The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2  – Ep 95 – Full Episode – 30th November, 2019

The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 95 – Full Episode – 30th November, 2019

Oh, my god! Can’t you be careful
while playing music? I got frightened. – You see
that a scooter is coming. Why don’t you move to
the side and play music? Oh, god! – Hello, Ms. Archana.
– Hello, Chappu. Hello.
– Hello. Stop riding it.
– How are you? I am fine. Stop.. Why are you getting
scared by this? You drive the auto rickshaw
outside without any fear. ‘Minimum order should be of Rs.
500 else I’ll eat your food.’ He stopped riding it. Ms. Archana.
– Yes. Why is everything so glittery? Chappu,
you again are feeling so because of the goggles
you are wearing. I knew it. I wanted to show
the channel people that this lady
doesn’t know anything. Ms. Archana.
– Yes. I got a job in
Food Genda. What!
– Yes. – Of a delivery boy. Food Genda!
– Please bless me that I don’t get customers
who are free loaders like you. Okay, I bless you. Yes, it is Chappu from
Food Genda speaking. Yes, Shobha, I am already
on the way with your order. What do you mean
by come fast? I am not your boyfriend
that I will rush there in the hope that you
might smooch me. Yes, I understanding. If you can offer me a kiss,
I can rush there. She disconnected the call! Why do girls disconnect the
call when we ask for a kiss? That’s right. No, I mean, delivery boys
don’t have feelings, is it? Everyone gives us tips. If you have the courage,
give me a kiss. ‘Hash tag delivery
boy kiss challenge.’ I am famished. Let me check what
is there in my box? What is there in it? In the hurry,
I haven’t collected the order. What do I do now? Oh, no! Wow! Chappu, amazing. You have purchased
a new scooter! Take me a fun ride
to celebrate the occasion. I have even
purchased a new gun. Shall I dodge a bullet
into you to celebrate it? You want it? Come on, don’t try to
engage me in a conversation. I need to go and deliver food. Hey, Chappu Sharma,
pay attention to my words. Until Chandu’s eatery exists,
no delivery guy can come here. Just because my son
has started an eatery you guys got jealous and are
out to ruin his business, is it? I know the delivery
guys like you. You guys supply your
half eaten meals to people. Everything in this world is
already used by someone. The lady sitting over
there in that chair she, too, has already been
a judge on other shows. The old songs which are coming
back as remix aren’t they fake? You think our food
is fake? I will bash you up. Get out of here.
I am not like Archana that I will listen to this
and start clapping. She is trying to
compete with you. Yes. She has taken over
so many shows which you haven’t been
a part of. I mean, she has worked
in so many shows. Who do you think you are? Not a problem.
Mr. Sony has promised me that I will be the next judge
of this show. Absolutely correct.
Nobody can be as ugly as you. Now, listen to me. For how long are you going
to chop vegetables? Come with me.
We will deliver food and I will give you
the money. – Absolutely not. I have my own principles. I have my own set of values. The people who have a son
like Chandu they are just helpless. I will tell you what.
Start delivering food I will give you 20 rupees
per day. Hey!
What makes you think that I will accept your bribe
of 20 rupees. 21 rupees?
– Done. Done! Here, take this
and deliver this food quickly. The customer is waiting.
Okay. All right,
I will be right back. Yes, Shobha? Yes, tell me. Yes, I am bringing
your food. If it is too late then why
don’t you collect it yourself? We can meet also for
that reason. She disconnected the call. These girls are always eager
to hang up the phone. One more call.
Hello. Hello.
– Yes? Hello. Hello? Hello? This is
Bachcha Yadav speaking. I ordered food a while
ago. And it’s still not here. Mister, can’t you speak softly
I am talking to the phone. I am sorry. Yes?
– I ordered food and it’s still not here.
– Why are you speaking softly? You can speak loudly. That’s right. I ordered fish curry..
– You’re speaking loudly again. I am talking
to a customer. I am sorry. – Which fish
curry did you order? Wait a minute.
Order? Food rhino? Fish curry? Pal..
– Pal? Where were you? What? – I was waiting
for you since so long. You did not show up at all. I am upset with you I
am not talking to you. Go away. I ordered food
not called you for a date. Why are you upset with me? This is the problem
with the country. Guys like you don’t call
guys like me on a date. Then why would the girls
call us? What non sense are you talking? I ordered food
give it to me. It feels as though rats
are running in my stomach. Is it? What are you doing? I am making the rats
go away. Get ready. They can come out
of anywhere. What are you saying?
Where is my fish curry? Give me my food. You want fish curry,
right? Take it. Hey, so say that you’ve
got it. You are too much. People talk a lot
of non-sense. What is this? It’s an empty
box. Where is the fish curry? It was here. Oh!
I will tell you what happened. I had brought curry
from home. Yes. And then I
thought of picking up the fishes from the river. And when I dropped
the box in the river to catch the fish
the curry got spilled. So.. So?
– So, that’s all. That’s all! What nonsense.. I want my fish curry. I want the food I have
ordered. Do you understand? I want it.
– You want it.. If you want it then go
catch a fish from the river. Oh, is it? So, to eat
fish, I should go to a river? So, shall we call the fish
to Yash Raj Studio? Is it? Or shall we call the fish
to J.W Marriot? We should book a suite there and
ask the fish if we can eat it? Shall we do all that?
This guy is a fool. What are you saying? First of all, you’re not giving
me the fish curry I ordered. So, why are you getting
so hyper? Here, have this chapattis. I snatch it from
a dog’s mouth. – Hey! Why are you cleaning
your hands? I have snatched it
from a dog’s mouth. His mouth. You know what
I don’t want your food. I will order from
somewhere else. I don’t want
you food. Let it be. You keep laughing
you keep smiling and keep watching
clean the roads.. Move away. Hello.
Yes, Ms. Chandni? Where are you?
Is it dark there? Keep walking. One day the sun will rise. If the sun does
not rise then you might find a drain on the way. Jump in it. This lady does
not know anything. – Yes. No, she is talking
about you. Hello?
Yes, Shobu? Sho..
– I know it’s Shobha. I am calling you that
lovingly. Yes, tell me. Sho..
– Where are you? You have been calling me
for so long and I have been hanging up
continuously. Where are you? Yes, I have crossed
half way you can cross half way. If we walk together
the nation will prosper. Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Where are you? When you know
I am standing right here then why are you wasting
my money? How are you, dear?
What have you got for me? You just shut up. I have been calling you
since morning. Such slow delivery. So shall I appoint
Shoaib Akhtar for fast delivery? You do something
you appoint him. But he won’t agree. So, what do you think
about me? I just want a few kisses
and hugs. I am completely single. What do you think? Stop talking non sense.
