The Knitter Next Door, Knitting Podcast, Episode 12, (accidental) Socks and the City

The Knitter Next Door, Knitting Podcast, Episode 12, (accidental) Socks and the City

hi there and welcome to episode 12 of
the knitter next door podcast you are joining me Angie B in my home which is
in Mansfield in Nottinghamshire which is fairly centrally located within the UK I
live here with my husband Richard and our two sons Aidan and Ezra Aidan is 13
and Ezzy is – we’ve got a staffordshire bull terrier called layla or ‘Bernard’ we
rescued her from a shelter many years ago now and we’ve also got two naughty
Bengal cats called Lilly and Teddy and normally up to no good but at the moment
actually bless them they’re both fast asleep over there so we’ll see how long
that lasts. It’s Saturday the 18th of May 2019 and it’s been several weeks since
the last time I podcast thank you very much if you’re a returning viewer today
we will be going through the results of the 1,000 subscribers giveaway so stay
tuned for that if you’re a new viewer it’s a show mostly around knitting I do
talk about crochet though from time to time and I’m a fairly new
spinner and Weaver so very often I will talk about that as well. If you wanted
to contact me at all please feel free to do so you can find me on Instagram as Angiebee_79 and on Ravelry I am AngB1979 yes that is the year
that I was born in and I have just celebrated my 40th birthday last month
but in New York with my sister and I will be talking about that a little bit
later on there’s a couple of sort of knitting related points that happened
whilst I was there so moving into finished objects then
these if you’ve seen the show before you’ll recognize as RichyB’s socks these
are some that I cast on for him on the way to Edinburgh Yarn festival in March and
last time I saw you had completed one of them but now he has a pair so yeah lucky
RichyB they are lovely to knit it’s the Rose City Rollers pattern by Mara
Catherine Bryner I’ll pop a link to it it’s a free pattern on Ravelry and it
comes in a littles version as well so you can knit it from like a tiny baby
right up to a giant six-foot two man-sized .. so I use the old Norwegian
cast on or German twisted cast on at the start just to give it plenty of room
here over the the ankle and stuff and then it just moves into like a twisted
rib there over the over the heel flap and gusset and then it’s just a straight
tube which ends in a wedge toe and your kitchener it shut I’ve made loads of
these and they’re a really really nice fit I gave there was a pair of made last
time which I showed you and said they were for me but they weren’t they were
for my sister for her birthday which is the week before mine so she’s had those
now as well and they fit a nicely so they’re just they’re just a really nice
little quick simple project so there we go, nice palate cleanser. The yarn that
I’ve used for these is Regia it’s design line by kaffe Fassett
and the colorway is myth so the next finished object that I wanted to talk to
you about is the top that I’m wearing at the moment and this is sweet Vicious by
Stephanie Earp I’ll show you the front page of the pattern there so this one really
caught my eye because of this sort of striking tucked stitch pattern on it
something that I saw on Instagram originally Stephanie is out in Montreal
I do believe she works at Espace Tricot as a consultant there and certainly
she’s got a pattern being published later on this month in pom-pom quarterly
so what I do I’ll pop a link to her ravelry in the description below she’s
got loads of really nice designs and a couple of free patterns available as
well so definitely she’s worth taking a look at this one then it was Caston at
the bottom let me just show you I made it with I made it with a twisted
rib rather than the icord custom that was suggested in the pattern you knit it
then from the bottom up you separate underneath the sleeves and then the
front and the back separately and then I think it was a three needle cast-off
over the top to join the shoulders it was then finished with an i-cord just
to bring the the neckline into shape and yeah it’s really really lovely I have
barely stopped wearing this since I made it he’s hardly been off my back there
you will see if you follow me on Instagram like there’s loads and loads
of pictures of me wearing this I went out to New York over my birthday as well
and wore this actually on my birthday it’s it’s gorgeous it goes with anything
it really really does you know you can kind of have a top underneath it if you
don’t want it to be quite as sheer which is how I’m wearing it today but equally
you can easily wear it without a top under it as well so it’ll work in cooler
weather it certainly works perfectly happily when the weather’s quite nice
and warm outside so it’s just a really versatile piece and I think it’s
beautiful and I really like wearing it and the amount of comments that I’ve had
on it as well whilst I’ve been wearing it a phenomenal really so definitely I
recommend it the the yarn that I’ve used is from marina at pineapple yarn and so
the background this sort of wine color is her know a kid silk lace and that’s
in the colorway SYP SYP knit and then the foreground color is spiced rum on
her nanny twist sock yarn which has a bit of sparkle through it as well and
yeah I think I didn’t even use probably half a ball of that one or half a skein
and the the mohair I was coming close to the end of I wanted to try and use as
much of it up as possible and yeah so this is this is the result it took me a
little while to make it’s one of those patterns where you kind of need to be in
the zone it’s not something I think I would probably recommend for kind of
mindless knitting but you know you if you just sort of try and keep an
eye on where you are in the pattern maybe sort of make notes as you start to
come into the shaping and stuff like that what happened to me was I put it
down for a few weeks and worked on something else and then when I came back
to it could remember where I was so I did have to kind of sit with the pattern
and and try and sort of figure out exactly where I was before I was able to
continue and finish it but to be fair that really didn’t take much time and it
was so so worth it I absolutely adore this this this finished object okay then
so the next thing I wanted to show you is a sock that I’ve designed
I didn’t mean to design a sock I kind of did it by accident which just sounds
entirely ridiculous but essentially I bought the yarn first and I really
really loved it and I found a contrasting skein that I wanted to go
with it so let me just show you these two that’s that’s these this is an indie
dyed blue face Lester that I bought from a lady called issue rat she has an Etsy
shop called fruitful fusion dyes and she’s only down the road from me in in
Nottingham although we met on Instagram as you do and this colorway is just it’s
everything let me show you one in the in the skein itself so I have this one as
well and you can see how me this is when I just hold it up in the room that I’m
sat in even look you can see these colours are reflected everywhere in here
and it’s just it’s beautiful it’s absolutely stunning it’s a work of art
it really really is the speckles are so delicate and the inspiration behind this
particular colorway is the area around Lake Victoria and the lake itself it
said that her great-grandparents were from the area and so this is where she
took her inspiration from the name of it is emiram which means peace in the
Ugandan language as well so I just thought it’s gorgeous and I like the
story that sat behind it in the beautiful colors and
everything so I had to have this I had to have it when I saw it and I wanted to
make it into something special and so when I found this in my stash
this is by coupon it’s so I think is that fiber space yeah I think it is and
it’s their socks yeah so coop knit socks yeah and this I can’t remember I did
look up the colorway but it’s gone again but I’ll pop it in the description bar
but I thought it really just picked out those little flecks of blue and really
complimented it ever so nicely so my idea was I wanted to do something with
contrasting I wanted to sock with contrast in heels on cuffs and just
really use this to to display this yarn to to you know to its fullest just to
