The Meaning and Reality of Individual Sovereignty

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    Women "want", women demand "rights", but don't want "accountability".

    They "want" the assets, but not the liabilities attached to them.

    They "want" the equality of responsibility that men have, but not the "accountability" that comes with that "responsibility" … women want "power" and "rights" (just because they are born with a vagina), not "power" and "accountability".

    They want to outsource the accountability and just have power and rights … in that way the get to cherry pick all the good bits and when their actions bring negative consequences then they want to outsource those negative consequences to other people … blame others, because they have "rights", not "accountabilities" for their actions … they burden others with the "accountability".

    In essence it is inequality, not equality.

  2. Friedrich Nietzsche, in his will to power lost, forfeit, his ability to act in free will, to change from Christianity to atheism, then to revert to Christianity, in an act of free will. Nietzsche lost his personal freedom to his agenda, his ideology.

  3. How can people dislike this video. Been watching you Mr. Peterson for alittle over 3 years now. I believe you break the barrier of reality and common sense so easily. Appreciate the talks and speeches. One question, will you be going on Joe Rogan's podcast again?

  4. Dr. Jordan B. Peterson struggles to define existence; the existence of existence. He needs the word “infinite” but uses the word “eternal”, whereas God is infinite and eternal. “Eternal” to me means through existence to eternity.

    The sovereign person comes from infinity to eternity.

    Jesus Christ, WHOM Dr. Peterson refers to as the “Logos”, HE WHO brings order out of chaos is infinite as God and eternal as man.

    Dr. Jordan B. Peterson struggles to define The Supreme Sovereign Being.

    Saint Thomas Aquinas said that God can only be described as ONE WHO cannot be described. So holy, that people cannot say His Name, except that God has called us to say His Name: “I AM”. “I AM” is from WHOM all creation comes into being; the existence of existence.

    Jesus Christ is the revelation of God: “I AM HE”.

  5. Peterson, the major league con artist.

    On nearly every occasion where Peterson makes a straightforward, comprehensible statement of fact, he's outlandishly fucking WRONG.

    Pick just about any of the zillions of Peterson videos. In one, he glares at the camera with his signature faux serious expression and declares: There are FAR more female physicians than male physicians! (Actually, 69.9 % are male.)

    Or maybe L. Ron Peterson's pathological nonsense about IQ? Here's but a taste. If you want to be the best at what you're doing, then having an IQ above 145 is a necessity and maybe you're pushing 160 in some situations.

    That would certainly surprise Richard Feynman, a leading figure in 20th century physics and one of the most explosively creative individuals in modern history, who had an unremarkable IQ of 125.

    Oops…no time to dwell on such trivialities as facts, Peterson is off talking about Alice Cooper (I wish I were kidding) or how to get girls or his lunatic hobby horse of Marxism, (about which he is similarly uninformed).

    Jordan Peterson on Postmodernism.
    Jordan Peterson on why the CUBS keep losing.
    Jordan Peterson on Aztec metallurgy.


    Lobsters did NOT diverge from humans 350 million years ago as Peterson bizarrely insists in his rant with Cathy Newman and in his "book." He's off by over 400 million years. Indeed, where biology, evolution and neuroscience are concerned, Peterson gets virtually every relevant fact spectacularly wrong.

    I was particularly intrigued by Peterson’s insistence that ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Hindu peoples were acquainted with the structure of DNA and depicted it in their colorful artwork. Yeah. That's highly plausible. Fucking LOON!

    Of course, L. Ron Peterson's day would scarcely be complete without him saying something idiotic about quantum mechanics:

    Now you may know that there's an interpretation in quantum physics, for example, called the Copenhagen interpretation, and not everybody agrees with it, but according to the Copenhagen interpretation no event is an actualized event until it's perceived. And the person who formulated that hypothesis, John Wheeler, is one of the most renowned physicists of the 20th century and he believed, before he died, quite firmly that whatever consciousness is played an integral role in Being. Now it seems to me after studying this for a very long period of time that the entirety of Western civilization is predicated on the idea that there's something divine about individual consciousness and after studying that for such a lengthy period of time and trying to figure out what it meant, I think I found out what it meant. I think I found out that the reason that our archaic stories say that human beings, men and women, are made in the image of God is because consciousness plays a central role in Being itself.

