The Most HATED YouTube Videos

The Most HATED YouTube Videos

The name of it is some… some other language.
You know, I’ve translated the page. What it seems to be, is some kind of drama. “What I really have with Kenya”…
Just seems like some kind of drama, whatever. It’s only number 50. Next! #49, we’ve got PewDiePie’s “Can this video get the same likes and dislikes?” Which has 970… thousand dislikes. This one doesn’t really count, does it?
‘Cause it’s like, the joke of the video. So to be honest, I’m just gonna… I’m gonna add a dislike, to try and even it out a bit, to stay within the meme of the video. Alright, here’s our first of many Justin Bieber entries. Justin Bieber’s very popular song,
“What Do You Mean?” One I can’t say I’ve actually heard before, with nearly
a million dislikes. Just under, with 993 [thousand]. I’m just gonna give this a quick watch,
and see, if it deserves a dislike or not. Okay, so- so I got through about half of it. I mean, it’s fine. It’s Justin Bieber being Justin Bieber. I don’t know, if it quite deserves to be one of the most hated videos in all of YouTube… I’m, I mean… out of these two options I have, I’m gonna say I dislike it more than I like it. So… sorry. Oh look, another Justin Bieber song. Hang on, I don’t know any of his goddamn songs. Apart from that one, really famous one, that’s hated, so… Bear with me, while I actually listen to it. Okay, that’s enough of that one. So… *sigh* I don’t know, it’s a bit about on par with that other one,
so I guess its placement is somewhat fair. I feel more confident in giving this one a dislike, there. I mean, these Justin Bieber videos hardly count, really. It’s most interesting, when there are more dislikes than likes! And proportionally, these dislikes – they’re kinda weak,
compared to the amount of likes there are. Okay, this one’s looking a little better. It’s one of those kid’s animated videos,
that… I guess everyone hates? Who’s going on these videos and disliking them? Apart from kids, or children? They’re so harmless. And they’re just really long, and they get an obscene amount of views. Like, that’s nearly 3 times the amount of views my entire channel has. On this one video, just ’cause babies watch it. I mean, it’s just- it’s just for little kiddies, so… again. You know what? I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna- I’m gonna say I like this. I don’t dislike it, it’s so inoffensive to me.
I’m gonna add a little like on this, so… You deserve it, “LA VACA LOLA” (I’m sorry about my pronunciation, it,s probably completely wrong). Right, yet another song, but at least it’s not Justin Bieber this time. I think I know this song.
Hang on, let me double check. Okay well, the song is awful. I don’t know what you expected from that. But I mean, the video isn’t that bad in terms of its production. It’s got some- you know, it’s interestingly looking. And again, with the really low dislike-to-like ratio. I mean come on, it does sort of deserve this many dislikes, it ain’t good. Oh look, it’s right under nice… edge of a thousand, so watch this. Boom! There we go, that’s more rounded. Beautiful. So here we, are with the first major dislike landslide,
with… a video from YouTube’s own creation. As in, the company. Some of you may remember this atrocious idea, that YouTube had, for what was called “YouTube Heroes”. Where they were kind of trying to get people to curate YouTube comments, and… yeah, it was a very strange idea. I think the main issue people had with it,
was that it seemed ripe for manipulation, and abusing of the potential power you could get from it. I mean, as bad as an idea it is, sometimes the YouTube hate train does go a bit too far. I know it might be hypocritical, me saying that, but… Just a classic case of a company, having an idea, and teaching it, or telling it to us in such a way that’s very confusing, and doesn’t really make clear, what it is. So, I’m gonna have to add a dislike. Oh, I’m not signed in, ’cause I had to go on the Wayback Machine to even find this one; cause YouTube was so embarrassed by it, they took it down. Right, next up is yet another of these… these kiddie videos. This one’s a horrible, CG one. I’m not even gonna attempt to pronounce, whatever the hell this says. But the dislikes be lookin’ a bit higher on this one. It’s… what’s that, about a third? I’m gonna have to add a dislike on this one,
just because of how creepy these eggs look. I wonder, when my kids are looking at… what the heck?? They’re being dismantled? Okay, this is definitely getting a dislike. What the… Why is all this creepy machinery in here? That’s unacceptable. You’re getting a dislike from me. Oh yeah, another baby nursery rhyme. The “Yes Yes Vegetable Song”. Ugh. All of these are really creepy. And all of these just have… a bucket load of dislikes, for whatever reason. This one has recently passed a million dislikes. Sort of first to be in this video, I guess. I mean, how am I supposed to convey any strong opinion either way about these goddamn videos? They’re just nursery rhymes, and creepy animated videos. I don’t like them, but I suppose they have their place. And plenty of kids be watching them. You know what, just- I dislike this. Ah, here we are. Something we all know.
