The Microwave Heist: Team Distraction – Between the Games

The Microwave Heist: Team Distraction – Between the Games

Gavin: So Chad wants to steal a microwave Gavin: John Mace promised them a microwave, he never delivered Gavin: He has enlisted our help to distract John Mace so Core can steal Stage 5’s microwave Ryan: Oh okay Jeremy: Oh yeah! Alfredo: Ohhh!
Jeremy: Oh John will hate this Jack: That’s true Trevor: We make a fire, just anything he hates Alfredo: Just start handing them around to people Gavin: You should just walk up to him with a handful and be like “I need more.” Ryan: Here’s what we do, we go out behind the little patio area and we build our own fire pit Jeremy: Right, if John walks out and we have a bucket of lighters and I’m going like this over it Ryan: Yes Gavin: You’re gonna make him so mad Jeremy: He’s gonna flip Alfredo: You know, light it from the bottom Jack: Oh there you go, like crack style! Alfredo: Yeah Jack: Oh Michael’s here Michael: Smashing some lighters? (Jack laughing) Trevor: I’m glad he’s in
Alfredo: He walked in like “I’m in.” Jeremy: So if we walk in with this Jack: And a flamethrower Jeremy: Yeah and we’re like “We didn’t have fuel but-”
Ryan: That’ll do it Michael: Like “Can we get this in this?”
Jeremy: “-found some” Alfredo: These two walk up they don’t distract him they go “Ca-caw!” and he comes around the corner with a flamethrower Michael: I can go get it Michael: Always keep a flamethrower- Jack: No, it’s not a flamethrower, please
Michael: I’m sorry, it’s not a flamethrower, so that right there is a conversation with John Mace Jack: That’s true
Michael: No, no John, it’s not a flamethrower Michael: If we can like attach this Alfredo: Yeeeees (Jeremy laughing) Jeremy: Dude, can we- we gotta Michael: We need to get like a paintball hopper Jeremy: Yeah! Michael: And just pour it all in What’s up you little heisters? Alfredo: Oh you guys got phases Chad: We got a plan Jon: Phase one is as follows Jon: First order is Barbara and Chad Jon: But you guys are gonna get in place to distract Hector Jon: Phase two is just simply, that’s when Achievement Hunter, you guys, are supposed to start your distraction Jon: Our lookouts also have to get in place and that’s when you guys are gonna put a temporarily out of order sign Jon: On the working microwave Trevor: Sorry, smiley face? Jon: Yes Jon: And you swap our fake microwave for the real microwave Jon: You’re gonna be holding the fake microwave underneath the cart, okay? Jon: That’s when you guys should have John here for sure, 100% John- Jeremy: Here? Jon: You should be-
Jeremy: We’ll have him somewhere Jon: Somewhere not Stage 5 Jon: And so that’s when the van’s gonna get in place and you guys are gonna exit with the microwave Jon: We’re all getting in the van cuz the heists have to end in a van Jon: Okay Barbara: So wait, we just leave Hector locked in the cage Oh Jon: Yes Jon: Hector’s a resourceful young man who can find his way out Jon: Last step is we drive the van to bungalow E Trevor: Three Trevor: Two Trevor: One (Premature Heist!) Trevor: Heist! (Heist Intensifies) (Crash) Trevor: Why did I call it, it’s not even my plan? Ryan: You don’t think they’re secretly really clever and they’re actually heisting us Jack: 0% chance of that
Ryan: Okay (Action music) Jeremy: I need your opinion John Mace: Hmm…
Jeremy: Will this work in a flamethrower? John Mace: In a flamethrower? Jeremy: Yeah, if we meticulously broke open each one of these John Mace: I don’t know, I’m not a flame thrower expert Ryan: Say with a hammer Jeremy: You’re as close as we have Jeremy: Okay, yeah now, well, I wasn’t gonna get to that point yet Ryan: Oh Ryan: Don’t say with a hammer Jeremy: C’mon John Jeremy: Let’s go buddy, come on pal Michael: Here’s what always happens, we do things and then we get in trouble (Barely contained laughter)
Michael: Here’s what always happens, we do things and then we get in trouble Michael: So we tried to… (Uncontained laughter) Ryan: I don’t- I don’t
Jeremy: I don’t know what the hell’s going on there John Mace: (Aggressive Ignoring) Ryan: John- John Mace: Plausible deniability Ryan: John, come on
Michael: You guys are weak Sam: What are y’all doing? Sam: Hanging out? Bothering John? John Mace: Sam help Ryan: Look, we don’t feel safe without you here John Mace: This is not- this is not Ryan: There we go Jeremy: Oh, I left my vodka Jeremy: Follow him
Ryan: I don’t know, we’ll see Ryan: Oh, this’ll be a challenge Ryan: There we go, hey we got over it, nice Alec: John, I’m really sorry about this, I just hold the camera John Mace: Saaaammmm! Ryan: He’s not part of the abduction John Mace: Saaaaammm! Ryan: There we go Alec: Why did you say abduction? Ryan: Uhhhh… Ryan: We need your face to react to everything we do. John Mace: Do you really need my face to react to everything you- I don’t think you do John Mace: I think you’re pretty successful without my face involved (Please don’t try this at home)
Michael: Don’t overthink it (Slam) Michael: You missed
(Laughter) (Slam) Michael: You missed again! (Slam) Jeremy: Ohhh! Michael: That was cool
Jeremy: Damn! Ryan: It exploded! Jeremy: That was cool! Alec: You need to do it again I missed it Michael: You fucking missed it? John Mace: Everybody has glasses on expect for me right now Alec: I was getting the reaction shots- Jeremy: Alec was not filming Ryan: Look at what it exploded into
Michael: We’ll clean it up, we’ll clean it up Jeremy: Where you going? John Mace: Hold on, hold on, I said hold on John Mace: I left my chair out here, I’m not gonna leave my chair out here, be right back Michael: That’s true Ryan: I sure hope they’re done Jeremy: I don’t give a shit Michael: Yeah, I don’t care, this has turned into a whole other thing, I just like making videos with John Jeremy: Don’t worry, Michael Michael: Oh, John’s protected Ryan: I’m a little scared of it now Michael: The caps are probably gonna fly that way (Slam) (Boom) (S l o w m o B o o m) Jeremy: Alright, John Ryan: No fires Michael: Thank you for being a part of this Jeremy: Alright, and I just got a text that we’re all good Jeremy: So, uh, John, thanks Jeremy: There ya go, pal Michael: Thanks, John Jeremy: Who’s got the fucking lighters? John Mace: Bye John Mace: Be safe John Mace: Make good choices Jeremy: He’s a nice guy Michael: I wish he liked us more Michael: It’s kind of like how Joker likes Batman, but he doesn’t reciprocate Jeremy: We literally just had to roll, basically roll John Mace away from his desk Michael: He wasn’t moving. He was just like “I don’t like you guys. I’m not moving. Go away” Ryan: They literally kicked off their other part of the plan and locked Hector in the cage while John Mace was still sitting there. Michael: Yeah. Yeah, they got real sloppy Ryan: It was ugly Jeremy: I was going like “John we got this bucket of lighters. Where’s the safest place outside?” Blah blah blah Michael: He was like get away from me Jeremy: Yeah, he’s like “Get away.” Jeremy: Ryan’s like “Just show us” and he’s like “Just go outside to the left.” Jeremy: Well done, guys Trevor: He was like “Is it Achievement Hunter day? Like why was Jack strolling out?” (Laughter) Gavin: Do we have time for the TTT? Jeremy: Yeah, we got time for a TTT Chad: You sons of bitches! (Laughter) Michael: Did you get the microwave? Jeremy: Ehhhhh! Jack: You get it? Chad: Where’s my [redacted]? (Laughter) (Rewind noises) Gavin: So Chad wants to steal a microwave Gavin: John Mace promised them a microwave, he never delivered Gavin: He has enlisted our help to distract John Mace so Core can steal Stage 5’s microwave Gavin: Which we agreed to Gavin: But we didn’t stop there, did we Ryan?

