The Great Awakening Podcast #1

The Great Awakening Podcast #1

Welcome to “The Great Awakening- Taoist
Meditative Reflections” a podcast by practicing disciples of Taoism at the
Temple of Original Simplicity. This is episode 1. While meditation will be the
core of the podcast, we will also be discussing other relevant topics. Most
notably, the esoteric Taoist philosophy, as taught to us by Master Alex Anatole
will be an essential element throughout the episodes. A quick side note, this
first episode was recorded on the outside deck of the temple; unfortunately
the background noise turned out to be too distracting. Future episodes will be
recorded within the temple. Welcome everyone, this is our first
initial podcast. With me is Dave and Rick and myself Peter, and between the three
of us, we have the experience of meditation of almost a hundred years…
not that we’re that old, but just we’ve all been here for thirty plus or
approximately thirty years if not more and what we perform is a traditional
Taoist Meditative discipline. So while there are many disciplines of meditation
we’re not here to discuss all those different disciplines, we’re here to
discuss the one that we practice. We may mention them, a particular style, but
we’re really here to focus on our particular schools’ Taoist Meditation. To
start that… and we may also bring up other things such as Taoist philosophy and
Taoist exercises etc… The main gist of this is to talk about Taoist Meditation and if
we want tangents, then we always have a fast-forward button. Anyways, we’ll start
with Rick, who is an ordained Master here at the temple, located here in
Massachusetts. Rick has been with us for how many years Rick? 37 years. 37 years
you’ve been studying under Master Alex Anatole Yes. I’ve been with the Master since I was in collage. Before every meditation we
would do our ritual of explaining ‘Why we do what we do’. Why don’t you explain for the audience why we do our meditation. Sure. There’s several types of Taoist
meditations. One of the central ones that we do on a
weekly basis is called Cleansing Meditation And the idea is that if
stress is accumulated mentally and blocks the mental channel, then it goes
to some kind of somatic aspect of disease in the body. So if the mental
channel is blocked mentally, it goes to the physical channel also. We use Chi Quong yoga to cleanse the physical channels and we use mental Chi Quong or
Meditation to cleanse the mental channel. One of the main aspects of the meditation is to relax the body. It’s impossible to progress further into the
meditation without fully relaxing the body first. That’s what allows the
separation of the spirit or soul in the physical body. Master Anatole uses the expression ‘Micro Death’ when we talk about
meditation… Because it trains the ultimate separation of the body and soul, when someday we die, and we move to to another dimension. So training the
separation of body and spirit on a weekly basis in meditation helps us to
deal with the ‘ultimate separation’ when we die. This particular branch of
meditation is not an option. In order to have clarity and to see ourselves on our
path and adapt on a daily basis, we need to have a clear head; the mental channel
needs to be unblocked with societal viewpoints and things that aren’t good
for us as an individual. So the meditation that we do, we first relax the
body and we split the body in half and do one side first and then the other
side as a mirror image. And a lot of times we use the analogy of yin and yang
or tense and relax. It’s hard and it’s a bit esoteric to say
‘relax the body’ and what does that actually mean. But sometimes, if you can
tense one part of your body, then the opposite feeling of that is relaxed,
so a lot of times we use this technique to tense each part of the body as we move
up. And then we feel this relaxation. Going into the meditation further
there’s several techniques and they’re all based on the idea of visualization.
Master Anatole has taught us that the visualization that we have in meditation,
the picture that you can see in your mind’s eye, invites the gods to interact
with us in the meditation. So visualization is a bridge for the
God’s to interact with us in meditation Visualization always has to bring some
aspect of reality to it, so a lot of times we visualize a beach that we’ve
been to several times and we take the candle that we light, as we’re
sitting in the chairs, as part of the reality of meditation. So you go to a
beach that you know, one that you’ve been to hundreds of times, so it’s easy to visualize the details and see the details in your mind’s eye. As you’re
sitting in your chair you take the candle with you, again, as a aspect of
reality. From there, we visualize dirt in our body- physical dirt. It can look like coal. It can look like oil. it can look like dirt. And then there’s physical
techniques where we take golden light from different sources… from the candle,
is one source, for instance. From the golden volcano is another source of golden healing light. And then we ingest this golden healing light into the body
and it pushes out the dirt through the pores of our skin, creating pressure. And
then on contact with the air this dirt burns very, very brightly. You have to see the dirt physically burn. And this psychosomatic aspect creates some kind of chemical change in the body by ridding your body of stress and fears and worries that’s visualized as dirt. That’s one of the main Taoist meditations that we do here on a weekly basis, because the cleansing of the mental channel is critical for us to see ourselves clearly
on a daily basis and to react adequately. Good. Thank you. …Sure Dave, do you have anything to add to the ‘Why we do this’… Well, I think, some of the… Rick’s done a good job of explaining what we’re trying to accomplish,
especially with the burning of the dirt that represents the stress we pick up
during the week, but I think that it’s worth mentioning that one of the things
about stress is, it’s much like the analogy we use is brushing your teeth. You don’t just get rid of it once and it’s all gone.