    Wrong. Garbage. Lunacy. Oh–and does "John Wheeler" sound like a Danish name to you? Is that why it's called "The Copenhagen Interpretation"–because John Wheeler lived and worked in Copenhagen? Anyone who has even HEARD of the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics knows it was formulated by Niels Bohr, not John Wheeler. He's confusing the Copenhagen Interpretation with the anthropic principle.

    He also cites GODEL theorem to try to pass off his hokey religious bullshit.

    Speaking of which, Peterson describes having a profound religious experience "while listening to Mozart's 4th Symphony—the JUPITER Symphony." Pretty moving account, save for the fact that the Jupiter is Mozart's FORTY FIRST symphony, not his FOURTH.

    Just google what this hyena says. It's always WRONG.

    He's a fervent climate change denier, largely based on the laughable horseshit of fellow con artist Bjorn Lomborg.

    He claims in his H2 interview that the trunk of his car is infested with ghosts. GHOSTS!!

    In his chat with Joe Rogan, Peterson claims he went 25 days without sleep after having a nervous breakdown due to APPLE CIDER!
    Go check it out!

    Peterson, in a mangled discussion of Nietzsche makes a senseless digression into the feline visual system. At 28:13 he says:
    The rat freezes because he’s using predator avoidance strategy basically to deal with the threat. It doesn’t move because if it moves a predator could pick it out like a cat because cats can see lateral movement. That’s why they have slit eyes, by the way. So they can detect lateral movement. And you know that because if you play with your cat like this (motions with his hand side to side) it will follow your hand but if you do this (moves his hand vertically up and down) it wont. (bullshit). It’s cuz it doesn’t chase things that do this (moves his hand up and down). It doesn’t chase kangaroos!

    No that is complete bullshit from top to bottom. That is NOT why cats have slit eyes and yes they absolutely CAN follow vertical movement. I feel bad for gullible kids sitting in this looney's lecture hall listening to this inane bullshit hour upon hour and thinking they are getting educated.

    Con artist. Sleezeball. Neo-Nazi. Fraud. Nice diagrams of dragons though. LOL.

  6. 1:09:20 Formula for consciousness, Modern man will not find God because he won't look low enough. I thought you had articulated a formula for consciousness already, in that you are a construction of an underlying hierarchy of subsystems that have compounded on top of one another from your biological DNA to the function of the psyche, it's out of this system that your self-aware consciousness arises. What makes your heart pump? it's not your self-aware consciousness it's the same system that makes your hair and nails grow you are not in control of that system and it's most of you, the self-aware consciousness is the driver or the eye on top of the pyramid.

  7. Whenever you hear someone say " Judeo Christian Values " you know they are lying. Jewish values are the Antithesis of Christian values. The core of Christianity is believing in Christ. Thats why its called CHRISTianity . Judaism VEHEMENTLY denies CHRIST as Devine or of the holy trinity . Our civilization was not built on these 2 ideals that are at 100% odds with each other. Western civilization was built on CHRISTIANITY . Its a trick to try to make people think that a group of people who's occupation on earth are less than a % played a equal or greater roll in shaping AMERICA as or than Christian values have. What a lie. No wonder JPB is partnered up with the likes of Ben Shapiro. Its clear that these individuals , though appealing at first glances are only seen as such by design , are funded by an establishment who has an agenda, motive , and goals set forth with a script in place on how to achieve it . Through this , JPB is playing his part in a culture war to snuff out Nationalism and Christian Identity , by trying to Redefine Christianity to be something more " Judeo " which is literally the inverse of christianity . To be Jewish is to DENY CHRIST AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR. TO DENY CHRIST AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR IS THE OPPOSITE OF CHRISTIANITY . When you watch this reader / speaker and reading his script, watch when he reads and says " Judeo Christian Values " . What an oxymoronic thing to say or suggest. I cant believe how many fools fall for this trick. Candace Owens does it too. Disgusting. Shamefull. Words are spells, thats why its called spelling. May god grant you each wisdom and strength to see through Charlatans who speak on behalf of the dollars and cents that are provided to them for said employed cause.

