The Kardasim Podcast (Episode 4)

100 thoughts on “The Kardasim Podcast (Episode 4)

  1. Kourtney-I have everyone’s back
    Khloe-Yah when your fricking stabbing it

    Most ikonik line (you see what I did there)

  2. i currently just starting watching “Kardasim” a day ago. i’ve seen all of the Kardasim Spoofs and now the Podcasts. i LOVE the Kardasims so much!! It’s makes me laugh so much and makes me super happy and i can’t wait till after to school to watch these videos!!❤️

  3. 17:16
    Khloe: Do you guys remember when we worked at a fast food restaurant.

    Khloe: If I asked for coke and I got a sprite I would be like WTF.

    The hypocrisy Khloe but, So Watermelon 🍉

  4. 7:59
    Kim : "I'm sorry were you 20?"
    Khloe : "No I wasn't"
    Kim : "Oh my god"
    Khloe :"maybe I was 21 and you ruined my birthdaay"
    Kim :"are you really gonna bring that up agian?"
    Khloe : "I didn't you brought it up….. anyway"

    That was so watermelon 🍉 😂😂🤣

  5. * Kris joined the podcast *

    Kris : Hello Everyone—

    Kim : Oh my god you're ruining the podcast.

    Khloe : You've said enough mom.

    Kourtney : Yeah Kris stop being so rude

    Kris : What ? I was just saying h—

    Kourtney : F*ck you ( in the dullest tone )
    Kim : you're literally making our little watermelons uncomfortable.

    Kris : what watermelons?

    Khloe : Oh my god Kris, did you even go to school?

    Kim : Shut up Khloe you didnt even finish 1nd grade

    Kourtney : 1nd grade? Seriously?

    Kim : Oh my god Kourtney. It's the grades when you go to school. 1nd grade, 2nd grade, …

    Kourtney : Wow.

    Khloe : Mom, Kris should go back to school.

    Kris : All of you girls are equally smart.

    Kim,Khloe,Kourtney : … * looks at Kris *

    Khloe : Shut the f*ck up

    Kourtney : I'm smarter

    Kim : I can't believe what I'm hearing

  6. Khloe – Oh I’m so sorry

    Also Khloe – so fucking sorry that I was snatched by a flying Fucking dinosaur, exuse me.

    Me – 💀😂

  7. I literally sleep listening to kadarsim podcasts and it makes me laugh while i sleep nd then i fall asleep😂

  8. My 2 buddies and I listen to this on long car trips. 3 grown ass men, listening to these podcasts for hours. So watermelon.

  9. yay imma is a golden watermelon actually i'm little genius in mathematics thanks khloe kardasim and actually my bias is kim kardasim, love you shout out me in the next podcast

    -your uwu watermelon

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