That it’s… even if you get rid of all your stress today, there’s going to be
plenty more of it coming at you during the coming week. And so you’re going to
need to do this on an ongoing basis. And stress largely comes from dealing with other people which we really can’t avoid doing. So, that you can’t just say, well I’m going to put myself in a stress-free environment. And one of the other aspects
of this is it’s a progressive thing, that, some days are better than others. But
over time you do improve at your visualization and you improve it your techniques you find which techniques work for you particularly well and which
ones don’t. This may shift over time. And that the relaxation aspect of it I think
can be undervalued by people who haven’t tried it. Because one thing you discover,
once you do learn how to relax, is that you don’t tend to be very relaxed most
of the time. And people, once you discover what this feels like, you think ‘this is very nice, I’m sorry I didn’t discover this sooner.’ And it’s one thing I really
look forward to and doing, because it really does destress you all by itself,
just doing that, you don’t realize how tense you are until you stop being tense.
So, I guess that’s what I wanted to add to what Rick had to say. I think Dave
brought up a really interesting point… and- We study Taoism in a classic
way and we use Lao Tse’s great discourse of the Tao Teh Ching. And specifically we
use the ‘Wisdom of Lao Tse’ written by Lin Yutang. It’s a great translation of the Tao Teh Ching. There’s several different
translations and some of them are skewed. We don’t agree with them based on the
teachings of Master Anatole and his Teacher. In one of the chapters, Chuang Tse, who paraphrases… who’s also a famous Taoist sage, who paraphrases a lot of Lao Tse’s passages, uses the term ‘mental hygiene.’ And basically that terminology is really what this meditation, this aspect of cleansing the mental channel is all about. They make the analogy of
hygiene, as Dave said, that it has to be done on a periodic basis, like brushing
your teeth. You can’t brush your teeth once and they’re clean. And basically you
have to cleanse the channel on a weekly basis, because it gets blocked on a
weekly basis. So the great sage Chuang Tse uses the term ‘mental hygiene’ as an
analogy for this cleansing of the mental channel. One of the analogies we use often is the windshield. We’re constantly wiping and cleaning our
windshield and that’s part of the the mental hygiene aspect. …To have a clear vision. I think one very other important aspect of meditation is a phrase that you termed Peter, years ago, when we were working on the holy Fox book. We spent probably five or six years, on a weekly basis meeting and discussing
content for a three volume series on the holy foxes and the dogma of the Fox Creed
and what Pete used this expression that meditation acquaints you with the other
dimension for the ultimate departure. And that’s a very interesting concept
because when you think about it, when you when you meditate, you have no connection with your physical body whatsoever. so really So really when you die, your body obviously ceases to exist. So your soul or your spirit if you believe in the afterlife, go
somewhere to do something so really that that intellectual capacity of existing
without the body is something that you have to Train you basically have to get
some kind of fulfillment in life from experiencing things or discussing things
without a physical body and meditation helps you to train that it helps to
acquaint you with the other engine it’s obvious it’s it’s never
gonna be exactly like we visualized it when you die but at least you get
acquainted with this idea of existence without a physical body and that’s a
very very important thing to understand the death is basically existence without
a physical body of your ass discussion earlier that the of that for example the
adaptability but when you meditate one of the things that’s surprising about it
is it often goes in directions you never anticipated that you’ll find something
in your visualization that had never occurred to you before you may have some
insight you may find yourself in a place you’ve never been before
and having to be able to adapt to that is critical because you again after
death you have no idea what you’re going to encounter you’ve never been there
before but flexibility of mine that comes from that is a big deal the other
thing I was thinking of is when you were talking about the removal of stress and
the psychosomatic aspect of it is that one of the other goals from meditation
is to improve your health by bringing up your immune system by making yourself
more resistant to disease or more effectively fighting it off because it’s
not like even a Dallas master never gets sick they do but you want to be as
resistant and resilient to illness as you can be coming back to what you was
talking about with with this idea of building this
ability to handle our death basically that to be in that state Micro death
Micro death I got to thinking of Alex’s analogy of little biceps so it’s
probably isn’t something you want to stop thinking about you know two moments
before you die right because one you don’t know winning or die whatever age
you are but two it’s a little bit too late so there’s analogy that we use here
at the temple called little biceps it addresses the the ability to handle
something over a gradual period of time if you want to start lifting weights you
know you start off at in my case five pounds
maybe in Rick’s you know you sets up with 500 pounds but you gradually
increase the amount of weights as you go along as your muscle builds and you do
it over over time basically but if you decide one day when you’re you know
sixty years old that you want to start lifting weights and you try to pick up
those 500 barbells your arms are gonna fall off they’re gonna rip body or out
of your shoulder joints so you need to start things earlier and over a gradual
period of time this little biceps and that’s what we’ve been doing over the
past thirty plus years is this little biceps idea when we originally started
