The H3 Post Malone Joji podcast but it’s actually good

The H3 Post Malone Joji podcast but it’s actually good

Welcome everybody to the first episode of the H3 podcast LIVE I look like Hercules Let’s see if we can get this podcast to Uh 500 trillion likes Say hi, Hila Hi, Hila That’s not a joke I’m just gonna start- I’m gonna rise from a fe- like from the ashes like a phoenix Beep Why is everyone saying beep But the bombing of Dresden is really fascinating You should check that out I feel like the shitty member of a boyband I feel like I have autism The thing is, we don’t ever smoke Uhm And uhm I’m taking a farming class too Oh, good Uhm The fuck were we talking about I was just watching Uhm Look who the fuck is here What’s your stories, George? There’s another baby covered in blood Damn I’m gonna kiss a boy So I munched on someone’s bar Like fully nude Just dick out Asshole spread wide open To- to rape? And then they finger your asshole But I’ll get into that later Like a T- like that TV show Cut all that Spread ’em, Ethan Fuck you This is the craziest shit that’s ever fucking happened to me in my whole entire life Talking to guys like ‘hey, can I suck your dick?’ and they’re like Yeah, su- sure, okay really? Like Oh man, I can’t wait to get a baby I’d suck him off Pedosexual Yo, what the fuck You’re like ‘hey, I want to fuck kids’ They’re like ‘take some Prozac’ Children are scary too THIS IS ETHAN Bitch, back off I look like an escaped mental patient So But also I think it’s important to have your very own seed bank Including Post Malone’s semen as well Or apes or whatever right? Our neanderthal cousins were probably just raping like crazy If you look at monkeys, they just rape If you can if you can rape and plant your seed, you’re a succesful species They’re like ‘bless you Jezus, I’m gonna rape this bitch’ Crazy, it’s crazy So there’s definitely something like in us to like conquer, men more like- Right So, it’s- you know, women are in a nature setting, like, to be conquered NICE FUPA, ETHAN Oh, man

100 thoughts on “The H3 Post Malone Joji podcast but it’s actually good

  1. The episode was already good, but this is it on crack, and crack makes everything better.
    Quote me on that.

  2. He was talking about animals, and he kept saying “woman” instead of “females”. I think he was talking about non human female animals.

  3. 2:49 i was drinking some nice wAtErmElOn jUiCe and I tried not to spill it all out while laughing so it came through my nose. Thanks

  4. It woulda been perfect if it ended with the "we'll be right back" jingle instead bc this whole video has very strong Eric Andre energy

  5. This is made me cringe and laugh at the same time! You have a nice talent here and as for me? Imma subscribe, should had found this sooner! X'D

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