The Most Connected Human in the World, Chris Dancy

The Most Connected Human in the World, Chris Dancy

Hello everyone and welcome back to the tools they use podcast it is Francesco here today, I’m joined by Chris Dancy who is going to be diving into what we’re going to be diving into a range of topics from routine to workflow to apps And talking about his processes It’s going quite exciting. So if you’re just before we subscribe in if you’re watching on Or listening on the podcast you can watch the youtube version and if you’re watching on youtube, you can subscribe to the tools they use podcast, which is weekly but Chris, it’s great to have you and As I said, I was I’ve been like really excited to learn from you as I said of purposely not I’ve personally not learned too much about you because there is so much to be thin dig into so Yeah, please do introduce yourself and and and what you’re about So, my name is Chris Dancy. I’m 50. I live in the United States. I split my time between Houston Texas where I’m married to a schoolteacher Manhattan where my management team is and I do a lot of work there and then I spent a large amount of time in Scandinavia But I’m probably my most known for being very goo global So if you google just the two words most connected I come right off Long story short about ten years ago when I was about to turn 50 I was a sequel DBA and I’d spent my whole career Doing sequel and really being obsessed with productivity and at that point I was 320 pounds I had smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. It had been on antidepressants for 20 years I mean everything was falling apart, but like my career was doing super well and it just dawned on me Why don’t I know as much as my computer knows about me, you know Whether it’s the cookie use of social media or anything else, so I started digging around saying, how could I? Automate and productize all the data that I was creating in some way that I could start to make myself Healthier or smarter and it started out with productivity But then it kind of moved in to like most people do after you get kind of your act together health and then from there Spirituality and then gosh within five years. I was unable to have a regular job because My boss is always like why are you in the news again? I’m like, I’m sorry. Yeah It was me. They liked me Yeah, I just and the other thing was when you become kind of internet known there was a bucket I’m like between 2005 and 2015 Or if you kind of got known no one knows who you are But before 2005 you’re a household name and after 2015 the level you have to become known by so huge so It’s weird. I’m kind of happy that I can have some anonymity But it’s also I think for me I find it difficult watching Kind of the evolution of technology right now Because I think it’s so easy to talk about how bad it is And how much it’s damaging us and not really focus on well What could we do if we were more thoughtful about how we connected and what we did with these tools? Yeah, that’s it. And that’s where your but the book come out. Obviously don’t unplug right? Yeah with which I think is is like not a title You typically would see in in a book store because everything is reversed, right everything’s focusing on unplugging so it’s it’s quite a Refreshing take on how you’ve approached technology Yeah, I mean the book is called domme don’t unplug in subtitles how technology saved my life in from saviors – it came out last Fall, you know it ridging wasn’t called that I mean when I got and when a publisher came to me and said hey, we want you to write a book It was actually called I am you tomorrow and the idea was you know, there’s a group of people, you know Sometimes they’re behind desks sometimes they’re behind fast-food counters who just always slightly ahead of the curve when it comes to just noticing outrageous patterns and sometimes it makes a lot difficult and sometimes it makes their life successful, but it’s always something and We felt it was a really powerful message helping people kind of what I call study the art of happiness Sorry, instead of happiness. Like how could a pick you happy? What could you do if you weren’t obsessed about being distracted? The problem us at that time journalist And I absolutely loved the when you’ve had David Pierce on your show Journalists were really starting to focus on just how horrible tech is and it just it to me. It just seems so easy To go that route and I thought what was hard was helping people feel empowered and more importantly You know, it’s not like you have a choice to unplug You know the first thing you did when you went to vacation kids Let’s go and you’re in your vacation wrap up video was catch up on some stuff right and you even you and then Apologize to the audience in that video is like I shouldn’t be doing this but I did anyway and I just didn’t we live in a culture where we’re so Shameful of how people use devices and software that has become I think more harmful than the possible addiction again Tech addiction hasn’t killed anyone but shame kills everybody Yeah, I see that Message you’ve put out quite a lot and yeah definitely makes sense Like I noticed it coming back from holiday And I think it’s something you you automatically go to and the culture is sort of built-in so you go Is that what the majority of your talks are about them is digging into those sort of topics Well, it’s weird So I’ve got basically two sets of talks that I do once called like the profoundly human servants series were Actually companies and big events hiring me to come in and just talk about the implications of being connected You know, I’ve got one toccata. I love you Don’t block me and that’s just about being married to someone who has technology and how