doing meditation it was just the burning meditation and then from there we
graduated on to the traveling meditation and from there you know we keep adding
different elements to all these different types of meditations we’re
doing we’re adding one weight after another over over time as we’re ready
for it well let me suggest since you’ve now introduced the concept of traveling
meditation you might want to explain it to our unseen audience traveling
meditation so that’s another aspect of our meditation that we do there’s the
burning and meditation aspect and then this is traveling meditation where you
leave your body you visualize yourself leaving your body and you go to another
place there’s a multitude of different places and we’re probably going to get
into too much details of the techniques because we don’t want people trying this
on their own one of the important elements is that
we’re doing our meditation here at the temple under the protection of our
master and that’s a very important aspect that I think needs to be stressed
is that if you do this elsewhere on your own that you open yourself up for some
kind of possible harm from whatever metaphysical beings are out there
traveling meditation is a series of different techniques that we use and
when Alex first mentioned it to us he made it sound like it was something that
was entertaining and there is that element of it but there’s also an
element of learning of developing we meet with our spirit guides or other
spirits or other gods and there’s quite a bit of learning and information that
we get guidance that we can glean from these experiences
there’s some experiences where there’s eight the time pool where we can go back
in time we can go forward in time and you could say well it’s a time machine
why’d you go back and we’re in the lottery ticket and win billions of
dollars that’s not what this is about it’s about learning about yourself
learning about the way you fit into the world around you and how to adapt to the
world around you and I big David mentioned that earlier this adaptation
aspect is enormous especially in the meditation it’s important that we can
adapt to things here in this third dimension world because if we can’t
adapt to the chaos here in this world this material world then we’re gonna
have any more difficult time adapting to the chaos of an immaterial world that we
have no experience with whatsoever or very little experience with so this
adaptation ability is very very important I think the traveling
meditation is an interesting example and it all fits together even with this idea
of Mental Hygiene I know Alex woke before about acquainting ourselves with
the spirits and the gods and the realms there and the idea is that if you if you
go and interact with say a guide spirit or a help of spirit on a weekly basis
you’re establishing a connection and a relationship with that spirit so and
Alex use the the the analogy in our world of that someone only calls you
when they want something so the idea of praying to the gods or interacting with
them and meditation is not just to go or pray when you need something when you’re
in trouble the idea is to go on a weekly basis and foster a connection and a
relationship with that spirit if you look at some of the tragedy plays it’s
kind of interesting that the gods support humans in their endeavors that
they actually have some kind of connection or relationship with so the
idea is to meditate on a weekly basis a periodic
basis to pray on a daily basis to acquaint yourself with these spirits to
build a relationship with the great spirits so they help and support us
during our life here and also during our death in the transition to the other
dimension it’s a very very important aspect to not be that person that only
calls when they need something I thought this was a very interesting aspect also
it’s an easy trap to fall into that you think well okay this spirit is
responsible for this area therefore I should pray to this group because I’m
having trouble in this area right now which is partly true but if you have no
relationship with this spirit they’re probably not going to listen to you is
it is that analogy if somebody who calls only when they need help and these
relationships take time they’re kind of hard to describe because you know the
gods are not your buddies they’re not we’re not operating on the same level
the in fact it’s I find it extraordinary that we can communicate at all sometimes
it’s challenging it often is challenging and sometimes
they’re angry with you for reasons you may have trouble figuring out but these
are the situations you find yourself in and that you have to again that you have
to adapt to that you have to figure out okay what’s the right way to do things
and one of the points that was driven home to me in several meditations is
that if you do want something you have to ask and the point of asking is not to
beat you down but to emphasize the fact that we’re not on the same level and
that the humility is a big deal in these environments that’s a concept that
humility isn’t is out of fashion and a lot of aspects of society but when
you’re dealing with something that’s immeasurably more powerful than you it’s
the violet form it’s the only rational attitude because they don’t have to do
anything for you first because of whatever reasons they choose exchange of
energies that they’re willing to aid us as sometimes if we ask them but what we
ask has to be reasonable and it has to be proportionate
– what we need in fact one of the aspects of this that comes up is we have
to sort out what we think we want from what we actually need and I mean that’s
a whole separate podcast by itself probably that we are constantly
bombarded in one of the sources of stress that we’re trying to get rid of
is the advertising and social messaging that says there are all of these things
you really ought to have and meditation is very useful for filtering out all of
that noise and helping you separate the things that you’re told that you want or
that you told you oughta want from the things that you actually need and in
fact talking to the gods are asking them for things you are not in general