I am very hungry. Then tell me, where
do you want to go for dinner? Just shut up! I am talking about the food
which I have ordered. Hand it over to me.
– Women love to give orders! They love ordering people
what to do. How disgusting
of their mannerisms… Shut up!
What’s the order, baby? I am not your baby. Secondly, I am talking
about the food which I had ordered. Please give it to me.
I am famished. You speak in English..
– Yes.. How long does it take
to learn it? – Yes.. Because I am thinking,
I will start showing-off my English, in November. Firstly..
– Cute.. You cannot learn English
within a couple of days. – Yes. You need to work hard.
– Then why don’t you do it? I have known her since ten years
and she just knows a couple of words in English. She pretends
to be the princess of Malad. Hey! Yes.
– Hello.. Yes.
Where are you? Wherever you left me.
– Hey! But.. Hey! You’re from Food Genda. I ordered from Tomato,
this time. Why are you answering
the call? I forgot to mention. The Food Genda fired me
because of my good behaviour. Now, I am working for Tomato. So.. Well,
life is very unpredictable. One cannot predict
what will happen. We need to have backup
when it comes to careers. Because we are Sony’s puppets.
– Yes. We have a lot of expenses.
We have to do something. We need to have multiple jobs. Do you know the price of oil?
– It costs Rs. 60 per liter. I am not talking
about mustard oil. I only consume olive oil.
– So.. It costs Rs. 500 per liter.
Yes.. Really?
– Yes. You must be talking
about that original oil. Original.. I buy oil for Rs. 50. They write the name of the oil
in front of me. Olive oil.. Sometimes,
they spell it incorrectly but it smells good.
– I see.. The oil is of such
great quality. You can add it
to the power generator as well. Wow!
– Yes.. That’s diesel! Yes!
Diesel oil. Diesel oil.. If you have Parathas
made of diesel oil you’ll go to Delhi
within eight hours. Stop talking rubbish. I need whatever I have ordered.
Hand it over. I will rip your braid. First, make the payment
for the order. I have already
made the payment, online. Go eat the food, online. How can I eat online? Don’t you talk to women,
online? Don’t you feel satisfied? Go and eat, online. Who told you, I talk to women,
online? Who would talk to you
in person? Oh..
– You’re right. – Yes. Hey,
scrap version of Katrina Kaif. Remember this.. Salman Khan appears
in the films but he is unmarried. Men like us get married. You’re right.
– I know! Since you cannot
get a toned body you talk wittily.
You’re slacker! Return my money or else,
I will call the police. Hurry up! Do you always call the police?
– Yes. This time, call the army. What happened? That’s a ghost!
– No.. Chappu Sharma, which area
did you send me to deliver the food? The dogs bit me. What! Did you get bitten by dogs? Did you charge them
for biting you? Hello!
Aren’t you ashamed? She injured and you’re concerned
about the food. She’s fine.
She’s just pretending. I have delivered ‘Dal’
by fighting for my life. Give me my money. Why do you want money,
boss? Boss?
– Boss? Who’s your boss? You’re my boss. You own this dhaba.
You’re owner of Food Genda. What.. I was attacked by three dogs
and he made me the boss. If you had told me earlier,
I’d have approached more dogs. If you don’t want to give us
the food just return our money.
Come on. Give me my salary. I haven’t had juice
since two days. To heck with your salary
and this job. Give me my money. Give me Rs. 21 for the delivery and Rs. 2000
for my self-respect. You don’t have self-respect. Pronounce the word
properly, at least. It’s all right.
I am Dara Singh’s fan. Self-rest.. How much money
should I give you? Rs. 2021. Why are you asking for Rs. 2021
in the year 2019? Sony doesn’t even pay you
that much. What nonsense! Just return our money!
– Come on, return our money. Hurry up. Give us our money.
– Rs. 850.. Hold on. Money.. We have a lot of money.
It’s a successful company. How much do I owe you?
– Rs. 850. Is it Rs. 8, Rs. 100
or Rs. 50? He’s saying three values. Rs. 850.. Rs. 850.. How do I owe you?
– Rs. 2021. You can sell your mouth
for quick 25 rupees. Rs. 850 and Rs. 2021. What about me? I am coming to you!
Stop! Greedy woman. How much? Rs. 900. Round figure. What? No joking. It is Rs. 900.
A round figure. Rs. 850 and Rs. 2021.
And Rs. 900. In total? Rs. 4,000. Is that so? Hold it. A sum total
of Rs. 4,000. What are you doing? You keep 300. You can have 3700. What do you mean? What about my 2021? You are wearing heels. Yes. Can’t run in that. You are unable to run. You are doomed. I will simply walk out.
Do what you can! It is not that easy! Stop!
Stop now! Thank you!
Thank you! Ms. Archana, it is said
that if a man and his wife have something else
in between them.. Do you get the gist. I do not want to. You will not. You are always
the trouble. A lot of scenes
happen if there is a third person
between a man and his wife. So we have a new film
based on this very idea and we have the star cast
of this movie. So let us call
the man and the wife here. Kartik Aryan
and Bhumi Pednekar. Thank you. I love you, Bro. You are a permanent guest
on our show. All the best! Kapil!
– Kartik! Thank you. Kapil!
– Kartik! Kapil!
– Kartik! Kapil!
– Kapil! Kapil!
– Kapil! This.. Bhumi!
– Bhumi! Audience often
switch sides. They cheered for me
before you arrived. Sir, they cheer
for you. This is like politics
of Maharashtra. Anyone is swinging
randomly. As you all saw
this grand act. Remember this duo
in moments of joy. Be it wedding or naming
ceremony of kids. Kartik Pednekar Orchestra.
That’s the name. We welcome you both. You look so cute. Thank you.
– Thank you. You are looking best. Thanks, babe. I recently saw pictures
of Kartik’s birthday and this is a great idea. What? You may celebrate
with your girlfriend but he picture with family
gets uploaded. Nice move, slick. Well done. Thank you.. – Your parents
have laughed very hard. My parents are there. Where?
– I’ll upload another one today. Nice lad, you got here. Bhumi comes here
and her movie is a hit. Do you not regret sometimes
losing this lucky guy? I do. Why do you think
I come here again and again? Come now, be seated.