you guys can interact with each other But the whole thing is just screenshots about me and my spouse No pictures of us just screenshots of the very first time we met through us exchanging keys Digitally and append and then creating some prints on each other. So it’s this whole idea of like, what is it to be cyborg and I use that term a lot of people like get You know Brussels by connected and that types of talks that the more business Ewan’s are like what are the things we need to be focusing on and they think we’re at a really important time right now because We’re about to leave at an age where? Technology has a visual interface Most often when we ask our AI or some smart speaker for something We just except the answer it gives us if we’re using our phones and we go to search for something We usually just take whatever is offered. Well, there’s a GPS route or a restaurant recommendation or something else So it’s much more pervasive this kind of interface lost than I think so This is the kind of the types of things that a lot of organizations Harmony’s speak about. I do a lot of consulting going health Digital health like how would you something for someone where they didn’t feel a lot of guilt because they weren’t using your tool correctly Yeah, very interesting and the like I get quite routinely people say to me like Francesca like friends and family to say are you used like so many different apps and I’m always like Picking like small things that I cannot remember like an app or a day or something like that instantly writing it down because I’m really dreadful and people say that I use a lot of apps but You use quite a few apps, right? And in terms of being able to collect that data We get – yeah good. The numbers are like 20,000 different thing linking Interact with me and they’re all catalogued and logged You know when I look at an app, or I don’t Know what app as much I’ll just say piece of technology and when I said technology, I mean app service Device or sensor, right? So a sensor is something that does something on its own a device is something you wear sits, you know? Near you an app is something he has an interface and a service is something that runs in the background when I started to pull these apart I really wanted to start thinking about like how do these Systems kind of interact with my life. So, you know in technology when you’re coding technology and building technology We call a collection of technologies a stack so One of the things you know I recently did as a but a year ago as I built a death stack and the death stack is two apps It’s something called we croak which pushes you messaging throughout the day just Remind and give your mortality like you’re going to die soon Remember this and gives you a nice look and then another one called deadlines and deadlines watches your behavior how much you’ve slapped a match? cetera and Calculates your death in real time. So think of a stack when I talk about applications or technology I often talk about stacks. So my death stack is part of my spirituality stack So like a spiritual spirituality stack could be you know You know an app like your calendar if you if you Diaries in your calendar, right? you know when I think about like a Productivity stack to me, that’s pretty much just things that are involved with notes something that I Can I call content and data management? That could be? absolution word Google Docs but also on a program trivedi staff you have measurement apps like rescue time You have calendar apps like fantastical you turned me on to the BFT time or the bear focused time, right? So I love that because again, it’s a behavior based It doesn’t function until you exercise a behavior to it Which is genius because I think that’s the type of thing that resonates with people And then when you think about like helps back, well, of course, you know You’ve got your normal sleep apps and all that kind of stuff and you’ve got your activity apps But you also have nutrition apps and mindfulness apps so my stacks Really represent like the different parts of my life and then when I interact with these applications The first thing I do is I try to find the application that has the lowest friction data collection Which means it gets the most amount of data without me having to put anything in it. And the second thing I really like is Ambient feedback. So will it vibrate or send a message to something else? so think about Evernote and Evernote was probably one of the first productivity apps that allowed you to location tag notes it also allowed you to Proactively change the create date. So we went back 10 years ago. I was creating presentations and When I put the presentation in Evernote, I would put it in the city I was going to as the address in the date in the future So when I launched Evernote, it would just be there because contextual 2-ways location and time in the future so for me Really having these stacks narrowed down in a way that I can start to interact with them and they they served me It’s not Like I like all which app was that in or where do I have to check for that? I should be able to just live life and have things just arrived in my view. Does that make sense? It does? Yeah, and I’ve never liked seeing someone Categorize apps like this and I actually really like the concept because it makes total sense because you do these apps do different jobs, but they also you know assist each other in these different categories and I think some of that that’s a real big takeaway for a lot of people if they want to be able to You know condense their own apps into certain segments. That’s something that they should consider Yeah, I mean max understand sir. I have a travel stack, right? Yeah absolute trip it, you know all my flight