supposed to ask for specific things because frankly you’re too stupid to
know what it is you really need a lot of the times and I’m not accepting myself
from that at all but we hope that they being smarter than we are will recognize
what we do need and will at least help us to find our way to that sorry I went
down perhaps too many roads on that one but there’s a lot of things I think it’s
very interesting what you said I know years ago master anatole
explained that you never pray for anything concrete or material and the
idea is that if you look at the things that you wanted ten years ago most times
those things have no applicability to your life today so really what you’re
supposed to pray for is protection health clarity of mind those are the
things that you can use on a daily basis to make the right decisions not to pray
for anything concrete but to pray for the ability and the strength to make the
right decisions Oh Rick just mentioned the word clarity which has been a major
feature in my meditations over the last couple of months and clarity actually
came up in most recent meditation and I did ask master Hall about it afterwards
and he said that clarity the trouble with clarity if you want to look at it
that way is that clarity can force you to make a decision most of us walk
around confused most of the time and I’m not accepting
myself but if you do get a moment of clarity it’s probably about an issue
that’s a significant one to you and something you need to do something about
and clarity finally allows you to do that
but it can be painful you suddenly realize yes I have to leave this place I
have to give up this person I have to leave something behind and that can be
difficult it may be necessary but clarity is sort of a two-edged sword in
that regard it’s beneficial but it may be painful I know the opposite of
clarity in an adequate reaction in the present moment is the concept of desires
of the mind and we talk about this really what you’re trying to cleanse
from the mental channel is this idea of unrealistic desires of the mind
we’re not Buddhists here we’re Taoist but there are some crosses and the
philosophy between Buddhism and Taoism and one of them is the idea that you
have to get rid of desires basically and that doesn’t mean that you become an
ascetic and you go and live somewhere and don’t live in society but it’s the
idea that your your actions have to be around your needs what you actually
truly need and not your desires so a lot of times we desire things that are
unrealistic for us to attain and and we keep trying to fulfill these desires but
because they don’t go with reality and they’re not natural for us they create a
sense of stress in depression clarifying what you actually need and what you can
attain is a very very important thing basically stripping your mind of desires
of the mind we call it purging most of the aspects of meditation and philosophy
here which is the aspect of Taoist life coaching goes with the idea of purging
we purge and lose ideas that are harmful for us as an individual very early on
you have to understand what’s temporary in life and what you’re actually trying
to achieve in your life we know that when you leave when you die at the
ultimate time of departure at death you can’t take anything material with you
you can’t even take your most precious possession your body so the only thing
that you can take is your intellect or your soul and as such that’s what you
should really try to cultivate during your life not your social position not
your career not even your family because all of those things are temporary
Master Anatole uses the analogy of a rental car no one washes a rental car no
one changes the oil in a rental car because it’s not your car it’s only
borrowed in all material possessions including relationships with people
including even your physical body only borrowed at the time of death these
things will fall away and will be insignificant
so really the cultivation of your intellect in your soul and your
experiences that’s really the important thing that you need to strive for in
life this comes back to what you were saying earlier of Pete’s observation
that you’re preparing for your ultimate departure that your ultimate departure
is a departure where you don’t get to take any material thing with you
that’s a hard concept to get around especially because our culture is very
much based on material possessions and whoever dies with the most toys wins
that cliche the fact is whoever dies with the most toys is still dead and
still didn’t get to take them experiences cultivating the strength of
your soul and your relationships with the spirits that’s really the only thing
that you get to go with you and it may seem like we’ve kind of gone off on
tangents on editing but meditation but actually this is groundwork for for the
meditation that we do do this is this is the kind of material that when we
meditate this is the foundation of the experiences that will happen
coming back to that let’s talk about meditation David if you were to express
to someone in front of yours about meditation can you think of an
experience that you’ve had over the past thirty years of a particular experience
that you’ve had that you would relate to them to kind of give them a taste of
meditation well I think I’d probably split it into two parts I would talk
about the practical aspects of the burning meditation because I don’t think
there’s any question in my mind that coming here once a week to do burning
meditation and to burn out that stress that one of the things that struck me
even again today was that when I got here I was fairly tense and I didn’t
even realize it and working through the relaxation aspect of the meditation
which is one of the things you do upfront I could feel that I had a lot of
sore muscles and because it was a hard workout yesterday and yet after so I was
holding this tense so I wouldn’t feel the soreness because it’s uncomfortable
but by allowing myself to relax I could feel that I was sore but then after that
the relaxation also drains this or a lot of the soreness away and now I’m not
only not tense I’m a good deal more comfortable than I was when I started so