We welcome you. Please have a seat. Thank you. You all must have seen
the trailer for their movie. It is a great movie. You all know
Kartik’s first movie. ‘Pyaar Ka Panchnama 2’. Do you his line up? ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’,
‘Dostana 2’. ‘Love Aaj Kal 2’. And this movie
he is named as Chintu. Kartik, are we to understand that you like
coming in second? That I rule every
other movie! Well said! Yes! Wow! Bhumi, in this movie
you spy on your husband. Spying? Have you ever felt the need
to spy on someone in real life? Do you really think someone
would cheat on me? You go girl! You have seen Kartik
getting married in movies. And he is a husband
in this movie as well. So he is enjoying
being the onscreen husband. What are you so scared
about in real life? Cannot find a girl? Or cannot decide on one? What do you think? The latter. Same here.
Kartik? I cannot understand. What? A lot of confusion. Because you have
a lot of options, right? Thus the confusion. A starving man
is never picky but if presented,
with a buffet.. The man gets confused. Kartik’s parents. You have to admit. Kartik’s dad must be
wondering that his son is living
the days he dreamt of. Sir, what do you think when your son romances
great actresses on screen? He feels proud. I wish I could have
done that. Best! Kartik’s mom is having
different look on her face. You may be a doctor but once you go home,
you’ll need one. As you say Bhumi
is so stylish. And it is so much fun
seeing her. but the character
she plays on screen. They are all of old names. Sandhya, Jaya, Sudha,
Indumati, Chandro.. Do you not wish
for a hot name? Like Nisha? Did you not speak
to the writer? I have. Repeatedly. I have told them to take me
out of UP for a shoot. But no one listens to me. I have been shooting
movies in UP. It is a great state.
We have got a lot of love. But I want them
to take me someplace else. Be it Nepal or Bhutan. I am fine with Lakshadweep.
– In the same belt. I wanted to be out
of Uttar Pradesh. In ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’
Kartik’s name was Sonu. – Right. In ‘Luka Chuppi’, it was Guddu. In this movie, it’s Chintu. You are having all the fun
of grown-up boys. And you’ve such names.. Why are you having sweet names
of kids, Kartik? There’s innocence, sir. You are taking undue advantage
of innocence. – I’m sweating. Sweating.. The AC is at maximum
temperature. It’s the internal heat
that’s coming out. A man has a very strange nature. He looks for a girlfriend
in his wife. And a wife in his girlfriend. And if the girlfriend becomes
his wife, he looks for another girlfriend. In this movie’s trailer, Kartik
says, ‘My good days will come’. After marrying Bhumi
in the movie, what good days are you waiting for? It means, sir.. Tell him.
– It’s already going good.. It’s already going good, sir. It’s a secret. It’s time
to invite his ‘good days’. The one I am going to invite is
the ‘other woman’ in the movie. I see. Amidst your loud round
of applause, I would like to invite the very sweet and
charming Ananya Pandey! Wow! What an organic dress
you’ve worn! We find it these days.. What is this called, Ananya?
– Feather.. – Feather, sir. Feathers? – Yes. – Wow!
Lovely weather with feather. Thanks. You’re looking very beautiful.
– Thank you. Congratulations to you for
your next movie. – Thank you. When she’d acted
in ‘Student of the Year’ she’d met Will Smith.
– Yes. Recently, she had met
Katy Perry. – Right. Today you are meeting me.
– I am so lucky.. How do you feel?
I’ve come after six months. Did you miss me?
– Mine goes on every week. I mean, I miss you.
– Excuse me! There’s Instagram.
I see your photos over there. Thank you. I was just casually saying about
meeting all the celebrities. You are making progress
day by day. Congratulations for that.
– Thank you so much. A few days ago, Mr. Chunky was
here to promote ‘Housefull 4’. ‘Housefull 4’ became a huge hit.
– A super hit! Ananya, did your dad throw
you a party after ‘Housefull 4’ or did he say that after even
your movie becomes a hit he’ll have it sponsored
by your producer? Do you think my dad
throws parties? – I don’t. That’s why I confirmed it.
– No, he didn’t. I think I’ll host one for him
when this one would become a hit.
– Very nice. You know? This was said
by none other than Mr. Chunky. He said that he has got all
his birthday parties sponsored. Sponsored.
– Ms. Archana was right there. I’ve even attended those
‘sponsored parties’. He started the trend.
– What a brilliant idea! Poor thing!
She’s hiding her face. When you would celebrate
your birthday, would he spend for them or he got
them sponsored? Well..
– The last one was sponsored. Right!
On Instagram.. I can’t reveal this.
No, dad would do both.. Nice.
– Would get both sponsored. Would get both sponsored. In ‘Student of the Year’,
she’s eyeing the boyfriend of another girl. And in this, the husband
of another woman. In movies, you’ve been eyeing
‘fixed deposits’ of others. Have you opened
your ‘personal account’ yet? Your fans want to know. No. No.. I am too young
to go to the ‘bank’. In the trailer, Kartik’s dad
says ‘complete grade 10’. ‘Then life is going to be easy.’ Like my family members
used to say, ‘Get a job’. ‘Then life is going to be easy.’ Similarly, someone told
Ms. Archana, ‘Sit on someone’ ‘else’s chair.
Then life is going to be easy.’ Yes! A good one! So, my question
is for all three of you. – Fine. Your parents told you after what
your life is going to be easy? It’s common, right?
All parents say, ‘You do this’ ‘and life is going to be easy.’ Let’s start from there.
Ananya, what did your dad say? ‘Dear, do this..’
– I think since my childhood, life has been going easy for me. As soon as she was born..
‘Just be born.’ ‘Then life is going to be easy.’
– Then life is going to be easy. Right.
My dad is very sweet. So, your parents didn’t give
you any such tension? – No. Bhumi, did your parents say,
‘Dear, do this, after this, your ‘life is going to be easy’? No. There was no such
condition for me. If I didn’t want to study,
there was no problem. If I wanted to pursue Dramatics,
it was fine. I could do whatever I wanted to. Wow! My household is very
evolved and liberated. My mom was too much..
– Too much what? She is like, ‘What!’ What does she say to you?
– Mom had started telling me since my fifth grade. Say what?
– Say what? ‘Complete your fifth grade, give
your exam, life is going’ ‘to be easy.’ ‘Complete your sixth grade,
life is going to be easy.’ In every class? In every class..
‘Complete your seventh grade.’ ‘Life is going to be easy.’ ‘Give your unit test,
life is going to be easy.’ It was never fun time. I kept hearing that every
month but that never happened. My mom’s..
– The fun time never came. It didn’t come. That’s good.
But your kid is hard working. He is making you proud.