apps I have an entertainment stack in environments back a relationship stack a shopping stack And what’s nice a lot of times with these subscriptions that get out of they get kind of crazy You don’t realize where you have redundancies So you create these stacks around the types of passes or workflow you’re doing and then underpin them with the values you have Alright, so there’s always like a primary stack with them. What is it doing? So it’s health and activity It’s health and nutrition its productivity and calendaring its productivity and time management. Does that make sense? Yeah, it does so when you like Share with you. Yeah yeah, yeah, I’ll put on screen now or but you know when you’re like picking an app, like do you Zozi you go through that sort of process of You know the amount of data it’s able to collect without you having to touch it and obviously It being able to connect up with the existing apps. But how do you go about picking it do you like? Shortlist them or how do you evaluate an app? I mean part of the problem is because I am over 50 now I have a huge app stack, right? So some apps I I mean when I discovered you buy a notion and You know to me I thought notion was just panacea and I really thought I was gonna get rid of it but as I evolved watching you evolved and you started making room in your life for Well, you know, I still use this on the user for this and you know It was hard because I’m one of these people because of my background I just want to get rid of everything and make it the new thing yeah, but when I evaluate apps now, I really look for a function class that would It’s just not available but serves a purpose and probably will continue to expand So for me notion really became I think what notion did was they created a value based dashboard for your work? Because when you create a notion page what you’re really doing is saying I care about these things That’s not even possible in anything right now Unless you’re a web developer. You can’t code something to say I these are my values and when I see people’s notion setups I don’t see workflow. I see priorities. I see someone’s focus. I see what someone wants I see something aspirational Anything for me when I look at tools, that’s how I pick it Is there some need it? I don’t have right now in my life that this tool will serve and To me notion, you know as you’ve done over the time is a wonderful tool doing that But so is a lot of the newer kind of no code no code tools so it it really depends on the type of tool if it’s hell does it has the right to health kit if it is a If it’s a Productivity app has to have a calendaring function if this emergent app It has to have some sort of lack of interface if the travel app It has to by default have a location component if it’s entertainment app It has to give me my data back after how many hours I’ve spent watching Netflix have to know how many hours I’ve spent Listening to Spotify because if I don’t know these things and I have no way of understanding Them and I start listening to really sad music, you know, usually your music tastes change right before you get anxious or depressed Yeah for me I stopped listening to music when my mind is going in a dark place and it takes about three months to get there But I know when I send me music that’s going down. Okay pump some music start talking people Yeah So you can like you must like how often do you like harvest this sort of information do you tend to look at it? On a weekly basis daily basis or and and be able to draw the information from it. Yeah, so it’s harvested in real time It’s being harvest right now. I’m standing here talking to you One of the things I do at conferences every now and then is I’ll just jump or shake or something and in fly One of my screens up on the screen. We’ll see like, you know, it’s like the data Truman Show. Um Again our dad is harvesting real time You know search for something you want to buy and you’ll see how fast your data is harvested, right? Because it shows up again, but what’s not showing up is like something useful So for me that the two apps really help the real-time harvesting and I can demonstrate these to you The one is called gyroscope, which shows me my trends in real time Everything from apps I’m using versus so I make decisions every year when it comes time to renew apps It’s not how many hours should I use them? And it’s the trend going down and then productivity I mean that that’s all rescue time and enjoy a scope is kind of all the health and wellness sleep nutrition Entertainment and they work together I hope this isn’t too much. No, I love it. I love it. This is really Like I’m learning so much for myself. And I think people are gonna take a lot away from this and in terms of like so what is like an average day look like because Obviously like as a morning Morning lunch and afternoon and evening like what’s facts you interacting with and how does that look? Yeah, so The first thing I’m how my life is like I started consulting or actually something but working from a home office in 1999 for our database company So I had lost track of like real office hours And then sometimes about 10 years after that like in 2009 because of like digital I lost track of like just days of the week and now that we’re closing in the second year I literally have no concept of time so When I think about my time now, it’s really broken up to in my in delivery mode or on mine life mode So light mode is like what I’m doing. No, I’m talking to you. I’m at home with my spouse You know, I’ve got no place to go. I just have to take care of my body in my mind, right? It’s what most people dream of as retirement like this is what I want to do Like if I could just earn enough money and accept you can do it, you