The Ghost Pepper Challenge

The Ghost Pepper Challenge

– I’m gonna eat a Ghost Pepper.
– And I can’t wait. ♪ (Theme music)♪ – Good mythical morning.
– You may remember from a couple of weeks ago, a few weeks now,
we did The Spicy Food Challenge which we went up the scoville scale,
we ascended the scoville scale of heat -and because many of you pointed out that
I should now eat a Ghost pepper Because, the scoville
scale goes a lot higher. In fact, this my friends The Ghost Pepper
of India is one million scoville units. – There are health
warnings on the packaging – Just eat the pepper dude!
Everybody’s like “Please eat the pepper!” – I’m going to regret this.
– Now just chew it up tell me how does it taste? tell me what your
thinking. Did you swallow? – I’m trying to.
– Is it already hot? Give us something. Oh I can smell it. Oh gosh.
– It’s like I’ve bitten the toe of satin. (Laughs) – Man your breath is like, putrid.
– (More laughter) – Was that a hiccup or?
– (More laughter) – (Hiccup) Ohh – Oh goodness. (hiccup) I–
(Laughter) Oh nasty. – Don’t drink that yet go–
go a little while without drinking the milk. You don’t need the milk
– (Stevie) Don’t try to stop from making yourself do it.
– (hiccup) – What?
– (Moan) – Wh– what’s happening? Tell us.
– I can’t talk. (Laughs) – W–where you going?
– I got to drink this. – What does it feel like?
Tell us what it feels like. – I can’t talk!
– ( Laughter) – What does it– what does it taste like?
– It feels like a mistake. (Video sped up) – It is so hot. I feel like
I need to do something. – (Moans) – (Laughs)
– What are you doing? – (More laugher)
– Your destroying our– don’t– punch don’t punch man!
– (Moans) – ( Laugh harder)
– What are you?– How is that helping?
– It helped a little bit. I’m gonna do it again.
– Don’t– don’t punch stuff man. I don’t wanna have to–
Don’t punch anything! – (Laughs)
– Your eye balls are like, huge. – It’s so hot in my throat. It’s so hot.
It feels like I– have done something illegal.
– My throat is so, irritated that I’m just hoping it doesn’t seal up.
How close are we to a hospital? – Maybe we should’ve looked into that.
– Oh look at this we got some ice cream. – Ok.
– Wha– what’s wrong? – (Laughs)
– (More laughter) You didn’t bring two spoons?
– (Laughs) – You scared me a little bit there.
– Oh this is better, yeah. I got my milk, I got my ice cream.
– And you got this pink stuff. (Video sped up) – Ice cream helps a little bit.
Y’all wanna go walk around with some ice cream? I feel like I need to get–
I need to get some fresh air. (Video sped up) I’m gonna take this pepper I have
consumed, and I’m going to ingest its power. ( Video sped up) Mind over matter. Like those guys
in India, that like, sticks things into their mouths. I’ve conquered it.
I don’t need more ice cream. What do you wanna do next?
– I heard it gets worse. You should just take a walk. Leave this
stuff here– – Okay.
– Do some calisthenics or something.
– I’ll do whatever you want to do. I mean wanna go to the mall,
wanna go see a movie? So Rhett’s going outside,
he thinks he’s conquered this thing. I predict that it’s gonna re-surge. (voices sped up) And I reached into my brain, and I touched
the part of my brain matter that I don’t use, and I applied it to not hurting.
To making the pepper submit to me. And now the pepper–
Listen to that part of my brain It has completely submitted
to me and I feel like I’ve– I feel like I’ve eaten, y’know, a steak. Whaddya wanna do now? I mean, I can’t– I can’t
tell if you’re in pain, but I think you’re faking it. – To make yourself look manly.
– In fact, listen Link, you can be my first people – (Link) Oh, I see how this is.
– Why don’t you eat one too? And then I’ll teach you my ways. (Rhett) And then you,
you won’t hurt at all either. (laughs) No. This is really, there’s
an opportunity here. And– I can’t– I can’t believe
that this is happening. – I never thought that I
was actually gonna do this. – Now, you hiccuped
when you ate a jalapeño. – Dang it man. Dang it! Dang it!
– This is gonna be so great! This is gonna be so great. I’m eatin’ like three quarters
of this and that’s all. Sure. What’s the
worst that could happen? (Chuckles) It’s unbearable for a little bit.
Just let it– Just let it happen– Where’s the ice cream? I hid it under the desk
so you couldn’t find it. Get it out!
(crew member chuckles) (burp) Excuse me. – (hiccups)
– (Rhett laughs) Our friendship– (hiccup) – There’s something–