Congratulations to you. The movie’s name
is ‘Pati, Patni Aur Woh’. So, it isn’t necessary that
‘Woh’ has to be a woman or another man in a
husband-wife relationship. Now a days, even mobile
have created havoc. – Yes. Some say that my husband
is always on the cell phone. I want to know who in
your life is that ‘other one’. Yes, Madam. Give her the mike. Hello
Kapil, Archana – Hello – Hello Hello Kartik,
Bhumi and Ananya. Hi.
– Hi. – Hi. I am Bharati from
Pune. – Welcome Bharati. Thanks a lot. So, basically, between me
and my husband – Okay. The ‘other one’ Santosh. Santosh? Santosh.
– Is it someone’s name? Yes. Santosh
Patidar is his partner. – Okay. He has started
a new start-up. – Okay. Since the start-up has started.
– Yes. It isn’t ending He goes by 9.30
and come back at 8. How can he go at
9.30 and come at 8? 9.30..
– 9.30 in the morning! After coming back,
the last call will be Santosh’s Santosh’s call The first call in the
morning will be Santosh’s. If he doesn’t
go to office for one day.. Why don’t you
sleep with Santosh! No..
– I was just saying.. If he worries
about Santosh so much.. If he doesn’t go office a day.
– He is hard working. then he comes
home in the evening. Then he will feel
fine if he is ill. Okay. – So, I
suggested we start a start-up Okay. – We will get
some time together. How long
have you been married? It has been 11 years. When did Santosh
come in your life? A year back.
– So, do you have kids? I have two daughters. You have beautiful family.
– Your startup has started Isn’t Santosh here? It was strictly
no-no from my side. Make Santosh’s wife
as your friend. You must start calling her. Ignore him. He will automatically.. Good advice. I will
definitely follow it. Thank you. Thank you
for coming on the show. Is here anyone else who..
Yes, Sir. Wow. Hello
everyone. – Hello. – Hi. I am Atur.
– Atul. Atur.
– Atur? Atur.
– Atur? It isn’t ‘l’ but ‘r’
– It isn’t ‘l’ but ‘r’. Ra. Ra. Rrr..
– Rrrr. Atur.. I have heard
it for the first time. Who is the
‘other one’ in your life? That isn’t my story
but my parent’s story. – Okay. So, I have small dog.
– Okay. It is 4 years old. Whenever they quarrel,
she always goes with my dad. She doesn’t even
look at my mom. She complains as to
why you go away with her? You leave me alone. You don’t care about me. So, going by your age do your parents still quarrel? Come on. They quarrel
at the drop of the hat. Having pets at
home is a good thing. They don’t let you quarrel.
They divert your mind. Your father is very wise. Are your parents
here? – Yes. Both have come. Where are they? Dad is here.
Mom is over there. Why are you sitting
with that lady in skirt? – I-I.. You are sitting
with ladies. So is he. Atur,
your dad is very clever. Did they quarrel today too? Some quarrelling
is good for digestion. I want to talk to your dad. Sir, greetings.
You son is very handsome. Thank you. – He must be before
you started quarrelling. Yes. You are correct.
He is from before the fights. Okay.. – We were brought
up in Australia. We have come from
Australia to see your show. Okay. Wow.
– Wow. Welcome.
– That’s so cool. Thank you.. I don’t go
to Australia now. That’s a good one. But thank you
for coming on our show. Thank you. So, where have you
left your pet now? It is with our driver. Does it go with the
driver if he has a fight? We didn’t know that this
show will go on for so long. We had 4-5 hours of time. This will go on
for the next 10 years. The show will be great. If our antics are okay,
then everything will be good. Thank you
for coming on our show. Thank you.
– Thank you. Is there anyone else who..
Yes, Madam. Hello, Kapil.
– Hello. Hello to the fantastic
cast of ‘Pati, Patni Aur Woh’ Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you. All the best
for the movie. Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you. My daughter is a great
fan of yours, Kartik. Thank you. So sweet.
Thank you, Madam. I would like to
differ on this view because the ‘other one’
cannot always be wrong. In a husband, wife
and the other one relationship she may also be an
inspiring girlfriend. Absolutely, who may help in
going ahead in their carrier. And some other things
like personality development or losing weight, and
inspire them in such good things Yes.
– And. – Now.. Ananya stood up.
– Actually.. And another thing.. You never know,
she can also inspire the wife to make extra efforts
for her husband. Oh! – Wow!
– Mr. Kapil.. Such nice thoughts!
– We need such inspiration. Last but not the least. Why the third party
should always be a girl? This third party
could also be a man. You know for the wife! Absolutely. – Yes.
– Absolutely! Now I stand up and do this. Yes.. Both should stand. Kartik.
– Yes, even I am standing. There’s a ‘hi’
from Manali Gundecha to you She is a huge fan of yours.
– Okay. Booked all the tickets
of your movie. All the best to Manali Gundecha.
– Say, ‘I love you’. And..
– I love you. Are you Manali Gundecha?
– What is your name? I think
you are Manali Gundecha. My daughter is Manali Gundecha. She is her daughter.
– So sweet! All the best, Manali.
And I really love you a lot. Thank you! Even I love Manali. Sir, she is a huge fan of yours. It doesn’t matter if it’s
a function or anything else she doesn’t miss your show. Oh, you are just trying
to make me feel better. No, sir. Trying to make feel better.
– I like your mindset. The third party can also be
inspiring. – Yes, sir. – Yes. I wish all the wives
start thinking like you. If wife brings another man
in the picture it will be difficult
for the husband. Please sit down.
Thank you. Thank you, ma’am. Thanks a lot.
– Thank you very much. Anyone else?
Yes, ma’am. Wow, you are all dressed up! Hello, ma’am.
You look lovely. Thank you. – Can you please get
a dress like this for my mom? Yes, of course. Where are you from?
– Delhi. Okay.
– Hello, Kapil. Hello.
– I am Vandana Jain. Ms. Vandana?
– Yes. Welcome, Ms. Vandana.
– Thank you. I think,
according to my husband.. His name is Deepak.
– Okay. I think,
you’re the third party. Thank God! I am glad that at least
in someone’s relationship I am the third party. Because.. – Very good.
– As soon as he wakes up he starts watching your show.
– Okay. Before leaving for office
he watches your show. Okay. – And when he returns home
at night he again starts
watching your show. – Okay. I mean, he gets so engrossed
that he has no time for me. For how long
have you guys been married? For 30 years. For 30 years!
– Yes, 30! – 30! How much more time
should he give you? I have decided to spend
my entire life with him so I want all of his time. Poor man gets to laugh a little
by watching a comedy show. Let him enjoy.
– Of course.. How many kids do you have?
