The DUMBEST Products You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

100 thoughts on “The DUMBEST Products You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

  1. Hey the front picture of that video is a dear friend of mine his name is David Keene and for you to use him as a clickbait that is just extremely uncomfortable for me to he has disabilities and for you to use him as a click bait for your own Amusement is harsh and I used to watch your videos until I came across this and saw it as the main picture of your video im letting him know and his family know that you are making money off of his face. Please for your own ignorance delete the photo for your clickbait I don't care if it's 8 months old or not I cannot believe I came across this. He is an amazing cosplayer and for you to use him as your bait is extremely unbearably not cool.

  2. You’re using one of my friends as clickbait in the picture for your video here. You don’t have permission to do that man. Can you please use something else?

  3. Why are you using an image of somebody that has Aspergers Syndrome on your thumbnail? You should be disgusted of yourself. Shame on you dude.

  4. That's actually my good friend in the image for this video and he's kinda pissed off that you used his image without asking him

  5. The image in the thumbnail was not something you had permission to use. He is a cosplayer and that is part of a costume. Please change your thumbnail or we will pursue getting it taken down.

  6. Shame on you for using the man in your clickbaiting image! He is a wonderful person who spends his time volunteering to help children, and all you can do is create hateful and mean videos to mock someone who has done nothing harmful to someone? I am very proud to have worked with him and see all the joy he has helped bring to children in need. You should be ashamed of yourself. Take down this video and stop bullying random folks for “the lulz”.

  7. Hey, Matthew – making fun of my cosplaying friend David, out of context as the clickbait image on this video, isn't winning any friends in the charity communities he works in. Would you consider changing it? Thought I'd give a heads-up before angrier people than I carry through with their evil revenge schemes. Your FB page shows you are pleased when "David", the little guy, wins a battle like "Canada banning whale, dolphin and porpoise captivity" – How about you help this David out, too?

  8. Why did you use a photo of David Keenan for the title image of this video? David is a well-known and well-liked cosplayer who has absolutely nothing to do with this video. So it just looks like you're callously and cluelessly making fun of this man who has Asbergers Syndrome. That makes you a total dick.

  9. Dude, you're using my friend for clickbait. Using people with disabilities in such a trashy way is low class.

  10. You’re using one of my friends as clickbait in the picture for your video. You don’t have permission to do that. Perhaps if you asked to use his photo prior it would've been different. Also, credit where it's due. He put a lot of time and effort to make that costume. Please consider using another thumbnail image.

  11. So I'm concerned that this video is using a gent with Asperger syndrome's picture for his clickbait without consent. It definitely let him and his family/friends down. He's a fairly well known cosplayer who participates in a lot of charities including those in which help children in need.

    Putting his picture without consent is not only disrespectful but just wrong to do to someone that actively participates in helping his community and puts great care into his cosplay.

  12. Also im unsubscribing
    anyone who is subscribed and is a cosplayer or has Autism should do the same he obviously doesnt care about people.

  13. It's not child labor if you baby doesn't even know he's working/cleaning. But the laws may say otherwise

  14. Please remove the picture of David Keene you used in the thumbnail. Aside from you not having the right to use it it has absolutely zero to do with your video. You are a great content creator you don’t need to rip off other people’s work.

  15. While I appreciate the production of this video and I agree with the stupidity of the products, there are at least a dozen other channels that have done the same theme with the exact same products. And I'm sure there's a lot more that I haven't seen.

  16. The Euro Club … look like you try to winkering yourself live from the golf course……lol The Potty Putter.America wait wait this could work to get a good game of Potty Putter lets have Tiger Woods do a number 2 around the same time i do a number 2 lets see who get a perfect putt……lol

  17. Hey Matthew. Thank you for the interesting video. though I personally can't imagine why anyone would want any of these things. The entertainment-type items, I don't see how you would need them if you have a smartphone and the other items just seem to be solutions for problems that don't require such a radical solution.