pick out those colors I looked through the patterns that I had and I cast on
something that I thought would work and it just it really didn’t it I wanted
something that had enough interest in the pattern that you know there was some
texture there it wasn’t just a plain vanilla sock but equally I wanted
something that didn’t have that much texture that it detracted from the yarn
and just uh I couldn’t find anything in what I had so I pulled the stick
dictionaries off the shelf of which I’ve got many and just had a leaf through and
found a design that I particularly liked and this is what I’ve come up with I
wanted to do something that was toe up rather than top down all the socks that
haven’t it recently have been top down so I wanted to try something different
in that respect so I’ve cast on at the toe and then knitted in that direction
let me just pop it on a soft rocker so you can see that pattern and yeah I think hopefully you’ll agree
that there’s enough texture in there to make that so really interesting but it’s
not so much and not all over that it detracts from the beauty of that yarn I
just think I’m really pleased with how that’s turned out I think you know it’s
just it’s quite delicate and it’s quite interesting but without being
overwhelming I thought as I got really cocky as I go up here I decided you know
what I’m gonna do something different on the cuff as well so I did a little
cabled rib inspired by the Guthrie that I made by Caitlin Hunter the the rib on
that was this cabled ribbon I thought how nice that would be on a pair of
socks so that’s where that came from and then I had to really fiddle about to try
and figure out how to do a heel flap and gossiped backwards oh my lord that took
me forever to do but I think I’ve got it I think I can remember what I did I
didn’t write any notes which was really clever but yeah as soon as I can figure
out what I did I will get this written down and turn it into a pattern that
hopefully you’ll be able to have a look at yourselves if you want to I put a
little bit of interest just on the back there which is completely invisible like
this so let me just turn it round so you can actually see what I’m showing you
okay so I just wanted a little bit of something to be an extra detail on the
back of the sock obviously I’m sitting there looking at the back of your sock
so I didn’t really want to put an all-over pattern but I wanted something
just to give it a little bit of extra interest in that area
and let me show you then the ps/2 resistance which is this stitch pattern
from the top so that you can see both sides of it you only saw half of it but
I think this given that the inspiration was Lake Victoria is awesome because
these look like little fish tails
way down when you can see it from the top I just think that is gorgeous even
if I do say so myself so I’m really really pleased with this
no idea what to call it but look at that yarn look how that shows it off so so
nicely yeah dead pleased with it so when I
finish it I’ll let you know and then there may be a pattern for you to buy or
it might be something I make free I don’t know I’ve not decided yet I’ve
gotta finish it yet but yeah there we go that’s my sock that’s my that’s my half
object or my home as some people refer to them okay there we go
so then I have put on a little bit more work on to my Shetland lace shawl so
that’s this one here cobbling around by Lauren Elkin this is the first
installment of her year-long get along nicked a long Club thing that
she does called the N Club so there are three designs that come out you get a
kit in the post and then everyone knits together this is the first installment
for this year and so it’s gonna be an absolutely beautiful
Shetland lace shawl she eases you into everything really really nicely this is
probably you know one of the more complex designs that she’ll do but
there’s plenty of tutorials available through the pattern you know this video
links to anything that you know might be considered a particularly complex
technique and you know you you you walked through everything fairly fairly
easily and handheld I have to say but yeah this is this is how it’s coming out
at the moment you own it really doesn’t look anything when you hold it up like
this you really need to sort of stretch lace out to get the full benefit of the
effect I can’t really do that whilst it’s on the needles but you can see sort
of these Birdseye sections you know these sort of more scallop tea
looking it’s in the middle certainly you can see how beautiful that
yarn is what I do if I’m doing a lace repeat is I like to put a marker in
between each repeat so that if something’s not quite right I can see
you know exactly where I’ve gone wrong it’s like four hundred and fifty odd
stitches at least in the round at the moment so I would rather just you know
stick these markers in and then have to try and do stuff by counting along an
entire row I have made a horrible horrible horrible mistake on this it’s
all now been corrected but basically I’d done all at the middle and I’d got to
the edge and I was embarking on this lace I did 26 rows let that sink in 26
rows in the round of this ever-increasing lace pattern and thought
everything was fine and everything was fine to the chart but I was following
the wrong chart oh yeah oh yeah I was really really pleased when I found that
one out so yeah well done and so I had to neat the whole thing backwards cuz of
course I haven’t put a lifeline in I still haven’t put one in so oh well some
people never learn but yeah that’s all been sorted out now I’ve knitted back to
where it was last correct which was the end of the Garter reverse stockinette
whatever is section here and then I’ve put on probably about another six rows
or so of the lace pattern again since that point in time so still picking away
at it and I really really love it I’ve put it down for a little bit cuz I’ll
fell out with it when I do it wrong it’s not it’s fault is mine but there we go
still fell out with it and that’s where it is now in the meantime the next
installment of the N Club has now arrived this is kind of still a bit of a
secret ish so if you’re in the end Club and you don’t want to see it and it has
yours hasn’t arrived yet you should have arrived by now so I think I’m fairly
safe but if it hasn’t for whatever reason and you don’t want to see this
then do skip to the next section I’ll pop a little timestamp on for everyone
else Laura always tries to think yawn blends that you won’t have used before
things that are unusual little accessories that are unusual she really
likes to think about how her beads coordinate and that sort of thing and so
far what we’ve got is a little teaser card she will Laura will produce a
Facebook live video to fully announce that the pattern and we’ll all get to
see exactly what this is going to knit but in your kit you get like a little
teaser and the name of it comes out first that video will be out next
weekend the twenty-something of May I think he kept the 25th I’m not sure
somewhere around there it’s another week or so yet anyway
and yeah this is what the design is I don’t know what it’s gonna be looks like
maybe it’s gonna be some sort of shawl Shore let not sure we’ll see we’ll see
and this time it’s come in a Camelback water flask which that’s really cool
we’ve actually got some of these already Richard swears by the EZ takes them to
work to drink water and so now I’ve got one of my own with n club with Laura’s
logo printed on the side there so how cool is that and the yarn is actually
inside the flask so in here is some yarn that’s been specially died laura works
with there is different indeed iers and stuff to half things made especially for
her kits you can see this has been dyed specifically for Laura by the periwinkle
sheep and this is alpacas so it’s a 50% alpaca 25% silk and 25%
linen blend there are four hundred and thirty seven yards or four hundred
meters in 100 grams and this is in the colorway coral lip so yeah that’s
absolutely to go with that are these beads here you when you join up to the
club you have the option of with or without beads you don’t have to have a
beaded option and all of our designs can be knitted with or without the beads but