– I have two kids. That means,
he has given you time. Isn’t your husband here
with you? No, he is not. Is he still watching my show? I am sure he is. Let me tell you
our show gets telecast at 9:30. Yes. – Are you sure
that he is watching my show? No, he is watching your show. I trust him.
He won’t do anything else. You trust him!
Thank you, ma’am. You don’t look like someone who
has been married for 30 years. You look lovely.
– Thank you. Thank you so much
for coming here. Anyone else? Yes, sir.
Look at his muscles. Amazing!
– Hello, everyone. Hello. – Hi.
Hello, Kapil and Ms. Archana. My name is Sunny
and I am from Jammu. Welcome, Sunny.
– Thank you, sir. Basically for me
there’s no third party but for my girlfriends the third party is my gym.
– Gym. I knew it.
– You have girlfriends! When they call me up
in the morning to talk to me, I tell them
that I am at the gym. In evening when they call up
I am again at the gym. What about afternoon? That’s when I am at office.
– Okay. So, all the girlfriends I had left me due to this. All the time,
even if it’s 11 o’clock at night when they call me.. – How many
girlfriends do you have? Yes.. – Too many!
– My girlfriends! They are all gone.. – After
this show there won’t be any. Because you’re saying
such things. So many girlfriends!
Wow! No, it’s not like that. When one leaves I choose another new girl
from my gym. That’s why.. This is how it works. Are you the only guy in Jammu? No.. Many people live there. Wow! You are the best catch. Very good, pal. – Thank you.
– You are lucky. What is the size of your biceps? Ma’am, 16. Wow!
– Wow! Wow! But they are useless
in a marriage. They serve no purpose. After getting married a man
starts wearing full sleeves. Thank you, Sunny. – Thank you.
– For sharing your experience. Thank you. Hi! Hi! How are you? Sapna..
– Hi! Hi! Sapna..
– How are you? Sapna..
– Thank you.. Hello, TRP.
– Sapna.. How are you, TRP? Wow! She looks like
Chinese mafia today. Chinese mafia! There’s an amusement park
on her head for people to enjoy. Oh, God!
– What is this? This is coconut oil.
– Okay. This is mustard oil.
Kindly mix these for me. Why? Sit here.
Why would they mix these oil? Okay, they can remix
my uncle’s son but they can mix
these oils for me! Good one.. Wow! What do I even say
about these Bollywood actresses? China is developing missiles. America is making bombs. And they are firing bullets
with their eyes. I like it. I wanted to ask you something. When you shoot bullets
with your eyes do you apply kohl or gunpowder? Kappu, it’s so nice
a husband and his wife are here. There’s also the third party.
– No. Don’t you know? – What? I am the third party. No..
– I.. But is playing
the third party in the movie. No, Ananya just does this. And I do this. What are you doing?
What was that? What was that? Do you have a problem? I couldn’t understand. Mr. Amitabh did this
in the movie, ‘Paa’. In ‘Singham’,
Ajay Devgn did this. Then you didn’t have any problem but when I did something
you developed a problem. I will oppose
your double standards. How are you?
– I was fine until now. I am.. I will be honest.
– Okay. There are so many actors
in the industry. But my favourite is Tantric Aaryan. Hey, his name is Kartik Aaryan. See, he is a married man
with such beautiful girlfriend. Only a tantric
can do such a thing. No ordinary man can do this. Yes. When will we start
enjoying our life openly? When will we be able
to walk freely on Juhu beach? When will I get to kiss you?
When will that happen? Hey! – When there will be
no hair on your hands. I get waxing done.
I got it done this morning. They grows again by
the evening. Too much problem. Sapna, aren’t you ashamed
to say such things? I am the other woman.
I say such things. I am not his wife. I won’t ask him
to get vegetables. I won’t ask him to change
kids’ diapers. But you love Mukesh, don’t you? Forget about him. He’s nothing
more than a starter. This guy is my main course. What if you find
another starter? So what? I’ll start using Mukesh
as a finger bowl. You have no idea! He messages me
at 2:00 a.m., sir! Sir, how are you? He doesn’t. His father uses his phone. What are you saying? Now, I am.. Think about it, he is always
surrounded with such ladies. Why would he message you? You have no idea
how these men are! Even if they have
a strawberry at home they eye
their neighbour’s lychee. Right? – Your
mom is pulling him down. It’s a different story that I look like a peach fruit. But why should I upgrade myself? It’s not upgrade,
it should be degrade. That’s what I don’t want to do
to myself. Degrade! Sir, shall I tell you something? Your son is willing to do
anything that I ask him to do. Why? – Ask
me the reason. Don’t ask.
– Why? – Why? Because I have
a two minutes long video of him. Hey, Sapna!
What are you saying? Sapna! – I am talking
about the promotional video. What are you guys even thinking? This double mind..
The double standards! I will sue you, I swear! I love you.
– I love you too. Go and sit there.
– Yes, I will. – Okay. Let me talk to them as well.
Nice people. – Thank you. Finally!
– Thank you. You are a regular
visitor here, right? – Yes. It’s good
that you often visit us. Of course,
your massages are so good. Thank you.
– Thus, I come here often. We feel happy.
You’re so good at your work. ‘Saand Ki Aankh’ was amazing.
Give her a big hand. We enjoyed it. Even this movie’s trailer
is amazing. Too good! Some kids have a question. Your name
is Bhumi. Okay? If Kartik and you get married will you have kids or grass? What rubbish!
– What do you mean? You think this is rubbish!
I had worse. I chose not to say that here. Shall I say it? – Yes.
– Say it.. Do you know something?
– What? Suniel Shetty is her son. Whose son?
– Her son. – How? – My son? He keeps saying
that this soil is his mother. Give her some grapes.. It’s fun. I am not what
I appear to be. I feel good. You had worked in the movie,
‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’. I have a question. Actually, it’s from Ms. Archana. Boys leave phone numbers
on the walls of public toilets. She said that she has tried
those numbers several times but no one answers the call. You asked me to say this. What is this? I like you.
– Really? – Your arrival. I am scared.
– Keep the grapes back. We need them
for the next episode. Ananya is doing various kind
of roles in the movies. And various people would like
to congratulate you. And you.. And I know that you are hungry. You can eat various..
– Eat various fruits. Let me tell you.. Kartik.
– Yes. She is the other woman
in your life in this movie. Yes.
– Beware of her. Why? She is Chunky Pandey’s daughter. She will love you
in the entire movie but in the end she might say,
‘I was joking’. You caught me. Let me talk business. I have a massage parlour.
– I know. You know, you’ve come
here before. – I know. There are different types
of massage. I have a special kind
of massage. The ‘Pati, Patni Aur Woh’
massage. Okay. – I see. What happens in this is that the husband
and the third person.. Yes? – We strip them
an apply oil and make them sit on a chair. Sit on a chair! Then we call the wife!
