The High School Party Rule for Starting a Podcast and Other Business Stuff | DailyVee 438

The High School Party Rule for Starting a Podcast and Other Business Stuff | DailyVee 438

– I’m from New York. I literally just got out of
the elevator, that’s weird. (mumbling) That’s so funny. Well it’s only the article
I think that came out yet. You ready? – [Man] Yeah. – Alright we’re gonna reenact, guys, Babin did a terrible
job, didn’t capture this. Sid, they’ve got one basic job. I’m not wrong, right? Like it’s like, hey, you film me. Now I know I transitioned
from another room. But nonetheless, these guys were like, “Hey, did you hear about
the Facebook baseball game?” And I was like making
pretend that I didn’t, I was like, made them look
at my Twitter account, ’cause I tweeted it a minute earlier. It was pretty much the
greatest moment of my day. Thank you. (“Grind Mode” by JKMK) How’s it going, bro? – [Franke] Good, man. Thank you for seeing me. – Of course, no worries man. – So I had, you know, obviously, you’re all over the internet, so I’ve seen you somewhere. But honestly, I never like
really looked into you. – I totally get it. – And I went to Columbia,
because I needed inspiration. – Columbia the country? – The country. – Keep going. – And I love Latin music, I
love the energy of Latin music. And I was out there and I was
hanging out with these girls and they kept saying put on
Nicky Jam, put on Nicky Jam, and I’m like who the fuck
is this guy, Nicky Jam. So they played, the
song actually came out. I was like, oh shit, this is hot, alright. So then I started looking into this dude, I’m like what’s making all
these girls go crazy for him, and then I stumbled across– – Our interview with him. – Yeah, your interview and I’m like, damn. Then I started looking into him more. Then I remember wait a
minute, this is (mumbling), he worked for you, I’m like,
I need to meet this guy. – That’s cool. – Because I watched the
interview and I was like, man, he’s saying some legit shit. – I appreciate it, man. – I took a trip to Cuba. I’ve always had a– – Connection. – To like Spanish culture. I went to Cuba specifically because there was no cell phone service in Cuba. Like you can’t text, you gotta
be in the hotel or something. I had this little burner phone that I was riding around Cuba with. And I was there for a month by myself. Just driving around, talking to myself. Like, I’m unhappy, what
am I doing with my life? Like what am I doing
for the rest of my life? Like I need to marry something right now that I’m gonna do forever. And I’ve been playing
the piano since I was 10, I wrote an album when I was 16 years old. It was at that point I’m like, I’m just gonna spend every
fucking minute that I have just learning everything
there is about music. ‘Cause I’ve always had this talent. I’ve always been able to
play and sing and whatever. But I’m like I’m gonna really
refine it and master it. And I’m still in that process. – It’s funny, the whole
time you’ve been talking, I’m like this kid’s gonna make an impact, ’cause he’s gonna do the
music thing, it’s gonna work, he’s gonna become big, and
then he’s gonna wake up at 33, and he’s gonna be like,
“What the fuck now?” – Yo, and I need to go
through it to wake up. – 100%. But you already know that’s
exactly what’s gonna happen. – I don’t know. – I’m telling you right now I know. – I don’t think anything is gonna happen. – You know that’s gonna happen. Obviously you could die
from a heart attack, but I think– – Right, right now– – I think, but the reason I’m pushing you on this a little bit, it’s an important thing to know. I get at 24, and even just
humility which is usually, what people don’t understand is humility’s usually the answer
to why someone’s successful. I just think it’s interesting to calibrate that self belief as well,
but never letting it actually have more
energy than the humility, but not letting it have less either. ‘Cause the truth is the only thing that is actually meaningful. And so it could be, like
I truthfully believe I’m gonna be unbelievably
impactful on the human race, both from my selfish and selfless acts. One could consume that and be like, “What a fucking, what?” Like, cool, but if it’s my truth, I can’t not say it because
then you’re sandbagging. And sandbagging is also,
you see where I’m going? – Absolutely. – More importantly, if you start, a guy that’s willing
to fucking ride a bike and walk on beaches for a month in Cuba to talk to himself is
an interesting character and a good one, meaning, it’s crazy how much I talk to myself. I talk to myself more
than I do anything else, even when I’m not talking to,
I’m basically doing it now. I’m always in my shit. – Absolutely. – Self awareness, right? I just think it’s important
for you to be okay with sometimes having a
conversation with yourself that looks like this, “When
I’m one of the biggest artists “on Spotify in seven years,
and touring and this and that, “when I wake up in my parents’ home, “or in a hotel in Costa Rica,
or in New York City or LA, “when I wake up and say, “‘Oh shit, I have that feeling again,’ that’s awesome, not bad.” – Absolutely. And I think I’ve evolved
