The Developer Show 014 (Android Developers Backstage Podcast)

The Developer Show 014 (Android Developers Backstage Podcast)

Hello, and welcome to “The Developer Show.” This is your TLDR. Project Tango is
hosting workshops to help bring indoor
location apps to life. You may remember our visit
to one of these workshops a couple episodes ago. It was really cool. Follow the link to read more
and submit your own idea. To help your business
grow, we are significantly increasing the size limits of
all Google Compute Engine block storage products, including up
to three terabytes of local SSD and 64 terabytes of persistent
disk per virtual machine. Check out the post
for more details. If you enjoy debating the merits
of the spark and data flow programming models, you
get excited at the idea of processing terabytes in
seconds with zero setup, or simply want to learn how
to use the infrastructure that powers Google for
your data processing work, this new blog on
big data is for you. Dart 1.14 is now
available and contains a number of additions
and improvements across our core
libraries and tools, including progress
towards eliminating symbolic links and a new way
to access package assets easily and reliably. The newest Chrome Beta release
includes CSS custom properties, background sync with
service workers, and new ECMAScript
2015 features. Check out the blog
post and the Beta. Over the last
couple weeks, we’ve published a bunch
of new articles on our Web Updates page. Check out all the
great new content, including information
on ECMAScript proxies, controlling font
performance, and more. Invalid activity consists
of any clicks or impressions that may artificially
inflate an advertiser’s costs or a publisher’s earnings. Learn how you can avoid invalid
activity with these quick tips. Intelligence is not the product
of any singular mechanism but comes from the
managed interaction of a diverse variety
of resourceful agents. This and other big ideas came
from the work of Marvin Minsky, a pioneer in
artificial intelligence and winner of Turing
Award in 1969. He recently died
at the age of 88. For more on Minsky’s work,
check out this great article by the “The New York Times.” Women Techmakers is
Google’s global program for women in tech and is hosting
14 summits at Google offices, and 100 meet-ups are expected
with Google Developer groups globally to celebrate
International Women’s Day in March and April. Follow the link and
apply to attend. They’re going to be awesome. That’s your TLDR for this week. Now, you may notice
that I’m in front of a highly refined and
sophisticated podcast studio. We’ve taken down the
Android UI toolkit fan art, but you can still probably guess
this is where Chet Haas and Tor Norbye record their podcast
“Android Developers Backstage.” I talked shop with Chet
and Tor earlier today, and this is how it went. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] -Hello, and welcome to
“Android Developers Backstage,” the podcast. I’m Chet Haase from– -I’m Tor Norbye from the
Android [INAUDIBLE] team. -We’re kind of backstage at
“Android Developers Backstage,” which is pretty neat. This is your clubhouse. -Actually, this is the
backstage and the front stage. We’re engineers. We get one stage. -So let’s talk about “Android
Developers Backstage.” What is it? How’d you come up with the idea? It’s been around for two years. -Yeah. -Are you filling a need
here, or is this your hobby? -Are we– I don’t want to
think about that too deeply. Has my life been
worthwhile, or is it just a pile of meaninglessness? I’m just going to go home
make a warm bath with– -It’s actually fun
for us because it’s a way for us to talk to
people that we work with, but we don’t really
know what they do. And this is the perfect excuse
to ask all the dumb questions that we wouldn’t probably
otherwise admit to not knowing. -Actually. yeah, the
funnest part of the show is that we’re actually
learning about stuff. I think there the reason
it works, at least I’m going to pretend
that it actually works for people, because
the whole point of the show is to teach people or
educate people or help people understand deeper parts of
the platform, the bigger picture of how
Android works, how technology works in general,
APIs, deeper stuff, whatever. And it’s not like we’re
pretending, giving prompting questions so
that those people can talk to the audience. No, they’re talking to us. We don’t know either. So we talk to people
who are domain experts in the thing that they do. And then they tell us about
it, and along the way, they happen to be speaking
into a microphone. We happen to be recording it. And hopefully, other
people are benefiting from the conversation as well. -Who’s the most surprising
guest that came on? And it’s like, I had no idea
that was true about Android. -For me, it was one
of the early episodes. It was on security. And I wasn’t expecting
to be as fun as it was. But that episode with
Adrian Ludwig on security, didn’t he have some background? He’d been working for like the– -NSA or CIA? – –yeah, CIA or something. And he was just
totally– he would talk about things I didn’t
think he would talk about, like what we thought of
virus checkers on Android and things like. So I remember that episode. I was really surprised by how it
was just surprisingly exciting. -So a couple things, I think
the episode in particular that I though that we could
have just gone on for days, and we actually did break
it into two was art. So we had Anwar on to talk
about garbage collectors, which being a graphics person,
I wouldn’t think that I would find inherently
interesting, because there are no pixels involved. But it’s fascinating actually,
the way the runtime works, the way garbage
collection works, the way you can
optimize these things, the way things have
gotten better over time. So we just sort of
went on and on and on, and it was an hour
and a half later. -So what you think is the
coolest thing happening in the development
community right now, not the stuff that we’re making
available via the platform, but the coolest
thing that developers are doing with Android? -Well, so if you’re only
just doing the platform, then I would say
Android Studio, clearly. Because that’s not the
platform, but it’s something that is super exciting. -Yeah, and the
speed improvements are incredible with instant run. -I don’t know, I mean, the
great thing about the platform, it’s such a huge ecosystem
with developers is people do all kinds of crazy stuff. -I think that’s the
thing with Android that’s really cool is that every week
or so there’s something just really surprising that
somebody’s doing with Android that’s really, really cool. -I think actually one of
the guests that we had on that was surprising
to us, or we knew about it going
into the studio, but the nearby stuff
I was really cool was like using audio as like
a transmission protocol. -The ultrasonic audio. -Yeah, that was
such a neat hack. -Well, what I think is
really neat about that is blending that with Bluetooth,
low energy, and other things sort of in the background. And so you get that stuff,
no matter how it happens. I think that’s
what’s really cool. So I think we’re
nearly out of time. Is there anything else you want
to tell people about “Android Developers Backstage”
that you don’t get to talk about on the show? -Listen? -Yeah, that’s what I
like about podcasts, that I can listen to podcasts
while I’m driving or doing dishes or whatever. So it’s a good way to get
more technical knowledge while it’s downtime. -I think that’s all
the time that we have. Chet, Tor, thank you very
much for taking the time to chat with me about
stuff and things. And for all of you out there,
if you haven’t already, please subscribe to the
“Android Developers Backstage” podcast for all the inside
scoop on everything Android. -It’s on your favorite
podcast client. It’s also– we
have a blog, where we publish show notes and
really exciting pictures. So check it out wherever
you can find it. -Cool, you’ll find all the
links in the description below. Things again, guys. -Thanks. [END PLAYBACK] TIMOTHY JORDAN: And if you
have any questions for anybody here at the Googleplex, remember
to use the hashtag askDevShow. I’m Timothy Jordan, and
I’ll see you next week. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. So, I never listen to podcasts, because, well they seemed to have been a thing that past me by. I like videos as it gives me something visually to concentrate on. Even like this where the interview in the sound proof rooms., Otherwise I will just start to code something , and it doesn't matter if it is "playing in the background".. I wont hear a word of it.. I zone it all out.. 🙁

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