100 thoughts on “The Microwave Heist: Team Distraction – Between the Games

  1. Oh hey, this seems cool.
    > watch part 2 now on RT with a FIRST membership
    Oh, HELL no. I'm not paying for that overpriced shit.

  2. A good opening line for any video:
    "So Chad wants to steal a microwave"

    And that fricken cliffhanger!!
    IN TWO VIDEOS!!!!!

    Edit: One thing I learned from this video is that when it comes to heist's. The RT Life crew are to much wanna be's, there way to cute and unprofessional in there execution.
    As for Achievement Hunters.. They're way more methotical and casual in what they do, like they've done this before. It's almost scary. XD

  3. Chad….chad you just needed to take the taco…it was that easy, but now you have made yourself a target of the chaos that is achievement hunter.

  4. You know something bad is going to happen when Michael, Ryan, and Jeremy walk up with a hammer, a flamethrower, and alcohol.

  5. Astounding. It's amazing how the RT crew was all panicked while AH was all "Hey man, hang with us for 10 minutes."

  6. Between Ryan, Michael and Gavin there was gonna be a double cross. Maybe even a triple cross. We will see in the next video

  7. Stop with the pink hair Jon it's distracting.. you are 34.. piss yellow in this age bracket then blue in your 40s salt and pepper 50s then jet black 60s.. anyway haircut is nice..

  8. All three of these videos are wonderfully edited! Like I watched the AH double cross, the original microwave heist, then this. Any order would be easy to follow.

  9. Michael is the best, walks in: "So we smashing some lights?" just like it's a typical Wednesday. Proceeds to grab flamethrower.

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