– Then what? The wife sees her husband
with his girlfriend and then she does
the rest of the massage. That’s what it’s like. My stomach hurts! I loved the trailer
of your movie. Thank you.. – So we have
a trailer massage too! In this, we strip the customer..
– Okay? Apply oil on them
and leave them. What about the massage? It’s a trailer, the real massage
is left. We only give the trailer. There was a song of yours.
‘Dheeme Dheeme’. ‘Dheeme Dheeme’
– I loved the song so we started a
‘Dheeme Dheeme’ massage. What’s that? In this.. We call the customer.. What’s this?
– It’s a slow massage that’s why, I’m talking slowly. Anyway, I’ve had enough.
I’m leaving now. That friend of yours, Tapasee..
– Yes? Last time she was here,
she left her ‘Punnu’ behind. What’s a ‘Punnu’?
– Pannu! – Oh! Yes, she left her Pannu.
– She left her Pannu! Actually, she loves to read.
– Okay. She brought a book. She’s left
a couple of pages behind and I need to return them. I’ll take your leave now.
Bye, Kapil! You all are aware that rumours keep flying around celebrities. Well, so be it. But sometimes,
we like to confirm them. Feathers.. Rumours have it that you’re tired of playing
wives in movies and hence,
for the sake of variation you’ll be playing a ghost
in the next one. Is this true. Well..
– Yes? What? – So, it’s not a rumour?
– No. You’re actually playing a ghost?
– Yes. Which movie is it?
– Why should I tell you? If you’ve found out so much find this out too. Nice! Kartik, there’s a rumour saying that you shot the song
‘Dheeme Dheeme’ in a single shot because
you knew if you did that then all the girls on the set
would kiss you. This one, I’ve seen for myself. I’ve seen it too! I’ve seen it in real life.
– I.. I’ve done it.
– Is it true? I was there
when it happened! What!
– I was there.. No, I was there
when the girls kissed him! Who were those girls?
– When they kissed me? Who were they? There were dancers
and choreographers.. Mr. Bosco had suggested
we do it in one shot and if we succeed.. All the girls will kiss him. All the girls said..
Someone had told them that they should kiss me. Someone..
– I do a two hour show in one shot. No one kisses me.
– Someone.. Sapna will come and kiss you. Is that all that’s left for me? Anyway.. Is it true that your father
had your age entered as 14 years
on your Aadhar Card so that you could travel
on a train on a half ticket? It’s true. When we went to Disneyland
and all he’d reduce my age
and tell them so that I could go on
a children’s pass. Like, really! Sponsored parties.. Mr. Chunky, I love you! We all must learn.
– I also love you. He should be
our Finance Minister. True. – Isn’t it? He’ll manage our money
so well. – So cool! He won’t let our funds dwindle.
– Yes. Wow, Ananya.
Thank you for telling us. Bhumi, rumor goes that after
‘Saand ki Aankh’ your aim has become so sharp that you chew betel leaves and spit them straight into
the dustbin. My aim is so sharp that I only shoot with my eyes.
– Yes! Your rumour is wrong. Wow!
– Got hit? – Since when? Kartik, your working
in many sequels such as Dostana 2,
Love Aaj Kal 2.. Rumour goes that
you’ll also be seen in the sequel Paa 2. These are rumours. Paa 2! Bring it on! ‘Bring it on!’ He’s ready. Here are some questions. You all have been
shooting together for so many days. You must be knowing
each other well. – Yes. We’ll give you placards saying
‘yes’ and ‘no’. You have to hold up the placards and tell us if you’ve done it
or not. Yes or no. This one matches your sari.
Red. – Yes. Only the ‘no’ is matching.
Not the yes. Not the yes. Okay, so has any of you
ever eaten breakfast without brushing your teeth? Always.
– Always? Yuck! Yes. Of course! Me too. Why are you so shocked?
– They say it’s good to eat breakfast
without brushing. You should brush afterwards. Yes, that’s right.
– Yes. My parents are doctors.
They told me. Your father’s refusing it.
Okay. Has any of you ever
flirted with a fan? Me? No. Yes, you have? You have? – No.
– No? Guys, you all are liars. Listen..
– Bhumi, when did this happen? Kapil, I’ve had fans
since I was a kid. I see. – Okay. Now, what else can I say? That’s very diplomatic. You did it as a kid,
without realising.. I have fans whom even I’m a fan of. Oh! Okay. Have you ever been to wedding without being invited? Yes. – Really? Many times..
– Many times. Many.. Mr. Chunky must be going.. Have you taken clothes
for free or for rent from a designer
for any occasion? Hey! Everyone does that.
– Everyone does that. Right now. All the celebrities. Head to toe.
– Toe. Okay. Have you stalked
any celebrity on Instagram? Oh, yes! Everyone does that. You guys didn’t change
the board. – Yes. It’s a yes. Their answers are yes
for most of the questions. All of us are shameless.
– But.. Bhumi, whom have you stalked? I recently stalked
Kartik Aaryan. Wow! That’s great.
– You better take my name. You guys are promoting
each other. Before that?
– You. Oh, wow! Next? That’s the best.
Don’t go after that. Kartik, whom did you stalk? I had stalked Ms. Archana. Tell me her username. Arjun Singh. No, it is Archana Puran Singh.
– Yes, he’s right. Only Archana Puran Singh.
There’s no one like her. Yes.
– Good one. He’s right. Very good. Ananya, whom did you stalk? I stalked my dad.
– Her dad. I stalked my dad. That’s a lie.
Tell me the truth now. I stalk everyone.
Kartik, Bhumi, you, Ms. Archana. I am a stalker.
– Nice. Okay. Okay, moving on. Have you licked your fingers
after having food? Hey!
– Everyday. Your fingers
or somebody else’s? This.. Answer this question. This is a big one. Ms. Archana, I won’t ask
the last question. You only ask them. What? She’s asking whether
you have farted when loud music
was playing in the party. Should we go for it? One, two, three.
Come on. Whenever the drums
were played today.. Not there.
Here. Somebody comes
well dressed. Hi, congratulations
for your movie. Oh! Bhumi, you have played
the role of a wife in many movies. You have also played
the role of a husband. I have never played
a wife’s role. I’m playing the role
of a husband for the first time. We’ll not make you
a wife even today. Thank you. We’ll make you
the other woman. Husband, wife
and the other woman. We’ll give you the feeling
of a husband and wife’s role. The husband goes
to bring vegetables. The wife accompanies him
sometimes. Ananya is the vegetable
vendor. I am also
the vegetable vendor. And you both are
husband and wife. You have come
to purchase vegetables. Everything else
is left to you. You can do as you like.
