The GMBN Podcast Ep. 15 | Val Di Sole World Cup Downhill & Cross Country

The GMBN Podcast Ep. 15 | Val Di Sole World Cup Downhill & Cross Country

– Are we ready this time for the Mountain Bike Podcast presented by GMBN, number 15? – Yeah. – I’m here this week with Neil Donoghue. Over there in the red shirt, Steve Jones, (whistles). – Italian theme going on this week. – Is that right? – Yeah. – And, we’ve just been to Italy. – Me and Jack just been to Italy. Summit to Sea, we didn’t
know how far we were going or how much climbing or descending. We got 15% into the trip and you used 40% of the time. – A bit of a monster, that was. – Yeah, there was some–
– Big ride. – Former downhill riders. Fabien Barel, ex world downhill champion. – I remember him. – And Scott Sharples, he
used to ride for Trek. – He did, back in the day. – Yeah, and a crazy skier from that famous down hill tunnel regie
called Nico Antonias. He was a bit of a boy, wasn’t he Jack? – [Jack] Yeah, he’s very wild, that man. – Jack is behind the camera
this week with a microphone, so he can give us his pearls of wisdom. – Or maybe a bit of Frank Sinatra? – [Jack] That’s unlikely. – Come on, Jack, don’t be shy now. – [Jack] No, no. – Sing the theme tune. – [Jack] Want the theme tune. – So this week– – I did it my, go on Jack. You sung it last week. – [Jack] Not happening. – Not happening. – Back to Italy, Don. – Italy. We’re talkin’ Val di Sole, where we had a double header. We had down hill and cross country. – [Steve] It was a triple header. – Well I suppose it is with
X-C short track as well, on the Friday. I like it. I can sit in the office at work on a Friday afternoon and watch a bit of racin’. – And it is exciting racing, but women’s downhill Don. It’s been decimated, right, this year with the – Injuries all over the place. – With you know Myriam
Nicole, Tahnee Seagrave. – I think Myriam Nicole
is on the way back. – Yeah. – [Steve] (mumbles). – Yeah. – But it really has crippled
that category, right? – So Rachel Atherton snapped her
achilles out in Les Gets the last round a few weeks ago. I think we must talked about this the last – We have talked about it, but the point is that when you look. I mean congratulations to Marine Cabirou for winning the race. – [Neil] Yeah. – You know, a massive eleven second win from Tracey Hannah. – Let’s talk about that quick actually. Why are you, that’s a big gap, you think Tracey Hannah’s
thinkin’ points game already? We’re just over the half
way through the season and she is leading over alls, which we’ll talk about more in a second, but it was a bit of a surprise to see Marine win by that much over Tracey? – It was a huge win. I’m looking at the numbers here and I’ve got to stop, because it’s down as an 18 second gap to third place. But, I’m sure it’s more that that. I’m sure it’s 30 seconds. – So from Tracey then back to third place, Camile Blanch, 18 seconds. – Yeah, you know, that’s
a huge margin, right? – It’s a big, gnarly track. We haven’t talked about
the track at all yet. – Shall we talk about the track? – Well it’s why not, back in my day, we’ll go back to these (mumbles) again. But, – When did you ride there first? – It was a while ago. We raced European champs there. – Yeah. – Probably 07, 08. And I was quite good technically. I remember people saying,
oh you’ll love this track. There’s no pedalling, it’s very technical. And I showed up there and I hated it. I always hated it. – [Steve] Why? – Just cause it was really dangerous. – [Jack] Weak arms. (laughs) – It was, I know you said it’s not steep, but it’s at the point of like, you’re always picking up speed, you’re never just chillin’ or you’re always braking hard. And, it’s just so wide, it’s taped so wide and there’s horrible rocks everywhere and you can’t see ’em, because of the dappled light. The roots, the dirt. So it always felt like
you were a second away from massive crash, and people did. It’s where Cedric really hurt himself. – Oh that was a really bad crash. ‘Cause he caught a tree
with his brake lever and he had no brake. He went down through the rocks section. That was bad, that was a bad that was a life threatening
injury that was. – It was like a broken
pelvis, or something. – He got flown to Trento and
he was there for quite a while. But going back to what you said Don, yeah, there’s no time to
chill on that track is there? It’s intense from start to finish. It’s just rock and it’s root. And I’ll stick to my words. It isn’t actually that steep. Everyone says it’s the most