there’s a very concrete benefit that you get from this meditation and it doesn’t
even take very long I mean the whole time I spent doing that was probably no
more than 10 minutes and yet the benefits will be with me all
day psychosomatic psychosomatic aspect of it and this illustrates very
dramatically how complicated the interaction can be with the mind and the
body that you’ve got this pain and so the body does this and so you have to
mentally address this because otherwise you’re just gonna walk around being
tense all day and you’re still gonna be sore even whether you’re recognizing it
or not I’ve known people that if you just tap them on the shoulder you
suddenly realize they’re incredibly tense and they don’t even know it
wound up yeah oh it’s like slapping on statues and they don’t even have any
idea how tense they really are so that was
the first practical aspect so what was what would be another you said there are
two well I was thinking in terms of the traveling meditation it’s harder to
explain I think where I would benefit or how I would explain the benefits from
that one because it’s in a sense more esoteric and requires more background I
think that it’s like sitting in a scientific discipline where there’s a
lot of terminology and everybody you talk to if you’re in that discipline
knows what you’re talking about but everybody else it comes out as gibberish
because they haven’t studied it I think maybe one of the most surprising things
that ever happened to me it was relatively recent I had a encounter with
a spirit who told me a piece of information does something about one of
the spirit one of the other spirits and what they can do and afterwards when we
were recounting this to master Anatole I said well they told me that this spirit
can do that and he looked very surprised and he said that’s true said but I never
told you that and so we’re acquiring information
through channels that well we don’t really understand how it works but we
are picking up information while it may not be of immediate use it is still good
stuff to have I think you had some kind of meditation about some shifting
Crystal Castles or something and oh yes yes yet another one yeah I was
meditation where I wound up in a place I’d never been before this is one of the
things I was talking about earlier that you wind up having things happen that
you’d never anticipated never heard about and I wound up in this place where
I think it was pitch black initially and I was finding that I could create things
by suggesting them and when I recounted this to alex afterwards he said yes
that’s called the shifting palace I had never heard of it and I don’t think
anybody else here had ever heard of it either and I don’t know whether anybody
else here has even been there it was fascinating that here you
find yourself in places that are known that other people know about this but
you don’t and yet you find your way there anyway how would you write what
would you express to someone about your meditative experiences I’d have to say
probably one of the most significant meditations for me and and I know I’ve
spoke to you guys about this one before early on and I still have interactions
weekly interactions with my guide spirit who’s who’s in a cave where it’s
basically my cave with his spirit is and he’s like an Oracle for me to speak to
and to talk to and originally when I went there the spirit was is kind of
this sounds a little vulgar but like an animal trainer actually when I first
went there he had this huge leopard on a chain and I guess I was basically one of
the animals that he was you know that he was training through this process just
like the leopard as a low of species and with the inability to communicate we
really I like almost like a pet or like a dog kind of that’s the analogy when I
was there at the cave with the spirit he had this small unicorn that was like a
miniature horse with a with a spike in its forehead and the small unicorn was
was tiny maybe like two feet long by a foot high and yet this this creature was
incredibly agitated on on the chain and somehow it broke the chain that it was
on and it was flying around the cave at at intense speeds creating like like us
you know like a hazard and as the unicorn flew on me I basically put up
some kind of defensive motion to try and save myself and the motion slid down to
the face of this unicorn and damaged one of the eyes on the unicorn
and then I you know and then the spirit was able to kind of retell uh this
unicorn so the danger was past and he laughed that you know that that I was
even lucky enough to survive this encounter actually because of the
intense energy and speed of this little creature and then what was very
interesting was you know I’d always thought that meditation in the realms we
visit was some kind of imaginary world where you do things and you know and
it’s like your imagination and then lo and behold when I went into meditation
the subsequent week and went to my cave to see my guide spirit I saw the unicorn
baya and he was tethered and his I was still damaged he could not see out of
this eye and when he saw me he got incredibly agitated this creature
because you know we had this conflict the week before and at that time I
realized that the things that you go and do in these meditative realms aren’t
your imagination they’re actual experiences that happen and that have
some kind of cause and effect in this other world and then it led me to
believe that the responsibility of meditation that you go to these
alternate realities and you don’t really understand the physical laws there and
yet you’re responsible for your actions they’e the same way you’re responsible
for your actions in our own earthly realm
so I guess probably one and I talked to the master about this and he absolutely
concurred that yes what you do when you’re in meditation is done and it’s
and it happens just isn’t a cause-and-effect experience happens in
our old 3-dimensional world so I think the fact that when you go and meditate
and you do things and then they had done it’s not your imagination so I think
that was probably one of them most significant meditations for me that
