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  1. I wait patiently every Wednesday for a new Dr. Phil “Analysis or Murder” episode. I love Dr. Phil! I listen every morning on my way to class lol

  2. As a crime writer, I've noticed a lot of podcasters and Youtubers covering the Chris Watts story, but it's Dr. Phil that can do the best job of explaining it.

  3. First when this story came out I thought Shannon was the one who killed her children and made that monster snap and killed her.

    Later when I learnt that it was actually him, for some reason I still blamed the wife because 'Internet investigators, and mental-behavioral analysts' made me think that Shannon was a control freak and pushed him to do it.

    But, it still didn't make sense to me, so I made my research, read in depth, listened to the trial and realized that this monster is truly a monster!
    I hate myself for justifying what he did somehow(in the first place). I'm a terrible person! Forgive me y'all. RIP to these beautiful souls, I'm sorry y'all. ❤️

  4. Life insurance scam and NK was involved with Freemasons……he was hopped up on list and likely speed of some kind imho

  5. I enjoy your work Dr. Phil, but I do not want to listen to this, this story is beyond sickening. Having to drive past the Watts home every day to get to/from work is a reminder enough.

  6. Yes, this case will stay with me as long as I live… Horrific. Love and light over Shanann and her children’s memories. They will never be forgotten‼️ And may G_d give comfort, peace and strength to Shananns wonderful family 🙏❤️🌺 May heart and thoughts is with them ❤️ Thank you so much for the information on your Podcast…. Will follow and listen to it 🙏 Greetings to you and your family from Norway 🇳🇴❤️🌺

  7. Oh Dr Phil, may Shannan, Bella, Cece and baby Nico Rest in Eternal Peace.
    With love. 💜💜💜
    My thoughts are with Shannan's family and friends. 💗🕊⚘

  8. There seems to be a some misinformation in this podcast. Right at the beginning it says that when they met Chris was already working in the oil industry.. not true. He didn't get that job until after they moved out to Colorado. There were other errors I noticed as well.

  9. Dr. Phil is so loving and wise!😊 We need more caring Americans like Dr. Phil!❤

  10. Yes I'm a Dr Phil viewer and I have watched court trial of Chris Watts and many interviews , I keep getting this nagging feeling that night Shannan said or did something to him , which really hurt his ego !!
    He was ok with himself dating another woman , I have no compassion for him and how any father could do what he did to his children , is pure evil but what is more disgusting he had his opportunity at trial to speak , insists on waiting until his in cold cell and he is no longer centre of attention " Chris Watts " interview tell all .. SERIOUSLY .. Poor Mother & Father family mourning the loss of their daughter and grandchildren in the most brutal way , why aren't they given and shown respect they deserve , by letting them mourn and Chris watts is a evil narcist who cares for NOBODY apart from himself

  11. Dr. Phil, in the footage of Chris loading his truck, at one point it looked like there was a shadow on the driver side. It looked like one of the girls was going to him and he bent down, picked her up and put her in the truck. Not sure if it was the real footage or doctored.

  12. I'm so horrified that we know WHY he put them in the oil barrels. He wanted to make sure they didn't wake up again. He'd smothered them in the house, but they woke up again.

  13. First of all, I have a smart phone. Second, I ll figure it out. I was one of thousands who researched this case day and night. I think because you are there. You are with police by their camera s . phone vidio footage. Media footage. Interrogation room footage. The look you in the eye with a smirk knowing dam good and well only hours before he killed his family. Hands on. That's as personal as it gets. I don t believe he does not have an indicator in his past. This was premeditated and it was meant to be a much larger horror but he was intercepted and ran out of time. I hope the Ruzack family got help. All of them. Please continue to keep them in your care Dr. Phil . I know you realize rage and pain is toxic but this was massive. To be told by this Hybred Demon what little Bella went through especially is something my mind has no forgivness or acceptance for. Then , to hear after everything involved, the Ruzack family were given death threats, identify thieft. I wish they were rescued and sent to an island of safety, peace, beauty and healing. God Bless the RUZACK S. The example they displayed, all of them, is that of Saints. I hope this is not upsetting for them or going to start the media, threats, identify thieft or any such harm or upset to them. They trust you.

  14. I already know everything about this story I’d rather listen to a podcast on a different story. Really, what could there be that we don’t know? I just finished reading Cadle’s book.

  15. Why is Dr. Phil clinging on to the last 6 hairs on his head. So he can say he’s not bald? A few tattoos wouldn’t hurt either. Maybe a tattoo of Oprah on the top of his head.

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