, that thought isn’t scary. That you develop a sense of maybe maturity with the risk in this world that yes, that could happen and that you’re an adult, right? You’re a savvy, mature adult Functioning and maybe wanting to be even higher functioning individual that wants to have more say in how you respond to the thoughts that you think. Okay. So then you’re not at the mercy of what you’re thinking, and maybe you’re not even so much then at the mercy of the situation that you have a truer sense of, I’ve got this, and I’ll do what I can that there’s some of it, I can’t control. It’s silly to pretend I can control all of that. So let’s just be honest with ourselves about the risks that are there. I’ll figure it out. Maybe that, you know, corner case, worst case scenario will never happen. It hasn’t happened so far. And if it does, it does and that’s life right there’s this is an unsafe reality, right! and I do notice in my quiet work that there for a lot of people that have some degree of anxiety or panic likelihood in their even daily experience that there is a fearful sort of inner child version that I see within their second chakra that sort of is sort of like hiding behind the mom’s dress like it’s not safe here yet so we’re trying to wait till it’s safe and what I like to offer them based on the advice and leadership of their team is, it’s not safe here. Come out from behind the your mom, you know the dress skirt, and acknowledge that life is not, Earth is not safe Earth is filled with risks. That pretending that it’s going to get safe is not, to me it’s dishonest. It’s not smart and I don’t think it’s working. Right. So then when you treat, when you just like you would a child that’s you know facing a risk or something you may be depending on their age you may be set them on your lap and you say, okay, no, you know, this is what happens if you run in the street, right? This is why we do this to try and prevent it and try and stay safe, but accidents happen and sometimes accidents cause pain and death and all those things. I remember with my daughters, and this was post my activation when they weren’t quite grasping the danger of you know, the road and we lived on a cul-de-sac. So I think they were definitely not appreciating because we didn’t get that much traffic on our street when they were running across to their best friends at the neighbors across the street. We were driving on the road and I saw a dead squirrel and it been dead a while and I think if I remember right, I talked about it because I knew that they saw it, or I pulled over and I said, Okay, now, what happened? They are like, it ran on the road. I’m like, I know. That’s so sad. I’m glad it’s not in pain anymore and I’m sad that it’s not with us in it’s bodysuit anymore and I’m so sad that happened and that can happen to anything that runs in the street and makes contact with something that can squish it right. So some people may be going like, Oh my God, you did that to your kids? Yeah, I did. Because I acknowledge the risks in pretending that all these drivers are going to watch out for my kids is not that to me that’s not realistic and doesn’t seem smart. So empowering my kids to be more aware of why I’m saying Did you look before you went over to the your friends across the street? So yes, I did do that and I got great kids. So if I did harm on them, they seem to have recovered from it. But I think it was, I think it was the right thing to do at the time. Maybe it was a little extreme. I don’t think so. They weren’t crying or anything, they were very sobered by the acknowledgement and it was it and I think they’d still look across maybe when they walk across the street I even seen actually even my 17 year old, grab somebody’s hand that she’s with because they’re not looking. So she’s looking for both of them. As we look both ways, or she and I in London, if I’m excited about where we’re going, and the you know, the people are driving on the opposite side. So which way you look, as an American is a little bit off and I remember her hanging on to my shoulder, my arm, so who knows the effect that it had, and they’re smart kids, but anyway, so that sense of being able to create another version of yourself that maybe is less anxious, maybe is more peaceful and that there is an opportunity for an after if you imagine yourself in this before camp, and that there’s no one right way to do that and I would encourage everyone to really experiment and explore what your thoughts mean to you? and are you putting too much emphasis on the thoughts that you’re thinking versus them just being thoughts. And another metaphor that I like to use related to that I did this in client work is client work, excuse me, is if you’re going to, in the kitchen to make lunch or something, it’s not like you should have, you know, the spinach salad with the warm cheese, you know or whatever. It’s you have ideas, those are thoughts, that pots are just ideas. It’s not compelling you to do something, it probably doesn’t create anxiety, right? That’s just possibility. It’s just lunch. Okay, low risk environment. Hopefully you’re right and that’s okay. I could have that I could have that I could go out I could eat in. I maybe I’m satisfied with just you know, a smoothie today and maybe half of what I normally make, maybe I’m really hungry because I didn’t eat breakfast and I had a light dinner last night. There’s just there’s so many sort of like possibilities there and then you get to decide how you respond to them. I like the idea that your thoughts of what you do with your life and how you handle challenges are just as