I chose to go with the extra bling and that there are these other beads you can
just about see this so yeah I’m really looking forward to finding out exactly
what this is gonna be and I’ll be able to tell you more next time so I have
cast on a syphilis sweater so this is simpler it’s designed by boiling it
works of Caitlin Hunter and I’m gonna do these short leaved short sleeved version
of this one and yeah mostly because I’m lazy so I didn’t really want to have to
spend too much time hanging around on on sleeve island but equally I wasn’t sure
that I was gonna have enough yarn to make it with longer sleeves I will have
but that’s by the by now but also I really think it’s gonna make a really
nice summer top the fabric that’s being created by the gauge that that Caitlin’s
chosen for this particular pattern is really really quite light and airy so
it’s gonna be perfect I think kind of there’s a summer piece so that’s that
the yarns that I’m using are this one here for the contrast this is again by
fruitful fusion dye so this is ash rat in Nottingham and that’s her label there
this is a superwash merino sock yarn so 7525 superwash merino nylon and it’s in
a fingering weight or four ply as we call it here which gives it roughly 400
meters in 100 grams this one the colorway is more Janne
which means coral and yeah it’s kind of a coral EPG pink with sort of violet and
fuchsia pink speckles and I just again it’s beautiful you need to check out the
shruts work go and have a look at her on etsy I’ll link to a shop below but yeah
she has just had a recent shop update a might or might not have bought something
in it can’t confirm or deny but yeah do do go and have a look she’s got some
beautiful stuff available so yeah that’s that’s that one that’s the contrast
color and then pairing that with this one here so this is by Mallory gum so
it’s this one it’s called Abril which means April and again this was cast on
kind of as like a birthday present to myself
so I cast it on just the night before we went over to New York to celebrate from
a birthday and yeah I knitted on the plane there on the plane back a few
times whilst we were actually out in New York as well so there’s gonna be lots of
special memories attached to this one so yeah the the main color is in Mallory
ghost sock which is 440 yards to 100 grams and yeah that’s kind of all I have
to say about that it’s a superwash merino this one is just pure merino
there is no nylon con tempting in this yarn and that is what it looks like in
cake form and here is where I’ve got to so far it’s gorgeous I love it and I’ve
tried it on I’m making a size that actually fits me this time rather than
making the size that I want to fit me I measured myself and show something
appropriately which is new to me for 2019 and yeah I love it I love how it’s
coming out I am using the technique that I’ve spoken about before in terms of
the collar work whereby I kind of try and block as I go along on the needles
it’s something that skein dia mentioned in her podcast and basically you just
sort of stretch those stitches out whilst you’re knitting so let’s say
these were your stitches you would stretch them as far as you could before
carrying a float past which then it stops it from doing any puckering it
makes the makes the color work sort of sit nice and flat it’s a bit
disconcerting while you doing it cuz it looks like the flips are gonna be too
baggy but they’re not as you keep knitting it all sort of evens itself out
I’ll just turn this inside out for you so that you can see my floats see how
that’s working out I do catch my floats usually roughly every sort of three
stitches or so I really do try to make sure that I don’t catch a float on top
of where I’ve previously caught a float there as well I’ve learnt from
experience that that’s not a good look you start to sort of really see the the
colour in the back come to the front if you do that so try to take a look at
where of previously caught my float and and not stack them on top of each other
but other than that that’s what I’ve got for now the body unit for about twelve
inches from where you separate the yolk and leaves off of the body itself so
this needs to be 12 inches long I think I’m about eleven and a half inches or
something like that now I’m very very nearly done I have tried it on and it
fits really really nicely there’s loads and loads of ease in the
body but not so much that it’s sort of you know backing off in all directions
and over the bust I’ve chosen for it to have sort of just a couple of inches of
ease but but there is ease there rather than it being my usual sort of spray-on
style top that I’ve knitted in the past the little progress keeper stitch marker
in the back here is by Cedar River knits now this was something that my friend
Amelia had especially for myself and for a group of
her her friends and we met at Umbreon festival now me Leary’s is Canadian so
hence the maple leaf but yeah this was specially made just for furrows that’s
beautiful that stayed on there the whole time and yeah there we go
these these games of malaria have been alternating right the way through the
body I thought I was going to end up with with awful differences between the
two skeins otherwise one that I had was quite a bit darker than the other one
and what I didn’t want was to have sort of you know one really light chunk and
then a dark chunk underneath or vice versa so I’ve gone with more of a sort
of a stripy look which I think looks looks great I’m really really pleased
with it so that’s just been alternating skeins as I’ve gone and again using the
helical knitting technique that I’ve spoken about in previous episodes that I
first learnt about via Jen Arnold collar furred knitwear so again I’ll put all
the relevant links in the description box below but yeah that’s where I am
with that one hopefully by the next time you see it I should have finished I’ll
shall be able to to wear this yeah there we go so I have another little cast on
and that is this one here this is wingspan bike ioveiy in collaboration
with blue brick yarns now this one you may well have seen it if you if you’re
active on Instagram and revelry it was on the front page of Ravelry and I think
it’s been doing the rounds on Instagram it seems to have been quite popular but
oh my goodness I just saw it and thought how amazing it was really really
strictly it struck me as you know just the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen in a
really really long time totally ridiculous and I don’t need this at all
but I needed to make it so I’ve got it on anyway so that’s that one I’ve chosen
to make it with this yarn which I just think is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t
wait to see how turns out this is called infinity the
colorway is infinity and the yarn is my melody by Walter um so this is something
that I ordered online and it’s just it’s a cotton acrylic it’s a 200 gram cake
you can buy it in I think you know multiple different amounts you don’t
have to have a 200 gram I think they do it in smaller and larger amounts but I
chose this based on the yardage that’s required for the pattern this one has
got 760 meters in it and I think the pattern required 730 so it should fit
quite nicely into that cake and then the gradient is hopefully all gonna get used
as well so there we go I’m knitting from the middle so at some point I’m gonna
need to pop something in here just to preserve the integrity of the of the
cake whilst I use it you can get them to take these up with the the colors the
other way around as well you can just ask for it to come however you want it
to be to be made whether you want the dark in the middle or at the outside is
is entirely up to you as part of the ordering process so that’s cool each one
of these cakes as well comes with its own little progress keeper as well so I
just thought how cute that one was it’s got a little elephant on it so that’s
the yarn I’m using and this is where I’ve got to it’s a weird weird thing to
knit and at the minute having to refer to the pattern quite a bit but the way
that it’s been written is that there are some sort of intuitive instructions
towards the back that just teaches you more about how its constructed than the
actual sort of you know specifics of put this stitch here put that stitch there