steepest, technical track on the circuit. When you get to the
lowest slopes of Vallnord, I mean that is steep. – [Neil] Yeah. – And it’s, but the thing with Val Di Sole is like, you know, I’ve heard loads of the top riders say over the years that like Sam Hill and Steve Peat can’t hold on to the handle bars. – It’s relentless. – And you saw people
– Can’t hold on to the handle bars. – Did you see, was it
Brosnan, came across the line, shaking his hands. – Yeah. – Couldn’t really tell if
it was just like (mumbling) what had just happened or if his hands were
just really hurting him. – Yeah, I think there’s
a specific bike set up for Val Di Sole. – Lots of spacers under stems. – Yeah, I think so, and I think high rise bars,
maybe bars pulled back more than you would normally. Your body’s taking a huge amount of a beating, each of those rocks, all the way down the hill. – So watching that, it is, people trying to keep the balance, almost the back of the bike and use their legs more to save their arms. – I think so, ’cause well obviously if you can’t hold on to the handlebars. And when you go into those last corners, it actually gets a little bit loose before you break into the field. And there’s some loose rocks and what you don’t want is to be weak when your on loose chippings, ’cause you’re going to go down. I mean and people do
go down at Val di Sole. You know what, funny story Don. I got to tell you this. Jack, you’re going to love this one. (laughs) So I’m sat in the kitchen. This is the weekend just gone by. ‘Cause I got back, I was traveling. I got back, so I watched
Val di Sole replay. And I’m watchin’ and there’s an interview with Gwin, Warner interviews Gwin, you know he’s out to the broken (mumbles). So Warner’s asking why about all that. Then I see that the qualifying was wet and some of the top riders placed badly. And then I’m watching the finals. And then, obviously you know Bruni and those guys come down early. And then Warner says, Oh
yeah maybe they’re taking the same idea as Tahnee Seagrave. And I was thinking hang on
Tahnee Seagrave wasn’t racing. So basically I had
watched last year’s final. But it panned out, the thing is right, if you watch it. It comes down to Laurie Greenland and he takes the lead. And it’s the same happens
in 2018 that happened 2019. – Wow. – It’s absolutely mental. – [Jack] Spent two hours watching. – But what a (beep) half-wit. Jane was laughing her head off. – Well, it was a brilliant
win from Laurie Greenland. His first ever world cup downhill win. He’s a local boy, almost a GMBN (mumbles). He lives, sort of,
– [Jack] Bristol – 15 miles away in Bristol. – [Steve] Yeah. – So plenty of people here in the office, as you do, know him very well and seen him grow up. – I took him on one of his
first road trips, actually. Funny story. – [Jack] Here we go, there’s
a trend with this one. (laughing) – So Jane, my wife, said Look you’re going to wait,
remember he’s only sixteen, she goes whatever you do,
don’t give him any boos right. So we go to pick him up in Bristol. His Dad drops him off and he gets in the back of the van and the guys, I won’t
mention who they are. First thing they do, give
him a four pack of Stella. Right, not sure we should
really talk about this. (laughing) – [Jack] (mumbles) Tell us who it is. – No, but then Stella turns to Guinness blah, blah, blah. This is probably not
really responsible podcast, is it?
– Very unresponsible, yes. – However, going back to Laurie Greenland. He was always going to win
a world cup race, right? – Yeah, I mean, probably at Val di Sol, to be fair
– Yeah. – From what we’ve seen in the past. – We said two seconds there before. – It was the world champs, wasn’t it? Where he came second? – Can I go back to the boos? We just thought he
needed a bit of bulking. – Bulking? – Yeah, yeah. – Well he’s still not very big now. – Well he is. He’s a bigger guy now then he was. – Well funny enough, actually, we’ve talked about Laurie
with Ollie Beckingsale, he’s been on
– Right. – the (mumbles) podcast. – ‘Cause the guy who
Ollie’s in business with, trains Laurie actually. So over at their shop they’ve
got a training facility and Laurie trains with
Andy I think his name is. Yeah so great (mumbles) His first win and things were changed
around quite a lot. Because, there were crazy
thunderstorms in qualifying. So when you watch the Red Bull TV
– Yeah, yeah. – You saw some names on there
you’re not used to seeing. And actually a lot of them