already through so many lives from the time I was like 16 years old, that seems only inevitable. Hey, it’s nice to meet you. – My guy, nice meeting you, man. We’ll get connected. Babin, you should join us, so let’s make it a trip
that you’re out with me. I’ll see you soon. Hello, man. – Hello, how are you? – I’m well. – Good, good, good. So just a quick preview on this call. – We’re gonna put music over this vlog but like that secret wine project, show a little clip from back in the day for everybody who’s just catching it. (laughing) (mumbling) – [Man] So I wanted to see if we have a– – [Man] I fuck with sheep heavy. – [Man] Back in the day. – Back in the day three weeks ago. I wanna go through the
full transition there, you can stop right there. I want you to go through
the full transition of like, I wanna do some of that stuff. I wanna show people the
utter lack of no stopping, I think it’s kinda interesting. Maybe you can hack with that
for the episode you work on. I don’t think people understand. Because I didn’t, I didn’t
realize people actually take these big breaks in between things. That’s what you normals do. – What do I do? – You take a break. You have a meeting and then you like, I don’t know, you take 15
minutes before your next thing. – Yeah, I mean I… – Sure. – Chat about it. – Yeah, or like gonna reminisce about the meeting you just had. Right, Lev? – I don’t have 40 meetings in my day. – Right, you do not have
40 meetings in your day. (“Grind Mode” by JKMK) Hello. (mumbling) Fucking Christ. – Nice to meet you, I’m Alexa. – Hi Alexa, how are you? Alexa, that’s gonna be fucking. (laughing) You’re gonna be dealing with that for the rest of your fucking life. (laughing) – I know. – I agree. Thanks for coming, how’s it going so far? – Fantastic. – You filmed some shit outside when I walked in this morning. – Little bit, yeah. – Yeah, saw that. That was the dude that filmed you, right? Yeah, I saw that. I was like that dude’s,
some dude’s like filming outside our office, I’m like he’s definitely here for 4Ds. (laughing) Cool. So why don’t you guys go around and just tell me your name, which, oh now we have name, you guys area really
leveling up this 4Ds shit, there’s name tags, I’m impressed. And give me like a brief sense of what your business is
about, and then we’ll go back around to do one on one questions and we’re gonna take advantage of it. – Alright. – Brand is everything, right? Which is why the answer to his
question is really Facebook if you give a fuck about
three years from now not 12 months from now. If you work at a big corporation or a midsized paper or if
you’re short term thinking, you’re gonna spend the
$14 a lead on Google. If you’re smart and you think your kids are gonna run your hotel
because you want it to be in the family
forever, you’re gonna make as much content that’s
valuable to people as possible, and create the right accommodations, because that’s the only thing
that supersedes transaction. The only thing that supersedes
transaction is brand. Not super complicated. Always, the risk of making a $50,000 video that becomes Dollar Shave
Club or Where’s the Beef or Just Do It is always the answer. It’s just hard. What if you go O for five? You just spent $250,000 making five videos that nobody gives a fuck about. You can’t do that on Google Adwords. Because even if you pay $29 a lead, better than, you know what I mean? That’s why people lose. They make the short term decision because the short term
decision has no risk. You’re taking my opinion
from when the book came out. Have you looked at my last
60 posts on Instagram? I’m either zero or five max. – There we go. – This is the most dangerous, this is why I hate writing books. This is why I keep telling people, fuck, I day trade attention. I literally, I will
never give better advice than to watch what I do. You go look at my last 70
fucking posts on Instagram right now, I don’t have hashtags. But when I was doing it, that was the right thing to do. I’m being serious, I don’t
know what else to say. Got it? That’s why this game is so tough. This is why I changed it
to day trading attention. It’s day trading. I don’t know how they, I don’t know day trading super well, I don’t know how people bought stocks back in the day, but here’s what I know, it’s faster now. Like I don’t know, literally
my opinion on Snapchat could change tonight. Right. Listen, do you remember, I call this the high school party rule. Haven’t used this one in a while. Babin, you never heard this, have you? I think this is the
most interesting move in high school culture, if you
are a mid-tier popular person, you can’t be the coolest,
and you can’t be a nerd and off the grid, you
have to be somewhere, I would call it lower middle
class is the prime spot. Like in the rank of 300
coolest kids in your class, you are 200. You’re below the middle. If you’re lucky enough that
your parents don’t give a fuck or travel too much, or something
else in your environment, if you are able to
somewhere between sophomore and junior year of high