which is aimed at sort of helping you to just kind of not have to look at the
pattern so much which I thought was a really
interesting way of setting a pattern out but yeah you can see I’ve got the first
rows of feathers quite defined there now so this is just an evening’s work I’ve
not really spent much of any time on this yet that’s the back lots and lots
of short rows involved lots and lots of make 1 stitches of different varieties
and yeah the minute it’s something that it’s taking a little bit of brainpower
but I can see as you get into the pattern that it’s gonna be one of those
that sort of it becomes intuitive and certainly as I say the designer is given
lots of information about how to kind of make that process even easier so you
know the other thing that I’ve been doing a bit of work on is the committed
cardigan by Cassandra Rose Rd showed this one last time as well so this is a
cardigan that’s constructed largely in garter stitch and double knitting panels
and by double knitting I do mean it creates a double thickness fabric with
like the appearance of stockinette on both sides so this is what I have now so
far on that cardigan so this is an entire front panel that I’ve finished
now so it’s a drop sleeve construction so that will sort of sit over the
shoulder like that this will form sort of the front opening of the cardigan and
you can see that is the rest of it I love the way that the colors are playing
together the yarn is by an indie diet that I found on Etsy a while ago called
Tammy we colors these double knit sections I think are just beautiful
really really beautiful and you can see how that effect is the same on both
sides due to that sort of double Native
technique it is quite a tedious technique it really is and the name of
the cardigan kind of reflects that she Cassandra said you know you have to be
committed to knitting this thing because you know it
is a lot of work essentially these sections here you hold two different
yarns together double and just knit them together but when you come to the double
knit sections you kind of have to separate off into a stitch for each
individual strand so you you stitch count doubles and then you have to sort
of knit and then purl every other stitch so you sort of you you need to stitch
purl a stitch knit a stitch purl such so like a one by one rib but in between
each stitch you bring both of the yarn ends either to the front if you’re
purling or take them to the back if you’re knitting that keeps the yarn
inside this double layer of fabric that’s thus created so you can turn it
in the front and the back together and then like marrying them fusing them
together I guess which it’s producing a beautiful
technique is technique beautiful fabric even but yeah it’s so time intensive so
time intensive I’ve been working on this piece now for a year more than a year
and I’ve finished one panel of a cardi so I’ve still got that to do again and
then the whole of the back before I can even think about sleeves I cast on the
back now and that’s where I’ve got to this pattern at the moment it’s only in
one size and I think it’s kind of the idea is most people will be able to fit
in this one size I know certainly as patterned it would kind of have drowned
me the size that it was so I’ve decided to take a few inches off of the back
piece on both of the side pieces but really it’s constructed just in in big
rectangles so that’s that’s pretty easy to do I just kind of like looked at what
my gauge was and how wide that would therefore be it’s intended to be you
know an oversized cardigan that was oversized and then there’s kind of
really really oversized so I took a couple of inches off of each of the
pieces and I think that should work quite nicely
so that’s where I’ve got to with that put that one away again now I think I’ve
kind of a vibe muffle see out with this one for this year again now I did the
same last year and it’s so much and then put it away and then I’ve picked it up
again so I think this is gonna be a much longer term work-in-progress for me but
yeah hopefully that will show my commitment that one day I eventually
will finish it and wear it it’s beautiful I love it it’s really really
nice but it Suites one of those one’s kind of you know you know when you’re
running off and it can then just go away for a bit and then come out another time
when I fancy a change again so then I have another sweater that I’ve cast on
and made quite a bit of progress on since I last saw you as well and that is
the my boy lollipop by Nancy Ricci that’s this one here if you’re on
Instagram you’ll probably have seen this one it’s been around for quite a while I
hardly see like you for quite some time but actually I met this lady I bumped
into her at neeti City whilst I was in New York so that was just amazing I’m
like ah I know you hi can I have my picture taken with you and fangirl in
for a change and yeah I I sort of mentioned to her
that I was planning on knitting this top and when I got back I was looking at her
Instagram and she wasn’t having a nickel on for it so it really sent rude not to
join in at that particular time so I cast it on a week or so ago something
like that and this is where I you will probably notice that I’ve made the body
quite a bit longer than you perhaps will have seen it elsewhere it’s it’s cropped
I think this this bits supposed to be like about that long something like that
but I just I wanted it to be that bit longer in the body so yeah that’s where
I’ve got to and it’s gorgeous it’s so so lovely I’m
not gonna pop it on because I want to fully finish it before I show it to you
properly but yeah it’s it’s so so nice and you know what he’s absolutely flown
off the needles this yarn is something I’ve had in stash for ever it’s
something that my mom gave to me like years and years ago it’s um
it’s the Louisa Harding hand dyed yarn Louisa Harding being sort of very
commercial brand and it’s the grace it’s a merino yarn it’s really really
highly pigmented and to the point where as you knitting with it it’s comes off
on your hand so I’m expecting quite a bit of bleeding when I when I come to
block this and and what-have-you but that’ll be fine that’d be okay about
that before it’s not a problem again I’m alternating skeins because
there’s quite a bit of difference between the balls of yarn that I had and
I’m choosing with this one to alternate three ways with the skeins as well so
that hopefully I get quite a nice blend there and not too much pulling in any
particular place and yeah I think that seems to be working quite nicely it’s a
lovely lovely design and it’s really really quick knit it’s only taken as I
say a few days really to do this I’ve been working on so many other things at
the same time it’s not that I’ve just spent all my time on this and yet I’ve
got nearly a completed sweater off the needles again maybe it’s a fortnight now
might be two weeks but anyway I’ve done most of this like a week ago I’ve just
not picked it up a bit yep so that’s really all I want to say
about that apart from to say as I say Nancy has a knit along on her Instagram
page if you go to her she is at getting Pearlie with it and the knitter long is
running all the way through May so you’ve still got plenty of time you’ve
got a couple of weeks yet that you could perhaps cast this on and and join in
with that too long and there are prizes each week
if you if you post in that thread yeah so just to show you the ball band that
is the yarn that I’m using so graceful it’s called I did have a brief look for
it you couldn’t find it online so I don’t know if that’s something that you
can still get hold off or not that’s what it is so Tony Wow
I can probably double dip my cows here as well can’t I Leslie and Barbara’s
crafting from your stash – Cal 2019 is still ongoing so I’m gonna I’m gonna
enter that one in there as well this is living in a bag that I bought
whilst I was at the natty city basically bought it for the fabric and then when I
found out who it was by it was absolutely brilliant it’s a crafty totes
bag I don’t know whether you’ve seen their podcast the crafty totes podcast
but they’re two sisters and they’re out in thick New Jersey and they dye yarn
and they make project bags and they’re really lovely so again do check out
their podcast but yeah it was great when I saw who the bag was by about all that