– Okay. Bring the vegetable stall. Come. Come.
– Come, Ananya. Have you ever seen
such a vegetable vendor in life? Look at her. I have never seen
such good looking people who purchase
vegetables too. Haven’t you seen
such good people who purchase vegetables? Take this. Two people are selling
vegetables in the market. Purchase vegetables.
Purchase potatoes. So sweet!
It’s like.. Purchase bottle gourd.
Purchase brinjal. I have fresh spinach.
There’s coriander too. And..
– Tomatoes. I don’t have tomatoes. Oh, wow!
This is so good. You are right. Yes, she’s amazing. I am talking
about the vegetables. I am also..
She has green leafy vegetables. I mean, she has it. Sir, tell me.
What shall I give you? Give me your number. What will you do
with her number? I’ll ask her to deliver
the vegetables home. No, sir.
There’s no home delivery. I do it.
– Thank God! Give me your number.
Write it on this bottle gourd. I’ll do the home delivery.
– Okay. What?
What okay? Don’t think about
this bottle gourd. He makes the wives elope. Really?
– Yes. Using the excuse
of the phone number. Seriously. Sir, leave him.
I have better vegetables. Do my vegetables have
appendix? My vegetables are also good. No, he sprinkles water
on all the vegetables. Should I wink at them then? Sprinkling water will keep
the vegetables fresh. I wink at them. Listen, she looks fresh. One second.
You find her fresh? And me?
Have I become old? I am talking about
mint leaves. There are no mint leaves. Mint leaves.. These are not mint leaves.
– What is it then? These are beans.
– Beans? I don’t know what this is.
It is something. Same.
– Same. Ma’am, he will know
which vegetable it is only if he looks
at the vegetable. Absolutely. You have found
a smart husband. You don’t instigate her. You know that my eyesight
is weak. Really?
– Yes. Not his eyesight,
but his intentions are bad. Purchase vegetables
from me, ma’am. You need not pay me. I’ll keep visiting you
for the money. Okay. Looks like he’s so interested
in coming to our house. Do we say anything
when she comes to our show every three days. Ma’am I have an offer for you. If you buy Brinjal,
you will get Potato for free. With Potato, Okra is free.
With Okra, Cucumber is free. And if you winked at me, you
will get everything for free. This is it.
This is called an offer. It’s a great offer.
– She’s right. Okay, now listen to me.
Take everything for free and we will discuss
the amount later. Well, it’s a better.. It’s a better offer.
– Really? It seems you are more
interested in offers now. Come to home.
I will show you offers. What was the offer?
– Why am I going with him? Why are you coming with me? Okay, you come with me.
– No. She’s taking the vendor..
– Please park this cart at my house. Listen, they will go away.
Only we will be left. What do you say? Let’s go.
– Your Potato and my cabbage. What will we do with that?
– Nothing. We will make curry out of it. Wow, we have so cute
vendors and customers here. Come..
Kartik, Ananya and Bhumi. Take.. Stop that. Bhumi, come. Woah!
– Woah! It’s ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh’. Mr. Kartik, Ms. Ananya
and Ms. Bhumi. I am extremely happy by seeing all of you together. Thanks for being here.
– Yes. That’s really cool. Well, Kapil Sharma!
– Yes. I want to request you.
– What do you want to do? Request.
– Okay. Please check,
whether Mr. Akshay Kumar is sitting behind Ms. Bhumi.
– Why? Why? They have planned to come here
turn by turn. Turn by turn.
And turn by turn. When they get tired
of coming here they send Ayushmann Khurrana. I know.
Ms. Bhumi I would like to congratulate you
for the success of ‘Bala’. Thank you.
– Welcome. Tell me something.
You didn’t perform veneration for the movie ‘Bala’, right? Why?
– Well if you had done it there wouldn’t be no ‘Bala’. Mr. Kartik!
– Yes. I have no idea
that you are aware or not. Aware!
– Aware! But, these days..
– Yes. …girls only love two things.
They are mad for it. What are they? One is Instagram’s blue tick and the other is ‘Kartik’. Woah.. Nice.
– Tick! Dude, I can tell
by just looking at you that you are healthy, fit
and a strong person. How is that? Because, he’s Kartik ‘Iron’. Very good!
– Very good! It’s not Kartik Iron,
it’s Kartik Aaryan. Oh, come on, man! Bro, come on, man! I am trying so hard
to make this guy ‘Ironman’. Why your ‘Thanos’
is getting affected by it? Why your ‘Thanos’
is getting affected! Come on, dude. Well, I watched the trailer
of your movie. I liked that song so much.
It’s.. Hey, Kapil Sharma,
in which wing does Dinesh lives
in your society? It’s D.
– Right. The song is little slow but it’s always
running inside my head. I love it.
It’s a very cool song. Ms. Ananya!
– Yes. Ms. Ananya! What shall I say you? Please don’t say anything. Shall I tell you the truth?
– No. Okay, tell me.
– Come on, girl. Come on, man!
Come on.. I am telling you the truth. You are more dirty
than required.. What!
– He means ‘Pretty’. She’s so pretty.
– You are so pretty. I am not telling it
under any pressure. I am telling it with that.
What’s that.. What do we call a ‘Gadha’
in English? Donkey.
– Right. I am shouting it
from the rafters! Thank you. You mean rooftops?
– Right. I know that. But tell me one thing. First of all the donkey
is injured and you didn’t take it
to the hospital. You didn’t take it
for treatment. You are just trying
to correct me. It’s so wrong.
– Perfect! Don’t you have any feelings
for the donkey? Poor donkey! When your donkey
will get injured And the injury
will have a sore. You’ll walk.. Will you like it if somebody
steps on your injury? You care about your injury
and what about others? Honestly.. This isn’t fair. Look. Instead of gibberish,
talk about their film. – Sure. I’ll talk about films.. Ananya, in this film.. You’re Bhumi’s..
– That.. – Yes. If a truck weights 10 tonnes then what is the weight
of 10 trucks? – 100 tonnes. You’re the other woman. Wow! You’re the other woman
in the film. You both are a couple
and Ananya is the co-wife. I’d like to give you an advice.
– Advice.. Actually.. – Tell me.. They’re a couple and you’re
the other woman. – Yes. We can change the dynamics.
– How? In fact, I’ll make Karthik
the other man. Nothing much..