light and fluffy and filled with possibilities and not so much you know, judgment and I love the sense of a value system and what you decide is better or worse for you and right and wrong for you etc. I’m not opposed to being judgy about what you do and who you decide you are in your life every day. I think it’s good to be actually judgy in that way to be very opinionated and accountable for who and what you are in your life. But having this sort of space between those are your thoughts and then there’s you and the actions that you actually take, right. Can you imagine if we lived in a world where we were accountable for our thoughts. That’s the making. There’s probably some sci-fi movies based on that. That sounds like a, that sounds terrible. It really does. Because then you’re the and this does happen actually, though I know in sort of New Age communities that they feel that they’re, they’ve decided, I think to pretend that their thoughts create and the outcome of that that I witness is that they become like, the police officers of their thoughts. No, No, we can’t think that Oh, no, I thought it Oh, no. I just thought that I might get in a plane crash so dang it, I may have created it. Oh, God, I kind of hope I’m wrong. The thoughts I create because I may have just killed us all, right. It’s just this really altered state of reality and consciousness that I don’t think is it not only is it not true, I think it’s really harmful. And the idea that you have to police your thoughts, I think is just so restrictive and repressive, and then you’re really screwed. If you do have this sort of undercurrent of maybe unhealthy, unhelpful, or unhealthy thoughts about you or others that would be would really be hard. Right? They’re just thoughts. They’re just thoughts. and you can take them seriously or you can talk yourself out of them. Or you can just let them just float right on by, right and just let it go Okay, so what else have we been wanting to talk about related to thoughts? It feels like there’s more here we want to tee up. The more you curate the thoughts that support you, in being a version of you that you like best, the more you sort of develop a system of more thoughts that help you be you, right? and you have more discernment about which thoughts you don’t act upon and the thoughts that you don’t act upon that don’t get a charge out of you, they actually start to diminish, like I said. So in the example of me not having anxiety when my or any fear based thoughts at all when my husband travels now, those thoughts just went away because they stopped getting they stopped having a charge for me. And now they’re just not there. So it’s kind of cool that I can remember that before and now really be delighted in this after that I get great rest just as much rest when either whether my husband is in town, or not in town, that’s a really big upgrade from me and I don’t know if I would have believed you had you told me that, you know, 20 years ago, that that was even possible. But I’m so happy that is my reality now we do encourage you to feel more ownership for what you act on including the carry on thoughts that then you create related to the seeds of thought that first started sort of a chain reaction, whether that’s positive or negative or you know, excitement about something and then you start to take action about something that you want to do if it’s planning a trip and seeing if it can happen and okay, I think it’s going to happen and you book airline tickets and that sort of thing. Or the seed of, oh my God, this horrible thing could happen. But do, is it likely to happen? You know, maybe, you know, is this a healthy relationship for me? Is somebody that I interact with or rely on for, you know, maybe a business partner or romantic partner is that somebody, Are they really, are they? Are they what I hope they would be or is it not going the way my positive expectations were at the beginning. Do I want to reevaluate my role in that relationship or my commitment to that relationship? There’s just this freedom of thought there where you don’t feel compelled to think a certain way or to think certain thoughts. Okay. Yeah, this is I can feel actually the, oh my God sort of like this really takes the lid off the pot for I sense it for I can feel it for a lot of you that this is very, this could be a big adjustment, and I hope a big upgrade for you. But if this is like oh my God, if she’s saying what I think she’s saying, then I’m going to have to take more responsibility in my life, that I think that would be a good step, but it may freak you out a bit. So for anyone that has had a system of really, really controlling your thoughts, Trying to police your thoughts trying to act as if your thoughts created your reality. Just please give yourself a bit of an adjustment period. Part of you may feel a bit unsettled and maybe even in shock at the possibility so I want you to trust you and take any steps that you feel led to at your own pace that feels comfortable to you. Some are more aggressive with change and some are more slow with change and I trust you with you. I hope that you trust you with you more and I love to assist and support with that because it does feel good to feel confident in yourself in your life. And yeah, going full circle here. Now when I think of what my daughters would be picking up on if they still have that telepathic ability. I don’t think I would. Is there anything I’m thinking that I would not want them to know I am not thinking. Not really, that doesn’t mean that I perfect in my thoughts. That means that I’m honest with myself enough with