that sells it then that’s done it he’s lovely
is so lovely look at the inside these lovely pockets and things beautiful
fabric and it’s so sturdy and it’s nice to have like this kind of shopper style
that you can just kind of put over your arms as well so New York lots of special
things special project lovely memories so then just while I’m on the subject of
Nikki City I don’t really want to do like a massive haul or anything I just
wanted to show you the bag that pearl Medusa 2 gave me to put all my purchases
in as I left and then also I bought one of these I wanted stuff that was you
know specifically about the shop itself so I bought one of their room little
project pouches so this is really really nice bag
and then I got one of their pins as well and while I was in the shop who should
walk in but Louis Borya of Brooklyn born in Spain and I was like ah oh my god
it’s you and oh can I have a picture taken and he was just the nicest chappie
you could possibly wish to meet and I was showing him all my pins and I showed
him my GG pin because of the GG shopper pin and he was like oh you could have my
pin oh I don’t think I’ve got one and he had a look through his stuff and he had
one left and so he gave me his pin and it was his birthday the day before mine
and we were all hogs and it was just so lovely and yeah so there we go
it was actually the Brooklyn Yarn Crawl whilst through there but do you know
what it was so busy we were only there for a couple of days and to get all the
way out to Brooklyn and then try and go around all the shops and I’ve got my
sister with me and she’s bless her she really humored me and bought me yarn and
stuff whilst we were in the shop from a birthday
she’s got movies this one or both of them actually worth from what the flock it’s what the flock now that was a
Freudian slip if ever there was one oops sorry but this one is I will always be
with it was all sort of Disney inspired collar ways that were included in his
trunk show that day and then the other one is abstract Coraline and this one
was specifically for local yarn shop day which was the same day as my birthday so
yeah dude check it stuff as well absolutely gorgeous stuff absolutely
gorgeous so thank you Steph and thank you Brooklyn boy knits and Thank You
Nancy Ricci and Thank You pearl and that whole experience at misty city was
absolutely wonderful and if you happen to be out there do go they’ve got the
most beautiful place it’s a real Aladdin’s cave you know this sort of
there’s all sorts of stuff and the more you keep looking the more you you see
and there was a group of people there all sort of knitting away and shut in
and it was just it was lovely and warm and welcoming and it felt like you know
that I’d kind of always been someone who went to that shop it was it was great it
really really was and now we’ve got a very special guest
who is going to be joining us I can just see her making her way around now
a number of you have actually asked to see if we would be able to get a guest
starring role from my mom so here she is the original knitter next door it’s been
a number of you have been asking me to feature my mom on the show for quite
some time now so here she is so this is Janet my mom and mom spends a lot of her
time crocheting and knitting and making all the things and a lot of the stuff
that she does is with a charity focus so my mom has been knitting dogs hats for
quite some years since the death of their puppy Gracie from a horrible
kidney disease my mom wanted to do something that would help contribute
towards the kidney research for Manchester Terrier so I let you talk
some more about that and so the people what you’ve been making right well this
is one of said hats it’s a bit like a balaclava so I think that’s what I can
say about it it’s about a club or with the tassel what sort of yandi Santino’s
tend to use either erin or double net okay and if it meets at flats or is it
in the round or how do you make it it’s knitted at flat I hope that the original
patent was in the round mm-hmm but I’m not one for knitting in the round watch
so i altered the pattern to suit myself and it ended up being like this I’m in
the flat with two needles okay cool so do you start at the bottom or where do
you start where does it start it starts here okay so across across
that section there with the ribbon oh yes
and then it goes up there to the point okay and then we
pick the stitches up Oh down there yeah knit knit that bit and then down to down
to there and then we finish with a picot edge okay and then it’s stitched up whoever stage two took their look
stitched up there okay so how long would you say each one of these takes you to
make about a day okay and how many of these would you say you’ve made how
hundreds hundreds literally I’ve been making them now I’ll tell you the little
story about it in a minute they I’ve been making them for five years
my god I would imagine now made while I make two or three a week so work it out
okay and basically my mom provides all of the yarn and all of the Knitting time
and gives these away to the Manchester Terrier association and then they sell
them for there are pictures of these in use and what I will do is I’ll put a
little picture on the screen that was actually featured in a tabloid a
national tabloid of Manchester Terrier wearing one of these hats it was it
called the maple hat it is yes to to Croft so yeah my mom’s missing has been
on the national news Oh with regards to the rainbow hearts as
Angela’s just said we lost our first Manchester Terrier to congenital kidney
failure and all these hearts are our till to aid Manchester Terrier health recently and I think Angela would like
probably like to put one on a picture of a trophy that have just won this year
because now I’m an honorary member of the Manchester Terrier Club and this
trophy was to thank me for brominated another charity that you do a lot of
work for is a local church trust that have sort of a charity shop as part of
of the the work that they do and the charity shop donates to many
many local causes for all different sorts of things though mom spends a lot
of time doing knitting particularly around Easter and other times of the
year for things that can be actually sold at the charity shop as well so over
to you this is one of them this is a little chicken and the shop has been
open now for six years seven years probably and every about the end of
January February are start knitting with a vengeance and make about a hundred or
so of these every for every Easter I make them from about the end of January
until whenever Easter it happens to be so that is one and then the other thing
that I like to make but I also make them for two little children that live next
next door but one to me there are little Easter baskets and this is this is a
little Easter basket so these are sold in the shop as well they are yes and how
much do sell these for her they’re sold for 150 and the chickens are sold for a
pound and the chicken has a little surprise up his bottom and that is he
can lay an egg they’re so cool that’s so cool you must admit hundreds and
hundreds oh yes well here we go again you know say on average a hundred a year
for seven years yeah yeah and some of that’s been distinctly more than a
hundred as well as yes I know how and there’s an old gentleman that I know
he he likes to buy about three dozen or so he sends them to Cyprus to a
children’s orphanage I think it is so lovely right so your knitting is global
isn’t it I mean these these don’t have these go all over the world and a shirt
the sold at Manchester Terrier shows aren’t they but he also want to say she
talking about a lady called Estella who is a Manchester Terrier breeder over
here that my mom and dad purchased there their dogs from because they did replace
Gracie with a another dog that had been rescued called pixie who then had a
puppy who his mom and dad’s current dog called Kiley and yeah people people
order these hats don’t they online and yes from here from Stella and they
they’re heavily involved with the Manchester Terrier Association aren’t
they no she’s a secretary right okay so this is just a selection of the house
and the original Mabel hat pattern was a free pattern wasn’t it that you think so
