42 thoughts on “The Leia Podcast (Episode 9)

  1. Love potion #9
    That pic of Palpatine used is the absolute creepiest looking Palpatine ever!
    Miss swizzle sticks is something alot of people have imagined, but never thought we'd actually see. And it is awesome.
    This podcast was very entertaining. May the love of Star Wars be with you, always.

  2. Also as fellow Hux fans, you should talk about the General Hux comic that came out. Kylo is in it too. It has a couple of hilarious parts that reminded me of Farce Awakens.

  3. Ok so I hadn’t heard that mix of Kylo’s and Rey’s themes before and here I was, laughing and enjoying it this silly podcast, and all of a sudden at that part I got chills and started tearing up in love for Reylo

  4. What will happen to Relyo if Kylo and Rey end up being brother and sister? I'm more invested in this channel than Disney's creatively bankrupt iteration of Star Wars. 
    R.I.P. Star Wars

  5. Have you a link to the music we heard at 18:08? The one referred as Rey & Kylo's Blended Themes / Date Night 2 (Patreon Cut)… Too beautiful!

  6. I keep thinking about how a year ago Daisy Ridley cried after she was told what happens to Rey at the end of the Saga. Her being forced by the emperor to turn into his dark side puppet and go after her friends would fit her reaction. Especially if there is a heartbreaking sacrifice or a Bastilla/Revan scenario with her and Kylo. Thoughts?

  7. If anyone dies it will be Kylo saving Rey. Kylo is the only one strong enough to hold Palpatine's ghost. Rey kills him.

  8. Me: my day sucks
    sees Farce Awakens uploads
    Me: my day is better
    video is about Dark!Reylo
    Me: my day is awesome

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