  8. When you're alone, thinking, is the universe still there or is it still only what you think it is? Is it only other people that change your reality? If I'm alone and then alone with a dog, my thinking and experience is different and less self involved. If it's a person it's more complicated and less peaceful and only occasionally more interesting. Have I been taught to experience this, or have I been taught to think this?

  9. It would be informative for your take on the young killers that are out for maximum chaos?
    It's obvious something has gone haywire with thier mental ability to process reality but what, in your opinion, is the overriding trigger. Attention? Fame? Suicide by Cop?

  10. The lie seems to serve an individual's interests. What about a shared lie? Like the one that allows a person's conscience to accept all the injustice in the world and still sleep at night. The one we tell ourselves to believe we're just naturally good people, instead of accepting that we're just easily corrupted and constantly on the verge of doing something selfish and destructive. Something about a physical world forces a person to sometimes choose destruction as a way to feel they have some power. Which is why I think people smoke, drink, do drugs, drive to fast… or that they commit professional suicide. When poverty limits a person's choices to the point they are dissatisfied with their life and can't imagine anything beyond their scenario and despair self-destruction becomes a reasonable thing. When other people reflect in you the fragility of human kind and you're struggling to overcome that sentiment then killing them might seem right. Like if someone were crying constantly… especially an adult because the expectation would be that this person control their emotions and contribute responsibly rather than overwhelm everyone with their problems… anyway, a lie can create a problem that is intangible, unmanageable, and a diversion from the real practical issues. But to be very very honest, since we all live with our illusions and are each limited by our single perspective… we can't help but be so wrong about so many things. To say that we have to be honest should just mean we don't try to be God. But we still have to make choices because either way there will be consequences. If it's a test then it's one we are bound to lose. Accepting to lose everything and despite having every reason not to care to decide to love and contribute positive things… I say that's the only real option… and lying doesn't fit in with that mindset, unless for example it would serve to protect someone from being tortured and dismembered.

  11. He seems tired, his usual sharpness is missing… Never the less, I always enjoy anything that he posts!

  12. Inscribed and irrevocably ratified, our Founding Principles: The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution for the United States of America may only be changed with three fourths of the states ratifying a change.

    All generations and all future generations of citizens are George Washington’s constitutional Posterity as inscribed in The Preamble, the purpose for our Constitution. George Washington's constitutional Posterity, "We, the people" come under the purview of our freedom.

  13. Jordan you should debate with Taleb. You both share a similar vision on suffering (Antifragile) and individual responsibility (Skin in the game) but also it would be amazing to compare your psychologist vision with his mathematician and statistical framework

  14. I'm sick of the comments which praise God for anything positive while there is no mention of God whenever something in the world is bad or unjustly. Your belief in God.. And more specifically, that god is 'good' and fair is pure confirmation bias.. And it's retarded. People who believe in God only do so, to just deal with their anxiety of their death and to me, have no actual selfhood. Fucking weak.

  15. Hey I’m trying to deeply study psychology and expand on different theories but in order to do this I need to therapy different people in different difficult situations or bounce ideas with someone who has a lot of understanding on how people think and themselves have cognitive thinking

  16. Everytime I hear one of your interviews or presentations I think "That's the best one he's done. I need to memorize that one."

  17. If the religious aspect of this lecture interests you and you find main stream religions inadequate in teaching these deeper ideas of existence you should study the doctrine of premortal existence taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  18. If you are demanding proof of the validity of a conscious state, you are limiting that conscious state to the level of your proof which you are demanding.

  19. @ around 36:00 it sounds like he is assuming that humanity alone has consciousness which has produced order in the form of society, and that nature is unconscious and chaotic. That does not sound very coherent to me.

    It seems to me that, assuming he is correct about consciousness producing order, that nature (and humanity by extension) is ordered and conscious, and humanity, which is able to conceptualize and compartmentalize order/chaos and conscious/unconscious has created chaos to explain what it does not understand or would like to avoid — for a variety of reasons, sanity, survival, happiness, etc…

  20. 40:00 Peterson's lack of political awareness baffles me sometimes. I agree with him on many of the topics he addresses, but when it comes to his praise of western society for ridding itself of corruption I just want to jump into my computer and set him straight.

  21. I understand that JP is a therapist and thus thinks on a personal level, but when he makes a distinction between heirarchies and corrupt heirarchies without ever trying to pinpoint the source of the corruption or tyranny.