know, there’s a whole nother That’s a whole other podcast. You could do it down. Yeah, yeah But like delivery mode is much different So all my screens whether it’s my watches or my devices, they all have mode views, right? So for example, if I’m If I’m on travel mode, my watch has a travel face and that face is really about things like temperature next next travel appointment humidity Some like sunrise sunset because I need to start conditioning my mind to slow down if it’s a day of an event I have an event mode where literally I have no information on the watch at all Cuz I just need to be focused phone is the same way so it becomes very contextual. I also use alarms on my phone regardless of whether it’s a day or a night and I can show you these in a proper screen but the alarms and reminders Are basically they’re not as true reminders or alarms but there are things like be small focus on me on others So event days I have those types of alarms reminders to keep me engaged with the rest of the world So it might caught by my mind that I have to go onstage in front of 5,000 people. All right. Yeah You know I have all of the stores around my house and all the stores in the cities where I go To be geo-fenced with messages to tell me to interact with people or to rhyme, you know Something important or just share something again I like to walk into information almost like you would have a button on a mouse except you chew. You’re living Though a day like today, you know you get up in the morning if you haven’t slept Well, you know, I don’t interact with any of the health stuff because I’m tainted and biased by Information that would negatively skewed my relationship to the day. So if you feel like crap when you wake up don’t check your sleep, right? But do try to get to meditate real quick serene. I would head in I have a meditation area in my home I have a bell and a cushion. I’ve admitted I use calm to meditate that app But I also take time to read and reading I do buy Kindle because you can get stats from it So it’s just one of those things breakfast, you know It’s a regular every time I eat breakfast every single day when I get up but not until I come back with my dog So my dog has sensors we got for a walk once he’s reached his goal Not my goal because my goal can take all day we come back I’ll make breakfast again. I scan my food, or I can speak to my devices So for example, I’m chugging water right here in front of you, right so okay, Siri log water So, you know, they’re all just using shortcuts to log food and do Thank you. Sorry I I always Like my wait light to technology because when they did Monday it will probably have to wipe my blog. So no The it will remember that he weren’t ice to it. Yeah So log food do things like that. Um, I don’t do all the biometrics body temperature blood pressure Blood glucose every day but a week before I go out of town and a week after I get back I do Just to make sure I’m kind of in tip-top shape After that, I usually have some client meetings. I book all my client meetings from like ten to one ish About one ish. I’ll start thinking about what I’m gonna make for dinner that night because I’m home The other thing is I’ve got days of the week where I’ve got specific tasks. So like Mondays or my Kind of marketing day, you know, it’s kind of where you go in and you just like, you know I’m gonna focus on all the things I have to do to like get the word out Tuesdays are the days where I go through and do media So if I have a media request I try to schedule all those into those course questions on Tuesday. Wednesday is always business development So that’s when I’m reaching out to clients old and new. I’ve got a whole process for that. I can show you Thursday is all operations so finances Anything to do with Technology, that’s really and Fridays all deliverables So if a client needs something from me, for example I’m going to do a big event in Moscow and they need me to get my presentation on Like a 60 by 100 something like huge template So like, you know, I’ve done make sure I get that done and what I find is even though my task lists well The task can be done any day by having days. I focus on things it becomes more Usable for me to kind of understand where I’m falling off and fortunately, I’m not very good at I Was up the most important things go. So for me the most important thing would be business development alright so I’ve got about 40 or 50 thousand dollars worth of new business that I have to deliver between now and the end of the Year in its it’s just two months to be honest September October, right? Wait, I should be doing working about business development. No, you know, what am I doing? You know, I’m doing accounting stuff because they Taunton people even make lots of mistakes, so, I don’t know I think I’m a lot like most people when I have the I always call them buckets that I’m trying to keep going but I really try to systematize that with a lot of I Guess permission to not be perfect. Yeah and more importantly Understanding what I don’t understand why I want to understand it. Like I said to you earlier It’s like you can you can be efficient to a point where it’s it’s not helpful yeah, you know the thing is that like I I’m just I’m more like I Think like the the things that you you are planning and coordinating are things that pippick typically people think about Temporarily like for example the locations of the coffee shops and places you go Like you think of that when you’re there because you know, that’s a bit of a pain point or something like that but nobody ever takes action on it and thinks about every aspect of I so I’m really impressed at how It’s almost like you’ve literally done like runs analysis on every aspect and what I Love that they