– (hiccup) – (Rhett laughs)
– Our friendship is over, man. – (hiccup)
– (Rhett laughs) – Whoa! Whoa!
That is amazing! (Link chokes)
He’s like starring into no where. Burns so bad! The ice cream will help
a little bit. It will help you– – I don’t need the ice cream, man!
– Okay, alright. Take some ice cream, man.
Listen, nobody’s gonna think less of you. It’s all– It’s part of the system. It helps a lot.
(moans in relief) – Every orifice is sweating.
– (crew members laugh) Oohhh! It’s down here! Oh! Oh! I feel like I’m
havin’ a baby! (Rhett laughs) Oh! Oh, it’s back here.
– (Rhett chuckles) I’m just starring at that receptacle, man. It’s the only thing
that’s keepin’ me here. Talk about cold stuff.
– Ice! – It’s like somebody has
ice inside your mouth. – The ice.
– It’s like, you’re in Antarctica on a mission. And you’ve gotta
eat all of the snow cap. – Oh, oh guys.
– It’s like you’re personally responsible- If I make it through this,
I’m gonna love all of you so much. It’s like going through a war.
Except for you, I freakin hate you. It’s not– It’s not my fault man! I think your plan all along
was to turn– turn it– turn it– turn it on me.
(Rhett chuckles) You have to stop moving,
and it’s a wave of pain– will come over to you,
and you have to just (airy noises) Just take it in, and just–
It’s like you’re being shot with a laser beam
that’s giving you energy. Just take it. (whistle)
And then in like two and a half minutes
after doing that, you will feel like a new man.
And you’ll want another one. Just go to a quiet place. – You better now?
– I killed it. You make it submit? – Well, you didn’t finish it.
– I killed it. – There’s some more right there.
– I left that for you man. – I do feel better.
– See? You did it. And you know what?
I’m glad I did it. – And–
– It makes you feel alive! I don’t feel good down here.
But I feel good right here. – Yeah,
– And I want to thank you for that, Rhett. – That’s right, it’s like
an experience man. It’s like skydiving.
– If it wasn’t– If it wasn’t– If it wasn’t
for you taunting me… I wouldn’t be having diarrhea
for the next 48 hours. You didn’t feel like punching anything? No, because, I’m that much of a man. That I can harness all
of my anger into joy. – I went through like
the five stages of grief. – (Link chuckles)
You know, during my experience. – Denial, punching walls,
– Oh, man. Mind over matter, acceptance, manhood. You know what time it is. – My name’s Rand.
– And I’m Chase. And we’re from (inaudible) Ohio. Let’s spin the wheel of mythicality! So, I can’t say– I can’t say that I
recommended that you do that at home, but if you’ve got something
to prove, I mean, It’s an option. Oh, that was horrible. – Rhett and Link suddenly hate air!
– (crew members laugh) I’ve been hatin’ air this whole time, man. If I could go– If I–
I can’t even– I can’t even end this episode. I’m just
so– like mentally all I– How do we get away from this stuff?!
How do we get away from it?! I hate it! It’s covering me!
(blowing noises) Get it away!
(blowing noises) It’s not the air man, it’s your breath! It smells like hell! [Captioned by Lana, Peyton, and
Sammy: GMM Captioning Team]

100 thoughts on “The Ghost Pepper Challenge

  1. I am going to take this this pepper that I have consumed, and I am going to ingest it’s power-3:33

  2. Link: just eat the pepper!!
    Me: I don’t see you being a man and doing it with Rhett right away sooo shhuutttttt upppppppppppp

  3. Tried a dry one and it was AWFUL IT was like somebody took a hot plate and stuck my tongue on it. I drowned a gallon of milk

  4. When are you guys going to try the Carolina reaper? It’s the hottest pepper in the entire world (I think)

  5. I would like to see an Indian, a Japanese, American, and Mexican person eat the ghost pepper at the same time. I want to find patterns…

  6. I never ate the ghost pepper but I once had a piece of candy that had ghost pepper in it and it felt like a live coal from Satan's grill was in my stomach. I only had bottled water in the car and I drank nearly 24 bottles of water in a fifteen minute car ride. Needless to say, never did that again, also spent the rest of the afternoon peeing.

  7. That was so funny when you did that dance if you agree with me click the thumbs up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😄😄😄😄😄😄😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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