my thoughts and that I do like what I think for the most part that I would be if anything, I would maybe love it that if they could start read my mind and how excited I am about who they are as humans in their future and maybe concerns I have about different aspects of maybe some of their current choices. Maybe they can hear me think it better than they can hear me say it if I’m in a, you know, a preachy mode of being a mother which I don’t find works well for anybody. Anyway, the other thing related to this, I had a conversation with somebody that’s not into this kind of thing and they were commenting that they recognize they have this pattern where people are very intimidated by them. And they were bothered by this and their statement was, well, it’s not like I’m saying what I’m thinking. So why would these people around me in my life be intimidated by me if they don’t, If I’m not saying things that should be intimidating, and what I said to them is, you’re acting as if they can’t sense what you’re thinking. You’re acting as if what you’re thinking the thoughts that you have don’t matter, and that the only thing that they’re picking up on with you is what you’re actually saying and that’s just not true. It doesn’t work that way. Even in a sort of non woke or an awakened sort of community. That’s not true. Even people that don’t meditate, for people that don’t engage in a conversation like this and an experience like this are can be quite savvy, especially if they’re if it’s It’s a very so someone’s ability, untrained ability to pick up on somebody’s thoughts, in addition to what they actually say and do is heightened by their, by the importance of that relationship, maybe a life partner, a child, a parent, a boss, a professor, you know, something like that, where that, what that person is thinking affects them dramatically, then they’re going to be more kind of like the feelers out of okay any change in the barometric pressure here that I need to worry about and with this one individual, they’re not that was, I was having this conversation with, they’re not very wordy anyway. So I said to that person, I said in your situation, people are probably more trying to tune in to what you’re not saying because you say so little and I could just see their sort of light bulbs going on and not wanting to believe me. probably in terms of like shit, right? If I’m, if they’re picking up on what I’m thinking and I know that what I’m thinking is intimidating and maybe not so flattering about them then what do I do? Right? Not saying it isn’t fixing it so hopefully they’ll watch this right and go, oh, okay and have a whole new perspective on what your thoughts are and that you can take more authority over the thoughts that you think because they do affect who you are the thoughts are just thoughts, then you give energy to them as you think the thoughts that’s probably a really couldn’t probably couldn’t be less scientific in how I just said that, But it is my best description of it. But could I do better? The thoughts are just possibilities that they are just like clouds floating through and you can be more clear on the thoughts that assist you in your life versus the thoughts that actually diminish your quality of life or make you a less happy person or maybe a less compatible person with other healthy individuals right. This is one of the reasons why for those that are having a problem or challenge with something I think you should limit or consider limiting your your engagement with others that are involved in the same problem because it’ll just keep adding this fuel to the fire of the problem in your thoughts. I definitely experienced that when I was diagnosed with graves disease when I was 27 years old. I wanted to know more and I was like graves disease What’s that? Right and I didn’t know anything. So I learned and then I found these online communities and that was I don’t think Facebook was around then in 1997. But there were these, you know, those, remember those groups that were like all these weird threads and in anyway, there’s still websites that are kind of that look, that have that look and feel. But I just remember at some point going, Wow, there’s some people in here that are still sick five years later, and that’s so sad and I don’t want that to be my outcome. So I got what I needed and then I didn’t really hang out there that long and I do feel like I don’t define myself by my greatest disease, but had I been somebody that took a lot of comfort and found solace and a sense of community in a graves disease support group. It probably would really identify me But I don’t want it to identify me. Right? and I do feel like I have a choice in that matter. I do have you don’t get rid of graves disease, you just, you know, figure it out how you’re going to manage it in your life and be as healthy as possible and all those things. So I made my choices and I like my me, I’m high functioning and able to do mostly what I want to do, but that’s my choice. So for some people, you know, they’re okay identifying as somebody with graves disease, and they want to be in the community and alongside others that also identify themselves as having graves disease. It’s not that I don’t have it, it’s just that it, It’s not even in the top 20 of how I would explain who and what I am and what I’m like as Jill, or what I experience in this reality. Does that make sense? So you have a choice in that you have a choice in how you identify who and what you are, and it’s not about denying your reality. It’s about where you place those factors in your sense of self Yeah. So some communities