You only have to marry me. We become a couple and Karthik
becomes the other man. Wow! You said, you’ve a girlfriend. She’s not mine
but my friend’s girlfriend. My friend had to go
to Dubai for some work. Akasmat. So, my friend’s girlfriend..
I wanted to marry her. What is the hill station
in Himachal? – Manali. I coaxed her into marrying me. But Bro..
Look at God’s miracle.. Even she left me. You know, why?
– Why? There was some financial.. There is one more
hill station before Manali. Mandi. – Mandi.
Financial crisis. So, now I got
no girlfriend anymore. – Okay. I have none. Hi, Bhumi! Hi, Karthik!
Hi, Ananya! – Hello! I’m Bhuri. – Hi, Bhuri.
– Hi, Bhuri. Karthik, am I not looking
like Ananya? That’s my dress.
She wore my dress. – Yes. Where did you leave this dress? How dare you wear
clothes like Ananya! I’ve the answer to that but when a handsome guy
like Karthik is in front of you then, only one answer suits
to people like you. – What.. By the way, guys..
I saw your trailer. The trailer looks really
awesome. – Thank you, Bhuri. Thank you.
– Tell me something.. – Yes. With a face like that
who is that girl who speaks such good English? No.. No way. Kapil Sharma..
Congratulations, Bro. First time, a boy is looking
like a girl. – Excuse me! I was just joking. That was a bad joke.
– You’re not looking like a boy. All right..
I was joking. Karthik.. – Tell me.
– Ananya.. My brother stays nearby.
She is his sister-in-law. But my brother completely
ignores her. You know, why? Look at her.
Why would he ignore her? She is so ravishing..
Bhuri. But I care for her
because I’m fat. I don’t have any choice in life. Anything works for me. Bro, anything is good for me. I’d taken Dinesh out for coffee. Aren’t you ashamed
to take him out for coffee? He was even ready
to go to a hotel. For food.. He was hungry. What did you expect? He might’ve been hungry.
– By the way, can’t a young boy be friends with another boy? Dinesh gave a romantic music. I’m trying to hush up
the matter and he’s making it more
evident with his music! Bro, I’ll never take you
out for coffee. Bhuri, look.. I’m so cute. Did you see that in me?
So I give you the permission to dream about me today. But you’ll not fit
in my dreams. Oh, yeah. Around five people are needed
to see a dream so that you fit in. Come on, Bhuri.
Cut the joke. She’d left that six years back. Sit there or you’ll faint. Sit. – I don’t want to sit.
What’s your problem? Why did you come here?
We’ve washed the utensils. Look, Kapil. I’ve everything
in my life. I miss something.. And I want him. Hey! Why should I back out?
Even I want her. Wow! Sir, even I want that.
I mean, a stick. Stop annoying me, you fools! If you both want to be ‘that’
just marry each other. Oh! – Oh!
So, then we’ll be ‘that’? – Yes. But actually, since Karthik is
saying so I have no problems.
It’s a ‘yes’ from me. No! No! I do have problems.
– What? – Why? If I have to marry her,
I have a.. What is it called now? What do you put in your hair?
– Shampoo. – Shampoo? No, what else other than that?
– Hair gel. – Bro! What else?
– Hair oil. – Hair oil. Is that even your real hair,
or a wig? I have some ‘conditioners’
to this marriage. Oh, yeah! I’ll just say one vow
with her. – Why? Hold on. There are seven vows
in a wedding. I’ll say one for trial
and if I like it only then, I’ll say the rest. Or else, I’ll cancel
even that one vow. Hold on! Whack him! No.. Hold on! Even I have a condition.
I won’t quit my job after the marriage.
– That’s fine. First tell me,
who will give you a job? Hey! You’re putting forth
back to back conditions to me? Even I’ll add a condition now.
– Yes. I won’t arrive on a horse
in the wedding procession. Is that condition by you,
or by the horse? Yes! Superb! Did you just mock me?
– Yes. Did you realise it now? Oh, really?
– Oh, really! Okay, now I’ll add
one more condition. You won’t accompany me
for the honeymoon. Then why are you even
marrying me? I’m doing it for her. He’s doing it for her!
– Right. If we marry and become
man and wife she will become my lover. If I marry her,
I’ll be her husband and you’ll be my lover. I won’t accept you either way. Wow!
– Did you hear that, Bhumi? I can’t take it.
– These men have forgotten that a wife makes a home.
– Exactly! – Yes. A wife stands by her husband.
– Wow! – Yes. A wife forms new bonds
and fulfills them. Yes. – Give a big hand
for the wives. – Yes! Yes. – So, as per you, one needs
three wives for a happy life. A wife does this
and a wife does that.. Three wives..
– Three wives! I can’t get even one here. How can I get three? I want ‘that’ without a wife. Stop laughing, or the folks from
the mental asylum will take you. Why me, you lunatic? I work hard for my family.
Why would they take me, silly? What’s my fault?
– Silly! That was really funny
but I swear, I won’t marry her. It’s final. But.. We’ll talk, yeah? Please give our stars
a big hand. Karthik, Bhumi, Ananya,
thank you so much for coming. Thank you, Kapil. – Thank you.
– We had so much fun. All the best, guys. Now it’s time for
a lovely group selfie. Shall we take a selfie?
– Go on. Wow!
– Thank you! Audiences, please watch
and keep smiling. Stay clean and healthy and keep watching
‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Good night! Take care!
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91 thoughts on “The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 95 – Full Episode – 30th November, 2019

  1. কে কে বাংলাদেশ থেকে দেখছ?
    নিচে লাইক দিয়ে জানিয়ে দাও

  2. He is famous becoz of sara ali khan … otherwise there is alot of acter like him

  3. Kapil sir,
    please work on your fitness ,you are getting fat day by day which stickits your look .avoid eating oilesh food ,use fibers

  4. ईश सो मे सब – लडकि बन्नेकी चक्कर मे है।थोडा बक्वास लागराहाहे।कपिल को क्या हुवा??? बालोमे फुल??कोमेडि story मे भि दम नही!!

  5. Karthik is a damn liar, in one interview show after lukachupi he said he never fart, burb, now he said he has farted when background music was loud, like kuch bhi bolte hain ye celebrity waale cool hoone ke liye😒😒

  6. Kapil lora respect Archana mam…gandu Salman ney Bachaleya..dubara tere gamand tera ghar aur gaand mai dalna parenga…samja na hair transplant lora Sharma…Aukat mail rehey…

  7. Kapil lora respect Archana mam…gandu Salman ney Bachaleya..dubara tere gamand tera ghar aur gaand mai dalna parenga…samja na hair transplant lora Sharma…Aukat mail rehey…

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