performed really well. – They did. – Although it was almost anti-climactic, because they weren’t coming down and knocking people off. They were coming down and probably having
their best results ever. – [Steve] Yep. – You know Jack Reading, he
did pretty well actually. – David Palazzari, who I
think he gave the horns, as he was about to leave the start and I said to my son, who’s only three, I was
like watch this one. (laughs) I think we might see a crash. You almost, I’m not
(mumbles) bad mouth David. But someone who qualifies really well for their fist time ever, I mean I’ve done it. You think you show up and you see the – Yeah. – It’s all or nothing basically. – Yeah we’ve seen Ed
Masters do it at (mumbles). – Yeah. – Goes down. – But no, (mumbles) he
got twelfth actually. – Yeah and the jeans. The man in jeans. – 13th. – Von Clensenburg. – [Jack] The denim destr– – The denim destroyer. – So in the top 15 there is Forest Riesco, those two guys, David Palazzari and Von Testburg, and also David Trummer, who are all unsponsered, privateers. – [Steve] Mental. – Three in the top 15. – Going back to Laurie, right. So he’s 22. Won his first world cup. Josh Bryceland, Danny Hart. They didn’t win their first world cup ’till they were 25. So he’s above schedule, I think. I mean, you do have the likes of, I’m talking British
riders here, obviously. Not kind of riders from other countries. But, Gethin, he won
when he was 18 I think. He won in.
– 18. – Schladming.
– Schladming. – Thank you Jack. – Well I remember that day as well. – And I guess he now joins quite a big list of
British riders who’ve won world cup titles right? – Yep. – Like your colleague from Marc Beaumont. – He won Val di Sole. – He did, he did indeed. – And narly, but it was dry, but it’s always narly. He legit won that race, very spectacularly. – Can I talk about Amaury
Pierron for a second. – He still came fourth. – Yeah, but I was talking
to a few guys last week. Some top French racers. I’m not going to say who it was. Even though
– Fabian Barrel. – Well, no I was with Fabian. I was with quite a few top
French racers last week. And some of them think he’s
actually pushing the risk game a little bit too far. – [Neil] Laurie? – No, Amaury Pierron. – [Neil] Oh sorry, yeah. – Because when you see
that run at the (mumlbes). It was wild, wasn’t it? – [Neil] But funnily, I thought
his Val di Sol run looked a bit underwhelming. – It did, didn’t it. It did. I’m wondering if someone
actually told him. Look you need to back off at touch here, ’cause you’re going to go down. – Yeah. – And he did look a bit stiff, looked a bit pedestrian, didn’t he?
– But to be honest that is a very mature ride. – I know. – If that is the case, to back it off and come forth is a pretty
good way of doing it. – [Steve] Yeah totally. – Well it’s a very good way. – But some of the other, I think Danny Hart could
have actually won that race. It was so bad luck he had a puncture. – [Jack] Right at the end wasn’t it? – I agree, but there’s always someone, and I’ll say it this time. – Here we go, here we go. – It’s a rider’s mistake, puncture. – Yeah, right. Oh cranky. There’s a feature in that Don. There’s a GMBN feature in that, Are Punctures Rider’s Mistakes. – I would say, probably
yes, most of the time. – Who punctured last week in Molini when they didn’t have to? (laughing) (cooing) – [Jack] (mumbles). – Jack is. – [Jack] (mumbles) I
break a lot of (mumbles) – Ah Steve, I’m sorry Steve,
ah Steve I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to go that knife edged rock. Actually I didn’t mean to
land on that knife edge rock. – Well, I’ve seen him do that before. Also, take a massive ride around Somerset. How far was that? Like 80 kilometers. – [Jack] It was a big ride. – Fortunately, it was in
the last two kilometers. (laughing) Jack broke a mec off. – Oh Jack did actually break
a mec as well, last week. – [Jack] I did ask Pete, our mechanic, if we could order some new mecs and – Jack’s (mumbles) mecs. – Greg Minnaar went down
when he was in the lead. – I know. – Insane, insane. – Plus seven seconds for seventh place. – [Steve] Yeah. – Again, you can’t – He would have been podium right? He definitely would have been podium. – [Jack] He would have
accelerated his lead further down the bottom wouldn’t he. – However, it’s like the
puncture thing, you know, (mumbles) should be my uncle. (laughing) – You know, it’s racing. Let’s go lower and lower. – [Steve] I could be you, you could be me. – That make sense. No it’s not. – I mean it was a great ride for Minnaar, don’t get me wrong, but he didn’t win it, he crashed. – Yeah. Yep, rider’s error. – [Jack] Right at the bottom – Here comes the wisdom. – [Jack] People seem to