that look like they’re trying to help you. I think in some cases, they, I don’t think they do. I think they make things worse and they overemphasize a factor that then becomes this huge part and it doesn’t have to be. But I think in those communities, they’re not going to point out that you have a choice in where you rank order, that thing that you experience in your sense of self and the importance that plays in your life. Right. Yeah and, you know, we’re in a time, we’re in a season of humanity, where there’s this whole up swell and that upsurge of identifying ourselves based on our challenges and our flaws and what we’re, you know, diagnoses and diagnosis, you know, just going off the charts and those sorts of things. So I like idea that we can choose what that means or doesn’t mean in terms of who, how you know yourself and how you live your life on an everyday basis. Right? Yeah, interesting. Anyway, possibilities. Okay, so do I recommend meditation? I think it was instrumental for me. In me sort of clarifying my thoughts and creating a sense of inner peace and feeling more space between myself and my consciousness. What I know is my consciousness with my, the thoughts that I think as Jill so for me, it was good. I don’t meditate regularly anymore. I love quiet time, and I love a space but it’s not a practice for me, and I have no judgment, whether it is or isn’t for someone else. I just love it when people find something that works. And I am glad I didn’t give up because I didn’t think I was somebody that could meditate. So now when I need somebody that says I tried it, I can’t do it. I always want to go Oh, me too. I was. I remember I knew myself in that way too and I’m glad I did it. So maybe the people that say that they can’t meditate would probably benefit the most, maybe from meditation and find your own way of doing it. Yeah. Anyway, Okay, let me open it up to the chat room if you guys have anything that you want to add, or ask or offer related to this conversation or others and then while the group that’s here live, maybe wanting to do that, I’ll just mention some news bulletins here. We still have spots for the Greece trip. That’s coming up quick. I think we’re just like 60 days away from the Greece trip and Oracle and Delphi and so much more. I can’t wait for that trip. I’ve been to Greece once before it was in 1999 with my husband and There were Greece, it’s a complex energy system. It’s not so easy to get everywhere. There’s so many islands and sections. But I remember after we were after we got back from Greece, I saw pictures of Northern Greece and Meteora and Mount Olympus and now with how I know myself as Jill, I’m like oh my God, I so want to go there. So when I was putting together the Greece trip and looking at some of the kind of pre-packaged tours that were offered, that I could just kind of plug into, or that other spiritual teachers were doing, too. I realized that most of them were staying more in the southern part towards Athens and Santorini And Mykonos and those sorts of places and I was like, Oh, I really want to go to Patmos, which I’m still not going to this time because it’s so far to the east and it just didn’t happen. It’s not easy to get to that. Maybe another time. But we are going to Meteora to the north and some of these other places that Mount Olympus just feels so important for us to get to and some of these hidden places that even the guides that were, that I’m interacting with the travel guides and sort of tour managers that I’ve hired, they don’t even know these places that we’re going to and it’s like, Oh, what’s that? and I’m like, you don’t know, like, Oh, I can’t wait to show it to you, based on the research that I was led to do in where we’re going, so this is going to be a fabulous Greece trip. I think, I am like, even when I talked to people that have also done sort of sacred traveled to Greece, they’re like, Oh, I didn’t go to Meteora and they’re like, Oh, so I love to offer something different and something unique, and I love what we do when we travel together and to me it’s always a good sign that there is a group of people that when we travel places, then they say okay, Jill, where we’re going next. So there is a group of people that keeps joining me on these trips, and it’s such an honor and I feel so blessed to get to continuously hang out with. You guys are just amazing. All of you are. I am so blessed. Good. Okay. Hi, Tom. He’s saying, I love these thoughts about thoughts Jill. Right on. I do hope your cough gets better soon. Oh yeah, me too. There’s the thought I don’t want to think because I can’t do anything about it. But yeah, good point Tom, you never know. And I love your way with words brother You and I have talked about that before you’re beautiful with your words. I love these thoughts about that still, that’s very poetic and witty. Okay, hi Suzanne. She’s saying bless you Jill for this message and important reminder about meditation and all these gifts for us in any way that works as well. The discussion about telepathy, your experience with your daughters and feelings about this. There is a lot to that to delve into another time. I agree with Tom as well. Thank you. That’s good. All right, well, type quickly. For anyone else that has anything that you want to add. Otherwise, it feels like we’re wrapping up. The other announcement I wanted to offer here is that those that are in the membership group I, after taking the last, you know, two weeks off and having time in the McCall, our vacation place, and it’s I just, I love it up there. I love life and I love McCall and it was yesterday