what I’ll do is I’ll link to that and I’ll also link to my mom’s version of it
which she’s actually converted to be able to be knitted in the flat so if
this was something you wanted to look at knitting yourself you’ve got different
options there including what my mom’s done oh you look beautiful
you look beautiful yeah so apart from your charity knitting you do lots of
other knitting and crocheting and stuff as well though you know baby blankets
for my friends who have recently had babies and grandchildren and so on and
so forth I make scarves and shawls for myself and
he made a lot of distraught something that’s been sold and yes and mostly have
been sold at the church bazaars I’ve made hundreds of those over the
years I’ve lost count our money I’ve made you brought a couple of finished
items that you think recently yes so um let me I’ll hold it up and you can talk
us through what this one is that’s a feather and fun pattern you can pick
that up anywhere near enough and Angela and I hadn’t got enough of this yarn
that she’s showing at the moment to complete it so we found something else
that went with it and then we had to work out and keep weighing and working
out how much we could do and we came up with this there’s so much you have 1 1 2
think it’s AJ that one this one’s by Hanamaki of hey J yarn so this is an
indie dyed merino sock yarn it’s got some sparkle in it something I bought on
Etsy and gifted to my mom and then we’ve sort of gradually faded it by just
adding a little stripe here and then another couple of stripes and then a
couple more stripes and gradually gone into this one here which is calligraphy
by Madeline Tosh which was something I had in this – for absolutely ages and
ages and ages when we knew there would definitely be enough to finish it off
we merged it back into the hey J yarn for the other side and you say that the
feather and fan pattern it was you just cast on and just kept doing the pattern
didn’t you it yes yeah anything that you’ve particularly took a pattern from
no no he’s known as feathering farm sure sure it’s just a particular stitch
pattern that you’ve just repeated for a specific amount of time that’s right
yeah so you just decided how many stitches you wanted and cast on yeah
yeah and what type of custom do you use is it just a cable cast on it is yes
yeah actually use that so for a cable cast on it’s like a knitted cast on but
you knit between the stitches before you make each new stitch and then I’ve locks
it for you having time did and it’s grown loads doesn’t it with blocking
always beautiful now it really opens out this this lace pattern when you do that
doesn’t it I think that’s the back isn’t it that’s the front yeah so yeah that’s
beautiful so that’s that one what else have you been making and was this was
one up guard well I thought I liked it when I
finished it I didn’t like it 100 blocked it I really did like it to the end it’s
no thank you it’s a lady who calls herself twink
Nicks I don’t know a surname but – Christian name is Nicola okay and it’s
she’s hand hand dyed the yarn I’m not sure I think it’s 100% merino merino
okay you know I don’t know where I started with it now remember let me just
take you toughen up a little oh yes I started at the bottom and you yarn
forward knit one at each end right right so two needs to make it emigrate
each end of every row yunkai would knit one and then it’s just alternating
garter and stockinette basic lace and the this the lace yeah work is just yarn
forward knit two together it’s it’s nothing come close no it was so easy to
do and then when you cast it off presumably it was along the long end was
it that you cast off it was so did you do that is dressed up yes okay so is
that there is it something like Jenny’s surprisingly stretchy cat stuff it is
yeah yeah so you can find tutorials for that online was that suggested in the
pattern or was that something that you know that was and I chose to do because
I thought it would work better she said the lady suggested something I can’t
actually remember what she suggested but I developed that it would suit the
stretchy cast on but which which bore out it gave me lots of room to stretch
it out for you then that did three loads it really grew so I’m definitely I mean
you were – I remember you’ve been really quite disappointing finish this and it’s
rubbish and I don’t like it and I was like well just wait a minute let’s give
it a bath let’s let it relax and then stretch it out and block it so now I’m
doing another one yeah she likes it that much she’s gonna do another one so there
we are you also crochet don’t you do a little
crochet crochet yes so what we got here then the minute it’s inside this
gorgeous absolutely fabulous back but my friends in Limerick for Terry O’Shea and
tell you how many of these back this is that this is my cottage number nine
against got a fun here I bought all my mum and one of these bugs from Atlanta
yeah you’ve been kind of Tara’s biggest fan ever since yeah so this is another
one of those crossbody bags that I was showing you before but there we go hi
Rick thank you inside inside is this star blanket it’s Sean hello baby
yes okay come round this is the show blanket it’s very very easy it’s
actually on Ravelry well I think it fit free puttan
it is a free partner yes any idea what it’s called star sure okay now the chap
you call himself I know you said something about spider air so I’m not
quite sure now but anyway I like I start off using his pattern but then after so
long it’s so easy it’s not falling off the log so don’t bother with the pattern
after the first about five those course you couldn’t you can work it out for
yourself it’s the point you do to travel to chain to travel to get your point
okay I’m to get your dip you miss two stitches out right right okay another
than that it’s just it’s just trebles that’s all it is that’s UK terminology
by the way so that would be doubles in us seminars you a nurse I think it is
yes yeah all right and then the young te the young using is he’s saying welcome to the next nextdoor
Thank You Ezra this one which is vice copious and it’s their wonder list which
is one percent acrylic it is really really soft and this solvent is this
form it’s my friend Elaine okay she I don’t know what it exactly is wrong with
her but she walks with calipers walking sticks and she said she’s a beautiful
lady and she said pinks and grays were they real colors so I decided I would
make for one did you mixing a new crochet back I’m sure everyone I’ll
agree with me so those of you that watch Chevy rails podcast will know that she
is currently hosting a couple of knitter Long’s maker Long’s and one of them is
based around knitting something from your knitting books or making something
from a book and so I’ve been having a look through my knitting books of which
I’ve got loads and I barely ever knit anything from them and I’m really
pleased that she’s kind of spurred me to do so because I found this little book
out and in here there’s a perfect summer top that I think I will be making to
join in with Chevy’s cowl so that’s this one here this is called a Vesper as’ and
it’s by all design so Sarah Alderson of all design all of the
patterns in this book are in one way or another inspired by the world of of
Harry Potter and yeah I just thought this is beautiful
it’s a lace weight yarn so this will be able to be made with a single skein of
yawn and yeah it just creates a really really lovely sort of light and sheer
fabric this was a sample that I saw yarn Dale that was actually been knitted up
and and that’s how come I ended up buying the book cause I was so taken
with this particular garment and I’d forgotten all about it so Thank You
Chevy for the for the for the cowl and for reminding me to have a look through
my box I found loads of different things that I want to make now so we’ll see
I’ll be entering all the cows do check out Chevy’s podcast though it’s
brilliant shoes laughs a minute she really is such an awesome awesome person
and yeah her cows are looking really exciting them really fun to get involved
with so I’ve actually been doing a bit of crochet since the last time I saw you
as well and okay I picked my hawk up because I was feeling a little bit down
in the dumps I guess feeling a bit miserable a bit frazzled and none of my