“The Gummy Bear Song”. One of the… worst creations in human history. A classic, but over a decade old now. Can you believe that? I remember watching this when I was a kid, and… I don’t wanna say, if I found it funny or not, ’cause it’s too embarrassing. They made a movie based on this guy, which I made a video on, if you wanna give that a watch. But this was very “YouTube 2007”.
It was all about these stupid, animated mascots, and an annoying, catchy song, that would be put in movies like 3 years too late. Definitely getting a dislike, I honestly can’t believe I haven’t already. Speak of the devil… there’s another one! The “Crazy Frog”. We’re a couple years after the Gummy Bear, but this…
back then in 2009, this guy was everywhere. I remember the toys of him, there was this song, that was on TV, it was a breakout hit for some reason. It’s really annoying, and that was kind of what it go by on. It was being known for being annoying. And that, in and of itself, is kind of worthy of the dislikes. But… also worthy of being liked, too! ‘Cause, it’s that principle of there being “no bad press”. Because someone, made a lot of money out of it. So, this got… nearly 2 billion views! So you know what, Crazy Frog?
I may hate the Gummy Bear. But you’re getting a like from me, bro. Next up is another one of these goddamn, kids’ animated things. They’re all the same! This one has way more dislikes, it’s nearly a 50/50 split. And I’m gonna add to the dislikes, ’cause…
fuck these videos. They’re stupid. Next up is Machine Gun Kelly’s…
Eminem diss track, “Rap Devil”? Which is an incredibly lame piece of music production. Which, heh – it’s not impressive, and ugh… It’s just lame, there’s no other word for it.
It’s- it’s like if I made a rap. Ey, wasn’t this guy in “Bird Box”? That super lame film? You get a dislike just for being in “Bird Box”, for whatever reason. Alright, next up is one of these songs,
that some youtuber has made. “ROAST YOURSELF CHALLENGE KENIA OS”,
whatever that means. And the song is in… some Hispanic language. So, I have no i- no idea what it’s about. But the music video is annoying, and flashy, and it’s… It’s got on my nerves, and after deserve a dislike. So, Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” is apparently hated quite a lot. But I mean, I’d kinda go to dispute this one’s ranking, ’cause… Look how many likes that has to dislikes,
that’s only like a 5% dislike ratio. That- that’s nothing. It’s barely even hated, particularly. I don’t really like the song, so I’m gonna- I’m gonna have to dislike on there, but… this is a lame one. Right, I remember when this Katy Perry “Swish Swish” video came out. And it deserves… it deserves every dislike it got. This song sucks. It’s the most desperate music video I’ve seen in a long time. Just referencing a bunch of current memes, but weren’t-
that weren’t even current, when it came out. So it’s horrendously outdated, super unfunny, and… worst of all, the biggest crime,
is that the song stinks! It’s terrible! Gosh, just… just terrible. And there’s the kid from Stranger Things. Oh, and the backpack kid. (heavy sigh) God, it’s so incredibly- yeah, there we go. So incredibly- Yep, dislike. Get- get outta here. Ah, where would we be on a list talking about some of te most hated YouTube videos, without the “Ghostbusters” remake?
Or reboot, or… whatever it is. Of course, the movie’s been out for a while at this point. And you know, a lot of us have seen it.
I’ve seen it, and it’s… it is NOT good. And the thing, that made it extra insulting, was like people to do with the production, blaming it on sexism. And not just on the fact, that the movie looks bad. Are we not allowed to dislike a movie, that looks bad? And turned out – was bad? This- this movie stinks! Get outta here with this. Dislike. I’ve- I’ve never listened to this before.
