The meaning of “Cheeki Breeki” – Cossack’s Podcast №1

The meaning of “Cheeki Breeki” – Cossack’s Podcast №1

hello guys I decided to make a series of podcasts in this video I’m going previous through the story of cheeky breeky meme and explaining the meaning of the phrase the first popular cheeky breeky vigil was uploaded to youtube in late 2011 it is called meet the bandits it features gab Nick’s or Street mob starts dancing on a playground the music and binded phrases in the video are taking from stalker clear sky video game the first phrase here in the video is followed by other random binded phrases from stalker the crazy characters and their dance the music and the Bandit phrases made the video funny enough to become popular and so the meme was born another relevant video called cheeky breeky was uploaded in May 2014 featuring stalker clear sky gameplay where an npc gets a problem with his AI and then he sits in a chair screams cheeky breeky while shooting at the floor beneath him the cheeky breeky phrase was actually added during the editing because it seems that the place doesn’t fit with the bandits original voice anyway it was then I found cheeky breeky funny and so I decided to make my own video the cheeky breeky sang which later became the most popular cheeky breeky video on YouTube it got over 1 million views in less than two years which is totally awesome but what does cheeky breeky mean exactly even so there are plenty of explanations on the web people are still asking what cheeky breeky means the fact that it’s slang and there is no way to translate it directly makes it even harder to explain which adds mystery to the meme to explain the meaning we need to go to the origins the oldest stalker game according to the game story several factions exist in the fictional anomalous zone by 2012 and the funniest fraction of this all is the bandits faction their way of speaking has a strong contrast with the very depressing nature of the game which makes the band is even funnier all factions use different phrase during the combat to give orders to each other they have several variations of phrases which means same thing for example go and flank the enemy or give me cover fire so I can thank the bandits have always had their slang which makes their phrases even more funny z phrase can be found in the game archives in the folder with other phrases which have a connection to flanking or rapid attacks which means that cheeki breeki bumpy has something to do this attacking or flanking she can break it down can rocket is Baku sahajiya another one below to play our game and resume bottom-up hwadam Shamli valley valley war we’re up Katya Katya to Superboy no bother Mali Pisani can do heavy silly so indeed the phrase has a strong connection to attacking or flanking but the exact meaning is still unclear even native Russian speakers have difficulties understanding the phrase but it is still possible to figure out that cheeki breeki volga has following meaning a no means come on cheeky breeky can be interpreted as do it quick if dumb K means to get right in to good position or from behind the last part is explained this way danke is checkers king in the chess game and if danke literally means to get the checker scheme which requires the player to get all the way to the other side of the board which is basically a dangerous offense maneuver sheikha break it down again which means go on offense but why use such a confusing phrase to confuse the enemies of words the meaning faziz is that other factions won’t be able to understand what the Bennett’s are saying to each other which will give the bandits a tactical advantage but even so the need is dated to 2007 the year when the original stalker game released I here cheeki breeki long before that in early two-thousands in my neighborhood in Russia cheeki breeki palchik speaking roughly translates as do it quick bend your finger is a kid Ryan used to choose who will have first turn in games such as hide-and-seek or the game of tag kids will have to point their index fingers and lamps while someone else says cheeki breeki palchik Viking and points at one finger at a time has the kid pointed at a finger while saying Viking the finger shall be banned in kids with all fingers banned exits the role the process repeats until there is one kid left he will have the first stone in a game it seems that cheeki breeki means to it quick and it works great with unknown cheeki breeki funky and just as great in the nursery rhyme but another version is the cheeki breeki means to distract in this video the guy in the left distracts the middle guy by doing some cheeky breeky stuff while the guns are right performs a tactical takedown I still stick to the do it quick meaning of cheeky breeky as I say there is no direct translation from Russian or any language in all but the meaning of do it quick fits right in thanks for watching this video if you liked the video hit the like button if you dislike it keep this like button but please let me know in the comments what has to be improved ask your questions in the comments I read all of them and of course feel free to suggest ideas for new videos goodbye for now and good hunting stalker

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  1. I wondered where that came from. It sounds funny even if you don't know what it means. Have a few drinks and it sounds even funnier! Cheeki Breeki!

  2. So basically similar to 'BAT-21', a movie based on the true story of an American strategist during the Vietnam War who used golf nomenclature to disguise his plans because the "Opposing Force" wouldn't understand it. He was a golf enthusiast, so it came naturally to him.

  3. nice video and try to improve your squat so you don't look like western spy

    and improve it cheeki breeki

  4. Cheeky Breeky could translate as:
    Cheeky as a chick- A lady
    Breeky could be similar word as in polis "brykać" or to dance
    so this could mean "Ladys, go dance! " in a ordering- quite manner

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