I all of a sudden felt super, like motivated and energized and inspired for like, Oh my gosh, we could do this and things I’ve thought about before but I’ve never actually I’ve thought the thoughts But not take an action on them. So I took the steps to actually offer to our members. something completely new. We normally have the monthly members message and that’s happening on August 8th. Let’s see if I have the dates right. Yes and then I mean I’ve sort of poo-poo this idea of “ask me anything” sorts of things because sometimes the questions in a general audience are so random and so not things I want to talk about not things I’m interested in and I just don’t like to that’s not how I or my podcasts is based on people’s questions. It’s just not my preference. But the “ask me anything” option in the members group, I’m very motivated by because I love the Q&A time that happens. Whether it’s a bonus Q&A call for a course that we’ve done, or the Q&A after a monthly message or the Q&A sometimes here, it just, it adds this whole other dimension that I wouldn’t have thought of, and I love that collaboration with you guys. So I am offering “ask me anything” to the members group on Monday, August 5th, so that’s just less than a week away. So I’m excited about that and then Another thing I am led to do is offer what I’m calling the “Practitioners Group Coaching” There are, it’s obvious to me that there’s a lot of folks that we hang out with here and in the members group that are also practitioners whether they are telesummit hosts, telesummit speakers, healers, intuitives, whether they do those things officially or unofficially in their lives. I love to talk shop, whether it’s the mechanics of running a business, which I like, the challenge of it and, you know, problem solving and okay, how can we fix this and then financially feasible way, you know, minimum investment and I’ve definitely, you know, made my share of, I would call that mistakes. I mean, there’s two websites, I remember paying for that work, you know, 2000 I think one was even $4,000 that I never even never even released. I never even used the website that I paid for someone to build for me. It just I was like, This is not me. So I’ve done those things and I remember feeling like Oh, the website had to be so you know, professional, those things and in most of my interaction with potential clients and clients wasn’t even on wasn’t even from the website. It was from the YouTube. So there’s just a lot of, I want to say, lessons I’ve learned and realizations have come to about what matters and what doesn’t matter and I love to pass that knowledge along and also just literally the I do have in my in the private session work questions about you know, what about this relationship? Or what about this business partnership? Or what about this client that’s facing this, this and this and what are you getting and sort of like a second opinion so that format feels really, really exciting to do that, and I love to offer my connection with those that are also connected and offering another perspective for your client work. So I’m excited about these possibilities. So that one on the calendar is August 21 and I’m excited for what happens there in what we do and what we create there together. Love your comment. Thomas saying love your comment to Suzanne, it would be so cool to be able to have a telepathic conversation with loved ones. As long as it’s mutually voluntary, right! and we often do get close to that if we’re in sync with each other. Yeah, that’s true. Hi, Heather. She’s saying thank you, Jill, and totally agree with not over identifying with a diagnosis disease. Otherwise, it becomes a strong attachment part of your identity and not necessarily healthy. Yeah, I agree. Connie. Hello, Connie. She’s saying the Q&A are simply the best. Great fun to be together today. Oh, I’m so glad you’re here, Connie and thanks for your input there. It’s great to have you in those Q&A’s. Suzanna is saying yes, Tom to what you expressed. I’m with you and what you shared to Heather and agree with Connie. Of course, nice. What a complimentary group we have here. Okay, that feels like a wrap you guys, thank you so much for being here. I hope you found something useful and helpful in this. I love to try and come at things from a new angle and I hope it’s actionable for you and that at least it gives you something else to think about in terms of who you are and what you are in this life and that you feel hopefully excited about maybe some upgrades that you want to make and try out for you. Okay. All right. I love you. Bye bye for now.

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  1. Thank you, Jill. I appreciate you sharing your story woven into deeper meanings. I appreciate the practical guidance. Gracias Hermana🤗👍💖

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  4. Appreciated the background info as it helps in understanding where you're coming from.

    Thoughts DO create things. I know we do not agree on this point because we both have different info produced by different experiences. But not every thought u think manifests because of this wonderful buffer called TIME. Also, much of one's world is responding to subconscious programming and that is difficult to beat. When you said those negative thoughts you used to have when your husband would travel WENT AWAY because they lost CHARGE, that is due to the Law of Resonance. Same with your attitude about not putting energy into your Graives Disease. Focused Energy into anything brings about manifestation.

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