I’ve never even heard of it before. I’m clearly out of the loop in a lot of ways. But, I don’t like this song, so I’m gonna give it a dislike. ‘Cause yeah, it’s a song, of course. Most of these are goddamn songs,
’cause so much shit music is released. Alright, so “Johny Johny Yes Papa Nursery Rhyme” is in here, of course. And, th- this is an abomination of a video. I can’t believe how creepy it is,
how many people have seen it. Of course, [stutter] it was memed last year. I never found the memes very funny, so that adds into it. Oh my God, what is- [chuckles]
What is that supposed to be? What?? Okay. I- I can’t look at this anymore,
so I’m just gonna dislike it and move on. Up next is a 54-minute long, “Wheels On The Bus | Nursery Rhymes for Babies” video. Which has ratings turned off, because it got so many dislikes, it had something like 1.2 million dislikes. Which, again: are babies disliking these videos by accident, with their little feet, kicking the iPads they’re watching? I don’t know. I mean, I… I’d add a dislike, but it won’t do anything, ’cause they’ve got it off. Ryan’s ToyReview is up, with his “HUGE EGGS Surprise Toys Challenge with Inflatable water slide”. Could you get any more words into that,
that don’t even make a coherent sentence? I don’t know, why these videos get so many dislikes. They’re pretty harmless. I just hope,
that the money they make from this kinda goes towards the kid in some way,
I dunno, his college education or something. And the parents don’t just pocket it. Suppose in a way, it’s a bit sick to use your small child to get views and money on YouTube. So… I’m gonna have to give that a dislike. This is RiceGum’s first entry.
It’s his response to iDubbbz’s video. And, this one was not good. I’m sorry RiceGum, but this video sucks. It’s not funny, the lyrics are awful. He’s kinda taking it too seriously. And this one’s just over the barrier,
of having more dislikes than likes. I’m gonna have to add to the dislikes, ’cause it’s just kind of sad and ultra-pathetic, so. ♩ ♫ Look what you made me do, ♬ ♪
♬ ♪ look what you made me ♩ ♫ ♬ ♪ look what you, what lil’ baby… [mumbles] ♩ ♫ One of the worst pop songs I have heard in recent years, like… Forget about Justin Bieber or Katy Perry. This song has one of the worst choruses of all time. Like, it’s an insult to everything… musical ever made. Like, I can’t stand this song or this video,
or anything that is stands for. And I’m honestly surprised it only has
1.2 million dislikes – and now, one more. So this one is weird, I’ve had to find a re-upload of it. Because it was something to do with, a woman trying to… It was all to do with Brazilian politics, so I have absolutely nothing to add in terms of commentary. But, it was… the original upload got many, many, many dislikes in a shot amount of time; and then they took it down, so… I’ll add one just for good measure. Awful Lil’ Pump song, “Gucci Gang”… You get a dislike. Awful Miley Cyrus song, where she was trying way too hard to be edgy and out there. It’s just, it’s just pathetic. *smashes dislike* “Bath Song | CoCoMelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs” 𝑶𝒉, 𝒂𝒏𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝒐𝒏𝒆 𝒐𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒔𝒆! Wow, they’re all the same goddamn video! This just- get dis- dislike! No! Ugh, of course this goddamn thing is in here. “Dame Tu Cosita”. It reminds- It’s kind of- It was 2018’s Crazy Frog, or Gummy Bear song in a way. It was memed everywhere, everyone said how annoying and bad it was. I gotta say, the animation is so bizarre.
Like, is it meant to look like that? It’s, it’s- it looks like it was from 2003! Did they pay like, an intern somewhere, who just figured out how to animate in 3D technology, to do this? I hate this video, a dislike. RiceGum is here again. The gimmick of the video is how many dislikes he can get. So, I’m actually gonna like this one, just to ruin it. Oh, another Justin Bieber song. And to be honest, this one doesn’t seem
as bad, as the- as the other ones. In terms of the video, or the- or the song.
Totally inoffensive to me. N- not feeling it either way. Don’t like it,
don’t dislike it really, well… I dislike it more than I like it, but… Ugh… just so I’m not like an agnostic about this, I’m just put a dislike. So of course, this recent drama of January 2019 is this Gillette advert. “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be”.