  22. I can watch an entire JP video in the time I'm waiting for my wife to get ready. What ever did I do before these videos?! Thank you.

  23. Tatvamasi … it simply is Dr. JBP. Yes conciousness is implicit in experience and yes it is a choice to see it so. It is ,it was and it will continue to be. The Christ / Narayana( ever pervading conciousness) will manifest and it will always be a part of the communion of potential and structure and it manifests in these epic stories as the point in infinity that connects the internal infinite to the external infinite. Anyway, it's nice to see you go through this philosophical exercise. Makes me appreciate the philosophical rigor carried out by sages of the past. Maybe at some point someone will come along and explain better to you the philosophy of the east rather than the surface level stuff that is pinned to the tribalism of the east. Here's a hint that I actually learnt from you that helped me understand the west, focus on language. Etymology. Go to source scripts.

  24. How to become a Biblical Elect
    (Like Jordan B. Peterson)

    If you want to become an Elect, then you should read the KJV Bible, fast, and pray about it. It’s not difficult. Vegetarianism and veganism both count for all intents and purposes as fasting. Try to pray for thirty minutes a day, read the KJV Bible for 30 minutes a day, and be a vegan or a vegetarian. If you do this, there is a good chance that an angel will visit you or that you might automatically be put onto Elect radio. I’m telling you this as an earth angel. I only serve the Lord Jesus.

    That being said, Hebrew doesn’t mean what you think it means unless you’re educated on the subject. It is called being a good Christian. If you’re ambitious, then keeping up with Doctor Who doesn’t hurt. Of course Jordan Peterson knows all about this already. Watch Doctor Who and figure it out. They talk about Hebrew constructs like Sheol and the like and how to escape (this is in the Bible – Doctor Who is very cosmically Christian).

    If you want to become a Hebrew, it is not difficult. This is a real thing! It’s called being an Elect. This is how you can become one. Jesus loves you!

  25. Dr. Jordan B. Peterson: Bring your wife, Tammy, to Saint Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal on Mount Royal. There in the crypt is the sarcophagus of Saint Andre Bessette, the miracle worker of Montreal who healed me when I touched his tomb.

  26. Jesus Christ is the revelation of God. Jesus spent His time on earth doing His Father’s will and work. The three sovereign persons in the Trinity of the Supreme Sovereign Being are a community of love, the first family.

  27. Dr. Peterson would go down in history as the man who had saved the civilization of his time from the nihilistic deconstructionist/ post-modernist approach to reality.

  28. Jordan B. Peterson appears correct; however, does he believe that gay and transgender people should constrain themselves to binary gender roles? Clearly that is not right. He can not be ignorant of the natural variation I see in all mammals including people. Dogma is wrong. Negative judgement and discrimination against gays and transgenders is wrong. Please, Jordan, please address the problems you cause for me by so many who perceive your message as justifying their negative judgements against me and the discriminations therefrom.

  29. Sigh I love Jordan's mind, but his tremendous bias for individuality shines just as brilliantly. He's totally right on most things, imo. But, in his babble about the "post-modernists", he says "It's as if the individual doesn't even exist." Yet, this is exactly Jordan's stance in reverse: it's as if the collective doesn't even exist. His whole thing is how if the individual changes, so too does society. But he completely neglects societal change.

    As Slavoj nailed him in the debate, would you tell a North Korean to simply "put their house in order before thinking about society"? No. The system needs to change. The goal of the system should be not only encouraging personal responsibility and growth as Peterson does–which equates effectively to "Get your shit together bitch," [which, don't get me wrong, has helped me tremendously in my own life]–but the system needs to actively foster individual's growth and personal responsibility.

    If I put a gun to your head, it doesn't matter how responsible you are: an external force is preventing you from excelling.

    Yeesh. Jordan's so blind in this area it amazes me. He must need to believe it's all personal responsibility, because that is how he fixed his own life. So he expects everyone to fight just as hard as he has had to.

    The post-modernists don't take individual responsibility into account–Peterson doesn't take societal responsibility into account.

    I love the man, and he's the only one who gave me the answer I needed. But this is a fatal flaw in his reasoning.

  30. I suppose I'm as guilty of this as the average person, but who is familiar with Marx's writings beyond 'The Communist Manifesto' and 'Capital'? Most of JBP's criticism of Marx seems limited to the former.