have made a lot of time up on that last left, right,
and then the straight into the finish line. Some people were, that last split is quite close to the bottom and some people were on
like one point four up or one point four down lead come into that last straight and they’d be sprinting their ass off. And they’d still make,
they’d make up time. – So my question is to you Jack. – [Jack] I think that
last bit must make up, if you get it right, must
make up half a second. – So wisdom panded from
the background here. What wins Val di Sol? What’s the essence? What nails you that race? – [Jack] Going the fasted probably, Steve. – Actually you know I
was talking to Sam Hill, I think Sam Hill’s run is
still one of the craziest runs I’ve ever seen. – Yeah. – And if you replay Sam hill now, it would look as mental
as ever, wouldn’t it. – There’s a couple of people
went inside of that corner. Brook Donalds, someone else. – [Jack] Laurie did it. – Did he? – [Jack] A little bit,
not as inside as Sam. – I was going to say Brook looked again a little bit underwhelming. You think wow look he’s gone inside. It didn’t make any difference in time. – Do you think it’s
fitness that wins the race? You got to be strong
– I reckon – [Jack] on that track you
have to be super strong, but then you look at the size of Brook and then you look at the size of Laurie. – Don maybe you simply weren’t
fit enough to ride the track. That’s why you hated it. – [Jack] I don’t think you need to be – Three people talking at the moment. – [Jack] I don’t think you
need to be a certain strength. I think you just need to be lean enough and strong enough
for your own body weight. You don’t have to, I don’t know, Laurie doesn’t have to
lift as much as Brook to be a quicker rider
down that sort of track. ‘Cause he’s not holding up as
much weight as Brook would be. – What about David Trummer? Going off, changing the subject sightly. David Trummer has had – Well no Don, you should
answer Jack’s question. (laughing) – Maybe you should get him down, okay guys, you should get Laurie, Don, versus Brook MacDonald who can do the most press ups. Is it as simple as that? Is it as simple as that Jack? – [Jack] I don’t think it is, no. – Okay, back to David Trummer. – He’s had a brilliant season. He finished, what was it, sixth? – [Jack] Yep. – And sitting overall, he is, tenth. That is pretty incredible from someone who – [Jack] Well he’s got a SRAM ride I think doesn’t he? SRAM Y-T or something. – He is Y-T’s top rider. – [Jack] Yeah. – I’m presuming you
know, next to his name, there is not a UCI registered team. So as far as I can tell, that means privateer, but although he is riding with support from YT and SRAM possibly. But, incredible season really. He’s had a eighteenth,
fifteenth, fifty-ninth, so that’s dropped a load of points, but seventh, and eighth, and an eighth in the last three round. – [Jack] That’s not bad. – And the series now goes to – Next round, is in
Lenzerheid next weekend. Which is one of the easiest tracks, we’re going to say in the season. – [Jack] I’d say yeah, but then the conditions of
the track make it quite hard. ‘Cause it’s all that gravely, loose stuff and you could easily wash and easily ruin your race run in a second. – Lenzerheid would be my worst nightmare, where as Val di Sol is
one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever ridden. – Yep, true. I agree with that. – I would hate to ride Lenzerheid. – Have you ever raced Val di Sol? – Yes, I have, yeah. – I was going to say normally
that’s a different matter of riding versus
– but like it’s Lenzerheid, it’s quite good
to look ahead, isn’t it? To the race coming up. Greg Mennaar has been really strong. Bruney’s been really strong there. Greenland won his world
championship there, is that right? I think. – [Neil] I don’t know actually. – [Jack] Junior. – Junior? Did he? No at Lenzerheid. Is that right? Anyway, there’s some people
who do well at Lenzerheid and some do absolutely terrible. – [Neil] Predictions. – Predictions, I reckon
Greg will get that podium or win that he’s been look for, actually. And I think a load of
people are going to go down in a ton of dust at Lenzerheid. But who’s going to take, it could be a turning point. I mean, Bruney and Pierron
need to keep on their bikes. – True and do you think this’ll give Laurie Greenland a bit