Which is kind of a weird one to me. Uh… it does deserve the hatred it got, in terms of… It’s really condescending, and most importantly false. When this big, multi-million dollar corporation is tryna tell you, how to act socially. When they… heh. They’re a business, who notoriously have… pretty backwards and messed up histories of child labour, and… You know, companies – they be dodging tax,
they be doing all sorts of criminal stuff. So, it seems just really false, and fake,
and dishonest to do something like this. No one wants to be spoken down to,
especially for like an advert about a razor. Like, why is it an advert’s job,
to tell us to not be assholes? It’s all just a gross marketing tactic, to get a bunch of hate. Or love, ’cause they get both sides involved. And then it gets Gillette branding everywhere, so… In terms of clever advertising – yeah, but it’s pretty distasteful and transparent to me. So I’m disliking it. Miley Cyrus’ abomination, “Wrecking Ball” is in here. And, I’ve already disliked it,
so I don’t need to add to that. I son’t know, when I would have done that, probably years ago. She’s been in here a few times, and I guess…
she was just popular, so it deserved it. Nicki Minaj’s first proper entry.
This song sucks. Boop. “POKEMON GO SONG!!! by MISHA (FOR KIDS)” A memed song. Which looks, like a kid has been captured by some predator and forced to sing about Pokemon, for views and money. It- it’s creepy and weird, and makes me feel a bit ill. And does deserve to be hated,
to the extreme that it has been. Nearly 2 million dislikes, let’s add to that. Who is this guy? What are you- what are you doing, man?? Another “Johny Johny Yes Papa” video, and I was about to say, it’s less creepy than the other one. And, you know what it is. It’s got slightly better animation, I’ll give it that. Still quite creepy. Nearly 2 million dislikes, and I’m adding to it. “Baby Shark Dance | Sing and Dance! | Animal Songs | PINKFONG Songs for Children” Of course it’s in here, everyone knows this song. Honestly, I don’t hate this video.
It’s, it’s… too earworm-y to me. Which might make you angry to hear, but… I don’t know.
It just doesn’t- it doesn’t- it doesn’t anger me. And considering, how many views this has,
the dislikes aren’t that bad. So, you know what? imma like this overplayed youtube song like a faggot Although I don’t like, ’cause these kids being in it. I never feel comfortable with these children, and… just wondering, what… Y’know, whose kids they are, where they found them. It’s just- You don’t- You can’t trust anyone on YouTube. Especially when it comes to anything kid related, considering its history. Jacob Sartosrius – “Sweatshirt”.
I’ve already disliked, and… Yep, poo-poo. It’s poo-poo, Jacob, poo-poo! Yet another video, I’ve already previously disliked,
the unavoidable PSY’s “Gangnam Style”, from 2012. I don’t particularly hate the song,
I don’t think it’s really good or anything. And, how- there is something to be said, about how it just took off, for whatever reason. For whatever dumb reason. But I can never forgive it for being in films,
and referenced in, you know… things that matter. What was it? There was some film I was watching the other day, that had a Gangnam Style reference in it. And I was like “Oh no, that’s the worst!” Oh yeah, it was that comedy, “This Is The End”. And it was- it was hard to watch that section, ’cause it’s very 2012. And should STAY in 2012, on this channel, and should never be shown or listened to anywhere else. Ah yes, 2017’s YouTube Rewind. This is where it started to begin with the hate train
(as there’s a train in the background). Dislikes were pretty large, and I’ve already disliked this one, so I don’t have to worry about that. But it wasn’t quite, there were still more likes than dislikes. The star power of everyone in the video, was enough to bring it up. Until… what we’ll get to later, with last year’s one. Logan Paul’s “So Sorry.” video is up next. He’s very genuine in this video,
and you can really tell. Just look at his face! I can’t stand these apology videos from youtubers. It’s just… god dammit. Just don’t- don’t-
Don’t do what you did in the first place, you goober! Skadoosh! [*sarcasm mode on*] “Masha and The Bear – Recipe for disaster (Episode 17)”?? Woow! Holy… this is amazing! You tellin’ me, this kinda stuff was available on YouTube this whole time? Oh God, this is awesome! This is getting five likes from me!