  31. Why is it assumed that consciousness creates order from chaos especially when nature doesn’t need us… why is it assumed consciousness is order… and why is it assumed order is good when it’s about control…

    What about reality and actual independence… what about self-direction and the ability to think for one’s self… how is it adults are still being told what to do…

    There’s law of attraction. There’s also laws of distraction.

  32. Although Christ's cry from the cross may be interpreted- in a sense – as Dr Peterson does, it cannot be forgotten that the Lord is actually directly quoting Psalm 22. Psalm 22 is a Psalm of trust in the face of unimaginable humiliation and strife. Its a Psalm of victory which describes exactly what was happening at the cross with regards to The Lord, as well as the Jews. In light of this Psalm we see that the interpretation that "God lost faith in Himself" is pushing poetic hyperbole to the extreme, if not just flat out wrong.

  33. It has taken me two straight years of listening to this man (which led me to others like Jocko or Naval Ravikant,) but I've finally gotten my life back on track.

    I hope things are going better for your family, Dr Peterson.

  34. There are 1,3 Billion people on youtube. If only 10% of Youtube watches this, are we the mental elite on this platform?

  35. I am overcoming insane anxiety jumping into becoming a student of economics after 10 years. Every fiber in my body screams flee, but my soul – and your lectures Jordan – tells my body to stay calm and boldly go forward. You're lectures, philosophy and persona has inspired me in ways I always looked in movies and music. But in the end – I only need a father figure to tell me straight that there is no escaping the chaos that is life.

  36. It was always strange to me that Peterson puts Marxists and postmodernists in the same bin. They are very different.
    The fact that Peterson doesn't like them both doesn't mean there is any similarity between them.

  37. he goes to such depths that you better wear an oxygen mask to reach back up to the surface. actually what i said doesnt make much sense since one can go higher than the depths by using a spaceship and therefor exceed any depth of any sea… actually i messed up by comparing the airtank capacity with the hights and depths so i compared two things that dont belong in the same category. my mind changes levels too rapidly which leaves me all confused and now im realizing how ive wasted time but decide here to not waste any more of yours…

  38. I was a little underwhelmed of the beginning of the presentation, mostly for egoistic reasons, since it wasn't providing me with something I need right now. Then he just dropped this:
    "What should constitude the transcendent value that sits above all other values is your capacity to voluntarily accept the restricted and painfull conditions of your life. To face them and as a consequence of that to immediately transcend them."
    This is excactly the answer to a question I would have asked him if I had the chance. What is an example of a "higher good"?
    It took 24 hours to sink in and lift my mood which was declining bit by bit within the last weeks. Obviously I needed that answer. Truly amazing. Thank you.

  39. I use the "it's all been said before" angle all the time, though I imply older generations had the same or a similar idea first so look there for wisdom to build off of. I didn't think of it as a way to say "shut the hell up" meaning no new data to be found here so don't bother. That explains why these types can't grasp the concept of you can't see where we're going if you don't know where we've been, and why rewriting the past to match whatever narrative they want to apply is such a big thing. That does make things seem more like they're searching for novelty over substance, a societal constant, yes, but putting way too much effort into defending why they have to keep up with the hottest trends.

  40. His comments on responsibility are correct,but people do try to oppress others always ,the thing is to not allow that always fight for human rights, equal rights, so yes take responsibility,follow your dreams but also fight for fairness and social justice,then through hard fought effort you get a fair and equal society , never perfect but better

  41. Regarding the book you mentioned about South America, the terrible story, we walk among masked kidnappers, torturers and murderers, all free or most of them, and when they are brought to court and refuse to declare, then they are granted the privilege of "home prison", which in this country is fun!… Our current government has practically disintegrated the office that took care of the files of the disappeared and so far, from the 40.000 pages the US government handed to our President, we have had absolutely no news as to the people mentioned there. Trump gave those to the civil sector that promoted and supported the dictatorship, our president's family among them.
    Some of the murderers are not even masked. They have kept their jobs while the trials for crimes against humanity proceed against them, they are in activity where they used to work! There is little hope for justice in our country, and as you said in one of your lectures, I do not know how a corrupted country can possibly overcome corruption… If you get to have any information accidentally through people who served in the military forces those days, you do not dare to go and make a statement against them, as there is no legal protection for whoever testifies against them nor for their families.