of wind beneath his wings and he’ll be
– Do a Danny Hart? – Well I mean like wind between his wings like Brendan Fairclough at Leogang. (laughing) – Where was Brendan on the weekend? – [Jack] Twenty-seventh I think. – Sort of back to where
he was before I suppose. Yeah. – Jack, comments on that? He doesn’t want to
upset Brendan basically. – [Jack] No. (laughing) – [Jack] I don’t need to comment. – Brendan, Jack has got your back. Just cause he’s a local, Jack. – [Jack] He is a local. – Yeah. – Alright, on to
– Let’s move on. – the cross country. So start with short track on the Friday, which it rained heavily
before the women’s race and it looked pretty tough going, because it was mainly grass. A lot of drifting going on. And it sort of dried out
a bit before the men’s. It looked like, you know,
when mud starts sticking and almost started to get worse, the men’s race, if anything. But, Jolanda Neff took another
win in the short track. So looking super strong. Sina Frei in third. In second Pauline Ferrand Prevot in third. Ferrand Prevot’s had a, as we’ve talked about before actually, a very good come back from an injury, right at
the start of the season. She’s really, sort of,
worked hard to get back there and looking great. – How come Kate Courtney’s in 10th? – So Kate Courtney did
not have a great weekend. In the short track or in the main race. I think I’ve saw on an Instagram thing, that she doesn’t particularly
like riding in the rain, so but you know. – [Jack] The main was dry. – The main, exactly, the main was Sunday, so it was actually very hot and dry. So who knows there. – [Jack] Maybe she’s just cut from. – Yeah it’s been a tough season. She’s been doin’ really, really well. – Elite men. – Well massive, Van Der Poel. – Van Der Poel. – Who, yep, that’s his second
short track win of the year. Who has had a battle with Avancini for quite a lot of the race. – Don I got to say to you, how come Nino Schurter is in fifth place. Had he done too much
training the night before? – [Jack] He doesn’t’
really like pushing himself for the short track. – Okay, let’s move on the
subject a little bit later. – Well, Nino, I actually
asked him this question about short track, how
it’s changed things. When we had a lovely lunch at his house. – Yeah=It was (mumbles) training sessions. And he says if the win is
there, he’ll go for it, but he’s not going to
really work too hard, if there is. – [Jack] Like at some points, yeah. – Yeah, he wants to,
it’s really important. It’s a world cup win. There’s half points. So it’s a pretty
substantial amount of points for that race, but it’s not worth
himself, emptying himself to try to beat somebody like
Van Der Poel or Avancini, who do really well at short track just to try and win. If the win is there, he’ll go for it, were his exact words. – Is there any different bike sets ups, for the different events. – They have to ride the same bike. – Yeah. – So they’ll pick which
ever one they want. And there’s a bit of a mix. We still see more hard
tails in the women’s race than in the men’s. – Yeah. – But whatever you ride Friday on, you got to ride Sunday on and Van Der Poel actually
rode his Canyon Locks both times, so short travel, 100 mil travel bike. And I think, I think almost
all the men were riding full suspension bikes. – So the cross country then. That was quite an exciting
conclusion, wasn’t it? – Yeah, so I’ve said. – And women’s especially, it’s like. – Yeah a hot race and it looked like Jolanda
Neff with a lap left had it wrapped up. She had a 30 second lead on on Yana Belomoina at that point, but then Pauline Ferrand
Prevot made a big effort, come back and caught
her up on the last lap and out sprinted her basically. It came down, you know, Ferrand Pervot was leading
into that sort of last corner, but she out sprinted Jolanda Neff. So great win for her. – Yeah. Don, personal question for you. I seem to see you riding a
lot of cross country bikes in the last year. Are you leaning more towards that sport? – No, the last few years actually. – Right, okay. Am I imagining it or is it actually true? – I really enjoy it. I’ve definitely become
a big fan of the racing. So I actually really
appreciate the racing now. – It is exciting, isn’t it? – Yeah and for me I like
raggin’ a little bike around. So I may have put for a (mumbling) sort up trailed it out a bit, I’ve put wider bars on, shorter stem, bigger fork. So it’s moved a bit more to
the extreme ends of things. But, it’s a great bike to
