The David Gilmour Podcast (Trailer)

The David Gilmour Podcast (Trailer)

It’s a funny old thing, some were made of
older some are made of other things sometimes you get a bit of wood that’s
really light how do you improve on perfection hi this is David Gilmore and
welcome to my podcast in June 2019 I will be auctioning more than 120 of my
guitars for charity this might be the most important collection of rock
instruments ever after all in the end they’re tools of the trade it’s a guitar
and on this podcast discover the untold stories around three of them these are
instruments that have served me very well a lot of them have heard their keep
in that they have given me a song the black strap it’s been on most pre Floyd
recordings the four notes of the beginning of shine on you crazy time and
popped out of this very guitar it’s still the guitar I play more than any
other three different ones a david gilmour
podcast coming soon on wall podcast platforms

82 thoughts on “The David Gilmour Podcast (Trailer)

  1. David Gilmour is a Rock God. But he also seems to be a down to earth sweet man. Thank you David for all you have done for music.

  2. Thank you David for inspiring musicians like me and others to think and create outside the box. Forever grateful to you and Pink Floyd. It would mean a world to me if you guys can support my music and help me to grow by subscribing to my channel. I am a newbie and my music is inspired by the work of Pink Floyd. Thank you 🙂

  3. What a great talented and giving bad ass ! I have had the pleasure of seeing him with Pink Floyd best concert ever!!!

  4. David Gilmour you is a master number 1 all the time in the word.GOD BLESSED YOUR LIFE IN JESUS NAME .amem

  5. 🙏 my favourite electric guitar player 🙏
    Most listenable electric guitar playing I’ve ever heard
    Relaxing soothing 🍃

  6. Thank you for all the music only you could have made. PLEASE please do a North American tour!!! I have seen and met roger waters and would absolutely love a chance to see and possibly meet you as well.

  7. David, you are by far my favorite guitar player ever. As you can see my love for the band, besides Roger. I dedicated my channel name to sir Richard Wright.

  8. Plzzzz donate one of your guitar t o me.. David Gilmour…my acoustic guitar is about to die… N I can't afford to buy a electric guitar 🙏 have been listening to you since I was a kid… playing your songs all the time I listen to David Gilmour=music.

  9. I know this is outrageously superficial, however, Gilmour was and is one of the most beautiful looking men to have ever graced this Earth. Seen the Smile video, Good God, .. I am actually a very normal intellectually equipped individual, except for David Kryptonite. My mom played Floyd often growing up, in my early years in 70's and teenage years in 80's.. my aunts and uncles huge music people always w/ Floyd Collins Gabriel Rush.. list is infinitely endless..BEST GIFTS EVER

  10. If only my tax bracket would allow me to win a bid on just one of his guitars . . I could maybe afford a broken E string… 😔

  11. The Master, David Jon Gilmour..
    You have absolutely made my little life much more tolerable.. you and The Pink Floyd..
    Long Live the Pink Floyd 💎

  12. “The David Gilmour Podcast” I’m all in but in my opinion, Podcast is too generic a term to used. The David Gilmour Rock Godcast might be closer to the truth.

  13. Eres grande david, de verdad espero que vengas a mexico en algún momento…. muchos fans deseamos el poder verte en vivo… Saludos desde mexico 😉

  14. the musician who can most express his sensibility in music!!
    Sir David Gilmour! Thank you Very much indeed!!!

  15. I sure hope you tour again Sir David! Have only seen you once in 2016 at THB in LA. Hope to at least one more time 😍 thank you David, band mates and Polly <3

  16. It's an insanely gracious and caring thing he's doing for others…but at the same time…it's striking me as very sad. I know, I know…the world will always have his music, but….if he's letting go of his black strat??!! It feels like he's saying good-bye to a magnificent career, which isn't ready to say goodbye to him…he's STILL the man! No, he doesn't need 120 guitars…but….his black strat??!! That's like an appendage! Probably just over reacting here, but his music has been a big part of my life for a very long time, and the guitars that sounded so amazing in the hands of Gilmour wont be in his hands anymore. Like I said, it's an amazingly unselfish expression of caring…but..can't help the way it makes me feel. Shine on Mr. Gilmour……much love and respect…what a treasure you are!