made me look at it with a different gravity than I did before because it’s
not your imagination I haven’t experienced as much of that sort of
permanence aspect of it of the change being persistent across weeks but
actually has happened to me recently one other aspect of meditation we didn’t
mention is that there’s a notion of your castle and your castle is a abstraction
of your own psychic energy and so your castle being you you would like your
castle to be intact you’d like it to be clean you’d like it to be undamaged
you’d like it to be pristine actually and but again it may you may get to your
meditation and you may go to your castle and you may discover that there’s
something wrong your castle might be under attack
your castle might be dirty the castle might have suffered some kind of damage
that you’re gonna need to repair and it’s important to try to figure out okay
what exactly is this is this a reflection of a conflict in your life is
this a reflection of some indecision on your part or maybe something you haven’t
even noticed yet but I found that recently one of the corridors in the
castle had changed significantly not only did it change but then when I went
back there the next time it had still changed and in fact it had progressed
from where it had gone that one of the quarters that used to be have a stone
floor now I had a crushed stone floor and there was water flowing through the
crushed stone I thought that entirely sure what that means but it has been
persistent over the last several meditations I actually have to deal with
it because I have to keep the water level from rising too high I finally
asked how do I do that because I couldn’t figure it out oh my god Stewart
told me what to do Dave hit on an interesting point – so at the end of our
meditations if it’s a burning one we’ll sit and discuss what we’ve you know how
it was what we may have experienced if there was something new and different
over the years we’ve all come up with different techniques that you know
they’re all still based around the same thing but maybe
it’s a different twist to a burning technique that we haven’t done before
and it’s a new experience and maybe other people will try that and then with
the traveling implementations we also recount what we went through immediately
afterwards the master will often give us a different interpretation of of what we
experience than what we maybe were thinking of and in one particular
meditation that comes to mind is when Rick had a meditation about burning
people and and Alex was you know quick to say please don’t burn anyone you want
to make sure that Rick didn’t go crazy and just started burning people’s houses
down but I don’t think we had any worries about that but he did point out
that that was a technique though in ancient Chinese shamanism of burning
people in paper form and we did in fact do that with the paper dolls but
so-called cultural side note that burning in shamanistic interpretation is
almost always a purification ritual of some form or another that fire is almost
always purifying in one way or another and the form of transformation like the
god of fire that we that we have here at our temple who represents the god of
change the god of fire is the god of change I would say that one of my one of
the most recent experiences that I’ve had actually about meditation stands out
my mind and that is the one of expectations during burning I was by
myself in this room with piles of this black coal around me and there was a
furnace and I began to shovel with my golden shovel this black coal I was
pouring a shovel out to shovel into this furnace of red flame those are the three
colors that we use to do burning black representing the disease gold is the
element that is the purifying element and then red is the element that
actually gets rid of the the disease but as I was doing the shoveling I realized
that these this black coal represented expectations part of those expectations
X stations could be desires of the mind
but take it it was me having the wrong expectation of things people in
situations this is how people should behave or this is how things should go
and that for me that it was a severe obstacle and and barricade in my road to
contentment so that was last week when I had that and then this week it was a
continuation of that and I thought I was in some kind of train because that’s the
imagery that I got was that these piles of coal were on a train and that the
furnace was moving this steam this steam engine when in fact as I was visualizing
myself from a third-person perspective it said to rise up in the air kind of
float up in the air and I could see that I wasn’t in a train I was actually at
the bottom of a quarry and that there were these sloping sides from the quarry
full of this black coal and with each and every shovel that I would I would
take from the pile and throw in the and the furnace more would just come
tumbling down from the sides and it was enormous like the side size of a city
basically it seemed kind of disheartening that I have this this this
mission of trying to stuff all this black hole into this tiny little furnace
to burn all my expectations all these things that were holding me down and
holding me back a spirit guide said to me take the situation and look at it
from the reverse and what I did was I said taking my shovel and taking the
fire out of the furnace and spreading it out on the coals that were surrounding
me and then from there the fire began to spread upward into the coals that were
piled around me and I just continued doing that taking the fire and putting
it directly on to the coal rather than trying to stuff the coal into the
furnace and that was the meditation that I had today actually so those are some
examples of our meditative experiences so there’s the physical aspect of doing
the meditation whether we’re burning or even if we’re doing traveling meditation
if we don’t actually have the ability to travel that particular day maybe because
we’re not focus well or we didn’t get a lot of
sleep you know we still come out of the meditation with this physical benefit of
feeling very refreshed but then there’s also the aspect of the travelling
