The H3 Jordan Peterson Podcast but it’s actually good

The H3 Jordan Peterson Podcast but it’s actually good

Fat rips Nice! You’re good Yeah, you got it Damn, you know how to keep it in ♪ Thomas the Tank Engine Theme Song ♪ What?! What?! Jordan Peterson You are a white supremacist yourself So how do you feel about that? It’s a good question I I Really good Great Like, let’s say your uncle molests you Okay, what does that mean? There’s no such thing as knowledge How do I get a girlfriend? Uhm She’s dead now And that brings me to the eh, point Your uncle sexually molests you GrEaT JoB In public or in private? Have you ever had periods of depression? Oh my god! ♪ Avion – Rave ♪ What would you say You have a physical illness You’ve got a mental illness You’re- you’re just a white oppressor You were molested as a kid ♪ War – Low Rider ♪ Way beyond

100 thoughts on “The H3 Jordan Peterson Podcast but it’s actually good

  1. dude you couldve made it a bit more original the naming of this video alone is a straight rip from DogBeef. cmon dude

  2. im trying to like this papertrain dogbeef thing, but every time I watch one…..i dont know…… they just bore me to death.

  3. a few things just happened
    1 i drank some milk
    2 "you have a physical illness, you have a mental illness"
    3 i laughed
    4 there is now milk inside of my nose
    5 help me

  4. It's a good premise but…just not that funny. I'll check other vids out to see if others are. This pod wasn't a good one for comedy goofs.

  5. Well first we have to define "molest". What do you mean by that? Can anyone truly know what "molestation" even is?

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