  18. If the marraige blanket absorbed the mate's unwanted noxious fumes,then wouldn't the blanket stink too? lol

  19. Funny , the privacy scarf would have been useful to me and my cousins 20yrs back…
    When we used to play halflife2 , we had the computers in the basement positioned in a way to face the wall. But we would always have someone peak to see where the other was hiding for an ambush snipe…
    We used drapes over our heads and CRT monitors to hide the screens 🙂

  20. Baaby mop mop mop baaby mop mop mop baby mop lmao. Everyone is welcome because me as a parent know how much the rest of the parents love that baby shark song lmao geesh

  21. The toilet putt golf is the only product I've actually seen around, my Uncle was lucky enough to get his very own set one Christmas

  22. Number 2 makes you look like you have a house arrest bracelet on, yeah be self conscious about having a metal detector but not about looking like a criminal….makes sense lol

  23. I'm asking you again to use a different image for your thumbnail. As a professional Content Creator you should know to ask permission. Having a big red arrow pointing at me, and the title "Dumbest Products" can't be mistaken. I would appreciate your acknowledgement of this and that you are changing it.

  24. I remember seeing the potty putt, and thinking it was a joke, didn't realise it really was!! I just shared this with my niece, told her I might buy another present for her baby Rose, who'll be crawling soon 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  25. The bar bubble sounds like the cone of silence they used on the show 'Get Smart', that didn't work either.

  26. I been married 10 years .an obviously my wife an I have done everything together 😉 ..but pooping is one thing I couldn't ever do with her in the room lol

  27. The picture you showed when you said “bar bubble” looked like one of Lush’s bubble bars and I was like.. um, those are amazing sir.

  28. That baby mop is genius, on top of the benefits you mention, Introducing your baby to all the bacteria helps build and strengthen their immunity. just don't let them roll around in a crack/ hore house.

  29. Who needs a potty putter when we have top 10 videos am I right? Lol just playin Matt I watch you even when I’m not feeding the septic tank! Hahaha

  30. Condiments for pets actually seems like a good idea. Sometimes pets do actually get tired of eating the same food over and over again and adding something flavoral can do the trick to make them eat.

  31. Pet condiments seem amazing. Our dog has always been a fussy eater. Nothing wrong with the food, 'cause if we don't pay attention, the cats or other dogs steal her food. Link to where I can buy it, please.

  32. The thumbnail is actually one of my old profile pics off of Facebook — unfortunately it isn't protected officially, but using it like this, and if you cared to read the rest of the timeline and posts, you would have seen that I am on the Autism Spectrum, and Cosplay is my Social Outlet. Use another image, or at least acknowledge me and have a better context to go with the image.

  33. Well I might buy the condiments but I didn’t see the sleep cave on this list and I considered buying that. It wasn’t called sleep cave but it was round,padded, and had holes to put your head and hands into so you could take a nap at a desk or table.i sometimes have trouble sleeping laying down at I sleep at the table so I thought about getting one for those times but I just stuck to my pillow.

  34. Omg how many friends does this David Keenan have?! You guys need to calm down. If he is so upset about his photo being used then tell me why isn't he fighting his own battles?

  35. If you don't want people to know you treasure hunt, then leave your metal detector at home and trade it in for making people think you are on parole!

  36. I love how he made that little animation with him in it! Love it! Plus this dude is great 👌 so funny I love his sense of humor 😂

  37. Some people sell anything like poop. Poop things were all over stores. Who in their right mind d would use their hard earned money for poop. Crazy. But true.

  38. to be honest yes id use the privacy scarff in the summer there are flys attacking me when im watching you on youtube and other shows like net flix so ya it would be nice any ways

  39. Well the twodalloo could be useful if two people have a stomach bug , food poisoning , etc. at the same time and have only one bathroom 😂😂

  40. Yes, I know. I probably will be getting a lot of backlash for this, but I don’t really care.

    I scrolled through the comments and everyone was complaining about the and the particular individual who he used as the thumbnail. I do not think Matthew realized his mistake, nor I don’t think his intentions were to be rude or disrespectful in any way. YouTubers typically use photos of well-known people to make others more inclined to click on their video. He does not deserve to be reported and or sued because of his honest mistake. After all, he is human, just like us: he is not perfect. He did not realize what he did. Why is everyone treating him in this matter? Please just be respectful of the fact that he made an honest mistake and did not notice.

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