[echo] This is getting a hundred likes from me!! “‹ CORTANDO O BOTÃO DO YOUTUBE ›” What does that mean? I don’t know! I’m trying to figure out, why this video is so hated. From a channel with over 5 million subscribers. So he’s destroying his 100k plaque,
or someone else is, or something. I don’t really know, what he’s doing.
Now he’s sawing it in half. So I can’t really tell, but I guess he just cut his plaque in half. And, he got 2.5 million dislikes from it. I don’t really know the full story on this one,
someone’s gonna gave to update me on this., but… I’m a sheep, so I’m gonna have to dislike it! We’re nearing the end now, we’ve got another song. Bibi H – “How is it [*it is], ( wap bap … )” Right, I’m at 40 seconds, it’s just- it’s just awful. Ah, this is a blast from the past,
Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. One of the greatest videos ever made. Just gonna like it now, this video is a classic.
It’s so bad, that it’s good. It nearly got 4 million dislikes, on a video asking
“Can this video get 1 million dislikes?” And he’s… asking in the description, if he can get 10 million, so I might as well add to it. I mean, it’s o- it’s obviously not quite on the same caliber, as the other, so… It doesn’t really count, but it’s kind of neat,
that it’s in the Top 10, I guess. “Jake Paul – It’s Everyday Bro” has over 4 million dislikes. And I’m very happy about that, ’cause… *smash* I just… I hate even talking about this guy. I hate mentioning him, or reminding people that he exists. ‘Cause I- I just like ignoring him, and never having to worry about him, but here we are in this list, and… I still haven’t listened to this song, and I’m never going to. Beyond the like, clips I’ve heard, and I never wanna sit through the entire nearly 4 minutes of it. Not a fan. Go away, Jake Paul. The penultimate, #2 ranking of all-time hated videos, is “Justin Bieber – Baby”. Which I think, off the top of my head, is the longest-running. It held the title of the “most hated video on YouTube” for the longest. The most amount of time, the most amount of years, with 10 million dislikes. Which… I’m gonna say: mmmm, uhhh…
Heh, okay, I can’t. I can’t quite say it. It’s- it’s sort of deserved, I don’t think the song is very good or anything. But, there are more passionate things that I hate on this list, for sure. Over 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨, but I guess 2010 was peak Justin Bieber,
everyone “either loves or hates him” times, so… I don’t know, this one- this one doesn’t make me angry, like so many others on this list do. So, pfft… I certainly don’t like it, but I’m gonna add a dislike for good measure. But you know what, Bieber? You might have been wronged in this one. Maybe you don’t deserve the most disliked video of all time… well, until our next, final ranking. I’ve talked about it before, everyone on YouTube has. “YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind” And god damn, do they control Rewind! The dislikes are- they’re immense on this video! We’re approaching 16 million dislikes- Oh, I haven’t even disliked it before, for some reason. There we go. This video sucks, it’s condescending,
I’ve talked about it before. It’s so false, I can’t get over how bad this one was. I’m already looking forward to the 2019 one,
to see, how better or worse they make it. It’s just a fascinating thing, that the most hated video on YouTube, is made by YouTube themselves. It’s- it’s beautiful, it’s ironic, and it deserves it
way more than Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. So I’m very happy, that this is the most hated video. So I mean, that’s sort of it. If you look at the list here, at the 50 videos; in beige are the ones highlighted, that aren’t songs, so… …uh, looks about 50/50 split, of – there are lot of songs, a lot of them being baby videos. I’m just wondering, if in the next year we’re gonna see some new thing, that can somehow beat out YouTube Spotlight’s “YouTube Rewind 2018” video. 16 million dislikes, can you f—in’ believe it? That’s gotta be one of the most unintentional disliked videos. So, like… Logan Paul with his “So Sorry” stuff – everyone knows, that that’s fake. And he knows, that’s gonna be hated. But YouTube- YouTube themselves, with all these fans, and these huge stars, that are taking part in it – they never expected that kind of reaction, but here we are. I like the YouTube Rewind being #1,
but if I had to choose a different one, I- I really, really dislike that Taylor Swift song,
“Look What You Made Me Do”. I would- I would happily swap places with Justin Bieber’s “Baby” for that. i like egg with butter [IHE outro]

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