  17. Omg! I can't wait for this. David, you are a GOD! How can someone be so talented yet so humble and down to earth I guess I'll never know. You are such an inspiration to us younglings. Thank you so much for picking up the guitar and also for letting us hear that silky smooth angelic voice.

  18. Hopefully the guitars wont be auctioned off to rich geezers to store in an attic collecting dust… Gilmour even said One of the purposes other than for charity of auctioning the guitars is to put them in the hands of fellow musicians who will actually put them to good use and create music.

  19. When are you going to tour with Robin Trower???… Think about that David Gilmour and Robin Trower world tour!!… Trading licks on Bridge of Sighs and Comfortably Numb…. Think about that!!!!

  20. Hi, Sir David 🤓🤗!
    Though being a little younger (59, I' m happy still loving and enjoying your and Pink Floyd' s music after all the years 😍😇❤🎵🎶🎸🎹💿📀👍✌!
    Sort of played (🤔😒😆😅😂) guitar, keys and drums myself for a few years (not good and nowhere serious) until in the early 90' s, I restarted on guitar 'round 2012 and thanks to all the fine and generous players and their contributions by uploading videolessons, I got a little better than I was back in the earlier days 😇😘!
    Still nothing close to good, but acceptable 🤓!
    Wish you all the luck and success auctioning the equipment, you' re willing to donate and truly hope you won' t be missing it all too much, especially not the famous "Black Strat" 😣😒🙁!
    Head up and take care, greetings from Ingo in Germany 🤓!
    Oh, before I forget!
    Have you ever considered working with Chris Rea 😃?
    Creating something new and enjoy some "Slide Guitar battles or duells 🤗!
    Wouldn' t be surprised, if that would work out fine 😘🤓!

  21. Finally the Incredible story behind The Division Bell and Enigma and how it continues today and possibly with the podcasts.

  22. I would love it if David did a monthly podcast just chatting about his career, im sure he would have some amazing stories to tell.

  23. I've seen you perform a couple times over the years. I highly doubt I could come close to offering enough to win one of your guitars in auction but I'm glad that you're doing this I don't want you to think that people like me don't support you and I don't want you thinking we wouldn't love to have some memorabilia from you. If you ever get to the point where you talk about what the charity is maybe I can throw a few dollars their way to do my part to support your generosity

  24. Gilmour in NYC auctioning guitars for millions while Waters is nodding out on the uptown 6 train with his dog!

  25. Wonder I'd he'd take a deposit for one of those "pieces of wood" and let me pay it up … over a million years?
    Probably come as no surprise if he's giving none away … away … AWay …
    I'd high hopes … but David said we were poles apart on the money … and who'll deny, it's what the fighting's all about.
    So … that's strat … lost for words.

  26. Amore mio💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🎸

  27. I would have never imagined the talanted Mr Gilmour to talk about what I have always wondered, great idea!

  28. Oh, I would so love to just touch Black Strat – maybe just play those 4 magical notes David plays at the start of Shine On – then I would hand her back. I hope she goes to a loving owner! 😚

  29. I love the sentiment. However, could you raffle a couple off, So that your poor fans have a chance?

  30. David Gilmour: Class, talent, kindness, philanthropy, artistry, handsomeness, innovation, vocal superiority……an endless list for an endlessly giving man. 💞

  31. I started to listen to this – David is my favourite guitarist ever and has been since I saw the Wall movie in '83 as a 14yo schoolgirl – decided then and there to devote myself to music (with little to no success ha ha!) And I could listen to his soothing voice read the telephone directory! I am just quite emotional about those instruments of his being sold off to the highest bidders – I know it's for charity which is truly amazing and wonderful. It's just that it makes me tear up to think about it. Sorry. From that schoolgirl who spent hours working out your solos on a classical guitar in 1983, I love your work David, and thanks! Peace 🎸

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