The H3 Philip DeFranco Podcast but it’s actually good

Welcome to another episode of the H3 Podcast We are here with ya boy Philly D He’s the- the guy who went to the internet and said “I’m gonna kill my family today” Say what? I had a stepdad that beat the fuck outta me Man, that is fascinating! What? Your mom’s boyfriend was tryna murder you both? Purple couches really should only exist for sex, by the way It could be happening pretty soon We’re- we’re starting to think about it We’re thinking about it I mean … Jogging? Ugh, it’s so … I think- you know … What if Voldemort and Harry Potter just sued people? *Moaning in pain* *More pain* What? Don’t damage my kid lol Ehm The weird thing is … I used to have like a … … like a legit fear of roaming black holes “Interesting” I like you, but also, are you gonna kill me? Yeah man You just gotta do it W O W ♪ Chip – Run out Riddim ♪ ♪ How can a chipmunk fight with a lion? ♪ ♪ How did David kill Goliath? ♪ These parents, they have kids, they- they just kill ’em both (what the fuck)

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