The Moth StorySLAM in Anchorage

The Moth StorySLAM in Anchorage

Wow, hello everybody.
Welcome to The Moth. This is a StorySLAM. It is a open mic
of sorts. The people who have decided
that they would like to
potentially come up here and tell a story have filled out
a form and put it in this
bag. We will pick ten of those out.
They’re gonna come up here
one at a time tell a five minute true story
from their life to deal with
our theme which is firsts. It’s kind of a community
builder. It’s a place where anyone
can come and tell a story. There are three teams of
judges who will judge your
story How can you possibly judge a
story? What are they thinking
about? I’ll tell you… Does is seem like it’s true?
Does it have a beginning,
middle and an end? Is it clear what the stakes are?
Is it basiclly in on time? And do we care about your
personal journey? First person coming up here
has to start off the show. So, we’re just gonna bring
them up with a raucous. The Moth started in 1997. But the story slams started in
2000 in New York. They were the brainchild of
a wonderful director at
The Moth. Her name is Jennifer Hixson. My first kidnapping. My mom
kidnapped me. So that was pretty
cool. She was a big black beautiful
sedan with lots of leather and
wood and a big chrome hood ornament. You know, the
leaping Jaguar cat. The first single lane tunnel
in the world. If you lived in Whittier and
you wanted to go to the
grocery store, you put your car on the train.
I think they charged you around
a hundred bucks. You could do it two or
three times a week. Okay, this is already a
fantastic evening. Three
off the top have been great. What turned into I had a baby,
she had a baby, she got married,
I got married I’m getting wrinkles, you’re
getting wrinkles. You know,
those types of things. That was annoying to him. And
he always gave me this like ‘Okay, here’s my daughter
volunteering to get her arm
ripped off, yet again.’ I love documentary film. And
I always thought that
The Moth was very much like the Venn diagram of the two. And when he put his arms up,
Walter Hunter was a wall. That was so awesome. Okay lets
get some scores. Fat Thursday, what do you got?
8.6 First Ladies, 8.9 Lead Dogs, 9.1 How did you feel after it was
all over? Relief that I could get off the
stage and kinda like de-stress
again. She did the easier one, the one
that would not result in like
a felony conviction. So it was good to be able to
tell it and it not feel so
personal and so… like a rock sinking me at times.
It was good to share it in a
funny way. Just having that shared
experience, phones off, just
listening to people’s hearts. And I can see their faces just
go ‘What is she doing?’ But really about the secret
worlds of sister friends is what
I tried to hit. And that was actually the
scariest part. And we laughed so hard that we
had those sympathetic bladders
and we were a mess. And it’s one of our better
memories. I believe that stories are
really powerful and that they
can make change in the world. It also has the power to
transform. Do you want the change? And he’s like… he just reaches over and he
grabs all the quarters and he’s
out. And I was like, good choice. Because I just loved this car. The more I think about Angie
and my grandfather, the more
I realize that They way I loved Angie was
the same way my grandfather
loved me. I am not a liar, and I’m gonna
call me dad. Even though it’s
two o’clock in the morning and he already thinks I’m
too much. If you don’t talk about it
then it hasn’t happen. Then, you just kinda like push
it really down deep until it
creates an ulcer. And then you just pop a couple
of Tums and you’re fine. Thought you’d been hit by a bus
or that you were in jail or
something terrible and all you were was
too much. The hardest thing is knowing
that everything comes in threes. Thank you. Now we got MothSLAMS
in twenty seven cities
around the world. And he actually texted me
pretty much right after my
story. And was like ‘How did it
go?’ And I’m like uhhh… And he was proud to have a
daughter that was too much. Thank you. And I haven’t told him yet
that I won. So, that’ll be cool. That was pretty increadible.
That was pretty increadible. We have great storytellers that
we have to hear from again. Congratulations, goodnight

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  1. Thank you, Alaska Public Media for this video! We're so glad to be able to bring shows like the Moth to Anchorage and to partner with other great local organizations.

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