  42. Amongst the many things I admire about Dr. Peterson is his fearlessness. When he's confronted with the b.s from the radical left, he's not afraid to take them on like a true warrior. He has grit. He's my hero!

  43. New drinking game: Watch a Dr. Peterson talk, and take a shot every time he says Fundamental, Question, Marxism, Intellectual, Solzhenitsyn, Dostoevsky, Meaning, Lobster, and three every time he goes on a tangent that eventually comes back around to the point.

  44. Pretty goddamned interesting that this is at the Msrines Memorial….SF is a bastion of liberalism, and must once again become so, rather than the current iteration of what passes as 'liberal'. The Bay Area at large is a very important hub in the Western world, and, as such, needs to regain its footing from ideological hub back to liberalism. Thank You Independent Institute…I'll be looking into this organization deeper.

  45. Why is it he seems very manipulative! White Men listen to him because some of his view speaks to white male anger. He baits white male anger im order to sell books. I dont know what planet hes from but there is white male tyranny. The idea that he thinks its false is ridiculous. He view make are telling people that their is no such thing as white male tryranny so you dont have to feel you did any thing wrong and its a myth. EVERYBODY else who not white and male are looking at each other like is he for real. yeah no such thing!

  46. His ideology on women and white male power .You have the opportunity to get the job…but you actually getting the job is subjective. He saying some job women can not do because of X Y Z. This is why hes on the hot plate. for example being a fire fighter she has the opportunity to apply but to get a job where you have to carry a hose and possibly carry people from a fire she should not get job or giving them the job can be tragic. THAT IS COMPLETE BULL!

  47. Lmao I love how he can never remember which hobbit is Frodo or Bilbo. He always questions himself everytime he mentions it. Ive seen like 10 lectures where he talks about it.

  48. Honestly would love to see you discuss major topics with Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, both of you are inspirational individuals that have helped me understand life.

  49. Jordan "word salad" Peterson. If someone saying mumbo jumbo is what it takes for you idiots to get your life together then you're clearly still a mess but a more organized one.

  50. Around 20-25 minutes in…talking about the Hebrew having been derived from older languages. I was working on my daily translations of Hebrew and pondered if the word "Anokiy" (I), might have derived from Anke. I have no idea, but it was a thought.

  51. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with inalienable rights". This is not just a statement of faith, it's a moral truth. And even those who don't believe it practically live by it. It's the only conclusion that makes sense as a basis for a civilized and just society. But a godless worldview would immediately clash with this very basis: that these truths are not evident, that we're not created let alone equal, and there is no such thing as God-given rights.

  52. When Christ cried out "My God, My God! Why hast Thou abandoned Me?" He was quoting one of the Messianic Psalms that predicted the manner of His death, and ends in a triumphant hymn of Praise for God. He said it to offer redemption to those who would despair. He said it to point directly to who He was in Jewish prophetic tradition and the history of salvation. He said it to bolster His own faith and to make His own Sacrifice a perfect act of worship of God.

  53. 38:30 … obviously never heard of "the talk" … what blacks in America teach their children, crafting a false narrative of victimization.

  54. Jordan Peterson is an advocate for free markets, individual liberties and the rule of law? Well I've never heard him speak about economic freedom for all, free of monopolies oh, I've never seen him speak of a return to a republic because that is the only system will uphold the rule of law and the people's liberties. So this man who is doing the introductions has definitely overextended himself with his depiction and portrayal of Jordan Peterson. That's just the fact folks.

  55. It seems like this guy has been censored for the past maybe 4 or 6 months. He's been kind of shadow banned by google or something. He's so awesome to listen to even when he looses me a bit I get back.

  56. Really interesting talk to listen to and a comfort as well in that you obviously have studied yourself and others thoroughly in order to speak with such certainty and clarity.
    I'd really enjoy hearing you speak in person and be able to ask questions.
    Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with the rest of us.

  57. “What we are as individuals are spirits that confront the potential reality and transform it into the actuality of reality as a consequence of our ethical decisions”. That is it. My life just changed hearing that truth articulated.