really work hard down hill and you can fly up hills on them now. It’s such a light, capable
bike that Canyon Lux. – Must have been quite
an insight for you when, I don’t know if you’ve talked about this on the podcast before, but going to see Nino Schurter
doing training with him, have we discussed this? – I did briefly with Sy. We did the Tour de France one. But yeah, the video’s
just come out yesterday. – Yeah it’s definitely
worth a watch, that is. – Yeah have a look. There’s been a few questions actually we should have answered
in the video, to be fair, we didn’t. A lot of people are saying that Nino’s only doing half squats and they’re taking a mick out of him. Basically he said to us,
he only does half squats. So doesn’t go all the way down – Yeah – below parallel, because you don’t do that on a bike, you don’t bend your knee that much. And you’ll also see that, in the video, he sort of does a squat and on the way back up, he pushes, he tries to do it as fast as possible. – So what weight is he
pushing on the squat then. – He was doing
– 130 – 130 kilos, but that was after our circuit session. And then he does five reps – [Jack] Five reps, no, yeah
five reps, three sets, I think. – No other way around. three reps, five sets. – Three reps of 130 kilos? – But as soon as you’ve done the squats, you go over and do that big jump onto the box, so really explosive? – Can you squat 130 kilos? – No. (laughing) Well, I’m actually – He’s probably the
same size as you, right? – He is – 65 kilos. – No, he’s lighter than I am. – Right. – He’s completely ripped, as you’d expect. – Right. – But I actually, in my injuries, make it more difficult squat, shall I say, but my ankle doesn’t bend very well. – [Steve] Your leg doesn’t bend. – And my left leg is – Wrist. – No doesn’t really work.
– Back. – That’s the first squats
I’ve done since my leg injury. – So what squats do you push then? – I can’t remember what I
used to do before injuries, but then I was doing it in like 60. – Yeah. – Like nothing. – [Jack] I think you went
up to 70 at one point. – Possibly, but Blake was Blake’s a big guy. – [Jack] Blake did 100. – Doing 100. So Nino’s (mumbles) doing 130. – That’s insane. I mean Blake’s shoulders are like this. – [Jack] Yeah. – Blake can only do 100,
that’s mental isn’t it? For a guy. – [Neil] Bear in mind. – He’s squattin’
– That’s conditioning though. – more than double his body weight. – And then we had lunch, beautiful lunch Nino Schurter house. – What’d you have actually? – Pasta. – Right. – Bit of
– What’s that salad? – Any way. – Dessert? – Yeah, coffee from
his very fancy machine. – Yeah yeah. – Chocolate. – What’s his house like? – Very nice. – Really? Yes. (laughing) – This is in Hooher right? – It is. – Right, okay. You had chocolate as well. 85% or what. – Yeah, it was pretty – [Jack] And he gave him 100% coco – He did. – I didn’t have that, it’s gross. – [Jack] Interesting. – I’ve had it before. – God, Jack lives the life, doesn’t he? – But, – [Jack] Well I work out so. – But going on to the race, the men’s elite race all that was not good enough
for Nino, say the rear. (laughing) – All that GMBN prep Croiny, third place, 53 seconds back. – That’s another thing I was going to ask. That was a legit training session. We were very lucky. That was one of his most important training
sessions of the year in that gap between races. And he was like, Yeah you can come and film it, but this is my session. We can’t talk, we can’t. So we basically tried to copy what he did. – I’d love to have a go at that. Really. I would genuinely like to have a go – It was really hard. – That’s alright. – [Jack] I feel really,
really sorry for those boys, they were. – But, anyway on to the cross country. – Whatever you do, make sure you watch it
don’t just listen to it. – Yeah do it. Watch us suffer. – The race. – There’s a group of three
of them on the last laps. Nino, Mathias Flueckige,
and Mathieu Van Der Poel and they all sort of exploded. Nino did go to the front and looked like he tried to
put a bit of an attack in. But, it just wasn’t to be. The other guys swamped him straight away. Van Der Poel just bombing
off the front of the pack, as he done in the short track. The speed he went up that
climb was breath taking. (mumbles) did the same thing after an hour and bit of racing in the cross country. But actually Mathias Flueckige I thought was real impressive. – [Jack] Yeah he dropped Schurter. – Yeah he dropped Schurter and really it’s those guys are looking like they’re in it for
