The Dry Mouth Challenge

The Dry Mouth Challenge

(rooster crowing) (roaring) – Welcome to Good Mythical More. – It’s gonna land on gifticality. – Yeah. (whooping) – We’re donating $1000 to
the Animal Welfare Institute to aid in their mission
to improve the treatment of animals everywhere. Please join us in giving at – Thank you for being your mythical best and welcome to the first
annual dry mouth challenge. Our two contestants today are none other than a guy whose beard seems to be getting totally outta control and another dude who is me. – Hey guys. So the object of the dry mouth challenge is to get through all these dry foods without having a sip of water while blowing a hair dryer
into your mouth, okay? – First person to have
to drink water loses. Speaking of losers, you’ve lost, so, we’ve gotta punish
you before we can do this. So just for the next few seconds, we’re gonna play the most
annoying sounds on earth and you’re gonna have to listen to ’em. – So go ahead and pause the video and go put headphones on if
you don’t already have them on. – You don’t wanna annoy anybody
around you, just yourself. – Okay, now you’re back
now turn the volume up. I mean, you can ease the
volume up a little bit. I don’t want you to hurt your ears. – All right. – These are all the most
annoying sounds in the world all together at the same time, three, two, one. (cacophonous noise) – Why are we listening to it? (cacophonous noise) – Wow. Was that a truck backing up or someone in. – I think it was a baby drivin’
a trash truck in reverse. – That would be so, it would
be so annoying to see that. – What else was in there? – [Stevie] Dental drill, car alarm, I’m just literally looking at Chase and then repeating everything
that he says right now. – That’s easy.
– I almost drank the water.
– But you, I think your narrative was best.
– I can’t drink that yet. – Okay so.
– I’ll drink this other water. – Now, you’ve got to be
spraying or blowing air into your mouth the entire time and you have to get through
these different items without taking a sip of water. Let’s go through what the items are. – And we, and it’s not a race, so we’ll say, okay, first item, then we’ll do it and then
we can say the second item and we can do it then we check in to see how we’re doin’.
– Okay. – But first we need to get our mouths entirely dry from the start. (air rushing) My tongue is getting really dry. (air rushing) Okay. Get the teeth. Get the teeth, put the teeth together. Put the teeth together. Now, the real test to
know if your mouth is dry, I see that there’s still water down there. – It’s dry, dude. I can’t feel any.
– I see spit. Spit’s comin’ outta your mouth. Are you slobberin’ on yourself? – It’s pushin’ it all around. – Your lips, they gotta
stick to your teeth. You’re slobberin’. – Turn off. You gotta get your tongue dry. Once you put your teeth together, your tongue starts getting wet again. The teeth don’t matter. Get your tongue really dry and then. – My tongue is dry, I’m
not touchin’ anything. – And then start eatin’. Let’s not take forever on this step. (air rushing) – All right, now let’s eat the cracker. – Cracker, and I got
this and it’s on high. (air rushing) – Keep your mouth open. Don’t, don’t close your lips. You can’t close your lips ever. (air rushing) – What happened? – I chewed longer than you. – Okay. Tortilla chip. – This is kinda, tortilla chip? – Tortilla chip. (air rushing) – This is hard. – Pita bread! – Pita bread! (air rushing) – Oh, okay. – My lips are gettin’ really dry. – This is a lot. (air rushing) – You’re blowin’ pita bread on me. – Sorry. (air rushing) – I can’t, I can’t eat any
more of this pita bread. – You giving up so soon? – I feel like it’s the French onion in my stomach, it’s
really makin’ me bloated. – We’re only three items in, man. Yeah. (air rushing) Now I’m just gonna wait on Link. – You keep your mouth open. (air rushing) Ah, oh, I had a hard time. – Nilla wafer. – Why are you still havin’ a good time? Oh, god. – There’s still a lotta stuff in my mouth. There’s still a lotta
moisture in my mouth. (air rushing) You got through that one quick. – That tasted good. I think half of it blew on the floor. – Three pretzels. – Three pretzels. (air rushing) Lemme ask you, do you, do you still have, I’m gleeking into my mouth and
there’s still some moisture. – Your body wants to make moisture. – Yeah. – Your body can’t help but be moisturized. – Here’s a bunch of peanuts. – A plate of peanuts. – Hey, you can say peanut,
you have to say henuts. – A plate of henuts.
– Henuts. (air rushing) – It’s peanut butter. – Very dry. (air rushing) – Oh. (grunting) I can’t swallow anything else. The French onion soup.
– Oh, so you’re bowing out? You’re bowing out? Are you bowing out? – I’m in pain.
– Good. – You gotta beat me. You gotta do at least one more. – Oh, I’m goin’ to the end. Cornbread. (air rushing) – Crazy. You’re crazy, man. You crazy. Look at you, you’re crazy. You’re crazy. (air rushing) – This is kinda dry. – Yeah. (grunting) (air rushing) – And a spoonful, oh gosh, well. – You can have mine. A spoonful of.
– A spoonful of salt. No, no, don’t. You can’t blow it when
I’m puttin’ it in my mouth ’cause it’ll blow away. – Okay.
– I want it to go in my mouth. (air rushing) (grunting) – You win, man, you win. You win. (grunting) It’s like a desert in there. – I’m ready to be an astronaut. – Ladies and gentlemen,
the first annual winner of the dry mouth challenge,
Rhett McLaughlin. (applause) – I wanna thank my sponsors. I wanna thank my sponsors,
Nilla wafers, Nabisco, Mortons, Planters. – We don’t have any sponsors do we? – Tostitos. – Ain’t nobody gettin’ on
board with this stupid idea. – Saltines. – I think I cut that, you
know that little fleshy part behind your two front teeth? I cut that with some peanuts. – Yeah. – That’s what, that’s what sent me out. Dink and sink it but don’t miss it. We’re havin’ a close out sale on our double sided
dink it and sink it mug, now at

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  1. My brain’s empathy neurons went into overdrive watching this, causing me to drool all over myself.

    Neuroscience is weird.

  2. One of the biggest things that pulled me in to watch you guys was the wheel, specifically the donations. You're amazing and I'd be interested to know how much GMM has donated over the years.

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  4. There was an alarm clock in there and it gave me anxiety lol I'm always worried about my whole life being a dream and one day waking up and dieing on my hospital bed right after waking up

  5. You guys are the best YouTubers I have ever seen and I have been watching you guys do crazy stuff and I hope you guys never end good mythical morning

  6. So glad you all donated to AWI. That's a wonderful organization and cause, and I hope you all continue that trend.

  7. “ You know that fleshy part behind your two front teeth?” (Rhett nods) “I cut that with some peanuts”
    Rhett: ( creepily: yeah) 🤣😂🤣😂

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