meditation where we we glean some element of wisdom from the spirits or
from the experience help us in our everyday life this pragmatic element the
empirical metaphysics well and it’s worth noting that in some cases although
the message of the meditation may be fairly clear and you’ll immediately
realize ok this is an answer to a question I have this is a problem I was
trying to solve and that does happen but sometimes you don’t realize right away
what it’s all about it may take a couple of days for it to sink in but you
suddenly go ah yes that was what that was about and maybe you’ll never get it
maybe there’s some sometimes things happen we’re not quite sure why but I
would like to believe there is a reason and eventually it will become clear and
so you can’t rush these things your interpretation is only going to be able
to go at a certain speed I think Pete brought up a very interesting point of
what we call empirical metaphysics and I’ve been studying with Master Anatole
for 37 years and his teachings have been consistent from the beginning in that
they only deal with practicality and things that will help you in a practical
way and even esoteric exercises like meditation of visualization is the idea
of using intangible methods to achieve tangible results so we deal with an with
a phenomenon called empirical metaphysics where we deal with the
science of Taoist metaphysics but we use that to achieve practical results in our
daily life as Pete said when you separate your your soul in your body
from meditation your soul goes off to the other dimension to do something to
learn something to experience something but you buy
is left in the temple and because it’s totally relaxed and the soul isn’t there
it rejuvenates at a different rate and at a different speed basically so you
feel this physical rejuvenation from meditation I know the master has said
that one hour of meditation can be akin to ten hours of sleep through
rejuvenation not only do you get the practical aspects of the wisdom of the
Gods and clarification in your daily life but you also get these rejuvenative
aspects of meditation empirical metaphysics is the idea of using
intangible methods to achieve tangible results the resting aspect of it is
worth noting because often people say they have trouble sleeping yeah the
night after meditation and yet the next day you’re not all wiped out in fact is
you just didn’t need as much sleep and you just feel odd because you go to bed
at your usual time and you’re not sleepy at all and back to Eric’s point it’s
it’s you get the the result for right now the feeling refreshed right now but
like Chicana also you had the long-term aspect of it where it’s you’re you’re
helping your body fight disease in the long term as well so you get the the
immediate benefit and then you also have the long-term benefit in the long arc of
things meditation and the meditative realms are very very interesting through
the masters Qi you’re allowed through the gods you have permission to go to
these other realms and to experience things and meditate as students and it’s
very very interesting as David said that it’s not your imagination because you
can never predict what’s going to happen sometimes many times the experiences are
very fulfilling and you feel almost like a euphoric thing all the times they can
be kind of scary actually if the gods are upset with you about something it
can be stressful or or you could fear for your safety and it’s not something
that you can dick and Dave brought up this aspect of
the castle meditation and it was very very interesting for me the first time
that we did this castle meditation what the master said was that when you go to
your castle reach into your pocket and they’ll be a handful of rice and he said
you throw that rice onto the ground and these will be the soldiers for you
castle to help defend it from invading armies and diseases in invading armies a
lot of times are the diseases that we have to deal with in regular life I was
born under the sign of the taiga in Chinese astrology and I’ve had crosses
with this idea of the taiga my whole thirty years here because of this
astrological significance of the sign that you were born under and when I went
to my castle that first day and I reached in my pocket and I grabbed my
rice when I threw it on the ground I didn’t get soldiers but I got a bunch of
tigers so there’s like my soldiers a tigers in the castle which I thought was
really I mean I would have never guessed that I would have never have made that
happen it just happened so I mean the spontaneity of meditation kind of shows
that it’s not something that you’re imagining or that you’re contriving it’s
just their experiences that happen in these other dimensions you could never
ever make it up I think that’s one of the things that struck me the most is
that I have had meditative experiences where either solutions to problems came
to me or experiences happened or creative things happen that I really
don’t think I’m that creative or insightful I I don’t think I’m stupid
but I don’t think that I would have had that level of success just sitting down
in a quiet room and trying to come up with a solution to a problem myself and
what Rick said kind of made me think about the shifting castles like that was
a spontaneous thing that came to you it’s not like you went it’s a meditation
thinking I’m gonna think of some kind of neat idea or some kind of interesting
special effects my meditation it came to you and it turns out that was
something that was a technique that Alex had are a phenomenon that Alex informed
you off later on that existed exactly and in fact there are times when I’ll be
going into the meditation I think well maybe I’ll go and do this technique
tonight and then I wind up doing something totally different me sometimes
I do but sometimes I’ll go off in some direction I really hadn’t been planning
on because say my guide spirit says no we’re gonna go do this it’s always worth
doing of course so that’s I don’t object to God but it shows you that even a plan
is not necessarily going to come to fruition because something else may
intervene yeah we’re not wind up in on the plans