the over all this year. – How old is Van Der Poel? – He is young. – [Jack] 21 or two. – Whoa, croiky. – [Jack] He might even be, he might be a couple of years older. – Yeah, I’m not able to
find that very quickly. He is super young. Obviously, a bit of a phenom. As Rob saying on the live feed, his Granddad came second at Tour, his Dad won stages at the Tour. – Really, wow. – Family of, you know,
very special cyclist. – Yeah. – Who we expect to see go to Road after he’s probably won the Olympics. (laughing) – Next year. So yeah, in the overall. Let’s start with the ladies. Jolanda Neff is (mumbles)
win in the over all from Kate Courtney, who, like we said, didn’t
have a great weekend. She was tenth in the short track, seventeenth in the X-C-O. – [Steve] How many points
away is she, in second place? – Not a lot, 18, 35, 33. So Jolanda Neff is just
squeaked out a lead and Terpstra in third place, pulling Ferrand Prevot up to fourth and Tauber fifth. So things get tight, to be fair. Third, fourth. And in the men’s, Nino is still leading from Van Der Poel even though he’s missed one race so far and we know he’s missing
the last round at Snowshoe. I presume he’s racing
Lenzerheide this weekend. – Surely, Lenzerheide got Nino
Schurter’s name all over it. – Right, well it’s like
20 minutes down the road. – [Jack] What’s his reason
for missing Snowshoe? Do we know? – I think probably just the
case, he can’t race that much and recover. So that was his reason for
missing (mumbles) I believe. This weekend was the second time this year that Van Der Poel’s gone
one one for short track and for X-C-O. So when he’s on it, he is on it and the way he drops the guys. – Exciting stuff, isn’t it? – Yeah so like we said, on
to Lenzerheide next weekend. Looking forward to that. Where are you going, Steve, this week? – Croiky, I’m actually
not too far down the road. Me and Chris are doing a
three day e mountain bike race around Mont Blanc. 360 kilometers. Apparently there’s 280
kilometers of single track. – Right. – So, it’s a pro only, invite only race. So I’m actually quite interested – [Neil] And you got an invite? (laughing) – [Jack] A Lot Climbing. – Don, it’s a fair comment. Yeah I got an invite. ‘Cause I’m not sure e bikes
and racing goes hand in hand, but in terms of adventure Mount Blanc, that is unmissable, right? It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. – [Jack] Probably show a lot
of them up with the climbing. Some of the stuff I’ve seen you climb up is pretty impressive. – You’ve seen the old Matt
Hunter Tour de Mount Blanc video. – [Steve] I haven’t seen that actually. – Check it out, it’s good. – Alright, I’ll do that. – Yeah there’s another one on (mumbling) – But yeah, pretty full on trip. What about you Don, what are you up to? Goin’ Whistler (mumbling). – This podcast is slightly short, because, well we’re all busy. But, yeah, I’m packing bikes in a minute to go to Whistler tomorrow. – Whoa, oh tomorrow. – Tomorrow. And for plenty of cool
stuff, taking a Daniel bike. First time I’ve ridden a
Daniel bike in five years. – What are you taking? – Brand new, new proof dissent. And also there is the
Endurable Series from Whistler – [Jack] And – next weekend, so we’ll be off the podcast
– I’m off to – Jack is also off to – Jack off his head – [Jack] It doesn’t matter that I’m off. – It does Jack? – [Jack] I’m going with
Chris Opie from GCN – He’s going high (mumbling) too. – [Jack] To go film in racing. – Mountain bikes. – [Jack] Yeah mountain bikes. – Did I hear you say, do you talk about some
altitude numbers earlier on? – [Jack] Yeah so it’s
14,000 feet of climbing. – Above 10,000 feet. – [Jack] Above 9,000 feet. (laughing) – [Jack] All above 9,000 – That for 100. That is a race, that actually
Lance Armstrong has done in the past. – [Jack] He won, twice. – Hopefully, we’ll see him. – [Jack] He came second once and won. – Make sure you hackle
him, if you see him. – I’ll tell you what
I don’t think – [Jack] he’ll be there. – In terms of physicality
I think Jack has got the, has been dealt a card this week. That’s going to be brutal Jack. – [Jack] Well I’m driving, I’m not riding. (laughing) – [Jack] I’m not doing
that, there’s no way, I’d die. – That’s it. – That’s it, wrap up the podcast. – You better pack your bag. – Pack our bags. You can listen to us on YouTube. Watch on YouTube. Spotify, Apple iTunes, Deezer, Audio Boom, all those places, get on it. There’s now 16, 15, I’ve
said it at the start, I’ve forgotten already. – 15.
– 15. – See ya later.