okay It’s hard to kind of show you the data stack because it basically everything is an entry point for a reminder, right? So most people just think about reminders as time, but, you know at the point of earlier it can be location Well after location, you have a complete other stack that most people don’t even think about but they use all the time They just don’t think about it as being useful. So then you’ve got something like environmental So maybe instead of at a time or out of place you’ve got at this temperature? This ability axis UV wear sunscreen. These are all messages We get from different pieces of technology and applications after that level forest activity So at this amount of steps or this much sitting or this much sleep Yeah After that behavioural after this much time listening music after this much time not reading books after this much time Binging Netflix and then biological at this heart rate at this respiration So each one of those becomes a trigger onto itself or a piece of better information to intersect my life Yeah, it does. Yeah, and it’s You don’t I’ve never even thought of that and that’s a that’s really amazing I’m Crazy and how do you like what are the apps that underpin this like? What are you product to be setup then in terms of your day to day tools? I mean day to day right now most of my stuff is done in missive and when it comes to communications when I think about kind of the productivity stack Mississip handles all my email I use missive because I personally Like their their rule space system. I don’t have a team so it’s kind of silly don’t paying for it But the other thing I liked about it was it’s one of the few apps where you can start Gmail. Yeah This won’t allow you to start but stars at triggering rolling zapier. Yeah So again, if I want to make something happen being able to start is something that’s really important to me for task management Again, everything’s in my air table You’ve used everything from to do is the I loved your video. You just did on things three. I mean the app is so beautiful But yes that’s in there I use a lot of plugins in my browsers and things but most of my work is done in browsers for calendar I use Google Calendar and Polyphemus for my Google Calendar because all my data was in there for a good half five years almost But then I also used mantastic law on top of that, you know Because a lot of times when I need to make an appointment very quickly It’s easier just a pipe and fantastical from the shortcut bar to get to something and it’s super fast You know for notes notes is one of those areas where I’m like all over the map. You know, I Love bear just the bear app just like this the of it I also like the fact that it just keeps a running list of like, you know You just critten in it written it green in it, and they’re just all there and you can read them I don’t really take notes in Evernote But every note stores everything I mean I’m a clipper holic I also have like a tag system that’s like crazy I once shared it and people from Evernote said can we and this they didn’t know that they supported emoji They were like, oh my gosh nothing but in owns it yeah way back in the day So, um, so every note for that sort of thing. I use Apple notes for a lot of just its concerned terrible like Things I want to remember so the tearsheet for Apple notes because Apple is kind of a monopoly They make notes kind of like a default and a lot of people haven’t enabled at tearsheet Shortcuts yet so notes where I kind of store things like that I don’t do any of the read it later services for reading information because what I find that If I ever accidentally go and look at what I what I should be reading I feel this tremendous amount of guilt. And like I’m I’m a loser because I’m not actually keeping up with it So I’m if I want to read it, I’ll read it right then. Yeah There’s no read it later in my life. I’m a big youtuber So I I save a lot of videos to watch later and because I have YouTube premium Which is like 9 bucks a month or something, by the way, the best ten dollars you can spend for productivity is YouTube premium No, no ads And save to download so if you someone who travels on a plane having all those videos just waiting for you as it as amazing Um, you know, if I’m out and about I have you know, location-based apps I use swarm for a lot of check-ins I really like that. All my food is logged in My Fitness Pal Know and I used a lot a lot of environmental apps I think I’m the only person I know but that’s a full screen of those things but I like Sun surveyor because it gives me the breakdown between Nautical dawn Blue time Golden hour all those things and they wreak some early run and pushes it to you I like windy the app because I really like to bike when it’s windy So I get alerts it because of winds above a certain level. That’s a good time to go for a bike and I love Weather Underground because I can set the UV the humidity and the temperature and for my favorite like settings For when to go for a walk so I can see like the next two days when would be ideal times to walk? Because I have to get out of the house. It might bring nothing. Oh my god, you’re sharing like This is amazing. Yeah, I don’t like the thing is like if somebody’s listening along and they’re looking to do something like this in like a capacity of it like it could be like a Condensed version for their task management system or a condensed version for their travel plans How would they get started? Is it just mind mapping this out to start out with do you have like a set method? Yeah, so I mindmap everything and I was going to show you how I’ve got the current system Imindmap that whole thing. So I use an app called my node from me my node or any mind mapping that is