school, host the party, and get everybody to come to your house and shit on your house, but you held it, you go from 200 to 92, to 13. If you look at every high school, if you think back to your high school, the person that was not
necessarily built to be popular freshman year, who hacked the system, was the one that realized
that if they hosted the party it would elevate their
brand within the ecosystem. The high school party rule. That’s what I want you
to do as a media company. If you’re hosting the
podcast in a very small niche and you’re the host,
and you’re reaching out and saying, “Hey, Rick,
number one successful “commercial real estate
personality in all of Texas, “I’d love for you to
be a guest on my show.” They’re like, “Oh, shit.” Got it? – Yeah. – Whoever can host the party
first wins the land grab. Alright, I gotta do this call, right? I’ll be back, I’ll be back. Thanks guys, I’ll be back. (clattering) – Awesome (mumbling), thank you. I really appreciate it. – Let’s do it. – Alright, what’s up everybody, and welcome to the
#CelebrateColumbus show, my name is Josh Burnette, and this guy doesn’t need any introduction
in the whole world, but just in case in Columbus, if you haven’t heard me
talking about him all the time, this is my hero, this
is the guy who inspired the #CelebrateColumbus
show, because of the #AskGaryVee show. This is our 100th episode,
this is a big freaking deal. I really want to help our city become known as the best place to
live, work, and raise a family in Indiana, how would you do
that in a social and voice… – In the way that I inspired
you to do this show, you need to inspire everybody to just vlog and storytell about how
amazing your town is. I don’t know what else to tell you. If you can get 10% of
the Columbus residents to flat out just tell how great their floral shop is, how great their backyard
is, interview the principal, it will just work. So it’s less about what should they do, it’s more about can you get momentum to inspire everybody to
do what you’re doing. Got it? In there way. – I want it to not just be a show, but I want it to be a channel. – I get it. – On Facebook. – They need to produce,
you’ve gotta get people comfortable with producing content who don’t think of themselves
as content producers. Karen right now doesn’t think she’s a director like Steven Spielberg, but she has this, and
she could just be like, “Look how good this garden is.” There’s so much. (“Grind Mode” by JKMK) – Thank you so much, that
is our 100th episode, Celebrate Columbus show. – [Gary] See ya soon. Where am I going? – We’re going upstairs. Actually a really cool space. – Yeah, I heard. – It’s just two brothers. – Yep. (mumbling) – [Alexander] Gary, what’s up, baby? – What’s up, my man? – How are you, man? – How are you? – Good, good, good. – What’s up, my man? (mumbling) How are you? Such a pleasure. – Doing good. (mumbling) – Good, good man. Smells fucking fresh in here. Smells good. This is great, man. How long you guys been in this space? – [Man] About six years. – [Alexander] Six years. – [Man] Six, seven years. (mumbling) – It’s really nice. It’s real cool. You mean your guys career, like what was happening with you guys? (mumbling) I love this shit. You know, honestly, the
origin story is so important. – So before we took over here, this was owned by two other guys. – Interesting. – So I started here as an intern. – Really? – Yeah, ’cause I fell
in love with everything that was going on here (mumbling) I wanted to be, I wanted to learn. So I was like you know what, I’m gonna leave my job, I’m
gonna learn this and dive in. Dived in and I crushed it
in my first two months. They got rid of two people to hire me as basically an apprentice. So I really started
learning under the tailors, learning under, you
know, Martin Greenfield, and different, Leonard Logsdail, different tailors in New York City. Really starting to understand the craft. So to make a long story short, I built clientele, really
got a lot of people who respected me and understood my eye, had an opportunity in
2016 to take over, and– – The original guys were
ready to do something else? – Yeah. Kind of ready to do something else. Opportunity presented itself. Now we’re all about– – Striking when the,
yeah, agree with you more. – Because we have this
cool thing that’s like– – What about a pod, what about
becoming a media company? What about my thesis? – [Man] I love that concept. – That’s the right concept for you. If you’re not gonna go
the attention route, and I have empathy for that, but you know what’s funny
about me, I’m a tool belt. I’m like, it’s a wrench, you’re like, “Ah,” I’m like cool, I don’t
give a fuck, here’s a hammer. (laughing) To me that’s why every
conversation’s easy for me, ’cause it’s just a tool belt. I’m like cool, cool, next. (mellow music) (laughing) (clapping) Action, baby. – I like it, I like it, I like it. – Alright, we’ll be in touch. – Thank you, thank you. – Alright, I’ll see you guys later. – [Man] Alright, have a good one. (rustling) – Good day, three more meetings, going to one of those private films
where you can’t film, so we’ll see those, see ya.

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