The Jump, a Mailchimp Original Podcast | Trailer

The Jump, a Mailchimp Original Podcast | Trailer

If you’ve ever dreamed of me, Shirley
Manson, hosting a podcast. Know this, dreams really do come true. The Jump is an
excuse to interview some of my favorite artists about a song they wrote that
changed everything for them like Courtney Love. “In the last few years I’ve
wondered if I have anything to say anymore and that’s a really gnarly place
to be. You know, I’m 54, do I have anything to say? “We started producing because we just thought like how dope would it be to create the soundscape to
the words of your most emotion. You know what I mean. I had gotten something that was in my brain out in the most fully formed complete way and when I heard that, I was like “check that out.” I’m Shirley Manson and this is The Jump. Listen and subscribe wherever you get
your podcasts.

2 thoughts on “The Jump, a Mailchimp Original Podcast | Trailer

  1. Why does Mailchimp ban people from their service for their (Conservative) political beliefs? Are you a publisher or a platform?

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