Literally the fastest way to get stuff out of your head if you’ve never used a mind mapping tool download it right now just stop listening and download any mind map until you find because most people don’t realize They get kind of a relic. What does that mean? Or they see it really complex in my map? I’ll never be able to do that. You don’t have to you just have Down and it creates itself. But yeah when I’m working on these processes or helping your client everything start to my mind map To me I can see things. I’m hard go view, but I often see things in a three-dimensional flat view Which is sounds weird three dimensional flat, but yeah, almost like sediments like everything has a layer and very quickly I can look at a complex system and just make sense of it I don’t know why it just I’ve been this way since I was a little kid But if you if you’re trying to get started before you get started I think you kind of have to like there are three things I think you need to decide before you do any type of productivity routine. And the first one is like Don’t be obsessed about doing it, right I have two poaches in my office one says get s done and it’s got be a bad word in there and the other ones done is better than perfect and I think too many people get Paralyzed by like what’s the right way to get started? And I always tell people you don’t get better by counting steps you get better by taking So don’t get overwhelmed with being perfect the second rule I always tell people especially my workshops is don’t be obsessed about wrong or missing data Yeah, there will always be wrong in missing data If you’ve got two things counting or two things Doing the similar task and one step from the other you’ll spend if you’re like me You’ll spend ten minutes a half an hour. Wondering where is it wrong? Right. It’s just wrong go forward. It’s okay, right? You know the dirt screen know and know right? Yeah. I know. I know it’s wrong then the last thing is No matter how much time you say you save You’ll never do anything good with it. Yeah forever invest one minute you saved in anything meaningful so be okay with the fact that you waste time from time to time and be conscious of working on spending time the way you want and I Often tell people we need to schedule our values not value our schedules and right now we live on a culture where people are obsessed with Appointments and blowing people off which is weird You can have blow people off on one thing and like be upset about missing a point on the other dude You’re the same person. You can’t have it both ways but again and Think about what you value each day and just focus on that if you can accomplish one thing you value each day You don’t need any software. You’ve won the human race Yeah No, no No, that that means no sense in that that underpins the reasons why you set this sort of system up and the reasons why you tend to Sort of dive deeper into this. So, thanks Thanks, Chris, and we’re gonna actually grab a bit of time now to talk a little bit about bel-air table But where can people find you after the podcast and after the YouTube video? Well first We’re just googling most connected like that It just pops right up But the other thing is don’t feel like you have to find me or follow my work or any of this I don’t buy into subscriber culture I value the work frencesco does that’s why I watch him right if someone’s not Giving you in being respectful of your time and attention for any reason Unplug at that point, right? There’s no need to Like be obsessed with kind of this vanity metric culture, but if you do want to follow me, I do a lot of esoteric We’re tweeting I noticed a lot of things in the news and I kind of take ticket, you know reporters always like Star America Okay, though that must have resonated. I don’t blog a whole lot just because I do seem to ramble and in my website It’s got a bunch of a fake cues and videos about how I do some of the things I do More importantly if you really want to, you know reach out to me And if you need help, you know, I always tell people it doesn’t matter if you’re depressed unless doing this podcast My phone number is on my website. Call me if you’re unemployed, and you don’t know what you’re good If your next job email me, I will help you find a job. There are not enough people who are helping people They’re just treating them like followers. And this has to end if you have the time and someone gives you the platform help people out Yeah, that’s really nice. Yeah, I think you can get carried away with doing that sort of thing You know the number side of it and helping is really what you know It is the reason why we do we do this. The reality is most people don’t want the help I Can tell how many people? call me and I’ll give them a half an hour or I’ll meet them someplace or something and we’ll talk and I’ll give them as Much time and effort and whatever resources they need and they don’t do anything with it So, I mean there’s no harm and like putting yourself out there So if you’re just into this or this show and you can help someone also Like one of the things I track is talking to strangers. I Make sure I talk to strangers at least two hours a week people. I do not know have never met for at least two Amazing. I can’t believe you tried like two that’s brilliant But great advice and I don’t think this is going to be just think this is part one of maybe a fairly few parts But well, we’ll jump in to air table now so if you want to Learn more about air table and how quest uses it. You can jump over this key productive YouTube channel and He’s gonna dive a lot more to it. But thanks Chris and We’ll talk to you soon. Thank you so much for thank you very work Thank you

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