here yeah planning is as the alex is saying of if you want to make the gods
laugh tell them your plan for myself I know that you guys don’t experience this
as much but for me the burning and the traveling there’s often times I’ll do
burning meditation during the traveling meditations because I’m just not
traveling go I’ll do the burning but sometimes when we’re doing they’re
burning meditations unintentionally I’m travelling like when when I’m whisked
away by a spirit I mean I’m not gonna say hey you know second I have to I have
to do XY and Z light so my my list of things to do that doesn’t really happen
that way so we’re not in control so much of the agenda I think that’s an
important point to make that we’re not in control of the agenda and I think and
one of the aspects of dows and in general is that you’re not really in
control of much of anything and to recognize our own limitations is a big
deal in terms of humility that you can have all kinds of grandiose plans it
doesn’t mean any of them are going to come to fruition trying to plan
meditation is just an extreme example of this that you’re about to go off in a
place you don’t know really run by forces you don’t understand and to say
that well I’m going to do this tonight no you may you may wind up doing it
don’t be don’t bet the mortgage on it yeah be ready to adapt to whatever
exactly if you ready to go down whatever chaos come here because you have to you
have to believe that whatever you’re going to encounter is
to be beneficial for you it may be painful but it’s still gonna be
beneficial come back to your concept earlier that you know doing something
may not necessary be easy but it’s it’s the right thing to do
exactly planning is a very interesting aspect of this principle that you guys
have brought up and you know I was just explaining this to my daughter who was
basically graduated college now and she started to get a job and to join like
the work force in the real world and I was and she’s she’s a bit agitated
because things aren’t going as quickly as she would like or as well as she
would like in looking for a job and interactions with people and I explained
to her what master anatole explained to me years ago that the concept of
planning is is basically a it’s like a false exorcise the concept of a two year
plan or a five year plan is absolutely ridiculous because we’re so limited in
our understanding of our environment and was so limited at seeing potential
consequences of cause and effect it’s impossible to build any kind of
long-term plan Master Anatole even hates the work plan
he says that what you need is a direction a general direction and then
in the present moment as things present themselves you need to adapt your plan
or direction in the present moment because we’re so limited with our
understanding of our environment and potential consequences it’s impossible
to make like a plan but many times it’s interesting we’ve had people who the
master is called planners and sometimes they can fail because they create this
artificial plan and then they strictly adhere to it no matter what because
that’s the plan and yet reality can move five from where your plan is so plan is
the wrong word you need a general direction and then you need to be able
to shift and move in the present moment and adapt and that’s what makes the plan
successful you adapt the plan to the reality of the present moment
I’ve pretty much tried to expunge the word plan from my vocabulary I still it
still comes up occasionally but I’ve really tried to think in terms of goals
rather than plans because I know I hope that there are certain things I need to
get done always for example I know some things like I got the bills paid by the
end of the month I don’t know exactly what day I’m going to write the checks
on that I might think I’m gonna do it tonight and then something comes up but
I still at least want to move in that direction so you’re rich mention of the
word Direction is I think very apropos in that case that you have an intent you
have the things you’d like to do and you hope you’ll be able to accomplish them
or if you can’t but there’s a good reason but to say that well I know I’m
going to arrive at this place at 6:42 p.m. is just setting yourself up for
failure we had a student here years ago who was a planner actually and I know he
said to the master at one point I’m not in control of everything but I’m in
control of my own little environment my home he said I’m the king there and I’m
in control of my own little environment and it’s funny a week after he said
these words and the Holy Temple a pipe burst
inside of the wall of his house and created this unbelievable flood and he
had to have the contract to come and break through the wall in order to fix
this pipe so he was actually wrong when not in control of any environment at all
even the little environment that we live in or deal with on a daily basis even
this you need to adapt to and you need to take your direction and adapt in the
present moment even your own body is not that strongly
within your control you can’t control it you can’t prevent it from getting sick
you try to carry out some physical activity and you trip you slip you move
too far to one side or another even things you’ve done many times
control is mostly an illusory concept even our emotions
oh absolutely our emotions they’re totally outside are the only artists
these rational creatures that’s another podcast you know our emotions are things
they’re like wild mustangs that we need to maybe not control but try to restrain
that even that is a difficult process and it’s not even necessary you know you
say that you probably automatically think anger or something like that or
some kind of negative but even things like love you meet someone and you fall
in love with them you know that emotional Mustang is probably not
working in your best interest so you need to restrain that creature as much
as you possibly can until you can get some kind of more clear perspective on
the situation thank you for listening to the Great Awakening podcast we hope
you’ll join us for our next episode you

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