36 thoughts on “The GMBN Podcast Ep. 15 | Val Di Sole World Cup Downhill & Cross Country

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    3:00 The downhill track
    4:35 Bike set up
    6:30 Laurie Greenland
    8:00 Weather for qualies
    10:10 Amaury Pierron
    11:10 Are punctures rider error?
    12:00 Minnaar's crash
    13:15 What wins Val Di Sole?
    16:00 Upcoming rounds
    17:35 Cross Country
    19:40 Bike choice
    20:45 Neil on Cross Country?
    21:30 Training with Nino Schurter
    26:00 XC results

  2. 130kg isnt really a heavy squat weight, I guess maybe for a guy his size, but it's a pretty average to low end three rep weight.

  3. It's frustrating to see how dismissive Steve is with XC. We get it, he likes DH … Also Don … you must have gotten confused there, it was Pauline who had a 50 sec. lead on Jolanda two laps from the end and Jolanda came back for the sprint … how can you guys not absolutely love that racing!

  4. Really enjoy the podcast but have a hard time with Steve just bringing up random things and changing the topic all over, kills the flow

  5. No comment on Jenny Rissveds – 3rd in XCO – the return of the Olympic champion? – you guys like talking Rubbish which might be fun for you but put some structure in it and make sure you cover the really interesting stories. Stop trying to one up each other on knowledge, or who you know and stories that have no relevance when you are talking about Val Di Sol – so talk about Val Di Sol.

  6. This episode felt abit all over the place and rushed. Didn't really discuss womens downhill results (e.g. Camille Balanche's first top three in her young DH career, Veronika Widmann's 4th with a crash) but also other topis felt similarly. Did you do the podcast short time before lunch break? 😛

  7. Finding these podcasts increasingly disappointing. 30 minutes to discuss dh and xc and a bunch of random titbits? It's not enough time – which means that it's coming off rushed. Steve chuckling as everyone tries to talk at once is a particular low. I think either be more specific, or allow more time will help, but also try and remember it's not a competition of who talks the most.

    Listen to the podcast, so any fun gesticulation that's happening is lost on me.

  8. You are definitely biased towards the DH side 🙁 Did you actually watch the XC? Talking about Neff having it all wrapped up, she was 40 seconds behind for most of the race! Van Der Poel has won 4 short track races this year not 2. Sorry guys but seems a poorly researched podcast.

  9. Hi guys. Constructive feed back: I usually love your podcast and for this one I was looking forward to what you had to say about the incredible battle between Pauline FP and Jolanda Neff, and how Jolanda caught up to Pauline after being over 40 seconds behind for 2 laps, but then Pauline being able to win at the very last sprint… it was epic… specially for what it means to Pauline and her confidence at this point in her carrier. But Neil starts mentioning that Jolanda had the lead, I thought for sure he just mixed up the names, but then as he keeps talking it really seems like he didn't really watched the race at all, only the results… Come on guys! you are great! but I think XC races, and women's races (even DH) often times get neglected on you show.
    That being said, I do love you channel and as a newly mountain biker I've watched all your tips in hopes to become a better rider 🙂

  10. I realise Steve Jones is an MTB legend but he has sold his soul to the advertising revenue provided to this channel's parent company by bike companies who build motorbikes and is now dull rambling and shouty. Please keep him off of this podcast

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