  58. When people say “This needs to be taught in schools “ …. thing about it is it probably was but we were too stupid to pay attention because some of us never wanted to listen and were conforming to our friends who didn’t care…. if some did listen they were ostracized as being a “nerd” or “suck up”….and another reason why we never listened BECAUSE our teachers weren’t popular by social networks back then

  59. The sad truth is the world is once again under an evil regime based solely on lies.
    The most insidious part of it is that it is a "Kinder, Gentler" nazi nation.

  60. The counter veiling meaning that exists is understanding who you are in this experience. As Dr Peterson suggests the individual is an illusion. So if we accept that premise then who is the identity who is having this experience? Imagine this experience is a dream. Who is the only identity in this dream? Of course – the dreamer. A simple witnessing awareness observing its (maya) consciousness (of which the individual is a small part). Therefore if everything in the dream is an illusion, then the only counter veiling meaning is to identify and isolate the dreamer out of this experience. If we are to believe the testimonials of those who have followed this path, then once this dreamer has perfectly detached it's identity from the dream, then it will be willing and able to resurrect its mind to reality (satchitananda – perfect oneness).

  61. Continuing my 'throw a dart on the timeline and see if you can hit a single useful and coherent idea by JP anywhere, at 57:00 in this one of JP lecturing on meaning and reality [chuckle]:

    "What you build is dependent on your ethical choices, our Western systems are quite functional, it requires the truth of the living to keep it on track, you consult the living, you can open your eyes, you can speak the truth, that is the responsibility, burdensome and terrible, the catastrophe of life, you need a weight and a load of responsibility that is of sufficient magnitude, and worth, to balance the fragility that characterizes you, you could make things better, if it is good that you want it, the self evidence of our equality before god, our rights, the requirement of the consent of the government".

    [OK, JP astounds us with 'confront the living and open your eyes'? As opposed to what; consult dead or blind people so you can see and ascertain the truth? I need a weight of responsibility to balance my own fragility? How does JP know I am fragile? Is this statement in any way useful to me so I can grasp meaning and reality? Absolutely not. I know what meaning and reality are, if JP even dips his toe into either in this entire lecture please enlighten me. It is good if I want good things? Thank you Jordan Peterson, you have changed my life.]

  62. Let's look at the Independence Institute: "shapes ideas into profound and lasting impact. The mission of Independent is to boldly advance peaceful, prosperous, and free societies grounded in a commitment to human worth and dignity. Applying independent thinking to issues that matter, the Independent Institute creates transformational ideas for today’s most pressing social and economic challenges."

    OK Independence Institute. Can you point to the most profound idea in this lecture that will boldly have a lasting transformational impact on today's most pressing social and economic challenges? Thank you. I couldn't find one myself. I like JP's idea that you should open your eyes and talk to living people and do good things — but I wouldn't call those transformational for todays most pressing challenges. What am I missing?

  63. 34:17 He talks about physicists suspecting that existence could only emerge from "a vague potential" because of conciousness. Does anybody know more about this or could point me to some kind of article/book/lecture on the subject?

  64. @Jordan B Peterson, the metaphysical truth can also be experienced first-hand, that's what the study of Kabbalah is centered around (more generally it is the process of transference of spirit via the faculty of speech, the oral tradition, something you strongly participate in when you speak for an audience). Even if you fail in the study of Kabbalah (it's possible to overdo it or to shoot yourself in the foot) it will still add depth to any biblical study. The book "The Knowledge of God" is a great work to use as foundation for the study, or "Kabbalah for the Student". Again, more generally, the Pentateuch and the Zohar have been foundational to the study of Kabbalah for at least 400 years.
    Please ask your Jewish friends for more information, perhaps they'd even have a book that you can read, maybe they'll try to gatekeep or attempt to divert you from it, I don't know your friends. The Kabbalah of Food is a lot of fun but it's more important that you have a good way of studying imo.

  65. " Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart " .

    – Fyodor Dostoevsky –
    – Crime and Punishment –

  66. Hey Jordan Peterson, the meaning of God creating man in His image and like ess means man is created with righteousness. That is the image and likeness man is created upon.

  67. I wonder if you are Rudolph Steiner? Everyone needs to watch Rudolph Steiner, there's an archive channel here on YouTube. You will learn so much!!! It's incredible, Steiner lectured every day of his life…very cool stuff!

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