knitting projects were particularly calling to me but I still I wanted
something to kind of you know keep my hands busy I don’t really like to be
just sat but I didn’t really fancy doing any of my knitting if that makes sense
so I had a look back through the cupboard and found an old blanket that I
was making and here it is that’s this one here there’s a couple of crochet
lungs going on at the minute as well one of them is Marta from Matos cleon’s is
doing a crochet from your heart blanket cowl and I thought this kind of
matched in with the aim of that cowl really quite nicely because the thing
was it was sort of you know crocheting something with love and this particular
blanket oh my goodness as he as soon as I pulled it out of the cupboard it was
like what’s that Mommy I love the colours and it is it’s so bright and
cheerful and happy the yarn that this is being made from orbea is just a ball of
sort of GP acrylic that I won in a raffle and I won it from the local yarn
sure that the yarn store that since unfortunately closed
and my good friend Sarah ran that with her friend nari and I’ve just got so
many lovely memories attached to that place and so it’s nice kinda to sort of
honor them by finishing off this little whip and as he is absolutely delighted
that I’m making it Oh mommy are you making me a pattern is it a pattern for
me and it keeps cuddling it and he’s so cute with it the other thing about this
as well is it’s by my favorite designer de jure eyes my favorite crochet
designer should I say and OB it looks just like a standard square it’s not
it’s done in a spiral construction which is really really clever so you can see
it starts here and comes around and round and round and round and so every
side has slightly more stitches than the one before and it’s just made in this
big spiral that just keeps going round and round occasionally you kind of you
can correct the sides if they’re not quite looking just right by just
adjusting the stitch count very slightly in the corner and you can just keep it
square in that way and it’s it’s come out really really nicely I’ve not had to
do anything to change the colors that’s the yarn that’s done on with the work
for me it’s so soft and squishy and the the emphasis behind this pattern is
really nice as well it’s a free pattern you can find this on dangerous website
which is the look at what I made dotnet and she is offered this as a free
pattern but you can also buy in kit form which I have done in the past and here’s
one that I completed much much earlier and it’s called Joy’s journey the kits
are in north sock and wool which is a wool buy sleepiness and again you can
see it’s the same pattern but very very different yarn that I’ve used this time
and yeah this this was something I made before I had as and
now sits on a Z’s bed the pattern is actually intended for people with
dementia or Alzheimer’s and it has this lovely sort of bubbly finish on the
outside of it the idea being it’s like one of those twiddle knit things I don’t
know whether you’re aware of them but basically it’s intended to give like a
really gentle stimulation and something for people to do with their hands when
perhaps you know they need that that little little bit of extra stimulation
and joy the lady who was the namesake of this blanket was a lady that died and
she was someone who had been suffering with dementia in the late stages of her
life so yeah that was sort of the the meaning behind this so this is Aziz
mummy made it blanket but it’s what he calls it and this sits on his bed so now
it’s got a second partner I’ve also been having a go at doing some hand dyeing
and that was with some merino fiber that I had it’s pure merino it’s not super
washer or anything so to be really really gentle with it to try not to –
felt it I think given the nature of what you do in if you’re not using super wash
fiber it is inevitable that you’ll get some small amount of felting but you can
kind of you can work with that but anyway this is this is what I came up
with or at least this is a sample of what I came up with I will pop a little
bit of footage in I’ll see if I can detect some videos I’ll see what I can
splice together and just give you an idea of kind of
what I did and how I did it this is the finished product so I’m
really pleased with how that came out it was always gonna be a pastel rainbow
with me because that’s just kind of like a pastel rainbow but yeah it’s it’s it’s
it’s nice I thought I thought I might have felt at it I thought I might have
gone a bit overboard with it but actually spinning it up it’s spinning up
fine and I’ve since let me show you I applied a sample of it as well and it
comes up really really nicely this bit didn’t really have any things in it I
just I just I literally just spun a bit of it just took a chunk off spun the
whole thing up just to see how it would come out and if the if the yarn would be
usable and it’s it’s perfectly fine I don’t know what I was worried about it’s
not it’s not felt it it’s it seems lovely
it’s nice and soft yeah you just kind of started to to doubt yourself I guess
when it’s something you’ve not done before but yeah this is an example of I wanted to keep the color changes so
fairly long what I didn’t want to do whilst I was spinning it was to mix it
up too much so I didn’t want to strip this along its length rather I wanted to
work with a chunk of color at a time so you get sort of a longer section of any
one color before it transitions to the next the reason behind that was I
thought if I mix it up too much it’s literally just gonna come out skin
colored it’s just gonna mix all of these together with it being a pastel rainbow
that will turn into like a peachy Brown and you won’t really see the individual
colors in it so I’ve tried to keep them sort of fairly separated whilst I’ve
been spinning it so we should get some sort of rainbow yarn and as you can see
this was done with some blue and green and they’ve sort of held held up quite
nicely through that spinning process this was Navajo applied or chain plied
and so that’s the technique I’ve shown before whereby you kind of make just a a
giant crochet chain and just keep keep pulling a loop through the previous loop
and letting that twist together but I think what I will be doing for the main
one is two singles and then ply them together as a two ply so this would be a
three ply but this is more of a two it’s going to be a two this is a single of
the minute that’s not a 2-bike that’s a single one so yeah that’s that’s
something I’m working on so that was representative of I think it
was about an hour and a half just chopped down into about 20 seconds there
for you so you kind of get to appreciate you know how that looks this year as you
fill in the bobbin off I’m really really enjoying my spin in the technique that
I’ve been using for this one is again I didn’t really want to mix the colors up
too much I wanted to try and keep it the same as it is in here so I’ve not been
splitting along the length of the of the braid particularly rather I’ve just been
trying to kind of spin off of the end and you do need to sort of air it and
pull it apart a little bit but once you’ve done that spin across the end
side to side that seems to work nicely and hopefully won’t mix the colors up
too much that I will muddy them it’s gorgeous isn’t it absolutely gorgeous so
that’s my spinning project I’ve done some more weaving on my little sampling
loom that I bought a couple of months ago and so what I’ll do is I’ll just pop
you a little bit of footage in of me weave in this piece and here is the finished object it’s
come out so nicely what I wanted to do was just another plain weave piece I
wanted to really try and work on making those edges as straight as possible and
just to try and produce a piece of fabric without making mistakes in it and
I think I’ve got that it’s two cotton yarns I wanted to make something that
would make a nice light summer wrap and I have finished it off using a sown
technique to bind the mind the warp threads in place so this is just a like
a hem stitch it was a tutorial that I found on on blueprint because I do have
a subscription to that of a year-long subscription which gives you access to
essentially every class that’s available on their blueprint being what was
formerly known as craft C so this particular tutorial was a lady called
Angela Tong and it was really really comprehensive tutorial as to how to do
this soin bind off technique so yeah that’s that and I’m
really pleased with how it turned out the warp threads are in copious were let
which are these sort of mini cakes that compliment their bigger copious world
gradient cakes I had this one in stash for a very very long time indeed used
essentially the entire 50 gram cake to make the weft is a gradient cake from
Rico designs which is the cotton degra day that’s something that I bought from
the local yarn shop when they were still in business and yeah I think it’s it’s
produced a beautiful fabric that is really nice and even
washed and finished this it’s been folded up for a bit so hence it’s got a
little bit creased but you kind of get the general idea I’ll just pop that on
it’s made a nice lengthy piece of fabric and it’s it’s very very nice to wear
very very nice indeed so that’s my weave in escapades for this time not really
got much of anything else to say about it I think next time I do a piece of
weaving I want to try something a little bit more complex I think we’ve got plain
weave sort of fairly down pat now I think I kind of know what I’m doing with
that so I want to perhaps try something with maybe a different type of pattern
on here or maybe like a clasped weft or or something like that I don’t know not
decided yet but that’s my weaving for this time so then I have the honor of
announcing a winner for the little next-door 1k subscribers giveaway got
all the entries here I’m going to fold them up and pop them into a dish and
we’re gonna draw a winner old-school style if you remember the prize is this
beautiful project back from from Terry at my cottage number nine so who’s gonna
win this before I do that what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna show you a montage
of all the beautiful entries that I got there were so many I think we’re looking
at close to 50 here so as many pictures as I’ve got I’m going to just pop them
into a little show for you now and so inside surprise ah all of the
entries and I thought what we would do is we would get my lovely beautiful
assistant mr. Richie B to come and choose us so you better be ready
thank you so much for entering everybody log we have got an Instagram entrant SC
a three four nine nine this lady describes herself as a fan of
karate knitting cars and she’s geek gamer oh yes
awesome I should be literally has just come from playing Warcraft to come over
and choose this and oh yeah I remember this one she knitted a unicorn sweater
and I think it was for her daughter but she did stay on her comment that she was
tempted to knit more for herself as well so that again the winner is s-see three
four nine nine that’s her Instagram handle and you will
have seen in the montage so well done if you want to get in touch with me um
either on probably on Instagram and the messages would be the easiest thing I
can sort out get in your prize out to you congratulations thank you very much
congratulations so I have had a little bit of stash
acquisition that was from a yarn festival that I went to which is a new
one that has just started in Buxton this year so that’s the Buxton wool gathering
and it was held at the Buxton Pavilion gardens it’s absolutely beautiful venue
I’ll see if I can pop a little bit of a clip in here I didn’t take any footage of the inside
I got there really really late on the last day and so I was more interested in
just having a look around than trying to record it and what have you some really
sorry about that but I’m sure you’ll be able to find other people perhaps that
took some footage of that and some photographs online if you if you look it
up on Instagram but my purchases were mostly fiber and fiber craft related for
my spinning I got this chunky bump of fiber from coastal colors and this is a
camel and silk blend I just thought how lovely it wasn’t I’ve never seen
anything like it before so I’m looking forward to creating something with that
I got a couple of braids from a company called felt studio who are available to
find on Etsy so I got this sort of bluey color and and the purple and blue sort
of fairly predictably for me I guess I’m holding it up and it’s all the same
colors that I always go for but still they’re beautiful and there’s a reason I
always pick the same colors and they suit me and so there we go
and this is again baby camel and silk and then finally last year yarn Dale I
got this braid from camp Sparrow so they happen to be there and they have
two braids are the same thing and I was sort of saying you know I get these
braids and then you know 100 grams it’s it’s plenty but it’s not really enough
to make a garment from and I thought this the color that it wore that it were
that it was would make a really nice garment so I bought another two braids
so that I can actually spin something to knit something this time rather than
just spinning aimlessly and Tommy Trujillo from squirrel pie Productions
is doing sort of a fiber along and also grace and Mina Phillip so that’s the
bubbles travelling yarns pod and the Knitting expert are also having
like a spin and make something along so I thought possibly this could be
something that I might use to enter in those different neuter lungs and make
lungs and spin alongs that are that are occurring at the moment so yeah this is
from captain sparrow and this is actually the last that
they’re going to be doing of this particular Brett blend so I bought the
last two braids that were available this is a curried ale blue-faced Lester and
mulberry silk and pearl fiber blend I became aware of the Buxton wool
gathering via my friend Hannah Hannah Maki from hey J yarns and because she
was vending there and whilst I was there I bought two of her little lucky dip
packages now these are such a cool idea because they’re only a couple of quid
each and you don’t know exactly what’s gonna be inside you know it’s gonna be a
mini skein but the color is gonna be who knows but if you’ve seen Hannah’s work
it’s all sort of really brightly colored one-off or very very small batch skeins
that she does and they’re always gorgeous they’re always beautiful so I
just said look you choose two for me but they better be right and if they’re not
on the back she gave me these well she says well you know where I am so there
we go she gave me these two and they’re gorgeous they’re amazing let me show you
what we’ve got this one is the first one look at that how beautiful is that this
one that’s going to be perfect for some contrasting heels toes and cuffs and
possibly some squares on my little memory blanket in the back there so
those my little mystery skeins so thank you very much Hannah they’re gorgeous
then the other thing that I got was a little orifice hook for pulling the yarn
through the orifice in my spinning wheel and this is a little cute animal starter
I don’t know why why but it’s it’s called one other little thing that I
wanted to show you and that is a couple of mini schemes that have been really
really generously given to me by ladies that have made friends with as a result
of having the podcast and that lady is called Sarah and she has given me these
three beautiful mini skeins of yarn to add to my memory blankets so they’re
gonna be going into that as soon as I get chance to pop them in the gorgeous
they’re gonna go in the little bag that my other friend Amelia made for me with
some skins that she gave me and then also Sarah bought me this little
progress keeper from crafty cat nitty bits which I just thought was so so
beautiful and thank you so much that’s so appreciated so finally I just wanted
to say a big thank you to everybody for coming along and watching the show again
I really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s content and getting to know my mom a
little bit and yeah it’s been wonderful to be able to announce the the winner of
my giveaway and do get to in touch with me and I will make sure that that prize
is sent off to you as soon as possible and yeah thanks everyone and I’ll see
you again next time you take care now and happy knitting you what are you gonna say hello everybody
hello family and then animate boom

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